CNN Democrats get Delusional over Antifa and Illegals

You can’t be a hypocrite if you’re a two-faced liar bent on deceiving people.  And if you play with fire you’re going to get burned.  The Lawless Left reaps what it sows.

Tucker – CNN’s Don Lemon says Antifa is a FOX fabrication

CNN’s Don Lemon and Whoopi Goldberg joined forces to blame Trump for violent Democrats.  Goldberg even claimed there was no violence until Trump was elected.  So where was she hiding the last four years as cities were torn apart by Democrats of Black Lives Matter as they rioted and assassinated police?  The Left not only abstains from stopping criminals, but encourages them!  Then they try to say these hoodlums are Trumpsters in hoodies and masks?  Every last one of them that has been arrested and exposed is a known avid Hillary supporter!  These wolves believe they can pull the wool over our eyes.  Who do they think they’re fooling?  They just expose themselves as liars, deceivers, charlatans, and haters.  The only people who believe them are liberal fools like the Follywood elitists who think they can continue to dupe the majority of people into believing Republicans are the racist oppressors and not the Democrats.  Hollywood leftists are going to find their paychecks dwindling just like the NFL as they slander patriots and smear America.  Their constant Republican bashing and propaganda plays are not fooling enough people to bring them back to power but driving people away.  These arrogant snobs with their seven figure salaries have no moral sense and no right to be castigating the good people of America.  Blacks who blame Republicans for their shattered lives are the worst kind of stupid.  Republicans didn’t do this to you, you did it to yourself by choosing to follow Democrats!  The former slavers have duped you into choosing to be their slaves again.

The New Deal was the Raw Deal.  In 1925 the black out of wedlock birthrate was the same as whites.  Since Democrats took them under their wing that figure rose to 25% by 1965 and Martin Luther King, Jr. led a movement to stop oppression.  He succeeded, but civil rights leaders like Jackson, Sharpton, and Rep. Lewis, instead of following his lead, betrayed his ideals and took up with the Democrats that assassinated him and beat them down in the streets.  Now that birthrate is 75% and Democrats are encouraging blacks to be part of the thug culture by glorifying gangsters and agitators, justifying criminality, while making certain they suffer from lack of employment and ability to advance through education.  They do this to encourage abortion and gang violence so that blacks kill themselves off.  Black culture will never be part of American culture so long as the Democrats can generate racial strife and keep them dumbed down and divided against whites.  They advocate denigrating blacks who work with whites in the Republican Party as “oreos” as if working with white people rather than against them is traitorous.  Along with encouraging criminals, Democrats condemn police for upholding laws to the point that their followers believe that all police are oppressors working for tyrants.  That’s how it is in socialist countries that they wish to emulate, but this is America!  Rather than standing up for the working man, this has become the Democrat Party platform (not that they ever actually stood for the little guy).  They duped greedy Americans into believing that stealing taxes from the rich would benefit them.  Instead it has always led to recessions and depressions and joblessness and strife.  Democrats say single-payer insurance is the best solution with government handling your health insurance.  They proved in 1968 what they will do with that money when they raided the Social Security Fund and laughed all the way to the bank!

Pelosi reaps what she sows

Those who invade America, sneak in to steal jobs and reap the benefits for which American citizens work, do not belong in America and should not profit from their actions.  Do you make a home invader a member of your family?  These people invaded our home and now demand we take care of them.  As for the so-called “Dreamers,” it is Republicans who have sympathy for their children who had no choice, but we don’t imagine they have a right to be made citizens.  Foreign ambassador’s children are raised in American schools, too, but they are not made citizens.  Citizenship for those not born in America is not a right unless you are born to an American citizen.  We may agree with giving them Green Cards if they are productive employees and not criminals, but for citizenship they go to the back of the line and must apply and pay for the privilege.  Those who violate laws by doing things like voting illegally or protesting violently, and especially those who commit felony crimes, get deported no questions asked!  If they are part of gangs, thieves, or commit rape or murder, then they should be punished to the maximum extent of the law and more since they not only lack citizenship but are foreign invaders!  Democrats promote them on the basis that rich people stole from them, and on the phony charge of racism against the righteous.  But it is Republicans who are generous to the needy, while it is Democrats who pay the needy lip service but are generous to criminals, who see them as victims of society rather than vice versa.  Criminals have rights and victims are to blame are the defining beliefs of the Left.

Balancing the Scales

The Left confuses the ignorant by declaring that Nazism is the “far right” of politics.  The fact is that Nazism is only the far right of the Left!  There are factions within factions and on the scales of politics of the Left, Right, and Center, the socialists are all leftists believing in government rule.  Each faction has internal factions that are on the left, center, and right within their ideologies.  This is why people are confused over who is who in politics and culture.

