9-11 We Will Never Forget!

As America continues to strive against the forces of darkness, Islamists spread their hateful ideology, invading and attempting to colonize Europe and make inroads into America.  They call those who know and reject the teachings of Muhammad “Islamophobes.”  Their socialist allies in the United States and Europe blame the victims of their jihadi terror attacks as being guilty and deserving of their fates.  America is still at war with Islam without most of the nation recognizing that Islam is at war with the world.  For those of us who serve and understand, this is an atrocity.  That the nation elected a Moslem socialist to manage the nation’s decline for eight long years has left us disheartened, exhausted, and filled with righteous wrath.  But the election of an American son, Donald Trump, to lead America back to greatness has given us hope.  Now we fight against the forces of the fascist left to keep them from terrorizing the people and slandering the good name of Republicans in their efforts to turn the nation back to Democrats.  9-11 cannot be erased, excused, or blamed on America.  It was an act of pure evil born of hate.

We will NEVER forget!

9-11 Sound of Silence

Lee Greenwood God Bless the USA

The Ground Zero Mosque

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Are Democrats Obvious or Oblivious?

When Democrats say Antifa is not part of the Democrat Party, who do they think they’re fooling?  Obama’s OfA Army of thugs, activists, and rioters consisting of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, and others are a far greater danger to America than climate change.  Disrupting people’s lives, destroying property, assaulting the innocent, and going so far as to assassinate police, the left is already waging a civil war to take control of America and cast down the presidency via a coup to establish their socialist dictatorship.  They are conducting these crimes through a series of civil disruption, importing foreign invaders, and through a propaganda campaign of false allegations meant to distract the oblivious and incense the rabid leftists.

They say white supremacists and the KKK are Republicans, except that both were created and endorsed by Democrats until Trump was elected.  Now they act in secret collusion with other Democrats.  Despite the fact that Democrat voters are rejecting openly socialist candidates, they and their leaders have surreptitiously embraced them and their ideology in the belief it will somehow benefit them.  What is it going to take for Democrat voters to open their eyes to realize they are being deceived into voting against their own country?

“Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.” – Edmund Burke

I have long said that liberalism is born and ignorance and bred on immorality.  The ignorance is not knowing the facts or understanding how the world works, and the immorality is in perpetrating and believing in lies.  Such duplicity is not wholly borne by liberals who are often indoctrinated dupes of the left.  Everyone is born an ignorant liberal, but most grow up to learn and grow out of it to become conservatives.  Only those who are devout leftists struggle to continue to maintain their façade of lies actually believing they are the good people as they serve evil.  The difference between ignorance and stupidity is that ignorance can be overcome.  Most liberals are ignorant of the facts that prove socialism is a malevolent ideology of elitists to rule over the masses.  But, having been informed of those facts, for them to continue to believe socialism can be beneficial is just plain stupid.

The importance to liberals of ignorance and stupidity

What do Democrats know of history?  Today they think that Republicans are fascists of the KKK.  That they are blind to the racist fascism of democratism is astounding after suffering under it for more than a century.  They reject Republican Americanism in favor of the ideology of America haters and invaders who want to unmake America.  Do any of them even know, understand, or even have the most basic knowledge of history necessary to comprehend their dysfunctional thinking?  When they reject the Constitution, capitalism, and Christianity that are the foundational principles of America have they any right to even claim to be Americans?

Unfortunately for America the average person learns history from Hollywood that fictionalizes much of it for dramatic effect – as if the actual drama of history wasn’t interesting enough.  For example, the latest series on Rome has a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, bearded Julius Caesar leading legionnaires swinging their swords in mob fights.  Anyone who knows anything about ancient Rome knows they were all dark, clean shaven, and fought in formation with their thrusting swords which is what made them so devastating against foreign hordes.  But that’s not nearly as fun and exciting as hacking and splitting skulls.

Even in the movies of an asteroid hitting the Earth the cowboy version, “Armageddon,” is a far more entertaining movie than the realistic version, “Deep Impact.”  The comic book style “300” will keep kids glued to the screen, while the original “300 Spartans” that tells the real history will put them to sleep.  The story of “Braveheart” is beautiful and inspiring, but aside from the names and a couple of battles, none of the events depicted occurred.  Modern Hollywood has taken history and made it into their comic book versions that, while exciting, bear no more semblance to real history than Lincoln fighting vampires.  The names are the same, but everything else is fiction.

Explain how Hitler and his Nazis rose to power

Those who call Republicans fascists, say Trump supporters are racists, and compare The Donald to Hitler don’t have the first clue who or what any of them were.  All they know are the names and what they are told to believe – that Hitler was a monstrous far right Christian who slaughtered people in diabolical ways.  They don’t know about Stalin’s purges how he starved millions of Ukranians.  They don’t know about Mao’s “re-education camps” where a hundred million educated Chinese “disappeared.”  They don’t know about all the socialist dictators that have hoovered up the wealth of the nations over which they took control.

Antifa thugs say they are fighting fascism, but they are the fascists using the same tactics, having the same goals, and committing the same crimes as Mussolini’s Black Shirts and Hitler’s Brown Shirts.  Black Lives Matter say they are fighting racism, but they are the racists slandering all white cops in their bigotry.  Obamaites say Trump is a Hitler wannabe, but their messiah is everything Hitler was as evidenced by how he rose to and abused power.  If they knew the first thing about Hitler they would recognize that Obama is his brother, while Trump is his antithesis.  They say Trump is working as Putin’s puppet.  Yet one glance at how the two interact, at how Trump is treating Russia, and that lie dies an ugly death.  But what do you expect of people who reject Christ as the Redeemer and Satan as the Deceiver, instead seeing God as the Oppressor and Satan as the Liberator?

How do liberals believe Hitler came to power?  They believe he overthrew the German government.  They do not understand that he was elected by his charismatic speeches promising them the Sun, the Moon, and the stars just like Obama did in America 2008.  They do not know that he was a nobody of no accomplishment except to convince people to follow him and elect him to power, and once in power he abused it severely.  This does not describe Donald Trump but does describe Barack Obama.  Trump is a man a superlative accomplishment who suffers none of the greed of lesser men.  Contrary to liberal beliefs, becoming rich is not a sign of being greedy.  People do not become wealthy only by stealing from others.  That is a purely leftist ideal.

How Obama, Hitler, and the Star Wars Emperor are the same

Try this; ask yourself which party employs thugs and rioters?  Which party calls for censoring speech?  Which party has been using government as a weapon against the people?  Which president said, “Tell Vlad I’ll be more flexible after the election,” Obama or Trump?  Which president said, “The 80s called and want their Cold War mentality back,” Obama or Trump?  Leftists in the media and Democrat regime claim Trump is stifling their free speech just like Hitler did.  How many of them are in prisons awaiting execution?

To which party does the group Antifa belong when they chant, “No borders. No wall. No USA at all!”  Democrats, who say they want open borders, claim Antifa radicals are not part of the Democrat Party, and then they echo exactly the same policies.  The actual ideology of left and right can be laid out as the conflict between those who believe in oppression and those who believe in liberty.  The various ideologies to which sociologists refer fall under either category in ways that are contrary to what leftists teach.  That’s because the left does not want people to understand the truth.

The American form of government vs. the leftist form of rule

Simply put, the left is never right.  All their policies are wrong if you want liberty.  The left is the negative pole of both societal and individual character in which the glass is always half empty, and others are to blame because the leftist never takes responsibility.  Everything of which the left accuses the right of being is of what they themselves are guilty.  Theirs is the pathological mentality of projecting their emotional reasoning onto others and denying the truth in themselves.  That’s how they justify stealing from others, from pinching their wealth to taking credit for the successes of others.

Left vs. Right in society, government, and religion

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

The characteristics of left vs. right are the dividing line between what is malicious and what is benevolent.


Leftism vs. Rightism, liberalism vs. conservatism, censorship vs. free speech, bigotry vs. justice, racism vs. righteousness, violence vs. peaceful protests, endorsing criminals vs. endorsing patriots, slandering police vs. honoring police, burning the American flag vs. singing the National Anthem.


Democrats vs. Republicans, socialism vs. capitalism, Occupy Wall Street; Black Lives Matter; Antifa; Organizing for America; The KKK; White Supremacists; White Nationalists; all vs. the TEA Party, Socialist fascists; Nazis; Communists; Islamists; Elitist Imperialists; all vs. Americanism, Jim Crowe laws; oppression; segregation; all vs. liberty.


Atheism and Islamism vs. Christianity, believing God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator vs. believing Christ is the Redeemer and Satan is the Deceiver, Muhammad vs. Jesus, Jihad vs. The Great Commission, Schism and Inquisition vs. The Reformation.

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

The divisions between left and right, good and evil, become stark when you know the truth behind the facts of each.  Much can be understood by the young if they take the time to learn.  Most don’t start truly realizing the truth until they are thirty, which is why leftists say,

“Never trust anyone over thirty,”

and the rightists say,

“Never trust anyone under thirty.”

When Churchill said,

“If you under thirty and a Conservative, you have no heart.  If you’re over thirty and a Liberal, you have no brain.”

it takes an adult to understand what he meant.

Ocasio-Cortez proves that stupid people don’t realize they’re stupid

Elizabeth Warren says, “U.S. Justice system is racist from front to back”

To be a Democrat one must either be a leftist or a liberal.  Leftists are the ones who promote their lies and liberals are the fools who believe them.  When Elizabeth Warren says the justice system is racist from front to back, she means that the entire legal system of the United States, from the cop on the street to the lawmakers in Washington, are all racists.  This should be a galactic joke coming from a Democrat of the party of racism, the KKK, and segregation, were it not universally accepted by liberal lemmings.  Lemmings would not be dangerous if it were they the only ones stupidly running off the cliff into the sea of financial ruin, but they want to force everyone else to join them.  The simple truth is that Warren, et al, are creating a fiction because there are no white supremacists on the right.  They are still Democrats and their goal is still the destruction of this country to make the elites rulers and the citizens servants.

Dinesh D’Souza, “No white supremacists are on the right”

From the betrayal of Obama, to the lies of Hillary, to the treachery of Schumer, to the doddering of Pelosi, to the economic dysfunction of Warren, to the idiocy of Waters, to the deluded fantasies of Cortez, to the ancient dreams of Bernie, to the brain-dead lemmings that vote for them, the Democrat Party is going down the toilet and trying to take America with it.  The left has ever been the creator of the Big Lie and the only counter to that is the bold truth as told by Christian conservatives with the courage and conviction of the likes of President Donald J. Trump.  That is why we elected him to steer America away from the cliff.  The left wants to have Democrats in power to impose their laws, import their invaders, and do away with police protection of the citizens.

