How Democrats can be better to win elections

That’s not a good question to ask and worse to answer.  But there are 9 ways by which the Left can become right.

Democrats are demoralized and incensed at losing elections.  They have been stripped of power throughout most of the country.  Their fear-mongering, hate-filled propaganda is becoming clear to all and turning the good people of America against them.  They elected a dictator in Obama who wasn’t Hitler enough for them.  Now they are practicing radical fascism provoking, assaulting, rioting, and murdering people to terrorize them into submission and it’s not working.  They don’t understand that this is America, by God, and we bow to no one!

So some are asking, “How can Democrats be better to win elections?”  This is a stupid question (and yes, there are stupid questions and liberals are the ones who ask them).  Why would anyone of good heart and sound mind want to make Democrats successful?  How do you make a political party that have made themselves the bastion of America’s haters, perverts, and insurrectionists wanting to establish a tyrannical dictatorship over others in order to force their rule upon them a positive?  That’s like asking how to make a child molester a decent human being?  The Left’s answer is that you don’t, you accept them for what they are as “the new normal.”  But that doesn’t work for righteous people.  Democrats already elected a wannabe dictator in Obama, but he wasn’t Hitlerian enough for them.  Now they want a leader who is more forceful, more destructive, one who will put the Right down, hold them under their iron boot and grind them under the leftist heel, and they are fomenting an insurrection.

If we honestly answer how Democrats can be better to make the world a better place, how we can stop the Jihad from murdering people, how we can stop socialism from enslaving people, how we can stop the global warming fraud from deluding and stealing from people, the answers are;

  1. How can Moslems be better?
    1. Stop being brainwashed by a satanist and become Christians
  2. How can Socialism be better?
    1. Stop believing that stealing from those who earned wealth is right
  3. How can Communism be better?
    1. Stop believing making everyone equally poor is good and become capitalist
  4. How can Nazism be better?
    1. Stop hating people who disagree with you and learn right from wrong
  5. How can criminals be better and succeed in life?
    1. Stop stealing and get a job
  6. How can the Left be better?
    1. Learn morality and move to the light of the Right
  7. How can we save the planet from climate change?
    1. Stop believing Chicken Little is sane and learn actual science
  8. How can we teach people to be righteous?
    1. Stop embracing ignorance, perversion, and propaganda to search for truth
  9. How can Democrats be better?
    1. Become Republicans and join the true unity coalition of people who love America, God, righteousness, truth, justice, and the American Way!

Being leftist isn’t about doing what’s right, but about doing what’s easy.  The Democrat’s message, that America is evil, only works for America’s enemies.  Their platform, that Republican policies kill people and that their people are right to murder Republicans “in self-defense” is righteous, is a platform for criminals and terrorists.  Their propaganda that was all geared toward duping people into believing that socialism is beneficial, that man can change the climate of the planet, that CO2 can kill all life, that Islam is peace, is the veil that’s been torn away.  Now their propaganda is all geared toward hating Republicans, believing lies, and terrorizing those who will not bow to their will.  Instead of re-examining their hate, leftists are wallowing in it to the point that Democrats are now ripe for the rise of the next Hitler.  This time, instead of blacks or Jews as their pariah, it will be white Christians.  They will make Christians their boogeyman and embrace atheism and Islam in their hate.  This is not a party that one should want to teach how to be successful.  This is a people who must be kept from power by all means.  Christian Republicans are the positive pole in America, while atheist, Islamist, Communist Democrats are the negative pole.  You cannot change the poles on a magnet, you can only flip them, and why would anyone want the negative poles of leftist hate and bigotry to rule over what is positive?  They can say the Right is the negative all they want, but it only proves they see the world through their looking glass. The solution is not to embrace Democrats, it’s to turn them from evil to which they blindly adhere.

America tells Democrats to stick to it up their A$$!

The 4 dumbest Democrats reactions to their defeat

Bernie Sanders says Moslems should have freedom, not Christians

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America tells Democrats to stick to it up their A$$!

Add to all the hundreds of millions Hillary flushed down the toilet trying to buy the presidency another few tens of millions from liberal America haters trying to buy a congressional seat in a Republican district in Georgia.  Seeing leftists pout makes it all the sweeter.