The Left, Center, and Right each have internal factions that are the left, center, and right of their ideologies:

  • Left: Communism, Islamism, Nazism
  • Center: Democrat, Libertarian, Republican
  • Right: TEA Party, Christianity, Conservatism




Antifa are the far left Communists of the Democrat Party who are fighting the far right Neo-Nazis of the Democrat Party.  Likewise, BLM is the far left of the leftwing Democrats fighting the KKK that is the far right of the Democrats.  Both Antifa and the KKK are the militant arms created by the Democrats to sow strife, wage violent conflicts, and disrupt American society to strike fear in the hearts of the people.  Leftists have come to understand that the best way to conquer a people is to manipulate them to believe what they are doing is right.  The best way to do that is to demonize the opposition.  Trying to label the Right as racist because they want immigration law upheld is pure fraud.  There is a fine line between condemning criminals for their violent behavior and condemning righteous people for the violence required to defend against those criminals.  The Left deceives those who lack the moral compass to differentiate between killing in self-defense and murder.  They teach that socialism is fair and make it sound like a wonderful ideal in which all people work together for mutual benefit, but the reality is that all people are equally subjugated under the elites.  Venezuela is just the latest example proving that capitalism leads to prosperity for those willing to work for it, while socialism steals wealth from the people.  Socialists learned after the debacles of 20th century socialists of Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Fascist Italy, and Imperialist Japan destroying half the world that it is better to pretend to be republics and democracies.

Left vs. Right – The true paradigm

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh

“Socialism only works in two places; Heaven where they don’t need it and Hell where they already have it.” – Ronaldus Magnus

The ideologies of Left, Right, and Center are not competing ideologies of doing good.  The Center is not the place where things are made right.

  • Left – negative, false, wicked, immoral, atheist, slavery, tyranny
  • Center – neutral, confused, fickle, amoral, agnostic, ignorant, followers
  • Right – positive, true, righteous, moral, gnostic, liberty, leadership

We all start out in life as leftists and must learn morality and righteousness.  All men are sinners and all fall short of the Glory of God.  Children know how to be selfish and must be taught to share.  We all develop righteous qualities, but even the best of us always retains some leftist qualities.  People grow up to either choose to be part of the Righteous Right or the Lawless Left.  America has a legal system for immigration and an established nation of citizens, not immigrants.  The Light of Lady Liberty is for America to bring to the world and make the world free, not to invite the world to America to feed off that liberty as parasites.  Criminals, greedy thieves, envious cretins, and hateful bigots now make up the Democrat Party – the DNC: Democratic Nazi Communists.  Democrat mayors and governors allowing them to wage their war on the streets against the righteous must be put down with whatever force is necessary.  California does not have a right to bring in foreign invaders and foist them on the rest of the nation any more than your children can invite street people into your home and force you to provide for them.  The frauds of the Left; socialism, immigration, Islam, and global warming are, pure and simple, scams by which to convince Americans to subjugate themselves.  Learn the truth and don’t give in to guilt trips by manipulators.  You either believe in something true or you fall for anything.

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

The Psychology of the Left

A prime example of leftist’s failure of knowledge, logic, and moral good sense is exhibited by Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin:

Hillary or Palin – which is the real stateswoman?  The conflicting claims between the Right and Left of whose media pundit’s listeners are the “brainwashed fools” is settled by listening to these two women.  Hillary is reputed by Democrats to be the “smartest woman in the world” while Palin is considered to be a ditz.  All the propaganda that Gov. Sarah Palin is a dolt who said she can see Russia from her house, but that Hillary is the intelligent beyond reproach is on full display in these two clips that prove the truth:

Can Palin see Russia from her house?

“I can see Russia from my house!”

Hillary says South Korea is within miles of North Korea

If Hillary is so smart why doesn’t she know that they share a border?  If she is so smart why does she think threatening Kim is insulting North Korea?  This is the former Secretary of State whose job it was to know everything about the world with which America must deal.  Palin knows that Russia and Alaska are within sight of each other, which most Americans do not.  They share the last two islands in the Aleutian Island chain that are two miles apart.  And Russian planes constantly intrude on U.S. airspace in Alaska, so Gov. Palin has had to conduct foreign policy in her state dealing with Russia just as California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas must deal with Mexico sending invaders and drugs over their southern borders.  Lawless leftist Democrats who want to abolish America’s borders and let all manner of criminals, parasites, and America haters into this great nation makes them the choice of criminals, terrorists, and thieves.  Why any taxpayer would elect a Democrat to steal from them is a wonder.  How easily are they duped?  How guilty are they of doing wrong against their fellow man that they so easily succumb to lies?  When will they learn that the Left is never right?

They can’t be LIbEralS without telling LIES!

A white supremacist climate change denier confesses the truth

Which came first – the dysfunctional thinker or the liberal fool?

Killing America with Compassion

Democrazis – the neo-Fascists of the modern Democrat Party

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Is President Trump losing his way?

Democrats Schumer and Pelosi said they had a deal with Trump to give amnesty to their “dreamers” and not build a wall.  That lie was exposed by President Trump the next day who reasserted that he has no intention of giving citizenship to any illegal invader, even if they were brought here by their parents.  He also reaffirmed that the wall will be built and the border sealed against further invasion.  Once again Democrats are proven to be pathological liars intent on stabbing Trump in the back any way they can.

Don’t Trust the Media Narrative on Trump, Chuck and Nancy

President Trump has also been persuaded to sign a bill condemning white supremacists and the KKK as racist hate groups.  Why is Black Lives Matter, whose members have been advocating for and actually assassinating police, not on that bill?  Are black supremacists any less racist than white supremacists?  At least the KKK is honest in their racial bigotry, while BLM justifies their crimes with lies about fighting oppression.  Black crime has risen to new heights in Chicago and other cities as their culture continues to deteriorate.  The idea that bashing white people in the head as the “Knockout Game” is continuing to spread.  How would they like it if Americans became so incensed that they brought back the “Lynching Game?”