Countering the Big Lie with the Bold Truth

It must be understood that liberals are Democrats only because they are ignorant louts who haven’t grown up to learn how the world works.  I was one forty years ago.  They don’t understand the economy, business, or finances because they’ve never done anything of significance even if they have worked a job.  They don’t understand expenses, payrolls, overhead, or simple math.  That’s why Hillary was able to mock Trump in the eyes of a pack of fools and they all ignorantly agreed with her saying, “How could Trump be a billionaire when he’s so incompetent as to lose a billion dollars on a casino?”

The answer is simplicity itself – you build it!  Skyscrapers don’t spring up out of the ground like daisies fully equipped and ready to go.  It takes over a year to build one of these great hotels and install a casino in it before you get it running and raking in money from the suckers who attend.  That first year requires an investment that is an initial loss, and that is the same kind of loss that every business suffers on start up.  Anyone who knows anything about running a business knows it takes an initial investment and that is when you suffer the greatest losses for a tax year.  Trump took that loss his first year building his casino and Hillary is perfectly aware of this but quite content to dupe her ignorant followers.

Likewise, as anyone who has ever run a business knows, the government didn’t build it.  Government didn’t build roads and schools to educate working people out of the goodness of their hearts as an investment in the country to help businessmen.  Businesses paid for those services to be provided for them through their taxes.  Socialists fail miserably in understanding that nothing is free, that someone must pay for it, and the people who pay for it are working taxpayers.  Taxes don’t come from people who don’t work, so without those jobs that entrepreneurs create none of those roads or schools would have been built!

Liberals think school is free because they don’t know their parents paid taxes to build and operate the schools, to pay teacher’s salaries.  And in return many leftists have become teachers to corrupt their children’s minds.  This is the kind of ignorance that is going to ruin America.  Worse, once liberals are told this and they reject this knowledge they are no longer ignorant.  They are then just being stupid.  As Forrest and Larry say, “Stupid is as stupid does,” and, “You can’t fix stupid.”

Teaching leftist two-faced pathology

So, what is “democratic” socialism?  That is where socialist elites dupe fools into believing they have a choice.  Socialism is always a tyrannical dictatorship that forces all the people to act in accordance with what the elites say they can do.  Feudalism, Imperialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, and Islamism are all the same type of totalitarianism that fall under the umbrella of Marxist socialism.  Stop being a lemming and break free of being part of the “some of the people” of whom Lincoln spoke.

Taxpayers and those in the military, armed forces, law enforcement, and fire/rescue, who vote for Democrats to take their wealth and invite foreign criminals to invade are the quintessential chickens voting for Col. Sanders.  Nothing good has ever come from leftism or Democrats.  All they take credit for, winning wars, the space race, bringing down the Iron Curtain, was all achieved by Republicans and conservatives.  That’s why Republicans are always the primary targets of assassins.  That’s why Kennedy was assassinated by a communist for not being Democrat enough.

The solution to saving America is not lowering the voting age to sixteen as Democrats desire to allow the younger more gullible fools to vote, but by raising it to twenty-five so that those who are not living in the closed society of schools make the right choices.  America is in danger of being subsumed by leftist invaders and usurpers.  Those who strive to convince the ignorant that America is not the greatest force for good in world have no business ruling it.  Vote wisely, and if you don’t like your Republicans because they are RINOs working with Democrats rather than with Trump against the leftist agenda, then get involved in the primary process and elect better Republicans.  Just beware of those who are leftists pretending to be righteous.

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The Delusional World of Liberalism

“Hitler was a Christian, which would make Jesus was the first Nazi.”

Skepticism – a word liberals do not understand because they apply their beliefs through bigotry – another word liberals do not understand because they assign it only to white men, Republicans, and Trump, condemning conservative Christians while at the same time believing themselves to be righteous, which makes them bigots.  The believe themselves to be intelligent, enlightened, happy, and just, when all of the riots and every mass shooting have been conducted by liberal atheist or Islamist Democrats, and not one by conservative Christian Republicans.  Half of the nation has been so thoroughly duped by deceivers of the Left that they justify their bigoted hatred of America while projecting their temperament onto the righteous who are the inverse of them.

Liberalism and Conservatism Defined – Defeating the Left’s Coup

Deranged Media Plays to Deranged Audiences Leading to Deranged Acts

Clapper: Spy in Trump Campaign Was a Good Thing

Liberals lack skepticism of leftist politicians and their media propaganda.  They listen to what CNN and MSNBC tell them, hear the words of a Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, or the likes of a Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer, and swallow them hook, line, and sinker without question.  They believe them when they are told that FOX News lies, to not believe anything FOX pundits say, without making any attempt at examining their statements.  Conservatives listen to FOX skeptically and question what they hear from both sides to hear the other half of the story so they can judge the truth.  Liberals do not know what conservatives really think.  They only know what their comedians teach them to mock.  They only know what their demagogues teach them to fear.

Liberal Democrats Adopt MS-13 Terrorist Animals as their Dreamers

Conservatives hear what they say and examine it to confirm the truth or falsehood of their statements.  We don’t take anyone’s word for it.  When it was reported during the campaign that Trump was a Democrat who said he’d “run as a Republican because they’re stupid,” we examined this claim to discover it was a lie meant to turn Republicans away from Trump.  Those who were fooled became the NeverTrumper movement.  Despite Trump’s great accomplishments for conservative Christian Americans they are still convinced he is unworthy, which leads some to believe that they, too, are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  That’s why when the liberal media proclaimed that Trump said all immigrants are animals we immediately knew that was false and found out what he really said.  That’s called critical thinking, a capacity liberals lack.

Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality

Liberals have no understanding of life, including simple math, let alone business, history, or culture.  Theirs is a world of misconstrued reality taken out of context by foolish assumptions based on false premises.  In liberal world city folk are cultured nobility and country folk are dumb hicks.  They do not see city people as including the most corrupt and country people as mostly people of godly moral faith.  They don’t see that there are few good people in the city and few bad ones in the country because people are held more to account to others when they know each other than when they are strangers.  They think in absolute terms and only see what they think is the best in themselves and the worst in others, which guides their bigotry.  They use their own self-righteous hypocrisy of two-faced liberalism to judge others, yet they do not understand see morality seeing it as gray rather than black and white.

Their lack of moral education results in a lack of a moral compass, so they confuse what they think of as good and bad with what is right and wrong.  They reject the societal construct of morality, but rather adhere to their belief that morality is an individual choice.  This opens the door to justifying criminality in their minds as righteous if it suits their purpose.  Their ignorance of history causes them to confuse Republican liberty with Democrat slavery.  The result of all this is that liberals today are confused about who stands on the side of right and who stands on the side of wrong, i.e. the Left.

The difference between the righteous and the ignorant is that the righteous educate their children.  The wicked indoctrinate them through oppression, threats, force, or coercion, and if all else fails, they kill them.  To be righteous, one must understand and institute justice.  Justice is not right for one side and wrong for the other.  One side’s actions cannot be wrong if they are the same for the other side that are right.  If Obama and Hillary spying on Trump is right, then Trump spying on Obama and Hillary is right.  If it is not, then you are wrong.

Liberals believe the lies they’ve been taught without question

Today’s liberal Democrat believe; Republicans are the party of the KKK and slavery, conservative Christians are neo-Nazis, Trump is a tyrant stealing from the poor, Democrats are sons of liberty, Antifa are freedom fighters, and Obama had a roaring good economy, was making the world safer, medical costs cheaper, and helping the poor of the world to whom America owed her prosperity by sharing that wealth.  Liberals have adopted America’s enemies and criminals like Islamo-Nazi terrorists, BLM assassins, and MS-13 animals as their Dreamers.  The only dream of these terror groups is the destruction of America.  That Democrats make common cause with the worst evils in the world tells you everything you need to know about the true nature of the Democrat Party.  Liberals agree with Hamas that used innocent children as human shield in their terror attacks on the Gaza border and blame Israelis for their deaths.

The liberal media is not reporting news, but disseminating propaganda while covering up Democrat crimes.  Now that the Obama regime’s spying is being proven, the leftist media is publishing stories of these crimes, not to condemn these crimes as being ultra-Nixonian, but justifying them!  This is how leftists rationalize their immoral hearts to lie to the people, steal from the rich, and persecute the righteous.  Leftists attempt to manipulate the righteous through lies and false accusations.  The real racist bigots are people who declare white people are all racists, cops are all racists, and that Christians are all bigots by using the false flag of white privilege to advance their own racism.

The Deep State Will Go to Any Lengths to Get Rid of Trump

Liberal media lauds FBI’s criminal spying on Trump as justified

This is how liberals justify committing crimes and trashing American businesses.  They declare that they are the pure of heart, that Republicans are the ones who are corrupt, and that the illegal, unconstitutional crimes they commit against Republicans, like spying on the Trump campaign or putting their iron boot on the necks of businesses demanding graft as racketeers, is therefore justified.  Liberals set themselves up to take the fall by elevating themselves as noble when they are the worst of the corrupt who are too stupid to realize they are exposing themselves.

“If you own a business, you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.” – Barack Hussein Obama echoing Elizabeth Warren’s stupidity

“There is nobody in this country who got rich on their own. Nobody. You built a factory out there – good for you. But I want to be clear. You moved your goods to market on roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory… Now look. You built a factory and it turned into something terrific or a great idea – God bless! Keep a hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.” – Elizabeth Warren

No more ignorant statements have ever been made about what it takes to run a business.  No more stupid statements have ever been made by people in government of how services work.  No more deceitful statements have ever been made by politicians seeking to dupe people into stealing from those who work for a living.  Children do not understand how adults run businesses, and that is the competence level at which ignorant liberals operate.

Everything Obama and Warren said was 100% backwards.  Government does not enable people to build businesses.  Businesses enable people to have an income from which the government collects taxes and provides those services for which the people pay.  Roads, schools, police and fire protection, all come from people’s taxes.  This isn’t even a case of which came first!  Businesses come before jobs, which come before taxes, which come before government services.  Government does not provide services out of the goodness of their hearts or pay for them out of their own pockets.  In America, government provides those things because that is what the people told them to provide.  The people pay for those services by pooling the community’s money to pay for them.  Nobody built that business except for the entrepreneur who made the effort to lead people in working together.  The federal government does not own the roads and schools and protectors of the nation – the people do!