It is to laugh!  Their “win for the ages” just became their swirly moment.  Liberals are so desperate for any sign that the Trump Train is slowing that they’re throwing themselves across the tracks.  The millions spent on their efforts to steal back power is becoming an exercise in liberal spending, except that at some point the well is going to run dry because they cannot print it, borrow it, or force conservatives to pay it.  Their efforts to make any of these elections a referendum against the Trump agenda is in vain as the sh*t hitting the fan blows in their faces and they’re caught with their mouths open!  In his concession speech, Ossoff asserted that Democrats put together a unity coalition, dismissing the fact that America is united against Democrats and only their illegals and America haters are now their base.  They not only lost here, but in every race to date since Trump’s election.  They stupidly scowl at Russia knowing that is only their fantasy pretext for their defeats.

A Win for the Ages as the Trump Train rolls over another Democrat!

But never doubt a liberal’s capacity for distorting the truth.  This congressional race was the most expensive in history with the Democrat outspending the Republican by a phenomenal amount.  Don’t think that they won’t use that to create a meme that a rich Republican won the most expensive congressional race in history.  The Left’s class warfare knows no honesty because they are engaged in war against America.  They want this great nation to fall to communism and are willing to resort to any subterfuge to accomplish that feat.  Doubtless America will someday fall to leftist treachery and liberal stupidity, but that won’t be today or anytime under Trump’s watch!  These errant RINOs need to get on board or get off the tracks because the Trump Train is roaring through!  The Donald will make Ronaldus Magnus proud!

Make America Great vs. Hope and Change

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Leftist Witch Hunt

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A Win for the Ages as the Trump Train rolls over another Democrat!

The Leftwing Democrat media is desperate for some tiny victory on which they can hang their anti-Trump shingle saying Trump is finished.  NEWSFLASH, LOSERS!  The Trump Train is rolling on!

Bigger than the 6th!

Democrats poured tens of millions of dollars into a minor congressional district in Georgia all in their efforts to create a narrative that Trump is failing.  The Trump presidency is a victory for the ages of America and his continued successes are proof that the people have awakened to the lie that is the radical leftwing socialist party that Democrats have become.  They abandoned the white working man in favor of invading illegals who come to steal jobs and Islamists who come to destroy America.

Still their lies permeate society from Islam is peace to global warming is caused by CO2.  The ignorant fanatics of both of these hateful ideologies have not turned from their cause to deconstruct America.  They are the modern incarnation of the Inquisition and Communist/Nazi parties. Ossoff campaigned as a conservative, but his record is that of the leftist loons that he represents.  The Democrat narrative that Trump is the personification of evil is laid waste by righteous Americans who see through satanic lies.  The actions of Democrats lying, terrorizing, and corrupting is being seen by all.

Unhinged leftists back Ossof

No doubt all that money pouring in from leftists will buy lots of voter fraud.  Democrats wanted to laud this victory as a defeat of the Trump agenda MAGA.  All they can do is destroy America via liars and fools.  If they win their victory will be hollow.  Lose and it takes little wind out of their sails.  They will continue on to their next agenda – to kill Republicans.

Hunt Republicans – Why Terrorism is the go to Tactic of the Left

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Leftist Witch Hunt

President Trump tweeted, “I’m being investigated for firing Comey by the man who told me to fire Comey!”  What more perfect representation of backstabbing, two-faced leftist ideology is there than that?

What do the Spanish Inquisiton, Salem Witch Trials, Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s Red China, and Muhammad’s Islamic Sharia Jihad have in common?  All are totalitarian leftist dictatorships in which the righteous thinking people are persecuted and crushed.

[As this article goes to publication the media has spent the weekend alternately damning Trump as psychotic claiming he is being investigated when he is not, and singing praises for the investigators for investigating of Trump.  These mixed messages that require alternate realities are why the people have no confidence in the liberal mainstream media because they produce no trustworthy information.]

