Special Prosecutor Rapes Trump’s 4th Amendment Rights

4th Amendment – The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Leftists may claim they have every right to give President Trump an anal cavity search, but that lie is premised on their baseless accusation of Russian election tampering and collusion which is devoid of evidence or facts.  If the government had the right to dig into the finances of anyone at any time then no Democrat drug lord or mobster boss would be safe.  Most especially, Obama, who weaponized the government against the people of the United States by using the IRS to persecute conservative groups, and initiating an illegal investigation of the Trump campaign through the intelligence agencies, would already be up on trial for all the treasons he committed in the name of foreign agencies while president.

Limitless Mueller Investigation Expands to Include Trump Business Dealings

If there is going to be this effort to dig up any possible dirt on Trump for daring to intrude on the Washington Establishment trying to bring them to heal, then the people need to demand an investigation of every last Washington politician!  Members of both parties, especially Democrats, become filthy reach while serving in government, and as Harry Truman admitted;

“You don’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.”

An investigative anal probe needs to be made of the Clintons and Obamas, of Reid and Pelosi and Schumer and Warren and Sanders who all got rich only by virtue of being in office.  These people all got ultra-wealthy by their political offices rather than producing anything of value of President Trump has spent his life doing.  Government corruption, graft, and crony capitalism are the qualities that leftists say they want to root out of Washington, but when it comes down to it, these are the qualities they endorse in their candidates and use to smear the opposition.  This is nothing more than leftist psychological projection seeing themselves in their opponents.  There are only two ways to make money – do what is right and trade, or do what is left and steal.

This endeavor by Special Prosecutor Mueller and Deputy AG Rosenberg, both Obama Deep State operatives, is nothing more than the witch hunt Trump says it is.  Government is not permitted to dig into citizen’s past to find something that they can call a crime, nor are they permitted to expose personal information with the sole purpose of damaging a person’s reputation.  But that is what Democrats are engaging in doing.  This is McCathyism turned against patriotic citizens, but carried out Nazi style in which the targets are guilty until evidence can be found to convict them of something else.

Democrat coup attempt continues as GOP lies down

The Psychology of the Left

Russian Spooks, Psychological Disorders, Global Warming, and Moon Cheese

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Democrat coup attempt continues as GOP lies down


I talked to a Russian.  According to Democrats, who love Communists, when a Republican does so that is a crime punishable by death!  The two faces of Washington politicians are both ugly.  On the one side, liberal fascists convict Republicans of a capital crime based only on their allegations.  On the flip side, no one who voted for Trump did so with the expectation of having the Establishment Republicans promote the Democrat agenda.

Liberal fascists want the Trump’s executed for treason because they talked to Russians.  Perhaps we should revisit Hillary talking to Russians and Obama making deals with Iranians?  If ever there was a case for treason those two hold the trophy.  Hillary got paid more from Russians than the Trumps have ever made doing business with them, and she had nothing to offer except political capital in Washington.  After their Russian collusion fraud blew up in their faces the release of Donald Trump, Jr.’s emails that he spoke to a Russian woman has reignited the liberal insanity.  The question here is not if this is a smoking gun of collusion that it obviously is not.  The question is why are the Trump’s deliberately poking the bee hive?

The unnamed sources of Democrat media are nothing more than a façade for their own hateful personal opinions that they present as leaks and allegations.  The Left has already convicted Trump and sentenced him to execution based on accusations, assumptions, and innuendo.  This is how the Left always operates in all socialist dictatorships – you are guilty until proven innocent, and you don’t get to prove you’re innocent because they execute you immediately.  This is why in American courts, founded by righteous Christian conservatives, you are innocent until proven guilty.  This is why we have a 4th Amendment to protect us from government persecution, which Special Prosecutor Mueller is already violating in his crusade to convict the Trumps.  With Democrat operatives leaking from inside Trump’s White House like a sieve, and the media demanding Trump’s tax returns so they can go after his business partners, when Mueller leaks Trump’s financials he should to prison.  It wasn’t a crime for AG Lynch to meet with Clinton while Hillary was being investigated, but it was a violation for her to continue to head that investigation and have Comey close it by saying she should not be prosecuted.  They convicted Gen. Petraeus of far less!  But Mueller leaking in violation of the 4th Amendment, civil rights, and National Security is a crime of which he can be convicted!  Furthermore, when is the FBI going to investigate Obama’s spying on the Trump campaign?  He’s ten times worse than Nixon but still collecting a presidential pension.  Corrupt Democrats are committing crimes left and right with no one in the GOP going after them.