Trump the True and Righteous Man

Obama says that, unlike Trump, his regime was transparent and scandal free, which even on cursory examination is proven the opposite.  The passage of ObamaCare and spying on the Trump campaign alone prove both lies, while Trump has been everything Obama was not with only Democrat propaganda saying otherwise.  Unlike Trump, who built a billionaire real estate empire, Obama and Warren have never built a damn thing in their lives, except a coalition of fools they duped into voting for them to steal from businesses like Trump’s.  Trump had no reason to lower himself to compete with politicians except; to either duplicate Obama’s corruption, or clean out the corruption in Washington.  That he has made America prosper and grow rather than decline and lie about it proves he is doing the latter.  Now if he could only overcome the establishment obstructing him from bringing the Obama regime and their criminal spying, graft, and voter fraud to justice.  But such action will certainly collect a few RINOs in the dragnet.

American business is booming again thanks to Donald Trump vacating Obama’s socialist dictates.  Democrats do not encourage business growth but shake down businesses like thug gangsters offering protection from themselves.  As exemplified by their attitude, they believe businesses, like the common people, exist to serve them.  Liberalism is the ideology by which leftists convince fools to destroy themselves.  They pander to the greedy by offering to steal for them, and then enslave them through deception by encouraging ignorant fools to surrender their liberty and prosperity to give Democrats power.  Leftists are the immoral and corrupt believing that the masses exist to serve the elites.  Their immorality is personified in genocides that they have committed throughout history to make life better for those who serve by taking the lives of others; like Hitler’s Holocaust, Stalin’s Purges, and Mao’s New Democracy that are all catchy phrases for Thanos-style genocides.  The belief that the “human herd” must be culled over the irrational belief in the Population Bomb taking food out of the mouths of others is a defining characteristic of the Left.  It is fair and just to them to live better because they have no moral concern for the other half they slaughter.

What this all proves is that liberalism really is a mental disorder that is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  Their beliefs are built on lies, distortions, half-truths, and fictions to which the liberal adheres through blind faith.  How do they reach their fallacious conclusions?  How do they believe fantasy movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” are documentaries?  The same way they reach their conclusions that CO2 from cars and coal is going to end all life on the planet – through dysfunctional logic founded in falsehoods and foolishness.  There is a reason liberalism is a part of leftist ideology.  It is based solely on assumptions molded by lies, innuendo, and implication.  If you debate a liberal you will find a person devoid of knowledge and facts or, if they know some facts, a person who is deliberately misconstruing the truth in order to dupe the unwary so he can steal from them.  If you’ve ever seen The Carbonaro Effect, a street magician who dupes people into believing the most ridiculous things, then you have seen examples of how easily liberals are fooled into believing things that cannot possibly be so.

Americans of African descent have been thoroughly duped into believing their former masters of the Democrat Party are now acting for their benefit when they are clearly just using them for minimal cost.  So long as they vote for them their Democrat masters reward them with welfare funds stolen from working taxpayers.  They are then duped further into believing that those who have fought for their freedom are the racists who would unjustly imprison them.  The descendants of those were chained as slaves through force and fought to be free are now voluntarily choosing to be slaves to the same people for bread crumbs from their table.  They pretend they are suffering the oppression of their ancestors when they are only suffering from a prison of their own making.  The prisons they occupy for criminal acts they call slave camps built to imprison blacks rather than punishment for being criminals.  What’s galactically stupid is that blacks are encouraged by Democrats to drop out of school, do drugs, and glorify gangsters to become criminals, and then cast themselves as the victims so they can blame those against whom they commit crimes as being the perpetrators of oppression.  It has become a sickness in America that liberals believe themselves to be righteous even as they commit crimes against humanity.

Laura Ingraham Black Racists Make Trump Leader of the KKK

These people remind me of my young woman of my acquaintance.  This teenage drama queen would always have some disaster taking place in her social life.  What she didn’t see was that she was creating those disasters herself by how she treated others.  My own daughter, thank God, had the good sense to see through her just as I did.  This is how liberals justify blaming others for the woes they create for themselves.  They sow disasters and then blame others for what they reap.  Europe is doing that now by inflicting Islamism on their people.  This began under Obama’s direction to colonize and conquer the Christian West with the anti-Christian cult of Muhammad.  That is the very definition of the leftist vs. the righteous.

Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

In the Bible, Lucifer decided he was as good as if not better than God.  His basic characteristics are the character traits of the Left – vanity, selfishness, and deceit.  They deceive themselves as to their own merit, place themselves ahead of all others, thus rendering them creatures of greed and envy, and deceive others of the truth.  That’s why the liberal’s false paradigm that the far right are totalitarian Nazis to balance against the far-left totalitarian communists makes the center their preferred political high ground.  The reality is that the far left is totalitarianism of socialist Communists and Nazis and the far right is liberty.  To be clearer, if Satanic selfishness and deception are the far left then the far right is Jesus.  Who interprets Jesus as being king of the Nazis?  Jesus is the Messianic King of Righteous Godliness and the Left is the opposite.  Therefore, the center consists of everyone who is somewhere in between.  On that basis the center is half on the side of good and half on the side of evil.  So how could it be right to be half wrong?

Obamaism vs. Trumpism

VP Pence gave a commencement speech at Hillsdale College, a university that encourages Constitutional Americanism, where he spoke of America’s rise from Obama’s managed decline via Trump’s policies.  Former NY Governor and NYC Mayor Bloomberg spoke at Rice University about President Trump depicting him as a lying Nazi declaring that Americans are being deceived.  Had he been speaking about Obama and his own party then he would have been speaking the Gospel Truth.  Saying this of Trump and Republicans is like saying Lincoln founded the KKK and Washington founded Nazism.  It takes only one person to dupe many as Hitler proved when only 7% of Germans that were dedicated Nazis got him elected to acquire absolute power.  Muhammad has brainwashed billions to be vile oppressors justifying the power of just a small percentage of terrorists.  Obama duped the greatest Christian nation in history to elect him, a Moslem socialist, to manage its decline through pandering and demagoguery pretending he was not what he was and blaming Republicans for the economic and diplomatic disasters Democrats created.

The truth and lies in Trump and Obama are on display for any who have eyes to see and ears to hear along with a moral heart to understand.  Thank God America is not Germany and Obama could not muster the resources of Hitler against armed Americans.  He continues to fool the some of the people who can be fooled all of the time, but he can’t fool all of the people all of the time.  Otherwise, the land of the free and home of the brave would have become Amerika the socialist sh*thole.  Obama is the only president in American history to muster an army of; fascists pretending they are fighting fascism to try to violently silence conservatives, black criminals pretending there are fighting racism as they assassinate police, and foreign invaders pretending to be refugees while infiltrating and subverting America.  In the final analysis, the Right leads by moral example, while the Left rules by coercion.  That is why it is always Democrats who riot in the streets, commit crimes, conduct assassinations, and use terrorism.  That is why they struggle to lay the blame for all of their offenses on Republicans by lying about their character so they can claim they were justified.  That is what I mean when I say that the Left is bred on immorality, and that can only be done when people are kept ignorant of the truth.

On the scales of righteousness the right is moral, the center amoral, and the left immoral.  Being moral means caring about others, not the faux caring of liberalism, but actual caring and willingness to give of yourself to others, not take from one group to give to another as socialists do.  Amoral is not caring about others, and being immoral is justifying doing harm to others to make life better for themselves.  This is not the same as killing terrorists in self-defense.  Leftists have no moral compass and cannot tell the difference between killing in self-defense and murdering the innocent.  That’s why on the scale of right and wrong the Left is never right because they live in darkness.  While the center consists of those wandering in shadow, because there’s no such thing as being half wrong making someone right.  Today’s Democrats take sides as America-haters allied with America’s enemies even to the point that they praise Islamic jihadi terrorists and create lies that Trump called ALL immigrants animals when he was clearly talking about MS-13 murdering thugs that Democrats imported.  When those of us who took oaths to the Constitution to defend this country against all enemies both foreign and domestic these are the people of whom we spoke.

Liberal Democrats Adopt MS-13 Terrorist Animals as their Dreamers

When they believe Barack Obama to be a super genius, when they believe Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi speak intelligently, when they believe that Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer are honest and honorable, when they think Donald Trump is a senile old man, a buffoon, and a liar, liberals prove themselves to have no good sense.  What do people like Pelosi, who advocate for the killing of babies in the womb, know of the “divine spark” in humanity?  Jesus ministered to sinners, not thieves, rapists, and murderers, but people like the rest of us who crave righteousness but must learn morality.  Liberals believe themselves to be righteous without understanding morality and, for the most part, reject Christianity to become atheists who also advocate for Islamism (which is another two-faced contradiction in itself) because they will ally with any satanic cult against God because America, as the greatest nation in history, was founded on Christianity.  What more needs to be said?

Tale of Two Commencement Speeches (min 8:30)

Maria Bartiromo and Darrell Issa – the FBI/DoJ lying through their teeth

‘Peaceful Palestinians’ caught in the act

Liberals think it’s a joke to tell invaders to kill ICE agents

Liberal Media is Nothing but Smears, Slanders, and Trump Hate

Democrats rig elections

Islamic invasion to colonize and conquer the West

Of Democrats and Republicans – two stories that exemplify the difference

[Author’s Note – Democrats have attempted to take these stories and reverse the roles, as they do with all things regarding lack of intelligence and good sense and bigotry from which they suffer, to make themselves out to be the smart ones, but somehow it just never quite works.]

The Obamaite and the Trumpster

A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost. She lowered her altitude and spotted a man in a boat below. She shouted to him, “Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don’t know where I am.”

The man consulted his portable GPS and replied, “You’re in a hot air balloon, approximately 30 feet above ground elevation of 2,346 feet above sea level. You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude.

She rolled her eyes and said, “You must be a Trump Republican.

“I am,” replied the man. “How did you know?”

“Well,” answered the balloonist, “everything you told me is technically correct. But I have no idea what to do with your information, and I’m still lost. Frankly, you’ve not been much help to me.”

The man smiled and responded, “You must be an Obama Democrat.”

“I am,” replied the balloonist. “How did you know?”

“Well,” said the man, “you don’t know where you are — or where you are going. You’ve risen to where you are due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise you have no idea how to keep, and you expect me to solve your problem.  You’re in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but somehow, now it’s my fault.”

The Cowboy and the Congressman

A cowboy was overseeing his herd in a remote, mountainous pasture in Montana when suddenly a brand-new BMW advanced out of a cloud of dust towards him.  The driver, a man in a Brioni suit, Gucci shoes, RayBan sunglasses and a YSL tie, leans out the window and asks the cowboy, “If I tell you exactly how many cows and calves you have in your herd, will you give me a calf?”