Trump signing condemnation of white supremacists

Antifa Nazis continue to attack peaceful Trump supporters declaring they are defending themselves against fascism.  Democrats continue to call Republicans racists for wanting the border closed to future illegal Democrat voters and those in the country ejected.  President Trump is finding the Washington swamp to be much deeper and more entrenched than he might have expected.  He does himself no favors by turning from obstructing Republicans who want to mire him in their much by making deals with Democrats who only want to make it his tomb.  Trump’s agenda needs to be accomplished for four great reasons;

  1. To stop the inflow of cheap labor for Republican donors and Democrat cronies who are avoiding taxes and ObamaCare for their own gain.
  2. To stop deny the Democrats from importing dependents to add to their welfare voter slaves on their parasitic plantation.
  3. To stop the invasion of America by people who hate America and want to steal from citizens, especially those who want to kill Americans.
  4. To stop the confiscation of wealth by Washington that is leaving Americans with little in the way of job opportunities by stealing prosperity.

If Donald Trump ever makes a deal with Democrats to advance their agenda then his presidency will come to a gruesome one term end and America will be lost.  But only the NeverTrumpers believe he would do that as no Trump supporter expects that to happen.  Donald Trump has proven to be more honest and forthright than any politician in Washington with the exception of the likes of others like Sen. Ted Cruz.  Democrats need to be taken out of Washington as completely as possible and most Republicans need replacing as well.  The last fifty years have seen the Democrat Party become the leftist socialist party of foreign invaders while Republicans have devolved to become more centrist as the old Democrats.  (Being centrist is little better than being leftist as there is nothing right on the left.)  Leftists like to claim they are the centrists, but their Nazi/Communist totalitarian ideology belies the truth.  That they can only propagate through propaganda and scams like global warming and Islamic peace, and that Hillary is now promoting 1984’s Big Brother as a good thing, reveals that they are the party of subjugation, not liberty.  They have been angry ever since Republicans took their slaves away, and now that it looks like it may happen again they are pulling out all the stops to wage war on freedom in America using any lie they can dupe ignorant people into believing.

Trump Voters Who Call Here Aren’t Worried

No good can come of doing deals with Democrats.  They will not agree to any agenda that Republican voters want.  It’s one thing if the Art of the Deal calls for bringing Republicans to heel, but another if the Art of the Deal requires selling out.  Let this be a lesson to never believe anything a liberal claims to be true until you verify it.  Have faith that they are not playing the master of the art of the deal, but that Trump is playing them.

They can’t be LIbEralS without telling LIES!

A white supremacist climate change denier confesses the truth

Which came first – the dysfunctional thinker or the liberal fool?

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They can’t be LIbEralS without telling LIES!

Hand-in-Hand they lie to each other and, in their arrogant ignorance, slander the righteous as they demand money for their cause, which is not charity.  The word should be LIbelARS because leftist liberalism begins and ends with liars who lie to themselves, lie to others, and are libelous in their false accusations, false premises, false assumptions, false narratives, and their phony compassion and phony science.  Don’t ask me to give you money when you accuse me of being an ignorant racist because I don’t respond to guilt trips from nasty people.

Follywood liberals use charity event to slander conservatives

Obama’s absolute hypocrisy

Mis-Education: It is why liberals create mountains of fake news about Trump, Washington, hurricanes, global warming, Christianity, Islam, socialism, and capitalism by which they are successfully warping and corrupting the thinking of America’s youth.  By misinformation and propaganda they are indoctrinating them to reject the truth, ignore the facts, and embrace the false ideology of 21st century American liberalism, which is just a façade for totalitarian socialist Nazi Communism.  Rather than teaching people how to think, leftist liberalism tells them what to think, and the lemmings and sheeple cannot tell they are being led to the slaughter with promises of free candy.

There are no journalists left in America today.  There are only propagandists and political hacks.  The difference between rightwing pundits and leftwing pundits is that rightwingers will always compare the two ideologies side-by-side, while leftwingers will always present their own ideology and tell their brainwashed minions to not listen to the Right.  Listening to a third party tell you another party is a liar without hearing the facts for yourself is the easiest way to be duped into believing a lie.  To complicate matters, liberals have taken over the educational system to teach young people their fantasy version of history in which socialism is good and capitalism is destructive.  The truth of the 20th century is that capitalism built the richest, freest nation in history that developed a middle class for the first time, while socialism killed over 200 million people and squandered untold wealth impoverishing billions of people.  Rush Limbaugh summarized an indisputable truth of life proven by Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez:

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.”

Leftists blame the righteous for what has been done to South American countries by their own policies.  They strive to scapegoat the United States as stealing wealth from Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean Islands, and the Bahamas, but the truth they are hiding is in all cases it has been their socialist brothers who have stolen the wealth from the people and blamed the USA.  This same mentality is what drives Islamists who name the USA “The Great Satan” when it is they who seek to dominate and subjugate the world through terrorism, brainwashing, and oppression under Sharia and the laws of Muhammad.