Tucker eCarlson takes on leftist’s “smoking gun”

How much does this action by Trump stirring up the bee hive have to do with Republicans?  Those who refuse to stand up for President Trump against leftist lies, stand with the president to defeat the Democrat anti-American agenda, push forward his pro-American agenda, and clean out the swamp of corruption in the Washington Establishment are a part of the problem.  We didn’t elect Donald Trump so that Republicans would join with Democrats to push forward with the leftist agenda.  I will not support Republicans who do not stand with Trump and vote to promote the conservative agenda to defeat Democrat socialist liberal fascism.  Most people make the mistake of electing Democrats as the alternative to the Republicans they don’t like.  That’s jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.  If you don’t like your Republican then get into the primaries and elect better Republicans.  But when Election Day comes you know the Democrats will be worse.  So even if you don’t like your Republican vote for them anyway and work on getting a better one next time.  The way to overcome voting for the lesser of two evils is not voting for the worse of two evils, but by nominating better leaders who don’t want to cross the aisle and hold hands with the greater of the two evils.  People can be friends who have different opinions.  But politicians cannot be friends when they work against each other as enemies.

The Psychology of the Left

Dana Loesch exposes leftist ideology in all its hateful hypocrisy in one minute:

The Left vs. the NRA

(Full NRA Ad)

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The Psychology of the Left

Liberalism is the product of an emotional disorder that inhibits maturity.  The defining characteristics of leftists are that of an intractable child who is ignorant, uncomprehending, irresponsible, and recalcitrant.  It takes years for most people to mature out of liberalism and become educated conservatives.  Unfortunately for some – they never do.

I am not a degreed psychologist, but I am a student of humanity, a scholar, a soldier, a healer, and a believer with a lifetime of experience.  No doubt there are liberals who believe that no one can be qualified to understand psychology and conduct psychoanalyses unless they have a piece of paper from a school saying so.  But those of us who understand that life experience is superior to classroom learning know that to be a myopic, flawed understanding of how education works.  It is liberal’s own failings that they project onto others the belief that one cannot learn unless told what to think by an academic rather than learn how to think for themselves with the guidance of a more experienced, righteous teacher.  Learning through observation and doing is always superior to simple classroom application that occurs in a vacuum.  Obama vs. Trump is a perfect example of how the former learned that socialism worked in the classroom, but when implemented in reality proves to be the dictates of a tyrant that crushes economies, while the latter learned through doing what businesses require to grow and learned so well he built a multi-billion dollar empire.  Obama had the equivalent qualifications of a buck private who won a popularity contest to be General of the Army and the nation suffered for it, while Donald Trump brings to the office all the qualities of a supremely successful businessman.  Yet liberals who watched Obama weaken America and empower Islam for eight years blindly follow leftist propaganda and wish to destroy Trump and America.