Trump’s tweets are awesome.  Deputy AG Rosenberg, an Obama appointee, instructed Special Prosecutor Mueller, Comey’s best friend, to investigate Trump for firing Comey.  Mueller, who is supposedly pure as the driven snow like Comey, leaked this while his office denies it.  It’s not psychotic, nor is it two-faced.  It’s a deliberate effort to force Trump into an error for which they can charge and impeach him.  This is how the Left wants to make their case for Trump obstructing justice by claiming he is interfering with an investigation into a crime that doesn’t exist.  In addition, Mueller has gone far beyond his authority and now wants to investigate the finances of Trump and all of his family, businesses, associates, and administration to find evidence someone got payment from Russia – not because there is evidence of this, but because they want to dig up all of Trump’s dealings to find something with which to charge him.

This is a violation of the 4th Amendment and the basis of a witch hunt.  The Constitution protects citizens from having authorities conduct searches of their property without just cause.  An accusation is not ‘just cause’ though liberals would make it so.  You must have evidence of a crime before you can search for proof.  But there is no evidence Trump colluded with Putin because it didn’t happen.  Liberals just keep thinking there is evidence they can find if they just dig deeper.  To a liberal an accusation is proof of guilt and you are guilty until proven innocent.  This is the basis of leftist justice which is why everyone fears dictators.  Proving you didn’t do something is a thousand times harder than someone proving you did do something.  A negative cannot be proven.  Leftists say we must prove God exists.  There is ample evidence that the universe and life exists.  How about leftists prove God doesn’t exist?  But while leftists accept accusations as proof of guilt, at the same time they disregard proof of their own guilt.

This is the liar’s clause: Deny the truth and declare their lie to be the only truth, and then tell that lie long enough and loud enough until it becomes the only truth people know.

Definition of Witch Hunt

1:  a searching out for persecution of persons accused of witchcraft

2:  the searching out and deliberate harassment of those (such as political opponents) with unpopular views

A modern Witch Hunt is a process by which those who are corrupt will abuse their power to create a crime committed by those they wish to persecute.  This is why Democrats should never be given power and all those remaining Obamaites who Trump has left in positions of power should be swept away.  McCarthyism needs to be brought back to America to destroy the communist left that has been successfully subverting this great nation for the last sixty years!

If you want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth then you should be listening to people like Rush Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson.  All that the liberal networks do is lie and make excuses to cover up Democrat crimes and corruption.  Like the shooting on the GOP baseball field, they speak out of one side of their faces saying they do not condone violence as they scream for blood from the other.  As evidenced by their deeds, if a liberal says they believe in truth they LIE!  If a liberal says they believe in peace and love they LIE!  And if they even hint at saying they believe in justice – they LIE!  When they came together to pray after Republicans were shot on a baseball field it was for a photo op, not for unity because there is none!  When President Trump’s video played praying for unity and peace they cursed him.

This investigation is not a search for truth or justice.  This is a witch hunt by which they plan to destroy the righteous.  The fact that Donald Trump is not only succeeding in defeating their efforts, but that he continues to move forward with his agenda makes them go insane with rage in their hate!  As Rush explains;

“But Donald Trump is the president of the United States.  Every day they try to destroy him.  Every day they try to take him out.  Every day they try to diminish him.  But what are they actually doing?  Charlie Rose and Jeffrey Goldberg contemplate the reality that Trump isn’t gonna quit, that he’ll not be impeached, and he’s gonna be president for four years.

“They actually contemplate that as though, “Oh, my God!  Do you realize this could happen?”  It’s kind of like Charlie Rose and Brokaw discussing the fact that they didn’t know who Obama was and were gonna vote for him anyway.  They’ve just awakened to the reality here that it’s been two years and nobody’s laid a glove on the guy, not really, not in terms of making him quit.”

The Left are condemning Trump for “impugning the investigators of his crimes” saying it is wrong to do so.  They obviously forgot about what the Clinton war machine did to Ken Starr as he was investigating Monica Lewinsky smearing him as a sex pervert and even declaring he is an alien from another planet!