The cowboy looks at the man, obviously a yuppie, then looks at his peacefully grazing herd and calmly answers, “Sure, why not?”

The yuppie parks his car, whips out his Dell notebook computer, connects it to his Singular RAZR V3 cell phone, and surfs to a NASA page on the Internet, where he calls up a GPS satellite to get an exact fix on his location, which he then feeds to another NASA satellite that scans the area in an ultra-high-resolution photo.  The young man then opens the digital photo in Adobe Photoshop and exports it to an image processing facility in Hamburg, Germany.  Within seconds, he receives an e-mail on his Palm Pilot that the image has been processed and the data stored. He then accesses an MS-SQL database through an ODBC connected Excel spreadsheet with e-mail on his Blackberry and, after a few minutes, receives a response.  Finally, he prints out a full-color, 150-page report on his hi-tech, miniaturized HP Laser Jet printer and finally turns to the cowboy and says, “You have exactly 1,586 cows and calves.”

“That’s right. Well, I guess you can take one of my calves,” says the cowboy.

He watches the young man select one of the animals and looks on amusedly as the young man stuffs it into the trunk of his car.  Then the cowboy says to the young man, “Hey, if I can tell you exactly what your business is, will you give me back my calf?”

The young man thinks about it for a second and then says, “Okay, why not?”

“You’re a Democrat Congressman,” says the cowboy.

“Wow! That’s correct,” says the yuppie, “but how did you guess that?”

“No guessing required,” answered the cowboy. “You showed up here, even though nobody called you. You want to get paid for an answer I already knew, to a question I never asked. Then you tried to show me how much smarter you are than me. And you don’t know a darn thing about cows…this is a herd of sheep.

“Now give me back my dog.”

30 Celebrities that support Trump

Rush Limbaugh – superlative revelations of liberalism and Democrat crimes

When every facet of today’s political climate in America is measured it must be concluded that there is a war for America’s heart and soul being fought by the Left vs. the Right.  Both say they are patriots and the other are traitors, but only one can truly be patriotic Americans and the other traitors to the Constitution on which America was built.  The Left says Trump and Republicans are anti-American and that America should be a socialist dictatorship like Russia and China, that Republicans are Nazis.  Examine which side loves America, waves the flag, honors police and soldiers, and denounces America’s enemies, and which side burns the flag, hates capitalism, and curses police and soldiers while advocating for killing American babies in the womb and shutting down American energy.  It’s pretty obvious then which group are American patriots and which are America haters.

Republicanism has made America the land of the free and home of the brave, while Democratism has always striven to make America the land of the freeloader and home of the slave.  It is Republicans who freed the slaves Democrats demanded by put in the Constitution.  It is Republicans who created intelligence agencies to spy on America’s enemies that Democrats use to spy on Republicans.  It is Republicans who honor the Constitution and Democrats who want to fundamentally transform America into a totalitarian socialist state.  Is it really hard for anyone to see who are the patriots and who are the traitors?  Socialism has always been the ideology of tyrants, deception has always been their primary weapon, and violence has always been their means of control.  Just as liberals lack the moral compass to know the difference between murder and killing in self-defense, they lack the ability to differentiate between controlling people by force and punishing those who violate the rights of others.  This is what happens to people who look to their own version of morality by turning against God.

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

Listening to Rush Limbaugh in prison turned criminal’s life around

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Obama’s 2nd Coming

Barack Hussein Obama, the man who led the Democrat Party down the toilet of leftism, has resurfaced to declare Republicans to be evil and President Donald Trump to be Satan!  Obama said that Trump’s election would tank Wall Street, sink the economy, and bring racism to the White House.  Had he been describing himself he would have nailed it!  Now he declares the economy he said would never be great again is great because of him.  What is the definition of a pathological lying narcissist?  In Webster’s Dictionary accompanying the definition there is a picture of America’s first Moslem socialist president looking constipated.

The second coming of Barack Hussein Obama

Democrat monkeys, clowns, and pathological lies at SCOTUS hearing

White Guilt is a myth

Dan Bongino rips Obama a new one

“What’s so hard about criticizing Nazis?”  Obama asks this as if Trump never did.  Liberals like to pretend in their delusions that Trump praises Nazis.  They imagine Republicans to be Nazis and themselves to be righteous.  These delusions are founded in the lies that is the Church of Liberalism.  Liberalism is their religion of lies and abortion is their sacrament.

Liberals are walking in darkness blinded by the light of the righteous.  They think they represent goodness in the world and that Christianity, Americanism, and Republicans are the evil.  Then they enlist the aid of those who hate God and hate America.  They ally with America’s enemies and seek to overthrow the Constitution and transform America into a God hating socialist toilet.

Does Obama condemn Antifa Nazis?  Has Obama ever condemned Islamo-Nazis?  No and never!  Antifa is his fascist organization.  He is a Moslem as proven by his own declarations of loyalty to Islam and condemnations of Christianity.  His dictatorship shut down American coal mining.  Republicans of Congress only allowed this to happen because American voters were too blind and too stupid to recognize how Obama was managing America’s decline and foolishly re-elected him to continue the process.

Obammunism was twelve years of media poison indoctrinating the young and turning adults against Republicans, ten years of Democrats monkeying with the economy to steal what they could while making people dependent on them, and eight years of Obama weaponizing the government against Republicans.  The result was the election of an American son, a great patriot, and a Christian conservative to repair the vast damage done to America by a socialist Moslem intent on managing America’s decline.  The last two years has seen a civil war being waged in our government, in the media, on our streets, and in our homes as Democrats battle for the soul of our country.

Leftists are teaching Americans to hate America and embrace foreign invaders who want to colonize and transform America into the same socialist toilets they left.  Corporations like Nike joins social justice warriors by engaging in corporate hate for police, signing on as their spokesman a man who portrays them as pigs.  What kind of message do they send to young people to disrespect and hold in contempt those who protect them and uphold American law?

What kind of country are Democrats forging by importing Mexicans and Moslems to subsume American citizens?  Democrats even go so far as to say it is Republicans, Republicans, the party of Lincoln, who want to put blacks back in chains!  What kind of stupid people believe such things!!  It is Democrats that have always been the party of slavery luring the ignorant black onto their plantation.

Imagine how former black slaves felt in the 1930s watching their grandchildren run back into the arms of their former Democrat masters!  Imagine how MLK felt as he watched black culture become the welfare voter slaves of gangster culture.  Imagine how Jesus feels watching blacks turn to the hateful ideology of Islam.  Democrats have warped their minds to embrace the evils of the world and the lemmings imagine God and Christ to be that evil.

Socialism is a cancer that says capitalism, the ideology that enriched America, is the cancer.  Their cure is to go backwards to the feudal serfdom of socialism in which the elites once again rule over the masses.  Liberals believe it is racist to refer to them as being dumb as monkeys when they really are just as dumb as monkeys.  Why would they find this insulting when they believe they are descended from monkeys and prove on a daily basis to make us believe they are right?

They embrace ridiculous frauds like the NYT op-ed that says Trump is a moron, that Mueller is a noble man investigating real Russian tampering in the election, and that global warming is man-made!  Liberals are pathological lying mythomaniacs that believe their own lies!  Democrat states are passing laws to give illegal aliens and felons in prison the vote, so they can “legally” override citizen’s votes without fear of prosecution for violating citizen’s rights.

In 2008, the TEA Party was born of American patriots against Obama’s massive spending and taxation.  During his two terms Democrats lost a thousand seats under Obamaism.  Now that Americans have grown enough brains to elect a true blue American to make the nation great again they think they are righteously taking to the streets to battle oppression!  When Republicans get angry with their sedition and rioting they believe Republicans are acting like Nazis.

Liberals cannot tell the difference between irrational hate and righteous wrath.  They believe they are righteous in their dysfunctional immorality.  The violate the law declaring they are fighting for freedom because they lack a moral compass.  When they believe right and wrong are grey rather than black and white they can’t tell the difference between right and wrong.  Such people don’t just need an education.  They need a good butt kicking!

Brennan says deep state must obstruct Trump – assassination is next

Liberal Democrats should adopt the moniker that truly represents them and make hats that say;

Make America Suck Again

Their logo will be MASA, so they can say, “Yes, MASA, we do your bidding,” to their Democrat masters.  You hear that giant sucking sound?  That’s Obamaism working at sucking up America’s prosperity again by sucking in all the foreign parasites that want to suck the life out of America.  They believe they can do it by suckering all their liberal lemming dupes to vote for them again this November.

Democrats hope to overwhelm citizens with the illegal votes of criminals both foreign and domestic.  If this isn’t civil war to decide America’s future, then what is?  America will either continue its economic rise back to greatness or Democrats will seize power, derail the Trump Train, and return America back to socialist Obammunism and make America suck again.

Obama’s Legacy of Hope and Blame

Democracy Dies in Darkness

What America’s Next Civil War Could Look Like

Democrats expand definition of “hate crime” to include being a Republican

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“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore, by their fruits you will know them.” – Matthew 7:15-20 NKJV




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The SCOTUS Witch Trials

The Kavanaugh Hearings that have been a Democrat circus from the start have taken a dark turn into demonizing a saintly man.  Liberals keep saying, “Everyone has a “right” to be believed.”  No, they don’t!  That’s stupid!  You do NOT have a right to have your lies believed!  You have a right to tell your story just as you have a right to free speech.  You have a right to tell lies, but just because you do doesn’t mean you have a right to force people to listen to you, and you NEVER have a right to force people to accept your lies as the truthOnly in liberalism is that so, and lying liberals can GFY!

Where are Democrats when it comes to the rights of Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison’s girlfriend who has actual bruises as evidence of his abuse?  They spit on her!  Why the double standard?  Because in leftism their people are innocent even if proven guilty and the righteous are guilty even if proven innocent.  Brett Kavanaugh is a conservative Christian with fifty years of being known as a boy scout.  Ellison is a Moslem socialist whose religion of Sharia Islam says he has a right to treat women as his slaves to use and abuse them as he pleases.

Republicans are bending over backwards to accommodate the bogus allegations of an insane woman.  Christine Ford is a liberal maniac operating on behalf of the Democrat Resistance Movement to obstruct Trump from making America great again.  This disgusting display of pandering to a woman for the mere fact that she accuses a man who, unlike Mueller that Democrats declare to be of impeccable character above reproach, actually is a man of virtuous moral standing.  If Mueller had the morals of Kavanaugh he would never have taken the position of Grand Inquisitor to cover up Obama’s and Hillary’s crimes by trying to frame President Trump as the criminal over the impossibility of Russia stealing the election.