Liberals who grow up to remain liberals do so because they learn all the wrong lessons in life.  There is a fine line and a vast gulf between the Left and the Right that is founded in their levels of maturity, comprehension, and logical reasoning.  A study of leftist psychology is a study of deceivers and the fools constantly duped by them.  They deliberately cause confusion over terminology, culture, and events in order to deceive others and themselves.  The difference between 18th century liberalism, that is today called conservative Christianity, and modern liberalism, that was previously called socialism until Stalin, Hitler, and Mao revealed it for what it is, is a study in duplicity.  The façade of social justice representing what is fair being nothing more than a smoke screen for their true nature – that of the totalitarian dictatorship of the tyrant which is the oppression of all.  Their duality is revealed in how they teach propaganda rather than inform, how they indoctrinate rather than educate.  This explains why there are people who believe the Holocaust was not committed by the Nazis, that the Asian genocide and enslavement was not conducted by Imperial Japan, but perpetrated against the Germans and Japanese by the “imperialist” United States.  It is a study in how evil justifies itself.

Childish reasoning vs. Adults

Why?  That’s the question children ask their parents the most.  Sometimes parents know the answers and sometimes they don’t.  That curiosity is what leads children to learn.  Children, as all parents know, are loving and curious when they are growing, but when they become teenagers they change radically.  The stages of life are infancy, childhood, teenage (the years of “insanity”) young adult, mature adult, elder adult.  Those of us who clearly remember our teenage years recall that we though we knew everything about everything.  It isn’t until we grew into adulthood that we began realizing how ignorant we were.  At that point people either choose to learn or remain in the state of arrogant leftist denial.  Peter Pan Syndrome is the diagnosis by which modern psychology identifies those who refuse to mature.  This condition is in all of us and it is just a matter of degree how much each of us grows up.  Some become fully mature adults, some retain some of their childhood whimsy, and some do not develop maturity.  Maturity is measured by how one becomes responsible, truthful, considerate of others, and develops a work ethic.  Becoming Christian is realizing one is not the most important person in the world, but that caring for others is the highest calling.  All of us are born selfish only knowing that we must cry and demand our needs be satisfied.  Children must be taught to share and tell the truth by being unless taught righteous morality.  Otherwise they learn to be selfish, to lie, and to become devious.  Some will lie right in front of your face when caught doing wrong thinking that they can deny what is patently obvious to others.  That is why a leftist is often blind to how their lies become as plain as the nose on their face – a lesson Pinocchio learned literally.  This is behavior that needn’t be taught as some children will develop this tendency naturally when they get in trouble, but is more often than not learned from immoral adults.

Children Learn What They Live

Today’s modern American liberals are those who believe they know the answers when they know little.  That is why they are so easily duped by the science fraud of man-caused climate change, by Islamists asserting they are a peaceful religion, and by socialists professing to be an ideology that is fair and equal to all.  They believe what they are told without question and live oblivious that there is more to know and understand.  It takes decades for the average person to overcome their prejudice, ignorance, and naïveté to not be so gullible.  Young liberals who fall into the trap of self-misconception and dysfunctional logic that leads to arrogant irrational thinking spend their lives suffering and frustrated. They learn to blame others for the problems they bring on themselves.  This condition is next to impossible to escape so as long as they listen to those who tell them not to listen to those who speak the truth.  They end up in an endless cycle of emotionalism opposed to reason.  Without being able to weigh what is right against what is wrong they have no basis by which to choose between them.  This is the fatal flaw of parents who seek to protect their children from evil that results in them never learning defenses against it.  So when they go out into the world to face all kinds of people they easily succumb to evil rather than stand against it.  This is often seen in the form of the Preacher’s Daughter Syndrome.  They are ensnared by leftists who ideology is the ambiguous belief in moral relativism.  To them it isn’t one side is good and one is bad.  A moral person clearly sees the difference between the Nazis and Americans, Communists and Capitalists, Islamists and Christians.  Just because both sides can behave nicely or atrociously, use the same weapons and tactics in war and politics, and both see themselves as the good guys, leftists think neither should be judged by their core tenets as good or evil.  It is always obvious to the reasonable, impartial observer which side fights to conquer and enslave and which fights to defend liberty, but that can be confused in the minds of the ignorant by the deceitful who attempt to rewrite history.  Instead of understanding that America in WWII fought for liberty, they think that when Nazis and Japanese were on the defensive that America became the aggressor.  But just as Democrats fought to retain slavery, oppression, and murder during the American Civil War, the Nazis and Imperial Japanese did as well until their absolute defeat.  Those ignorant of history and morality are easily duped into believing the lie that America is an imperialist power inflicting immoral subjugation on others.  In short, leftists just confuse themselves into believing what is false.