Politicians lie

90% of politicians have the same modus operandi.  They lie to make themselves look better and their opponents worse.  Democrats who say Trump’s policies will kill people while they want to save people and will do so by stealing away American’s wealth and their children’s future.  Republicans who say they stood up to Trump to make him give more to their states instead of sharing in the cutbacks and join with Democrats to milk foolish taxpayers.  Schumer accused Texas Republicans of having no heart for those who need hurricane disaster relief because they objected to his making a deal with Trump to raise the debt ceiling and get some money for Democrats for that relief rather than just give it outright.  The Republican leadership has been refusing to cooperate with Trump to get his agenda done; repeal and replace ObamaCare with good sense regulations, secure the border from invaders who are stealing American’s jobs and benefits, and reform the Democrat tax code that is stealing the wealth of hard working American businesses and their employees in the name of redistribution to their lazy, drugged up, thieving constituents.

Pathological liars and thieves always demand honesty from the righteous to use the truth as a weapon against them.  Look at all the rightwing pundits who have been accused of sexual immorality for flirting!  The Left has made flirting a capital crime, which is no surprise when they believe there are a hundred times more rapes on college campi than there actually are, and that all sex is rape even in marriage to procreate.  It is a sickness of the Feminazis and LGBTQ who hate men.  The Left slanders the Right with lies about invaders being immigrants and claiming the Iraq War wasn’t paid for when it was with the same kind of borrowed dollars that Obama used to fund Wall Street.  Except Bush paid $5T for two wars while Obama just stole $10T to give to his cronies, including his global warming fraudsters and the liars who said ObamaCare would be cost neutral.

America has “truth in advertising” laws that do a lot to deter misinformation and manipulation, but there are no laws to stop politicians and the media from making up crap as they go.  The libel laws Democrats have in place are onerous.  It is a truth of life that 90% of the time when a politician speaks it is to spew feces from their mouths.  It is an unfortunate truth of life that 90% of people do not exhibit any kind of smarts when it comes to media lies about anything.  When government advocates for single-payer it is not to help Americans with healthcare insurance, but to steal wealth from them as they did with the Social Security Fund in 1968.  Government is there to make laws to protect the people from exploiters, but who will protect them when it is the government doing the exploiting?  When Trump makes deal with Democrats because Republicans are screwing with him rather than working with him it is a scandal, but the Trumpsters know the truth.  Leftists among both Democrats and Republicans are striving to sabotage Trump so they declare him a failure.  Republicans wanted to make a deal to trash the Trump agenda till after they can get re-elected next election.  That is not going to happen because those who do not do, border security, taxes cuts, and repeal ObamaCare will be primaried.

A white supremacist climate change denier confesses the truth

Black (Criminal’s) Lives Matter has made demands of America based on the lie that Trump supporters are white supremacists.  An American patriot responded:

Black Lives Matter crushed by an American patriot

Here is the reply of White America’s requests of black Americans:

  1. Stop killing each other
  2. Stop stealing
  3. Stop peddling and doing drugs
  4. Stop threatening teachers
  5. Stop blaming white people for problems you create for yourselves
  6. Go to school
  7. Get a job
  8. Be responsible for raising your children
  9. Treat your women with respect
  10. Stop glorifying criminals and turn to Jesus

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A white supremacist climate change denier confesses the truth

Liberals would have us confess to their lies.

I confess that the truth of which leftists accuse the Right about white supremacy and climate change is false!  I confess that they are liars and deceivers and I can prove what they cannot.  Trump supporters are righteous Americans, not racists.  The KKK is a Democrat animal like all leftist fascist ideologues.  And Climate change is natural, not man-made.  Man has no control or ability to influence the planet’s climate.  I will not repent of being what I am not.  I will not confess to being what you falsely accuse me of being.  I will not apologize for being what I am not.  You cannot guilt trip me or put me on the defensive with your frauds and slanders.  This liberal scam only fools the ignorant and ensnares the dysfunctional.  Eventually the ignorant will be enlightened and then you losers will be exposed as the frauds you are and no one will give you any mind.

Most of all in the latest liberal scam, I will not give to these arrogant, ignorant, impudent celebrities of the so-called “Hand-in-Hand” hurricane relief campaign for the same reason I didn’t give to “We are the World.”  I knew the situation in Africa and knew their efforts were futile.  Moslem warlords would let that food rot on the docks because they were deliberately starving non-Moslems.  It was another exercise in wasted compassion paving their road with good intentions.  Rather, I gave my hurricane relief to Samaritan’s Purse, the Salvation Army, and the Red Cross; good Christian charities that have great reputations for getting contributions to those in need.  Too often so-called charities of the Left like the Clinton Foundation siphon off the lion’s share of funds for themselves.  Leftist charities have been caught numerous times taking funds for charity and giving it to leftist organizations, including jihadi terrorists!  That’s why you can’t trust anyone who comes to your door anymore who says they’re collecting for some school benefit.  Too many scams are run in the name of charity.

But most of all, who the F*** do you think you are demanding charity of me while at the same time insulting my intelligence and morality with your false charges of racism and science denial?  MORONS!  Self-righteous hypocrites!  Were Jesus here he would slap you down and overturn the tables of you money changers!  Since He is not then I will gladly do so!  Only the lowliest kind of thieves use guilt trips, false accusations, and public shaming via falsehoods to coerce money from good people.  That is what makes Hand-in-Hand a scam!  Christians would never tell people that unless they give to the church they are bad people.  Jesus certainly never did.  Anyone who says they are a Christian who tries to shame someone into doing anything is not following the teachings of Christ.  Every Christian knows that there are wicked people who pretend to be Christians so they can defraud good people by duping them.  Hand-in-Hand may not claim to be Christian, but they claim they are doing good.  Will the government investigate just what they take and see where that money goes?  I don’t know and I don’t care.  If I don’t give to you then I know where my money is going will be for a good cause.  Guilt tripping to manipulate Americans and offering something for nothing is what Democrats have been doing for the last century to convince people into destroying themselves.