David “Rodham” Gergen Doesn’t Remember Ken Starr

They believe they can impeach Trump for working against Democrats and undoing the damage Barack Hussein Obama did to the nation.  The answer is we couldn’t impeach Obama in eight years for actually working with America’s enemies!  The Constitution is constructed so that the three branches of government form checks and balances against the power of the others.  But congressional Democrats laid down for Obama’s dictatorship and Republicans followed suit.  That put the onus on the courts, most of which have been corrupted by the Left and they, too, gave free reign to Obamaism.  This left only the states to form a convention that never materialized.  Only by the fact that Democrats were being disempowered by the people over the last eight years and now hold next to no political power in the country has America been saved.  But the leftwing media still holds sway over most of the population despite people tuning them out and turning on to the truth in media which only comes from conservatives.  Obama’s fascist armies are running rampant on campuses shutting down free speech and rioting without being expelled and psychotically claiming to be anti-fascist.  That there are people who believe in them is the gravest symptom of the mental sickness that communists may have terminally infected American culture.

The Left wants to prevent debate from taking place

Leftists have no internal lie detector

America haters call Trump’s election the “Pearl Harbor” of Russian invasion.  For them it is their Pearl Harbor that they just got blind-sided by the people who have opened their eyes to leftist lies!  Democrats believe they can snooker the people the way they did to get rid of Nixon and save Clinton, and the way they have over promoting the global warming fraud and importing Islam jihadis.  But American’s are seeing through their façade and realizing that their freedom and their lives are at stake.

CNN’s “anti”-Trump panel goes horribly wrong

Democrats Engage in Entrapment to Impeach Trump

The most important question is; does President Trump realize that Democrats will never look at him in any way other than as their enemy who must be destroyed?  Does he understand that anyone who would make America great for Americans is their enemy?  Does Donald Trump know with whom he is dealing?  Like the Israelis and the Arabs, Israelis know that if the Arabs laid down their weapons there would be no more violence, but if Israelis lay down their weapons there would be no more Israel.  Do the majority of Americans understand that if they give in to Democrat’s demands for power that there would be no more America?  Do enough people realize that the land of the free and home of the brave would be fundamentally transformed into a socialist banana republic dictatorship where the only freedom is to do as the government commands?  President Trump has empowered conservative Christian America to save itself from the invasion of leftist depredation.  Can he truly turn the tide?

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

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Hunt Republicans – Why Terrorism is the go to Tactic of the Left

What do Islamic Jihadis and Liberal Democrats have in common?  Both believe they can justify murder by blaming their victims.

Leftists believe they have a right to murder Republicans “in self-defense.”  Democrat delusions that Republicans will kill everyone began with LBJ making a video of America being nuked by Goldwater in 1964.  It began in earnest with the passage of civil rights laws permitting Democrats to make welfare voter slaves rather than stopping oppression.  Now it’s about “protecting the planet” from fictional man-made global warming, and protecting their freedom from a fantasy that the election was stolen from them.  Their purpose is to steal the election back, to take power from the righteous, make debt slaves and oppress Republicans, and dominate the good citizens of America.  Fear-mongering through demagoguery inciting hate is the Democrat way that they say is the Republican’s doing.  It takes a dysfunctional mind to believe their reasoning to be right.

Psycho liberal says Democrats should start killing Republicans

WARNING!  Leftist terrorism will only increase

How Hodgkinson got radicalized by the Left

Is it any wonder that leftists have begun a shooting war with the Right when Democrats, from Obama saying bring a gun to a knife fight to Hillary’s VP saying spill Republican’s blood in the streets, have been inflaming their liberal base to hate and violence?  They laud and cheer for Berkeley students rioting and burning books to deny conservatives free speech because their god forbids that people should hear the truth and think for themselves.  Now they applaud and defend the actions of an attempted mass murder of Republican congressmen by one of their most avid supporters.

Top Democrats Lynch and Kaine call for blood fighting Republicans in the streets

Democrat strategist defends his call for liberals to hunt Republicans

Liberals say conservatives shouldn’t be saying that leftist rhetoric incites violence.  Just as they say associating jihadi terrorism with Islam is wrong, pointing out that Democrats are inciting violence is wrong – in their minds.  What is their reasoning by which they come to these dysfunctional conclusions?  Because, they say, conservatives don’t like it when liberals point out how the Right incites violence through their rhetoric causing mass shooting.  As their proof the NYT published a story defending the shooting by reasserting the proven lie that Gabby Gifford’s shooting was incited by Sarah Palin.  As you recall, the Left accused Sarah Palin as inciting the shooting by using rifle scope targets on a map to mark embattled congressional districts.  They claimed that the insane shooter saw this and went out to follow her commands.  In questioning him, interrogators found he had no knowledge of Palin or her website.  She now has a libel suit she can bring against the NYT liberal newspaper of record for maliciously publishing a known lie.  They did the same in Aurora, Colorado when another nutcase shot up a movie theater and they blamed the TEA Party because a member and the shooter had the same nam.  In every case of mass murders over the last decade the Left has blamed the Right when no one on the Right had anything to do with it.  All of the shooters were leftists, liberals, and Democrats – even the insane ones (which is just proof that the Democrat Party attracts nut jobs).