Like Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh has never been remotely challenged as being anything other than a man of virtually saintly character until Democrats decided to assassinate their characters with lies, smears, and slanders.  No man is without sin, but some stand out as saintly until leftist liars put them in their sights to be framed by their mud-slinging.  Anita Hill has not suffered for her sins or perjury crimes but been glorified by the left.  These Democrats are not the people who called for Christ to be freed.  They are the people who would crucify Him today!

Democrats are rewriting law as they go during this nomination.  They want Kavanaugh to speak first.  What he is expected to say?  The burden of proof of innocence is not on the defendant.  In American law it is the accuser that must make their case because the burden of proof of guilt is on them.  Only Democrats believe people are guilty until proven innocent.  These Democrats want Kavanaugh to make his defense without knowing the accusations or any evidence that will be used against him.  They then want Ford to testify against him knowing how to evade his defense by having him and the FBI do the convicting for her.  This is sick.

In essence, they want a bogus accuser of sexual abuse who provides no facts to confront him as if he were already proven guilty and must appeal his conviction.  This backwards liberal thinking doesn’t fly in America’s just courts.  In addition, Ford’s attorney is refusing to have a Republican woman attorney question her client.  Why?  Because Democrats want the visual of “old white Republican men beating up on her.”  They are infantilizing this fifty-year-old psychotic liberal provocateur.  They do this for the singular reason of slandering any Republican on the Supreme Court to smear his rulings as unjust.  They are also making an attempt to delay his seating until after the court convenes for this year.

Democrats need to put on a real show for their liberal lemmings

If they want to convince America that she is honest then this is what Christine Ford needs to do.  Go into the courtroom and sit in front of the microphone and refuse to address any questions.  She should then declare that she is “afraid” of Kavanaugh, that “the way he is looking at her fills her with dread.”  Then she should throw herself across the table, scatter papers, shatter glasses, and fall to the floor writhing and screaming, banging her head, scratching her face, and bloodying her nose, while Democrats all shout and cry in fear!  Men will faint and women will run screaming into the halls!

When they finally get her calmed down to sit again after the spectacle, she should cry and quiver and declare that Kavanaugh is a warlock casting a spell on her with his “evil eye.”  Democrats should then stand in unison and start crying, “Witch!  Witch!” at Kavanaugh and cry, “Shame! Shame!” at Republicans.  Let them do this to convince liberals that they are the righteous sane people in government.  This is their best and only play because if Ford speaks her “evidence” then the nation will see her for the liberal loon that she is, and their entire campaign will fall apart.

Democrats are anti-American

Democrats want to either delay Kavanaugh’s appointment or are hoping he is too damaged and traumatized to continue and withdraws.  Men of lesser moral fortitude would certainly succumb as Herman Cain did in the 2012 Republican primaries.  But Donald Trump did not, and neither should Kavanaugh lose heart.  Republicans had better stand with Trump and do the bidding of the American people.  Any RINOs even contemplating voting Kavanaugh down with Democrats had best fear that they will be taken out and dragged through the streets behind wild horses.

The American people are sickened unto death of RINO’s betrayals and the GOP’s lack of spines.  In their righteous wrath Americans will not just sit back and wag their fingers at those who betray their trust as McCain did when he betrayed Arizona voters when he voted to not repeal ObamaCare as he had promised.  Americans deserve Republicans who stand with President Trump to make America great again, not those who stand with Democrats to resist and obstruct his agenda.

The fact is that this is worse than a dog and pony show.  It’s a defamatory witch trial.  If Ford were a “credible” witness she would have lodged her complaint when the event happened and have proof as Democrat Rep. Ellison’s girlfriend does.  But Democrats threw that woman under the bus and spat all over her because he and she belong to them.  The “#2FacedMeTooLiars” of the left scorn women bringing down their criminals who make up 90% of those guilty of sex crimes.  An effective witness would have facts and details to back up their accusations.  All Ford has are the erroneous ruminations of a deranged liberal mind.

Ford will answer for her extreme violation of the 9th Commandment.  This is not what decent people do, but what depraved people do.  We don’t have to give them the benefit of the doubt.  They must prove the truth beyond a reasonable doubt.  This is a court of law, not their gossip hall.  When push comes to shove –

Truth talks and bullsh*t walks

Ford’s lawyer tries to turn the law upside down and backwards

Kavanaugh hearings and the Democrat Circus:

Democracy Dies in Darkness

Anatomy of Evil – the Demonization of Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump

Democrats Just Pile It Higher and Deeper

Democrats Declare in One Voice – “I am Stupidus!”

Democrat Monkeys and Clowns Perform at Media Circus Court Hearings

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Democracy Dies in Darkness

That darkness is found in the Washington swamp and their media confederates.  It is found in Democrat propaganda and progressive’s beliefs.  It is found in Republican weakness, misinformation, and RINO duplicity.  It is found in leftist deception and liberal ignorance, naiveté, and gullibility.  The darkness is found in Obama’s claim to being “transparent and scandal free.”  America’s Moslem socialist dictator wannabe kept his operations so completely opaque and ridden with scandal that hundreds of Americans died to Islamic terror for which he opened the way, and the fools still don’t understand.  Now they broadcast a two-faced message of violating the law for a leftist woman to destroy a righteous man.  When all arguments are examined and all the facts comes out it is only in Christian conservatism that Americans will find the righteous truth.

Tucker Carlson exposing Democrat deceptions

Tucker Carlson takes on liberal Democrat beliefs that white men are evil

Leftists and liberals both suffer from the same mental defect.  Both are born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  Leftism is founded in deception.  Liberal belief is based on believing lies by which they delude themselves.  Both engage in deception based on their mythomania of their pathological lies.  Both believe themselves to be without sin and above all others – including the Christ.

Liberals believe they are right even in the face of overwhelming proof they are wrong.  This includes not only the law, but also science, history, biology, culture, and is especially true when it comes to simple math.  Liberals cannot add two and two with the firm belief that there is only one correct result, nor do they understand the basic biology of male and female.  How do they believe they have the capacity to adjudicate law?

They can only do so in their erroneous belief that they are righteous.  Young people must be exposed to morally right-thinking people, so they can learn to understand that liberalism is founded on ignorance and lies.  Liberalism is not an ideology that can be debated.  How do you debate people who are irrational, dysfunctional thinkers?

Liberalism is the ideology of the young and ignorant

Since reaching the age of maturity I haven’t lost a single debate with a liberal Democrat on any subject.  It always devolves into them mocking, smearing, or slandering me personally rather than proving the validity of their argument.  That’s because their arguments are always devoid of truthful facts and logical reasoning.  That is why debating them is not the problem – exposing them is!  Too often they deflect the argument to bring it down to their level where they win through distraction and mockery by doing as George Carlin pointed out;

“Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

Democrats say of Kavanaugh that we’re having a “process debate” when we should be having a “morality debate.”  Do they really want to debate the morality of their pathological lies?  Or do they want to debate their delusional virtue?  Do they truly want to debate their two-faced ideological approach to crime when they convict a Republican without proof and exonerate a Democrat beneath a mountain of proof?  Democrats don’t want to debate morality.  Every time they do they lose.  Then they get angry and start calling people names.  They just want to bully Republicans and force them to submit to their will.

Two-faced leftism and their ideology of self-righteous hypocrisy

Two of Democrat’s most erroneous beliefs that they have been espousing in their self-righteous hypocrisy include declarations that;

  • Blacks cannot be racist because they are a minority without power
  • Women cannot lie when they say they have been sexually molested

Has anyone heard of Louis Farrakhan or Crystal Gail Mangum.  The ignorance, impudence, and impertinence of liberals to have such stupid beliefs, and think their beliefs should be taken seriously by adults, makes them unworthy to hold positions of authority.  They lack the moral intelligence or maturity to debate the quality of those who are eminently more qualified than any of them.  They irrationally demand acceptance of the unprovable as stated fact.  This is not surprising when they believe climate change is man-made and that they have evolved from monkeys.  Dr. Ben Carson related his story of debating about God and man with a liberal atheist;

“I remember a few years back I was engaged in a debate in Hollywood with a leading atheist. This guy thinks anybody who believes in God is a total moron. As we got to the end of the conversation, you know, he is denigrating anybody who could believe in Creation.  I said, ‘You know what?  You win.  I believe I came from God and you believe you came from a monkey, and you’ve convinced me you’re right.’”

Liberals argue that their fictions are facts, their concealment – transparency

There is a Sherlock Holmes quote;

“If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Liberals say, “Anything is possible.”  This is only true if you believe in magic and accept lies as the truth.  There is also Occam’s Razor that essentially posits that;

“All things being equal the simplest answer tends to be correct.”

The simplest answer to liberal charges of unprovable sexual harassment is that the liberal is lying.

Democrats say SCOTUS appointments must start with an FBI background check.  Kavanaugh has already passed SIX such background checks!  Liberals demanded that Ford be heard, that Republicans must let her speak.  The door was thrown open wide to her and she is refusing to speak!  Now Democrats say these “predatory male” Republicans are trying to bully her into speaking.  Can you say TWO-FACED!  WTF is wrong with their brains?  As they do with all laws and rationality, Democrats damage the system through their corruption in their efforts to bring America down.

This all goes hand-in-hand with Democrats violating the law on every level; from immigration law allowing invaders to become illegal aliens in their sanctuary states, to screaming that Trump declassifying their fraudulent FISA warrant to spy on him during his campaign is damaging democracy with his transparency.  In their universe, exposing Democrat secrets is what “damages” democracy.  Democrats are saying Trump is releasing this classified information “to save his own butt.”  Funny, I thought releasing this information would expose him colluding with the Russians?  The reality is that releasing these documents will expose the Democrats for the liars, frauds, and criminals that they are!

The reality is that releasing these documents will expose the Democrats for the liars, frauds, and criminals that they are!  It’s the Obama regime that is undermining Trump, creating riots on our streets, and sabotaging Americans.  It is Obama’s intel agents who spied on Trump, targeting American patriots for destruction through the IRS, and surveilled news agencies through the NSA.  It is Obama’s operatives like John Kerry working with America’s enemies against this nation.  It is the Obamas and the Clintons who have led Democrats into the deepest part of the swamp of corruption in their efforts to fundamentally transform the greatest free Christian nation in history into another socialist dictatorship.  It is the left that corrupts democracy to bring the people down under their tyranny.