To obtain something there are only three way you can do so;

  • Buy it
  • Take it
  • Or Trick people out of it

There are two kinds of Republicans; those who are honorable who want to help make America great again, and those who have been corrupted, and two kinds of Democrats; those who are deceitful and those who have been duped.  These Follywood fools have been thoroughly duped into believing that the junk science of man-made global warming is a fact just as they believe evolution is a fact.  They have no understanding of science, but adhere only to their religion of false beliefs along with their pagan fanaticism of destroying those who do not bow to their gods.  If man causes global warming by the use of fossil fuels then why are they contributing so much more to it?  Their hypocrisy reveals their lies.

Tomi Lauren spells it out

Hurricane Hysteria Created by Fake News

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Which came first – the dysfunctional thinker or the liberal fool?

Liberalism should come with a warning label that embracing liberalism may lead to mental retardation.

The hallmark of every liberal is dysfunctional thinking.  Michael Moore is one of the personifications of how liberalism leads to ignorance, stupidity, and being a national embarrassment.  The lard brained fool posted a tweet meant to shame President Trump for his wealth and imply that he is disdainful of the needy by asking if he had opened Mar-a-Lago as a shelter to hurricane refugees as Irma bore down on the Florida peninsula.  Donald Trump, Jr. responded to this nonsense with the conservative good sense pointing out that Mar-a-Lago is on an island that was itself evacuated.

Moore, who has made millions producing phony docu-dramas to slander patriotic Americans, Republicans, and conservatives, sits cozy in his multi-million dollar mansion in California.  Why hasn’t he, who claims to be a champion of the poor, offered to fly refugees out there to safety, or even opened his mansion to homeless refugees living on the streets of LA and Frisco?  This epitome of a troll has done nothing to advance the quality of life of a single American, but promoted communist countries like Cuba as having superior healthcare to the USA.  If Cuba is so great why doesn’t he move there?  Moore is the quintessential liberal who subsists in a two-faced delusion of his own reality.

Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  The great Ronaldus Magnus put it best when he said;

“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

(Admittedly he should have said that they’re not stupid, as ignorance can be cured but stupidity cannot.  In debating any liberal it can be quickly discovered that they are the very epitome of ignorance leading to erroneous conclusions based on misinterpretation of the facts.)  Liberals are so myopic that they can easily ignore the fact that the United States has gone twelve years without being hit by a major hurricane.  Instead they are in a panic that there were two in a row!  If they believed in God they would all be holding group prayers begging for salvation, but nothing can save them from their own stupidity.  Hence the result is they fall into the darkness of the pagan understanding of how the world works like frightened children.  This is all just proof that when you perpetrate a fraud on others and believe in it so deeply that you fool yourself then you are truly a disgrace to the human race.

President Reagan also pointed out that;

“The best minds are not in government. If any were, business would hire them away.”

This is quite opposite of Barry Sotero, aka Barack Hussein Obama who said;

“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.”

Donald Trump is one of those brilliant minds who has put his hand to stopping the corruption by Democrats and their RINO allies in Washington who are stealing all the wealth from working Americans.  We are seeing how pathological Democrats object to anything he says and does, and how half the Republicans are joining with them to obstruct his agenda.  Americans voted for him to secure the border and take Washington’s crushing tax burden off the people’s backs and we are ready to replace those Republicans who would rather reach across the aisle than stifle the leftist effort to remake America into a socialist toilet.  Republican voters, symbolized by the elephant in the room that never forgets, are not the same as Democrats who are proudly symbolized by a stubborn ass, will remember in November next year.  Democrats and RINOs who will not stop illegal immigrants from taking American jobs to send money back to their countries, who promote criminals like the Democrats in Florida that went looting during the hurricane evacuation, and who steal taxpayer money through ObamaCare and crony capitalism frauds will be brought to justice.

Democrazis – the neo-Fascists of the modern Democrat Party

Trump empowers America battling Democrats and Republicans alike!

Young liberal wisdom: II – The Left is never right

Trump’s crude nobility drives leftists to deranged hate

Hurricane Hysteria Created by Fake News

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Hurricane Hysteria Created by Fake News

The panic in Florida created by media hyping the dangers of a hurricane was shameful.  People on the islands and coastline always have a reason to move inland.  Those who live in trailer parks have reason to fear the wind.  But for those who live inland in concrete homes to evacuate the state was just sheer idiocy shamefully created by the media.  Another proof of how easily leftists can herd the sheeple.

It is sad, infuriating, and frustrating how easily most people are duped by the Left.  This typical act of Mother Nature brought out the best and the worst in people and it is liberals who come up short on compassion.  While conservatives were making rescues and contributing to charities, liberals were praying for death and devastation to punish those whom they see as the enemies of their state – the state of socialist totalitarianism.  As those who work for a living gave aid to those who vote for a living, liberal shysters like Bill Maher praised socialism as if stealing wealth from people is somehow charitable.  Follywood actors and liberal college professors prayed to their gods and blamed Republicans for the weather, and the Chicken Little Brigade of Algore wasted no time to promote their global warming fraud once again.