Understanding that there are many, many people who are deceivers that tell lies to them about who and what they are is the life lesson that is of paramount to learn.  Young liberals love to hear stories from those deceivers that declare them to be intelligent and insightful – to flatter them in order to cajole them down the wrong path.  They love stories about how they are the brilliant heroes of the world and how the righteous are a bunch of dumb monkeys that shake sticks at the Moon and worship fantasies.  Liberals believe they know more than their parents even though they don’t have half their life experience or a tenth of their knowledge.  We saw this in Al Gore talking to school children about climate change when he told them they instinctively know what their parents don’t know as if their parents had never been children.

Al Gore tells children not to listen to their parents

This is why Democrats want the voting age lowered to 16 when it should be raised to 25.  Youngsters don’t begin to understand what is right in the world until they are out of school and spend a few years actually working in the world.  Teenagers are the favorite target of the Left because they can be so easily misled through half-truths and innuendo.  They teach them to not think clearly, to believe lies, and to reject the truth to the point that they are virtually brainwashed against learning right from wrong and refuse to debate the facts.  They grow up to remain in Peter Pan Syndrome believing all adults are pirates who want to do them harm.  Liberals don’t want to be told, “No,” “that’s bad,” or “you’re wrong!”  People who tell them those things are “bad people” because they deny them what they want.  That’s when the tantrums start.  Whine, cry, scream, call names, throw things, smash things, loot and burn, riot.  That’s why they blame the victim.  “She wouldn’t have been raped if she didn’t dress like that,” meaning a woman cannot be sexy without a leftist perceiving this as an invitation to assault her rather than exercising his own self-restraint.  They become self-righteous hypocrites who cannot tell the difference between truth and lies, right and wrong, or killing in self-defense and committing murder.  They lack both a moral compass and a logical intellect, but are dominated by immature emotion.  When you argue with a liberal and present the facts proving they are wrong they always resort to name calling, “bigot, racist, sexist, homophobe,” or try to beat you into submission by force, and then seek to discredit you as a person to their friends rather than discredit your argument because they can’t.  They launch baseless attacks and when retaliated against then claim to be the victims.  Worst of all is they are people who fool themselves and believe their own lies, which is a form of psychotic behavior that often leads to becoming a sociopath.

Along with their rejecting responsibility for themselves they feel entitled to what they do not earn.  The battle cry of the Hippie Generation that became corrupted by sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll with its, “If it feels good, do it!” mantra, and falls for all the lies of socialism are at the heart of America’s decline.  Leftists infiltrated the education system to indoctrinate rather than educate, and they took over the entertainment industry to perpetuate and propagandize their cultural corruption.  They taught the young to want what they want when they want it even at the expense of others.  Like spoiled brats these adult children want an authority figure in charge to be responsible for providing for them at any cost, yet like wild teenagers want to have complete freedom to misbehave at the expense of others.  A fact of life that eludes them is you can’t have it both ways.  Control comes at the expense of freedom and freedom comes at the expense of security.  They cannot tell the difference between leading and ruling, between killing by committing murder or in self-defense.  Education begins at home with the moral teachings by parents who raise their children to be responsible and considerate of others, or don’t raise them at all and let them run wild like animals to feed their need and greed.  It is a curious thing that girls mature faster than boys, but boys grow past them in logic ruling over emotion.  That’s why men become leaders and scientists.  Even today when a woman can also be a leader or scientist so few do.  No doubt some readers are even now saying this is sexist, but the fact remains that, when a choice came between a corrupt politician and a supremely successful businessman to run the country as president, the majority of women chose poorly.