How forms of government become corrupt

The only righteous response to all of this leftist indignation over morally intelligent people refusing to accept their lies is –

“Y’all can go shove it where the sun don’t shine!”

Then their arguments will be lodged in the darkness of their minds where their “democracy” will die.

Brennan says deep state must obstruct Trump – assassination is next

Anatomy of Evil – the Demonization of Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump

Democrats Just Pile It Higher and Deeper

[Author’s Note: Now ask yourself what all this attempted character assassination of Kavanaugh is all about?  Is it just so the left can claim that two Republicans who were accused of sexual misconduct will decide abortion rights as if anyone who is not a rabid liberal lemming will believe them?  What else is happening from which the Democrat media desperately wants the people distracted?  Trump declassifying Obama’s FISA warrant to prove their messiah is a criminal ten thousand times worse than Nixon!  Good, decent people do not conduct themselves the way leftist liberals do in presenting lies, smears, and slanders to poison people’s minds and ruin good people.  Honest, honorable political leaders do not attempt to transform America from the greatest free Christian nation by managing its decline into a socialist toilet.  They do not undermine the nation’s leaders and sabotage the economy and foreign diplomacy.  All the leftwing media and their Democrat masters have done is prove theirs is the ideology of deception and totalitarianism.  There is no Democrat living or dead who deserves respect for what their party has become – the DNC is the Democratic Nazi Communist Party.]

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Anatomy of Evil – the Demonization of Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump

Leftists accuse, no, they convict Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, of sexual assault based on the erroneous allegations of a deranged women claiming something happened to her thirty-five years ago somewhere that may have involved him.  All leftists in government and media declared that these claims are “credible,” not on the basis of any facts or evidence, but on the basis that the accusations were made.  They say it is up to Kavanaugh’s attorney to prove them wrong.  By their own measure of proof, all he has to do is say, “it’s all a lie,” and demand that they prove him wrong.  This is worse than stupid, worse than deceitful, worse than insane.  This is evil on parade.

Laura Ingraham dissects Democrat’s power play

Democrats have made the Kavanaugh hearing a circus of monkeys and clowns from the start.  Now it has descended into the hell of satanic ritualists spewing evil from their mouths slandering a veritable boy scout as being a rabid rapist.  They do this on the basis of a Trump hater’s claims that she doesn’t remember and about which she refuses to testify.  They say that the FBI must investigate before Kavanaugh’s appointment can be voted upon.  The FBI announced they have nothing to investigate without a date, a place, or an event, not to mention that they don’t investigate charges of sexual abuse.

The intent of Democrats is that Trump’s nominee not sit on the court when it convenes on the first Monday this October.  They will delay, obfuscate, and corrupt the nation to achieve their goals.  The purpose of this is to keep the court deadlocked at 4:4 over important issues that need to be resolved.  These are issues about which Democrats know they are in the wrong but want them to be left hanging, so they can continue to corrupt the law.  This is the foundation of leftism – hatred of all things righteous and using deception to dupe the ignorant.

Leftists lie and slander to convict the innocent to conceal their own sins

Having been the victim multiple times of the petty, spiteful, vindictive lies of hateful women, I have no sympathy and no trust for a woman who makes an accusation without evidence beyond her word.  Only a g**damned lying leftist scum would give such empty lies credibility against the cold hard truth.  Their declaration that this woman is eminently credible is their declaration that they are pathological liars who are never to be trusted.  There is not a liberal or Democrat living or dead whose word I would take without extreme verification.  Even then, their conclusions would have to be examined under a microscope to determine the extent to which they have warped and twisted the truth through their corrupt, dysfunctional thinking.

As evidence of the depths of depravity of liberal Democrats, CIA’s disgraced former director, John Brennan, is urging intel officers to obstruct President Trump from revealing the fraudulent FISA warrant documents that would expose his and Obama’s crimes.  Democrats believe they have a right to conceal their crimes in order to retain their power and “credibility.”  So long as President Trump forces the issue the Deep State will continue to threaten to overthrow, if not assassinate him.  America is on the brink of a second civil war because of Democrat corruption and undermining Republicans who would make America great again.  This is not civil debate, this is sedition that has already led to open treason, and is just one step away from rebellion through a coup or violent overthrow of Trump.

Brennan says deep state must obstruct Trump – assassination is next

What America’s Next Civil War Could Look Like

Mainstream Liberal Media Indoctrination Brainwashing

The mass mainstream media declaring in unison to delude their lemmings that Kavanaugh’s accuser is “credible” (did you get that through your dense skulls or do you need them to say it to you a few more times so it washes over your limited brains?), is so obvious that they’re leading their witless viewers around by the nose that they should just use leashes with shock collars instead of dog whistles.  The propagandizing leftwing media, along with the slandering leftist masters, is just the most sickening display of the immoral corruption of the government that it should not be tolerated in a free nation.

Democrats try to slander Trump as “an angry old white man.”  But the truth is that all conservative Christian Republicans have every right to be angry with leftist liberal Democrats for one simple reason: They believe they can force us to accept their lies as truth.  The only natural and godly response to that is the righteous wrath of the virtuous.  If you cannot tell that what Democrats are doing is evil and that Republicans like Kavanaugh are the people of virtue, then you should go to the nearest church and ask for the moral compass repairman.

Study reveals leftist media brainwashing their lemmings with Trump hate

But Democrats have passed laws that make proving media libel and slander almost impossible.  They did this deliberately to protect themselves from being held accountable for the multitude of lied they knew they would be telling.  Every Democrat in that hearing, every media putz who declares lies to be true and Kavanaugh to be guilty, and every Republican who voices their opinion allying with Democrats, deserves to be shot with a paint gun that writes the word “STOOPID” on their foreheads!  (Is there a color for stupid liar?  Maybe pink?)  It seems that the 9th Commandment that you will not tell lies about others is completely lost on liberal Democrats.

President Trump and all American patriots are being beset by leftist attacks to overthrow America and cast down the Constitution.  From opening the border to opening the election booths to foreign invaders, from obstructing investigations into the truth behind their lies to obstructing policy, and from covertly undermining the president to committing treason, from rioting against free speech to attempting a coup, Democrats prove they are faithless, fraudulent, and dangerous to American liberty.

If it is a choice between open civil war in which tens of thousands of Americans would be killed in a lawless land, or President Trump taking the Deep State by the throat and charging numerous Democrats and their RINO allies with high crimes, I know which I would choose.  The left can cry tyranny till they’re blue in the face.  They are already doing it, yet no Democrat has been charged, let alone stood at the gallows.  Who would care when Democrats push America into civil war?  Hillary and Obama & Company roam free and continue to poison the nation.  No doubt they all wish their dreams of assassinating Trump would come true.

The reason why bearing false witness is a Commandment

Democrats Just Pile It Higher and Deeper

Democrat Monkeys and Clowns Perform at Media Circus Court Hearings

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Democrats Just Pile It Higher and Deeper

The 11th hour accusations against Brett Kavanaugh and Trump declassifying the FISA warrant fraud are both proving that Democrats have nothing to offer but humongous piles of bullsh*t that they are forcing everyone to wade through.

Laura Ingraham rips Kavanaugh accusations to shreds

Trump declassifies FISA warrant

Accusations that are rife with contradictory inconsistencies, false accusations that would amount to perjury in court, are being used to try to convict Kavanaugh in the court of public opinion to make him guilty even when proven innocent.  The allegations made are just a liberal negative that cannot be disproven.  Leftists then claim they are true and condemn Kavanaugh to be burned at the stake as they do in every witch hunt against Trump and his people.

At the same time, President Trump has declassified the FISA warrant facts proving Democrats committed multiple crimes to spy on Trump.  Liberals deny the truth at the same time as they declare lies to be true and fabrications to be facts.  It is just the kind of immorality that fills the leftist’s toilet bowls that is the repository of their minds.  Giving credence to them is just more GOP stupidity by Washington swamp rats that haven’t learned from Trump but seek to ally with Democrat to unseat him and keep him for moving his agenda forward.

Democrat Monkeys and Clowns Perform at Media Circus Court Hearings

Democrats Declare in One Voice – “I am Stupidus!”

Mueller Russian Investigation vs. Nunes FISA Warrant Memo

Democrats – Hearts of Bigotry, Ignorance, and Naïveté

Did you hear the story about Abraham Lincoln whipping his black housekeeper for spilling his dinner?  Lincoln didn’t free the slaves.  That was done by his Democrat Vice President after his assassination.  Democrats have always fought for freedom from wealthy aristocrats.  That’s why they fight for the freedom of socialism today against the corporate elites.  And did you hear the other one about how Christians worship Satan?

How stupid must people be to believe whatever they are told without evidence and they believe it?  You can convince most of the people to believe the most outrageous lies just in the telling.  But when they are found out all trust is lost.  Still, a good liar can convince some of them of absolute lies in the face of truth and their dupes will adhere to the lies believing they follow the truth.  These are the people we know as liberal Democrats.

Leftists and liberals are also bigots.  You can tell them that one priest in a hundred molested altar boys and they will not only believe that all priests are guilty, but that every member of their congregation, and even all members of their faith, are disgusting perverts.  The question is; why do they think homosexual priests are disgusting perverts, but their gay friends are wonderful?  The answer is; because they themselves are morally and intellectually perverted.

Leftists are the deceivers and liberals are their dupes.  The former will make up any lie to smear and slander the righteous just as they are doing to Kavanaugh, and their naïve, ignorant dupes will readily believe anything they are told to believe.  Colbert proved how easily liberal lemmings can be redirected when he addressed Comey’s firing.  The difference between a liberal and a conservative is not that conservatives are racist Nazis, but that liberals are such simpletons that they believe it.

Democrat Monkey Business

GOP moderates are as much dupes of liberalism as Democrat voters

Democrats – dupes, delusionals, and deceivers; zombies to propaganda

The only way that Kavanaugh does not get confirmed is because of a Republican who betrays their voters by believing Democrat lies.  Murkowski, Collins, Corker, and Flake are all fully capable of betraying Republicans as McCain did when he voted against repealing ObamaCare.  Unlike evil leaders who destroy those who will not ally with them or who fail them, traitors deserve their fate when they stand with the enemies of their supposed friends.  It is a fine moral distinction to be able to tell the difference between a traitor who was an infiltrator that sides with evil and a person of conscience who turns from it.  But Democrats have proven their two-faced duplicitous nature as the ones who embrace the Prince of Lies.