Irma the Most Powerful Hurricane in History! (of the last half century)

The fear-mongering by the media that Florida would be scoured from the face of the Earth by a hurricane is just pathetic, leftist negativism.  It doesn’t matter how many people are living there.  The state has building codes exist because it is prone to hurricanes.  The most dangerous parts of hurricanes are the flooding from storm surge and massive rainfall.  The next most dangerous are the tornadoes that can spawn.  The straight line winds can be weathered by most buildings with the biggest problem is downed power lines and blown transformers following a massive windstorm.  It was pathetic to see emergency services say they would not go out once the winds topped tropical storm speeds of 45mph.  There are cities that regularly have over forty mile an hour winds and we don’t stop services because of a blustery day.  Watching the millions of frightened people fleeing the state and emergency services shutting down was just a pitiable sight in view of the media people who were driving about in the storm to report on the event.  And then to hear liberals say the nasty things they did about those who are suffering from a major storm was disgusting.  Hearing those like Bill Maher saying stupid things like ‘those who are paying taxes and providing charities are encouraging socialism’ is just the basest depths of liberal ignorance.  Socialism is government stealing wealth from the people through taxation, not the people giving taxes and charity to support each other.  Can you name any socialist country that can aid their people through any disaster?  It is not socialism, but capitalism that provides for the people.  No other country is going to come to America’s aid.  We go to theirs.  Liberalism’s ideology of making people dependent on government by giving government total power is not only dysfunctional, it’s self-defeating.  Living life with your glass half empty always leaves you wanting.

Liberals pray for Texans and Floridians to suffer for electing Trump

Bill Maher exemplifies dysfunctional liberal thinking

God is known by many names and so is Satan who is also called god.  If you’re not sure to who you are praying it’s easy based on your prayers.  Here’s a clue; if you are praying for harm to come to others then you are praying to Satan.  Praying for revenge is not the same as praying for justice, but those who lack a moral compass do not recognize the difference.  Whether you’re a leftist that wants hurricanes to devastate states that voted for Trump, or an Islamist jihadi murdering innocent people, the god to whom you are praying is not the God in Heaven, Father of Christ.  Another clue is that whenever you are presented with the truth, if you continue to believe and express lies then you are not following the Light of Truth, but embracing the darkness of deception.  Rush Limbaugh scorned the media hype and was lied about repeatedly, vociferously, and slandered in the face of the truth of his words.

“He told people there was no danger.”

“He denied there was a hurricane.”

“He told people not to drink water.”

Liberals actually held round table discussions based on their own lies.  What kind of idiot do you have to be to believe anyone would talk like this?  The answer is; a liberal idiot.

Media lies about Rush Limbaugh’s hurricane comments

It must also be remembered that Mr. Global Warming: An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore, predicted twelve years ago that after Katrina the U.S. would be hit by major hurricanes constantly that would only get bigger.  Superstorm Sandy was heralded by them as the storm of the century, which it was, but then they went on to say these last two hurricanes are proof that we are suffering ‘the storm of the century’ every other year.  It’s just lunacy.  As Hurricane Irma, “the most powerful storm in history” they predicted would hit Georgia at Category 3 fizzled out on the way up the Florida peninsula to a Cat 1 by the time it reached Tampa, that the U.S. has not been hit by a major hurricane, and by only a couple of small ones in the last twelve years, proves the fallacy of liberalism.  Those who pretend they can predict the future climate, or even tomorrow’s weather, are just charlatans practicing their own scam of clairvoyance, and these doomsayers should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

Latest Liberal Lies about Climate Change Advocate Hypocrisy

A Floridian who has been through hurricanes posted the following:

Dear Non-Floridians, here are rules when discussing the hurricane with Floridians:

  1. Calling people who don’t evacuate “idiots” or saying “they deserve what happens to them” is a judgement statement that, without facts, you are not qualified to make. We live in a state that is not the ‘Spring Breakers’ idea you have in your mind. We have more 55 plus communities than you can imagine. Elderly who can’t drive because of age, or leave because of finances. A lot of our elderly, don’t have “blood family” so they are relying on their “God made” family. We aren’t leaving our grandmas and grandpas behind alone to face Irma. They need younger people right now to make sure they have what they need to survive this storm and the devastation. Most of them have pets that are as old as they are. Just like your kids would be your priority, their furry companions are theirs, and with many hotels refusing to allow pets people are staying home, because they refuse to leave their four legged family behind.

  2. Just go get a plane ticket! (You can’t just fly out.) Don’t make statements or give advice on how we should evacuate. You don’t have the slightest knowledge of what we are up against. There are challenges to leaving. Flights out are being changed, cancelled, delayed. Tickets are $2-3,000 higher than they normally are. To fly out of Florida today, if you got a flight, one-way, could cost about 3,000.00 – thankfully the airlines have changed this but a little too little and a little too late. There are not enough outbound flights to get everyone out.

  3. Don’t say “Get in your car and drive fast out” A) Gas stations are getting fuel still, but that fuel is gone before the lines are empty. B) There is no driving fast. Cars are moving 5-7 mph on highways trying to get to safety. The lines are long and imagine, with a gas shortage, being stuck on highways in jams for 12-15 hours. Many cars are on the side of the highways, having run out of gas.

  4. Florida has one way out, and that is through the top (Northern) part of the state. There are basically 2 major roads out. Those roads are jammed, backed up, and not expected to change.