So when liberals say that conservatives committed or incited violence it is always a lie, but when conservatives accuse liberal it is always true!  It is only their moral relativism that is designed to excuse and mask leftist terrorism that gives them justification in their warped minds.  These people lack the moral compass to be able to understand the difference between killing in self-defense and murder.  They see a woman shooting a man trying to rape her as being the same as a man who kills a woman he raped.  Both are murderers in their minds (unless it is themselves doing the shooting and then they believe they are justified in shooting a man because they thought he was thinking about raping them).  This is how dysfunctional, twisted, and warped leftist logic is at all levels.  It’s why they believe an accusation is a good as a conviction and the more people who make an accusation the more it is true despite lack of evidence.  It’s why they so easily for The Big Lie.  The quantum difference between the Left and Right is that with the Left you are guilty until proven innocent rather than innocent until proven guilty.

Media Desperately Tries to Shift Away from Leftist Shooter and onto Flimsy Trump Obstruction Narrative

“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, but only through understanding.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

In other words, liberals will not learn if you shoot them.  The reason America has gone so wrong is because parents were told by sixties radical leftwing communists to not teach their children morality.  Now they are confused as to why their children are growing up to behave like savages.  Savages never know peace, but like animals they always believe they are justified in their violence.  It takes civilization to teach people to be human beings and cure their insanity.  Throughout history leftists have attacked their neighbors and then claimed self-defense when their victims turned the tables on them.  Islam has been doing this for a thousand years claiming the Crusaders were the aggressors after Islam had ravaged their lands for four centuries.  The righteous must set the example for peace, but if it comes down to it, when the Left attacks we must recognize that in combat there are no points for second place, so carry your guns!

The goal of the Left is to enslave the Right, while the goal of the Right is to enlighten the Left.  Most importantly it must be understood that slaves do not teach their masters so the Left cannot be allowed to rule over the people.  Don’t be afraid of liberal whackos casting you as a demon because you condemn Islam or liberal fascism.  Just understand they’re going to do it anyway.  Their intention is to deceive and distort the thinking of their viewers through their Big Lie campaign.  Don’t be concerned about them looking for sound bites by which to condemn you.  You must be willing to speak the truth to appeal to righteous hearts.  The only way a young person learns to turn away from liberalism is by being exposed to the truth.  The worst thing parents ever do to their children is shielding them from evil so vigorously that when they are faced with it they have developed no defenses of their own.  The power to defeat evil rests in righteous knowledge, while the power to destroy good rests in leftist violence.  Before Nazis and Communists can be taught righteousness they must first be stopped from committing violence.  Only then is it possible to separate the wheat from the chaff and teach those who are willing to be human beings rather than behaving like animals.

American Fascists – Liberals in denial or Leftists in deceit

American Fascists – The Liberal Progressive Democrat Socialist Movement

 If you want to start talking about taking guns away from people to make other people safe then take them away from Democrats!  Democrats are like Arabs – nobody is safe from their self-righteous, hate-filled bigotry.

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Leftist Media Incites Terror Attack by Bernie Supporter

Insane Democrat ideology accomplishes its goal of inciting extreme violence as a Sanders supporter goes ballistic and attempts to assassinate Republicans.  CNN has gone quiet today because they know they are complicit.