The Dysfunctional Thinking of the Leftist

Leftists suffer from a form of psychotic, dysfunctional thinking in which people believe everything was stolen from them.  They are the kind of people who never take responsibility for their own actions but always blame others.  They believe that they are entitled to more and it’s how they rationalize in their own minds that they are justified in committing crimes up to and including theft, assault, and murder.  This is why socialism appeals to them.  Imagine being a farmer who grows food for his family and the government tells you to grow food for ten families, but your only reward is to feel good about helping others.  It doesn’t matter if it’s for the good of the tribe, the country, or the people because you are not doing so out of the goodness of your heart, but because you are a slave to the state.  But in their minds they make it right to steal from those who don’t give to them by justifying in their minds that those people somehow stole from them.  This kind of thinking encourages them to become the thieves.  Then they justify stealing from those who provide for them, such as their employers or parents.  From there it’s just one more step to justify stealing from anyone who has more than they do because ‘their having more is excessive and they don’t need it’ while the thief wants it.  A civilization that allows thieves to thrive is a society that is collapsing.  This is why Democrats advocate for criminals under the guise they are the needy in society who are suffering because the privileged people are taking what they need.  They say this is the measure of a civilization how it cares for the lowest of people.  The true measure of civilization is in how they care for the weakest of its people, not how they care for the worst of people.

Liberals do not understand that the prospect of prosperity is motivating mostly because they are too lazy and ignorant to pursue it.  Donald Trump is a self-made man.  He created his wealth.  It was not handed down.  He is not like many rich people who form an elitist clique, which is why they scorn “new money.”  That’s also why most of the world scorns America.  But with that wealth comes power and with that power comes responsibility.  People like Barrack Obama believe America stole her wealth rather than obtained it through honest trade.  The nations that have prospered dealing with the U.S. lend the lie to his fallacy.  The Left believes the masses are too stupid to know how to work for themselves and must be led by a ruler who dictates their actions like an ant colony.  The Right is more social, more tribal in their beliefs that everyone works together for mutual benefit.  This is supposed to be the tenets of socialism, but socialism is corrupted by leftists lacking a moral compass who cannot see the difference between talking about working together and forcing people to slave together.  They believe forcing some to work for others is the same as charity.  Imagine children whose parents tell them to do chores around the house.  The older children are told to help their younger siblings.  In a righteous home each is rewarded according to their participation and they learn the virtues of capitalism.  However, in a leftist home dictated by socialism wherein each gives according to their abilities to each according to their needs, not only are the older ones not compensated for their extra efforts, but more is taken from them to give to the younger ones who contribute little.  This kind of favoritism breeds jealousy and resentment.

Liberals learn the wrong lessons in life.  Rather than learn a trade they learn to steal.  Rather than follow God’s laws they learn to follow their own that results in them living by the law of the jungle behaving like animals.  And rather than learn morality, they believe anyone who tells them they are right, even in their ignorance, and reject any who tell them they are wrong.  Thus do liberals learn to believe what is not true and accept it as reality.  It’s why they so readily believe scams like man-made global warming, frauds like socialism is fair for everyone, and deceits like Islam is a religion of peace.  Leftists have used this ignorant following to conduct violent pogroms against whomever they choose.  Throughout history leftists have corrupted the people to turn them against others and seize power, and to kill.  They justify genocide by telling them lies like:

  • All pagans conduct human sacrifice
  • Jews are guilty of Blood Libel
  • Templars were a satanic cult
  • A world population over a billion people will cause a world famine
  • Man’s industries are polluting the air causing global warming

When Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time,” liberal Democrats, especially the ones over thirty, are the people to whom he was referring.  Theirs is a lifelong error of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  The only cure for their insanity is education.  Many listen to those who deliberately deceive them declaring they should not listen to those who speak the truth because the truth is a lie in their world.  Liberals will always fall prey to deceivers until they learn not to be deceived.  That is their nature.  It comes naturally to everyone.  Everyone is born ignorant and must learn morality.  Those who do not condemn themselves to forever be the pawns of those who deceive for their own nefarious purposes.