  5. To post “Florida is about to be wiped off the map” because you are watching the news reports and panicking from 3,000 miles away- is not the most uplifting thing for us to see. Plus, don’t speak your devastation to us. Be positive!

  6. “If I lived in Florida, I would have evacuated a week ago.” Well I’m not so sure that you would have. It’s not that simple if you have a heart…not only that, you don’t know until the final days which path the storm is going to take. Homes have to be boarded up. Things have to be done to ensure that if you do leave, you have somewhere to return. Then after our homes are secured, we again…have elderly who need their homes secured. So I’d say if you were here, you wouldn’t leave so fast.

  7. “Go to a safer part of the state.” Yes, we thought of that. No one knows exactly what part that is. If Irma takes a turn it could hit the west coast- if we are all fleeing to the west coast because it says the east coast is the most dangerous, then that could be costly. We know what we need to do and we are monitoring the situation.

Update: right now almost the whole state is under Hurricane warnings..
Feel Free to check on us, text us, call us. But, don’t text your fears of our demise. Don’t call us crying because you are scared for us. We have a storm to conquer. As warriors we need to be healthy, mentally and physically. Some of us also have very large horse farms that we can’t just leave. When your son or daughter or friend gets ready to go play in a competitive sport … before the game, do you call them and say, “you are going to lose,” “don’t show up for the game,” or “the odds are against you?” I would hope not. While we are preparing to overcome this storm, please send us encouragement! We welcome it! If you are going to do anything less than that, turn your TV or radio off and keep your lips zipped. Rules will be strictly enforced. I don’t know how yet but don’t break them. Now, I have to go see what I can do to help my community get ready for Irma’s arrival.

Hurricane Irma devastates Caribbean Islands

Hurricane Irma damage throughout southern Florida

Liberals have no excuse for wishing such destruction on their fellow man or, like usual, blaming victims.  There is no stopping Mother Nature despite what Algore claims he can do.  All we can do is weather the storm and then clean up the mess.  For that Americans rely on each other to lend a helping hand, not give the back of their hand to those trying to help.  As they say, you are either part of the solution or part of the problem, and liberalism is always the problem.

Hurricane Democrat criminals looting guns

Hurricane Hysteria – Better safe than sorry or creating an unnecessary panic?

The Most Powerful Storm in History fizzles in Florida.

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China would never go to war over North Korea

North Korean has been a loyal dog to China keeping the United States on the defensive, but their mad dog has become so rabid and is now posing a threat to the world – including themselves.

North Korean nukes and missiles – many dangers and options

Liberals love making stupid analogies like, ‘if sit in your running car in a closed garage you will discover how you are poisoning the planet.’  They take no account of even elementary science that the planet’s atmosphere circulates and what we put up in it is washed back down.  If you believe water is beneficial and you fill up the sink and stick your face in it for five minutes you also would find you are wrong.  Liberals are so dysfunctional that a question was posed to leftist Juan Williams on The Five by Jesse Watters – If Mexico deports Americans who illegally crossed their border they are seen as exercising their rightful laws protecting their borders, but if the USA deports Mexicans who illegally crossed their border then they are seen as racist,’ to which Williams said, ‘that’s the “bad analogies of the Right.’  Obviously it was not a bad comparison, but a perfect example of two-faced liberal beliefs.  Here is an analogy of the danger posed by Kim Jong Un to the world works that also works perfectly but at which liberals will scoff:

Your neighbor, who lives in a hovel near your nice house, doesn’t like you and wants you to pay him for his suffering even though he inflicts that suffering on himself with his drug use and irresponsible spending habits.  (Sound familiar?  That pretty much describes the entire Democrat Party.)  So he goes out and shoots his rifle so the bullet passes over your house.  He tells you he’s making a rifle grenade that he’s going to shoot into your bedroom window if you don’t concede to his demands.  The police will only give him warnings to stop threatening to give him a ticket if he continues.  (This is what Kim is doing on a national scale when he shoots missiles over Japan and is building nuclear warheads to put in them.)  What do you do?

The UN is the closest thing we have to world police and they do nothing but write Kim letters giving him warnings to stop or threaten sanctions that Chicoms and socialist regimes around the world violate.  No one tries to restrain him with actual action, just words.  What would you do if the police did nothing more than tell your neighbor don’t do that?  Better yet, would the government allow an angry citizen to shoot a rifle over the Capitol Building as they allow North Korea to shoot missiles over their neighbor’s country?  You can bet the politicians would have the police take that person down and either kill him or take his weapon and throw him in prison.  So why is your life worth less?  Why is Kim allowed to run rampant like a rabid dog?  There are always three options in any choice; yes, no, or abstain.  The United States’ choices on how to deal with North Korea have been; to go to war, concede to the Nork’s demands, or ignore them.  Bush ignored them and they completed development of their nuclear bombs.  Conceding to their demands as Clinton and Obama have done has only made them demand more which is the way of all blackmailing criminals.  China is responsible for enabling North Korea after facilitating their survival in the 1950 war when they kept them from being destroyed following their failed attempt to conquer South Korea.