Firstly, I always form my opinions and write my articles before listening to Rush Limbaugh to learn more details so I listen to him the next day.  He actually predicted this just the day before!  Of course, it’s not like it isn’t obvious this has been coming for months.  Leftists love to say that rightwingers “get their marching orders from Rush,” which is the pinnacle of lies.  People listen to the pundits who express their own opinions.  Only liberals believe that pundits actually shape opinion, which is not surprising as the leftwing propaganda machine shoves terabytes of misinformation and dysfunctional thinking in their faces that they consume like candy.  Rightwing good sense is so rare that for these human sponges to believe it is the Right that is being misled would be hilarious were it not for events like this.  There is a fine line between being informed and being indoctrinated that liberals cannot see because they were not taught morality or critical thinking.  Yet they believe they are intelligent, logical, informed free thinkers until they are confronted by righteous logic which leaves them apoplectic and fit to be tied lest they start killing people.  oh, wait…

The shooter was no loon like the one that shot Gabriel Gifford and the Left blamed on Sarah Palin, or like the one that shot up the movie theater in Colorado that they blamed on the TEA Party.  He was a typical leftist liberal Democrat who believes the government (i.e. taxpayers) should pay for his healthcare and he has been told that Trump will deny him any healthcare.  So liberal loons say this shooting was justified as “self-defense.”  This is the psychotic, dysfunctional thinking of liberals.  No one is denying anyone healthcare, but that’s what Democrats say Republicans are doing.  Then, of course, they immediately call for gun control after one of their own goes on a shooting spree – just as all of these shooters and terrorists have been leftists trying to terrorize people into submitting to their control.

I agree we should take all guns away – FROM DEMOCRATS as they are the only ones committing crimes and acts of terror with guns.  After that we’ll go after all the Democrats committing crimes with other weapons.  Does anyone wonder why the prisons are filled with Democrats?  The Left always advocates for violence, terrorism, and totalitarian government.  It is only when the Right acts to stop their criminal behavior that they cry ‘oppression!’  This is why young people must be educated about right and wrong so they are not misguided and make prison a revolving door daycare as has been done over the last fifty years.  Civilization is judged by how we treat the weakest among us, not how we treat the worst among us!  America is letting the predators and scavengers prey on the weak and making the strong pay and provide for them.  IT’S TIME TO STOP PANDERING TO DEMOCRATS AND MAKE THEM OBEY THE LAW!  People often say over silly things, “There ought to be a law.”  Well there are laws against violence and there are laws against inciting violence, but the legal system has been so corrupted that no one is being prosecuted for these crimes.  Instead America is treated to daily doses of leftist conspiracy theories, hate, and fantasy dangers like climate change.  What will it take, America?

Our Worst Fears Realized: Radicalized Leftist Shoots Republicans

Follow-up: Instead of their usual Trump Derangement Syndrome, CNN today is promoting unity and Republicans coming together with Democrats and even showing Democrats praying on the baseball field where they practice.  Isn’t it curious how that happens?  The FBI, still heavily under Democrat control, says they don’t know what the shooters motives were despite mountains of evidence he hates Republicans and inquired before he started shooting which party was using which field.  So will this leftwing terrorist propaganda have the desired effect that Democrats want or must they be more extreme and really rack up a body count?  They keep saying they should line Republicans up against the wall and shoot them to save the lives of their constituents.  Democrats have been using the legal system to persecute Americans for their Christian conservative culture.  What will it take before President Trump and the Republicans take action against all of these Democrats inciting hate and promoting violence?  Our courts are not Democrat playgrounds and the Supreme Court has not yet been corrupted beyond redemption.  Obama, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi, and all these Democrats and their pundits need a good dose of America justice!

For people who suffer from a lack of critical thinking and functional logic I’ll make it simple.  When an event like this takes place a righteous person listens to the arguments from both sides and examines the event.  In this case the Democrats are saying it’s Rush Limbaugh’s fault for what he says and Trump’s fault for this guy shooting people, while Republicans are saying it’s Democrats propaganda’s fault.  The event is a Democrat who became so incensed he decided to try to murder Republican congressmen.  The Left is trying to censor that information so their argument prevails, but that information is already out there so they also say they condemn violence and pray in public, which they never do.  Critical thinking is listening to both sides of an argument and examining the actions that take place before reaching a conclusion, which in this case is without question that the Left is guilty and the Right is innocent – except in the minds of deluded leftists who lack a moral compass.