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.”

Overcoming the Leftist Mentality

Education, accountability, and learning morality are the keys to overcoming liberalism.  Studies show that 40% of twenty year olds are still liberal, but half of them become conservatives by the time they are sixty.  A lifetime of learning may be too slow to save America from going the way of Rome.  The Romans are given short shrift by leftist ideologues who focus solely on what was considered bad while ignoring the fact that Rome civilized much of the ancient world.  Likewise, they condemn America for mistakes and overlook the fact that America is solely responsible for the world not being engulfed in another Dark Age of socialism.  Their belief that totalitarian socialism is a good thing because they think it is “fair” while ignoring its murderous ideology is the pinnacle of folly.  You don’t get to dance with the Devil by the pale moonlight unless you’re ready to pay the piper at the morning light.

The first thing is to overcome false liberal teachings such as man can alter the climate of the planet to destroy all life.  CO2 is a part of life and some leftists believe mankind is a virus that is killing our host planet.  That’s how the beginning of genocidal righteousness begins.  The movie, “Kingsman,” illustrated this neurotic, psychotic mentality and its end result.  But the leftist global warming scam has been proven a lie repeatedly.

Historic liberal global warming fantasies that went bust:

  • Kuwaiti oil field fires will cause global warming and the Persian Gulf will completely die out forever.
    • Global temperatures didn’t change and the Persian Gulf wildlife didn’t die.
  • After Hurricane Katrina the U.S. will be hit by Cat 5 hurricanes yearly.
    • Twelve years later the U.S. has not been hit by a major hurricane.
  • BP oil spill will destroy the Gulf and Atlantic coastlines.
    • Aside from Louisiana and a few tar babies in the Florida panhandle the ecological disaster failed to materialize.
  • The North polar ice will melt away forever by 2013.
    • Four years after the North Pole’s ice cap is as big as in the 1970s.

Leftist ideology is the heart of hate masquerading as righteousness.  The Left has formed all of the hate groups throughout history.  In America leftwing fascist hate groups include:

  • KKK
  • Communist Party
  • Nazi Party
  • Black Panthers
  • Green Movement
  • Black Lives Matter
  • AntiFa
  • Islam
  • Democrat Party

In summary, being a leftist is not just the opposite side of the scale between one method of doing what is right or another.  There is not far left Communism and far right Nazis wherein both are the same totalitarian ideologies.  The Left is the negative pole including all the negative emotions and negative thinking to the Right’s positive pole.  There is righteousness and there is wrong.  There is consideration for others and there is malice.  The defining characteristics of the leftist are all the bad characteristics of human beings.  They are the mirror of the Right using deceit and violence to enforce their will rather than truth and reason.  They preach peace while practicing violence.  They attack and provoke and when the righteous react violently in self-defense accuse them of being the wicked ones.  Leftists are the bullies who would rather practice thievery than learn a trade.  They have succumbed to the Dark Side of the Force, followed Satan in rebellion against God, and just plain chosen not to be considerate of others and be sharing, caring human beings, but chosen to be selfish and behave like the wild beasts serving only their own interests.  Is it any wonder that this is so when they reject Christ?  Why else are leftist parents who they tell their children – they do not come from God and have a heavenly soul yearning for goodness, but evolved from dumb apes – so surprised when their kids grow up to behave like animals?  Then there are the foolish ones who believe what the leftists say and follow them blindly, closing their eyes and ears to the truth.