But the world has changed.  China and the U.S. are now in a symbiotic economic relationship.  If the U.S. decided to smash the insane Norks before they destroy Seoul or Tokyo or Honolulu or Seattle, China has now stated they will do nothing.  They would not dare risk war with the USA because their economy would be utterly destroyed.  They cannot even risk an economic war.  What are they going to do?  Tell U.S. companies to get out?  Half a billion Chinese would rise up in a rage if their government stupidly kicked out the Golden Goose as a show of strength.  Liberal Democrats are all in a dither that China may call America’s trillion dollar debt due.  Simpletons!  If America and China go to war then the debt is cancelled and China sinks like a stone in water!  Would China nuke America?  Sure, let’s not just kick out the Golden Goose, but kill it?  Here’s a clue; the Chicoms are not as stupid as the Democrazis.  President Trump has very ample power to twist China’s arm to starve and subdue their rabid dog.  But they are now in as much fear of Kim and may be forced to oust him themselves, which would result in everyone in the world winning.  North Korea and Iran are rabid parasites whose leaders need to be destroyed before they cause a global catastrophe.  The two of them sharing nuclear capabilities with which to blackmail the free world under the umbrella of Communist regimes must be brought to an end before they cause that calamity by acting like children with guns.

Great Wars of the Last Century

Liberals are uneducated.  They know the names of World War One and World War Two and the invasions of Iraq, and they know the notorious reputation of Hitler, but they know little about these wars, the leaders, and the people involved.  It would require a doctorate’s degree or a lifetime of learning military history to know and understand what is necessary to fully understand America’s wars and wars throughout history.  Liberals only understand what they have been told by leftists who hate America because they side with America’s enemies, and that is where they go completely wrong.  Socialism in the 20th century was the greatest evil to be visited upon all the nations of the world.  While they condemn the nation socialism of the Nazis, they see it as some form of capitalist imperialism that was adopted by America.  They do not understand that WWII was begun by Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, and Communist Russia, ALL of them ruled by leftist totalitarian dictators who desired to make their nations greater by conquering their neighbors.  There are two ways to create wealth; you trade, or you steal.  Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, and Stalin all decided they would take it by stealing from other nations.  Liberals are taught that the Russians were the good guys in WWII which is a great lie.  Russia and Germany were allied at the beginning of the war.  The U.S. and Britain only allied with them because Hitler attacked and Russia was needed to tie down the bulk of the German army.  Otherwise the invasion of Fortress Europe would never have happened.  Liberals are taught the Russians won WWII, but they did not.  Were it not for the supplies given them by the USA they would have been conquered by the German war machine.  The industrial might of America in WWII is what saved the world from domination.  Even so, keeping Russia alive as a necessity resulted in their resurgence after the war to continue conquest as they subjugated Eastern Europe for the next half century.  It was only through the determination and leadership of one of America’s greatest presidents who brought down the Berlin Wall and collapsed the Iron Curtain.  Liberals are taught that Reagan led America into decline when he actually led an American revival.  The history taught by leftists is all a lie that is being taught to our children to warp their understanding of history, which is why these socialists, these Communists and Nazis of the Left that have infiltrated America’s educational system in order to corrupt our youth should never have been allowed.

Now the world is facing a nuclear threat from countries that are third world toilets of totalitarianism.  Democrats made this possible by their weakness and endorsement of communist regimes around the world.  But now even China and Russia are beginning to realize that their mad dog client states of North Korea and Iran are posing as much a threat to themselves as to their opponents.  Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Islamism, and Imperialism have always been the foes of freedom and never more so than in the last century.  America has always been the defender of freedom throughout the world, except for those times when Democrats held the reins of power and forced the world down bloody paths into WWII.  Vietnam was the Democrat’s Waterloo as they led America to defeat while trying to subjugate a third world nation.  The past has shaped the present and the present is shaping the future.  There is no right or wrong side of history as Obama claimed.  Was China on the wrong side of history when the Mongols invaded?  Was the Middle East on the wrong side of history when the fanatic armies of Muhammad invaded?  Was Germany on the wrong side of history when they attempted world conquest?  Was the United States on the wrong side of history when we stood as a stone wall against the Iron Curtain?  History belongs to those who are victorious.  The winners are not always the good people of the world.  The United States has ever stood ready in the last century to fight for liberty both at home and abroad.  There is no wrong side of history when you fight for what is right.  There is only standing against evil or standing with evil.  America has not yet fallen into darkness though leftists believe the light of the world is the dark.

The Shining City illuminates liberalism with darkness

The one bright spot in all of this is President Trump – the master of the art of the deal who chose to jump into the swamp in an attempt to clean it out.  What every deal maker knows is that the best deal is one in which those with whom you are dealing choose to do what you want them to do because they see it is to their own benefit.  China created this mad dog.  China should be the one to take him out.  If they want to continue to prosper then they to need to make the deal to strip North Korea of their missiles and nukes – and good luck to them.  Republicans and Democrats will not make any deals beneficial to the United States unless it directly benefits their wallets.  There too much invested in having boogie men like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Norks, healthcare, and global warming with which to manipulate the people into giving up their freedoms and wealth for protection.  Donald Trump is the opposite of Barack Obama who said he would make America greater and instead sold it out to the leftist regimes of the world.  President Trump deserves the support of the people as the only man to be in Washington who is striving with all his abilities to force Republicans to live up to their campaign promises rather than just say what they need to and then go along with the Democrats to get what they want.

Democrazis – the neo-Fascists of the modern Democrat Party

Trump empowers America battling Democrats and Republicans alike!

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