Pray for faith, pray for justice

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Democrats Violate the Constitution and Human Rights

Every mass shooting, every presidential assassination, every riot, and every terrorist attack in the history of this country has been carried out by either leftists or loons.  Democrats are inciting insanity in their base and this attack on congressional Republicans is the result.  But that doesn’t stop the Democrat and their media from blaming the Right, the TEA Party, Republicans, and Christians.  As in all things leftist, blaming the victim is their go to in order to justify themselves.

Comedians and actors portray the assassination of President Trump.  Democrats tell their followers that Republican policies will kill them.  Leftists declare that Trump’s anti-global warming agenda will end all life on the planet.  Is it any wonder then that a leftwing liberal Democrat will try to kill a bunch of Republicans while they’re playing baseball?  The Left is instilling delusions in their base, leading them down the road to insanity, and inciting violence against the rightfully elected president, his party, and the patriotic Americans that they hate.  Democrats tell their greedy, envious supporters that the rich do not pay taxes and are stealing their wealth from the people deliberately keeping them poor.  Along with all the other insane charges with which they characterize Republicans as they not only condemn, but demonize them in the minds of their dimwitted adherents, they are fostering an environment of such irrational hate that shootings like this have become more and more common under their governance.

Gunman Fires on GOP Congressional Softball Team Practice Wounds 5 : Shooter Dead

America is supposed to be the land of the free where people can speak their minds in disagreement.  But the home of the brave is under siege by the Left that advocates the violent overthrow of government.  Propaganda has corrupted the minds of America’s young and old alike with the mass media disseminating mass misinformation leading to mass delusions resulting in mass violence.  From Berkeley to Boston leftists have been threatening, rioting, and shooting conservative Christians as they attempt to terrorize the people into submitting to their will and enable them to overthrow the Constitution.  Democrat presidential contender Bernie Sanders himself violated the Constitution during a hearing for a minor appointee by demanding a religious test and declaring that he be condemned for being a Christian.  He asked the nominee if everyone who is not a Christian is condemned.  Condemned by what?  Condemned to what?  This deliberately vague question is designed to throw off anyone being interrogated into speaking incorrectly.  Name a religion that does not condemn everyone who is not a part of their creed!  That is why atheists hate religion!  But that is also their ignorance of Christianity because of how the Left has smeared and corrupted the church.

God, the Father of Christ, is the God of Abraham, and He does not condemn anyone.  People condemn themselves by choosing to either love God or reject Him.  Hell, as taught by religion as being a place of fire and brimstone and torment does not exist.  God didn’t create Hell as His torture chamber.  Hell, as taught by Jesus, is being anguished in one’s separation from God.  So what was Sanders, who is Jewish and should know this, alluding to?  And by what authority does this anti-Christian Democrat demand that Christians not be permitted in government because of their faith?  He has no problem with the Moslem in his own party, a man who has spoken out against Jews and Christians alike and endorses the Jihad and terrorism, being in Congress!  The Constitution, written by Christians, allows Jews like himself and even a Moslem to serve in Congress, but not to overthrow American law by promoting Sharia!  Freedom of religion does not include a governing ideology that subverts the laws of the land to enslave others.

Bernie Sander’s hate of Christians

Sanders deliberately attempts to elicit a sound bite that he can use to say that Christians hate everyone else more than Moslems do.  No doubt he would then bring up the Crusades which were defensive wars against the Jihad, the Inquisition which was a result of corrupt men twisting Christianity in the war with Islam, and probably bring up the Salem Witch Trials as well.  Perhaps Sanders should be treated to a dose of Blood Libel if he wants to spread lies and hate?  The propaganda of the Left is designed to only do one thing – condemn the righteous.  Liberal media inundates the airwaves with hate for the Right, Republicans, conservatives, America, freedom, capitalism, and especially Christians.  They want America to be dominated under the iron boot of leftists socialism and either be controlled through atheist Communism or satanic Islam.  Muhammad did not teach his followers a new way to God.  He conducted brainwashing five times a day to indoctrinate them into mindless automatons to do the bidding of their masters and die in their cause.  Islamic law condemns all those who will not submit to their god either to death or slavery.  Sanders allies with those who would destroy him if given the opportunity, and it is the insane propaganda of the Left that convinces them to put their own heads in the noose.

Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

There is no place in the civilized world for the religion of Islam

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