Settling into remaining a leftist is being less than humans can potentially be.  We all start out on the far left being absolutely selfish, ignorant, and uncaring.  Only through learning from the teachings of the righteous do we learn to follow that divine spark that tells us when we are wrong and learn compassion for others moving to right on the positive side of the scales.  Everyone has an inkling of what is right and wrong, but the leftist chooses to ignore it, which is why they come to believe that stealing from those who are not as charitable as they believe they should be is right.  It is a choice we must all make to change from being takers to being givers.  There are many great moral stories from which to learn and that is how we teach our children.  “Footprints,” “Star Fish,” “Light, Heat, and God.”  Some movies teach righteous morality like “Lord of the Rings,” “The Matrix,” the Marvel and DC comic series, while others get lost in their misconceptions.  Even so, liberals often misinterpret what they are being told.  E.g. “Captain America: Civil War,” in which Steve Rogers fights for the American Way against globalism, but the leftist foolishly misinterprets that to be Rogers fighting against government oppression and Republicans are their oppressors.  They don’t even know that Lincoln was a Republican, and if they do still believe the Republicans did a 180 and have swapped places in our culture with Democrats.  Such self-delusions are almost impossible to overcome.  Yet we must instruct our children to guide them down a righteous path rather than let them be wild and crazy to grow up to become self-righteous hypocrites.  We all have that moral compass in our hearts that will guide is in righteousness.  It’s just a matter of setting it to work right in our minds so it spins on its axis.  Otherwise it’s like a broken clock – if you keep turning around in circles, it, too, will occasionally be right, but that doesn’t make it functional.

{The story of the atheist who demanded to know why, if God is only good, did he allow evil into the world: An atheist demanded to know of a Christian that if he thought God was so good and wonderful then why does he allow evil in the world?  The Christian responded, “When you die you can ask Him.”  To which the atheist scoffed, “Well if you can’t answer the question why don’t you ask him?”  The Christian answered, “I wouldn’t dare.”  “Why not?” demanded the atheist.  To which the Christian said, “Because I’m afraid He would ask me the same question.”}

Just remember; the truth can be obscured, and though right and wrong are black and white, people are not.  We all suffer from some degree of immaturity.  You can have some good conservative Christian values yet still be taken in by liberal lies.  Some liberal ideals are borrowed from conservatism, which is why when liberals campaign they always do so as if they are conservative.  Everyone is different and no one has all the answers.  Beware of those who say they do.  This article is not definitive, but if it makes you think, it’s a good start.  Keep your mind open and never assume the answer that you think is correct is until you examine it from all angles.  It doesn’t take a genius to understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong.  Just compare Sheldon Cooper with Forrest Gump.  A closed mind is a terrible thing to use.

Media goes berserk when called out on Trump Russia Collusion Hoax

Russian Collusion is Democrat’s Birther Movement

Actors done with assassination porn now want civil war

Does Trump understand the Democrats are the America Haters?

Born to ignorance and immorality, how to overcome liberal’s failures in logic

You don’t need science to prove Democrat’s global warming is a scam

Islamic Jihadi Terrorism – Death by a Thousand Cuts

On a last note, the media has exposed themselves as Democrat Party operatives rather than objective reporters.

Drive by media says Trump is putting them in danger

The maturity levels at MSNBC and CNN hit new lows as the Left becomes hysterical revealing their dark hearts.  Calling Trump a deranged child, while exhibiting all their hatred in childish rage, the Media War with Trump unveiled their mask of objectivity to reveal them as the propagandists of the Democrat Party.  This is how you know the Left for their true nature:

The Media War with Trump

  • #DemocratPropaganda
  • #RighttoLie
  • #FakeNews
  • #Freedomof Propaganda
  • #EnemiesoftheState
  • #HuntReporters