How do decent people deal with such dastardly attacks?

[Author’s Note: These Democrats are the most disgusting people on the planet.  They hide behind the “dignity” of the Senate while they throw sh*t into a fan and see what sticks against the wall.  They lie with impunity because they made rules in the Senate that allow them to lie.  Harry Reid admitted to lying about Mitt Romney’s taxes and laughed about it because they defeated him.

They say that their accusations are proof of guilt and that the accused must prove the accuser to be lying.  I can do that right now!  They are lying!  Now prove me wrong or GFY!  Do you know why lying is not one of the deadly sins?  Because it is the 9th Commandment. Liberal logic is an oxymoron for this reason – because they make no sense because they lie because they are criminals.  These freaking lying scum need to be brought to justice!  Republicans need to get their thumbs out of their butts and take action or prosecute these liars, slanderers, and perjurers!!!]

Kavanaugh accuser scrubs her social media before going public

Other lies Democrats tell;

The Two Faces of Democrat Legends Woodward and Bernstein

Chelsea says Baby Sacrifice is Christian, Carrey says Yes to Socialism

Liberals say Hurricane Florence proof of man-made global warming

Democrats expand definition of “hate crime” to include being a Republican

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Chelsea says Baby Sacrifice is Christian, Carrey says Yes to Socialism

Chelsea Clinton says it’s “unchristian” to protect innocent life by denying women a right to abort babies on demand.  She says killing babies in the womb is about health or protecting women’s rights.  No, it’s about denying the right to life of another human being to further one’s own selfish choices.  Surely there’s nothing satanic about sacrificing a baby’s life for one’s own benefit?  Likewise, ultra-rich Jim Carrey tells Americans they must say “yes to socialism.”  He’s not living the life of a socialist in his walled-in million-dollar mansion as he tells the rest of us to surrender our wealth to the government.  This is leftism the ideology of selfishness.

Chelsea Clinton says Christians must embrace abortion

Jim Carrey tells people to say yes to socialism – and he’s not joking

When atheists tell Christians what Jesus would do it is one thing and obviously to be ignored.  But when someone tells Christians that their “Christian faith” tells them to take sides with atheists then the red flags should pop up all over the place to warn you that there is deception taking place.  Where in God’s Law or the Bible does it say that killing babies is righteous?  That’s not a rodent or parasite growing in a woman’s womb.  It is a human being.  Why does anyone think that because it is a woman’s body in which that baby is nurtured that she has the right to decide if that baby should live or die?  Does that mean parents actually have the right to kill their children at any time if they become inconvenient to them?  Does that justify Islamic honor killing, because that’s exactly what that’s about.

Jesus warned his followers to “beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing,” that “you will know them by their fruits.”  That means be careful of believing people who say they are Christian yet tell you to act against God’s Law.  That there are people who are willing to lie pretending to be Christians should give anyone pause before accepting whatever anyone says.  “You will know them by their fruits” means you will know them by the results of what they say and do.  When someone speaks of doing evil or does evil deeds and declares them to be righteous deeds it is clear to any morally intelligent that they are lying deceivers.  Maybe they are deluding themselves, but just because they believe their own lies doesn’t mean they are being honest.

Telling Christians that it is Christian to embrace sacrificing babies under the guise of protecting the mother’s health, when 99.999% of abortions are done with no danger to the mother, is as evil as jihadis murdering innocent people.  Women who love their children will risk their lives to have their babies.  Abortion is not about protecting the mother’s health from the natural function of childbearing.  It’s about giving these people the right to legally kill babies for their beliefs.  Just because it is legal doesn’t make it right.  (Likewise, killing the doctors and mothers who commit abortions in defense of these babies is not right even if it weren’t illegal.  The moral dilemma this causes for the righteous can only be overcome through faith that, in the end, God will be the Judge.)

Islam, Satanism, Atheism – the faiths of anti-God

Does freedom of religion include allowing satanism to be practiced in America?  Does it mean Satanists can freely conduct infant sacrifices on the altars of their god?  Does it mean that Satanists should be invited into the church to pray on the altar of Christ?  Why would a Christian pastor invite Moslems to pray in his church while their mosque is being built?  The teachings of Muhammad do not venerate the Christ.   Muhammad teaches that Jesus was not the Messiah, that God has no son, but condemn Him as just another dead prophet, and exhort people to reject Christ and submit to Islam.  Why would you invite someone who would cast down Jesus to make prayers to their god at the altar of Christ?

Defeating the Ground Zero Mosque – 9-11’s Second Islamic Wave

Liberals are terminally confused about morality.  Some even believe that if you kill off people then the economy will improve.  Shades of Thanos!  This has always been leftist ideology from slavery to the Population Bomb – making one’s own life better at the expense of another.  They believe that God by any name is the same because they think all gods are God or that it’s all a fantasy.  This is patently false as there are many gods as God Himself attested.

It is written in His 1st Commandment:

“I Am the Lord thy God.  Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.”

Allah and God are NOT one in the same even though both are associated with the common ancestor of Jews and Arabs through Abraham.  Jews did not always worship God but embraced other gods even after Moses and Christ.  The defining difference between God and the anti-God is that God is forgiving, while the anti-God will destroy those who displease or reject him.  God takes the side of the righteous and helps them to help others.  He forgives us our sins as we all sin on a daily basis whether you can honestly recognize this in ourselves or not.  He sacrificed His Son to give us a way to embrace His love and forgiveness or reject it.  Hell is not God’s torture chamber but is separation from the Glory of God, and He doesn’t send anyone to Hell – they choose it.  The defining characteristic of satanism is selfishness believing oneself to be as good as God, while the defining characteristic of Christianity is loving others as yourself.

[Author’s Note: The 7 Deadly Sins are not just a set of individual sins to which humans may succumb.  We live they all each and every day.  Do you think you don’t suffer from greed, or lust, or anger, or pride?  It is prideful just for you to think that!  Do you think you’re not an angry person?  What about that last jerk you cussed out on the road?  Do you think you do not suffer from greed?  Why did you buy that lottery ticket?  Do you think you do not lust, or crave to be a glutton, or envy anyone else their possessions or their talents or their looks, or that you can’t ever be lazy?  There is no single sin of which we must beware, but we must be aware of which sin controls us the most.  I know my ranking of the seven deadly sins in myself.  Do you know which sins are your worst and which are least in your soul?]

Socialism is just another form of selfish satanism

Democrats say it is capitalism that fails because of greed and that it is socialism that is fair to all.  Socialism and its Road to Hell is identical to Satan’s Road.  Both are paved with good intentions.  Like the joke, “Yesterday we were campaigning, but today you voted,” socialism is made to sound awesome when they are campaigning, but after you vote for it you discover the reality.  Socialism is always sold as being like, but better than, capitalism.

The truth is that it is capitalism is what gives everyone equal opportunity to succeed.  Socialism guarantees everyone an equal outcome which is always much less than they could have achieved in capitalism.  Liberals are always fooled into thinking socialism is fair for everyone and capitalism is beneficial to a greedy few because they do not understand either success or thievery.  The truth is they are exactly the opposite.  Socialism is beneficial to the greedy elite wherein the masses do not rise, while capitalism benefits all people in general.  The proof of this is in America where the first Middle Class in history was created.  Every country that adopted socialism has destroyed their middle classes if they had any.

If these liberals all think socialism is so great, why don’t they go live in socialist countries?  Even the ones they say “successfully” implement socialism are frauds.  The problem with all socialism is that it requires elitist rule over the masses.  Even if they start out doing what they say to benefit people eventually they run out of other people’s money.  The one truth you can always count on in any country is that there will eventually be a corrupt ruler elected or who seizes power and he will then greedily suck up the wealth and squander it leaving the population destitute.

Case in point – Venezuela as the most recent in a long line with every single socialist nation in history.  The glory of the American system of government is that even when it happens that a greedy, lying socialist dictator is elected, (case in point; Barack Hussein Obama, Moslem socialist), they can still be unseated, and their corruption dug out of the nation.  Each successive generation that is duped by Democrats eventually learns from their mistakes.  But it may come to pass at some time in the near future that they do not because their children are indoctrinated and corrupted into the satanic cult of socialism becoming too brainwashed to escape, just like the people of Islam in the Middle East who are brainwashed five times a day to obey their rulers.

Democrats must lie about everything to dupe people into believing in them

The problem with liberals is that they are so easily duped.  People who are ignorant are easily misled, and when they lack a moral compass or have no understanding of morality it is a simple matter to redirect them.  This is because adults who remain liberal never got past their petty childish egos.  Older, wiser people don’t put up with their adolescent egos vying for popularity, which is why the foolish young resent the experienced old.  They think that wisdom can become obsolete from age.

The fact is that capitalism only fails when leftists corrupt the system with their greed.  When socialists like Obama are given power to take control to steal wealth and reduce everyone to the same mediocre existence is when Democrats claim it was capitalism, not their socialist policies, that failed.  Capitalism is what allowed a commoner like Bill Gates to become the richest man in the world.  In socialism such a man can prosper only to the extent allowed by the ruling elites who will be the ones who prosper.  That’s why Obama is struggling to take credit for Trump’s economy because no Democrat has ever fostered the environment in which the economy could boom.  (No, Bill Clinton took credit for Republican Newt Gingrich’s reducing taxes and balancing the budget.  He didn’t create the boom that continued Reaganism in the 90s.)

Democrats must lie in order to elevate themselves above others.  For instance, they lie about immigration being broken when the only thing being broken is American immigration law and they are the ones breaking it.  They lie saying Republicans are separating families of immigrants at the border then claiming it is akin to slavery separating families on the plantations.  This is NOT done to legal immigrants that Democrats deliberately conflate with those who enter the country illegally to steal from Americans.  Democrats deliberately refuse to recognize the law.

Democrats say “Republicans are separating immigrant families”

Those people sneaking into the country are criminals and criminals are always separated from their families.  It is the only legal form of slavery remaining in America and it is to take away the rights and punish those who take away the rights of the innocent.  Democrats change words and their meaning to make lawbreakers innocent just as they make killing babies legal.  When you make committing a crime against others legal it does not make them righteous, it makes them all corrupt criminals.  It is only corruption in our government that allows this to continue, just as they allowed senators to invite protesters to the SCOTUS hearings.  Unless the nation upholds its laws and holds these people to account then their corruption will rule.

Upholding America law and people’s rights

The republican Constitutional says people have a right to defend themselves.  Democrats say people do not have any right to exercise the law but must call the government and request police to protect them.  When a criminal is in your home intent on robbery, rape, or murder, would you rather have a gun in your hand or police on the phone?  Liberals believe citizens do not have a right to stop criminals because they don’t know why the criminal is stealing or what he might actually do until after he’s done it.

What do they think criminals are?  Do they think they are just out to make money like it’s a job?  Only a Democrat would believe a criminal seeking to steal from citizens who work for what they earn has a right to protection from the citizen rather than the citizens having a right to protection from the criminal.  Cleaning up mess after the crime is NOT protection!  The righteous are willing to give charity, but it is leftists who are the immoral half of society that believe taking from those who would give is “charity.”

Free speech is another bone of contention between left and right.  Christians are being imprisoned in Europe and America for saying Islam is bad and Jihad is evil, while Moslems are freely calling for violence and murder of those who speak against them.  The former is declared “hate speech” while the latter is called “protected free speech” by leftists.  This backwards liberal thinking has infected American culture.  It is Constitutionally legal to say Islam is evil.  It is Constitutionally illegal to call for a Jihad to murder Americans.

And it is Constitutionally illegal for leftist judges to imprison Americans for free speech under their false accusations of hate speech.  That’s why Democrats want to abolish the Constitution and adopt Sharia Law.  By Sharia, Americans can be legally put to death for speaking against Islamic/socialist slavery or about their Prophet who is a minion of his god Allah who is merely Satan by another name.

The Big Lie of leftism is that it claims to be better than righteousness.  The tragedy of leftism is that even people who grow up in the prosperity and protection of Christian America will turn to embrace it.  Communists, Nazis, and fascists of socialism have been striving to overthrow America for a century.  Now Islamists are invading attempting to colonize America and subvert the Constitution under the claim they are a religion rather than a theocracy.

America has been at war with Islam since its founding and Islam has been at war with the world since its founding.  The future of civilization will either flourish by keeping the forces of leftism at bay or succumb to their tyranny and fall into darkness.  Why are there no Moslems in Star Trek?  Because humanity would not become advanced under the boot of Islam as they have proven in their home countries.  Even in Star Trek the creators know that Jesus is the Way.

Why are there no Muslims in Star Trek?


Making a crime legal does not make it right just as making abortion legal does not make it righteous.  Don’t be fooled by the words right and wrong, good and bad, legal and illegal, fair and unfair, because they do not all mean the same thing.  Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law, nor is it an excuse for immorality.  You should know in your heart that sneaking into someone else’s home and taking from them is morally wrong.  Sneaking into this country to take jobs and money from Americans and not paying taxes can never be an acceptable or justifiable crime just as killing babies in the womb can never be a godly act.

In liberal fantasy; atheists are righteous, Christians are Nazis, vampires are sexy, man can control the climate of the planet, and being a slave to the state is utopia.  Their morality is a result of backwards thinking and delusional misrepresentations of reality.  The history of the 20th century screams the evils of socialism as the socialist powers of Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Communist Russia, and Middle Eastern Islam all plunged the world into war against the free nations of the West.  The ignorance of today’s students of WWII and American history is what is leading them to all their wrong conclusions.  These people look into the mirror and believe they are seeing the righteous on the other side of the glass.

Antifa supports Marxist Revolution in America

How easily Colbert redirected liberal lemmings’ opinions

“Antifascists” vs. “White Supremacists”

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

Obama’s Legacy of Hope and Blame

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Trump the True and Righteous Man

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What America’s Next Civil War Could Look Like

Democrats are so enraged at Trump reversing their march to transform America into their socialist dictatorship that they are slandering him as a racist, the Republican Party as Nazis, and Christians as the evil in the world.  President Trump is trying to take their welfare voter slaves away, and which makes him like the second coming of Lincoln the first Republican who took their slaves away.  And, like Lincoln, they are dreaming of assassinating him and overthrowing him to replace him with a Democrat.  This article is a scenario by which Democrats could go beyond Antifa riots and BLM assassinations to usurp the presidency and initiate open warfare against the American republic once again.  This time it will be the Democrats of the North and the West Coast that will wage war on the southern and western Republican states that refuse to submit to their rule.


American Civil War II

Following the 2018 Midterms in which Democrats thought they could create a “blue wave” to take back control of Congress, impeach Trump and Pence and Ryan until they could establish a Democrat in the White House, their campaign disintegrated as a red tsunami gave President Trump and the Republicans a firm grip on the Senate and House.  Heartened by this, President Trump decided to put an end to Mueller’s monkeying around with the justice system as Democrat’s new 4th branch of government overseeing and restricting Republicans.  The Democrat investigator had already inflicted great harm on many Trump supporters finding crimes other than Russian collusion by which to convict them.  But try as he might, Mueller couldn’t find a crime in all his business dealings by which to charge Trump, nor could he successfully create a crime like obstruction.

So, President Trump put an end to the Democrat’s witch-hunt.  He turned to his AG, Jeff Sessions, to begin investigations into Democrat activities like spying on the Trump campaign.  Sessions refused because he knew this would expose many members of Congress to the public for their unlawful activities and corruption, so President Trump booted him to be replaced by Sen. Trey Gowdy.  The young legal Pitbull from South Carolina took up the charge and launched investigations into Hillary’s violations of National Security with her illegal email server.  He included investigating the Clinton Foundation laundering campaign funds and her Russian ties in which she sold them American Uranium for “donations” to her “charity.”  Most devastating to the Democrats, however, was his investigation into the illegally obtained FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

But the moment this was announced the denizens of the Deep State swamp of Washington, D.C. responded lest their corruption be exposed.  Democrats and their RINO allies banded together to launch an impeachment of President Trump on the basis that he had conspired to steal the election with Russia assistance.  Although there was no evidence to support this charge that didn’t stop them from creating a fictional crime as they pushed their Articles of Impeachment through Congress by majority vote.  Better to remove the upstart billionaire businessman on trumped up charges than have their power torn from them as their utter corruption is exposed to the public.  Conservative Republicans stood by helplessly as the corrupt majority took charge and overturned the choice of the majority of the nation.

President Trump was taken prisoner in the Oval Office that he refused to vacate along with his Cabinet and staff, and the nation erupted in fury!  The Democrat/RINO controlled Congress then acclaimed Hillary to be President.  She in turn declared Barack Hussein Obama to be Imperial Chancellor to establish a hereditary power figurehead to prevent Democrats from being voted out of office ever again.  Free American patriots drove to the capitol with their guns to bring down the usurpers but were met by D.C. police at the city border.  The first citizens to arrive were disarmed and arrested.  Then a large contingent showed up refusing to be disarmed and a shooting war began.  Democrat police and American patriots exchanged gunfire with even some street gangs of drug cartels joining the Democrat police against their mutual foe – the free citizens of America.  But as the citizens gained ground President Clinton called in the National Guard loyalists to stop their advance.  The slaughter of American citizens put an end to the attempted ouster of the usurpers who solidified their position.  There were even some jets people didn’t recognize that bombed them and some said they had Cuban markings on them from Obama’s friend Castro.

With the D.C. police saved, sanctuary cities called on their police departments to instruct officers to take a stand with the president and Congress against the citizenry.  When most officers refused the response was dire.  One city had officers gather unarmed to declare their allegiance and move to different sides of an auditorium.  Then those who had refused were viciously murdered by hidden machine guns.  Sanctuary city Democrat mayors in red states declared for Clinton and Obama and began a campaign of securing the urban centers for the Democrats.  This did not sit well with Republican governors who were forced to take action.  At first they sent in state troopers to arrest the mayors, but the militant leftists in their police departments forced them into a shooting war until National Guard troops of each state were forced to make military assaults to overcome their resistance.  As they were arrested by the governors, the leftist mayors called Republicans “fascists” and “Nazis.”

When it became evident that Democrats were overthrowing the Constitution to establish themselves as a dictatorship a Convention of States was called.  To deal with Constitutional Crisis resulting from the overthrow of the rightfully elected government required the majority of states to overthrow those in Washington who had completely corrupted the government.  But blue states sided firmly with the Clinton/Obama regime against red states.  The result was red state governors being forced to call up their National Guards and organize an invasion of Washington, D.C.  When they announced this, blue states like California and New York threatened to invade red states participating in the operation while their Guard was away.  In response to this threat President Clinton called on the Joint Chiefs to call up the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines to deal with the “rebels” of the “Nazi uprising.”

The majority of the Chiefs, along with the vast majority of troops and all of the Marines, however, would have none of it and declared they would stand with the people to defend the Constitution to which they had all taken their oaths.  Small elements of the Army and Air Force stood by the Democrats, but most “defected” to uphold the Constitution rather than take a stand with those who had seized power.  The Battle for D.C. was short and bloody.  The Marine Commandant imprisoned the Clintons, Obamas, and all their Democrat and Republican supporters.  President Trump and his people were reinstalled in power and began to clean up the mess that Democrats had once again wrought on the nation.  The second civil war was over in months instead of years.  But there were still the invasions of California and New York with which to contend that were the least of the difficulties that President Trump would face as leftists around the world called him “usurper” and “dictator.”

The world’s greatest free nation was reborn for the second time, but the nation had been severely weakened.  The seeds of WWIII that had been sown over the years quickly germinated.  While America was being broken the forces of socialism rose up around the world as China and Russia expanded their power.  Islamic revolutions were launched in Europe to rock the West to its core and disrupt any efforts to hold back the forces of totalitarianism.  Before America could recover from its second civil war the world would erupt in flames once again.


It’s not hard to imagine this scenario playing out in some way as we watch Democrats suffering from TDS go to extremes of giving the vote to felons and foreigners in their effort to regain power.  Making their votes “legal” in their states does not make them legitimate, and certainly does not make their actions righteous.  The Washington swamp rats are deeply entrenched and draining that swamp to reveal their corruption could well result in an open civil war as they refuse to go down quietly.  Unless President Trump can stop Democrat’s vast voter fraud, replace Republicans who work with Democrats with Republicans who will work for the people, then an open civil war may well play out.  Such an eventuality would lead to a great weakening of the light of freedom in the world.  The extent of weakening of America will result in the next world war in which socialist domination will again rear its ugly head.  The seeds of this war had already been sown by the left for generations.  But Obama’s weakening of America and empowering of socialists and the Jihad have accelerated their efforts and pushed the world more quickly toward the brink.

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[Author’s Note: Marvel Comics Civil War – Ironman vs. Captain America: This is the comic book version of Globalism vs. Americanism as Ironman chooses to serve the global socialist side of corrupt politicians over the righteousness of Christian America.]

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