A mountain of liberal hypocrisy

Russian Collusion is Democrat’s Birther Movement

[Author’s Note: The leftwing media, which is the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, are a prime example of how leftist bullies behave.  They believe they have a right to slander, libel, and assassinate the character of anyone they choose with lies and be exempt from retaliation by claiming it is their 1st Amendment right.  Sarah Palin is proving them wrong and, despite Democrat laws to protect their libelous media making it necessary to prove malicious intent and not just obvious lies, she is just one of many righteous people who have been smeared by leftists.  Now that the media has been gob-smacked in the face by a man who fights back against them rather than cowering before them they are lying on the ground crying how mean he is being.  That’s how bullies behave whenever they’ve been stomped by someone who will not be bullied.  President Trump is the first real man since Ronaldus Magnus to hold the office of president and the leftist haters are rediscovering their inner wimp.  Trump understands how to fight fire with fire and he’s outmaneuvering the liberal media in the manner of the Road Runner outfoxing Wile E. Coyote.  When all they want to do is destroy Republicans and represent Democrats they stop being reporters and become propagandists.  No wonder Trump refers to them as “Enemies of the State,” especially when they openly lie and claim they are being endangered when it is Republicans who are being rioted against and shot at!  Many GOPers say Trump is wrong to be fighting back against the media through Twitter.  But what he is doing is working great by driving them all nuts, whereas allowing them to perpetrate their technique is why the Bush presidency was trashed.  Republicans had better pay attention and the people should learn from this never to give in to the Left or be fearful of their slanders.  The truth will out and set you free!]

Study of liberalism vs. conservatism got their results reversed

Young liberal wisdom: The Left is Never Right

No Common Ground between Republicans and Democrats

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Democrat controlled states try to make their own immigration law

States do NOT have the right to make their own immigration law and force their illegal immigrants on the rest of the country.  California may lead the Democrat states into the next War of Secession.

America has the largest, most diverse immigration system in the world and takes in more migrants than all the rest of the world combined.  But that is an investment in the “world’s best and brightest” to come to America.  Democrats want the poor, uneducated, unskilled to be given refuge in America to be cheap labor and illegal voters.  Democrats are like kids living in their parent’s basement who want to live by their own rules and screw what the parent’s want.  So they believe they’re entitled to invite their drug gang buddies into the house they don’t own and are not paying to live in.  States cannot allow whoever they want to immigrate into America because then those people can be inflicted on all the rest of the nation.  Governors and mayors who will not abide by this federal law should face federal prosecution!

Obama gives anti-America speech in Indonesia on Independence Day

Obama shows his scorn for America

Proof that leftism is the effeminate end of the spectrum is obvious in that they are bleeding profusely in their PMS insanity claiming that everyone will die because of Republicans.  In their hysteria one is reminded of Raiders of the Lost Ark and the scene where Marion becomes panic-stricken in fear of dead people.  Leftists believe they can make their own laws to allow illegal immigrants into America and disregard the rest of the nation on which they inflict them.  This plays right into the hands of jihadis who want nothing more than to bring America crashing down.  Thanks, Obama, and you America hating leftists for all you do.  Keep talking and our young will see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears who are truly the anti-American haters.

Indiana Jones scene of Marion with the mummies screaming – needs edit

Pastor says people can ignore federal immigration and make laws as they please

Jihad against Trump and America

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Russian spooks, Psychological disorders, Global Warming, and Moon Cheese

Myth upon myth comprises the Democrat Party platform that lacks a single policy by which they would improve the lives of Americans, but offer loads of benefits to illegals and Moslems.  Instead they focus all of their efforts to make the Trump presidency illegitimate by one means or another.  Their claims of Russian collusion, Trump insanity, and global warming are as vacuous as belief in the Moon being made of cheese.

CNN created Fake News of Poland’s 1st Lady not shaking Trump’s hand

Of course the 1st Lady of Poland goes to Melania first.  Melania Trump is the best 1st Lady America has ever had as well as the most beautiful!  She is the epitome of the goodwill ambassador to foreign nations.  In response to Trump’s criticism of CNN and the leftist media for creating fake news Democrats responded, “No other president in our lifetime would say such a thing.”  Yeah, right.  His name is Barack Hussein Obama and he did it every freaking week talking about FOX, Rush, and the TEA Party!  Obama, who wanted to fundamentally transform America into a socialist banana republic, and after failing to do so is in Indonesia and for America’s Independence Day, tweeted – nothing, displaying his complete disdain for America.  What living president in the history of the nation didn’t have something great to say about this great nation on its national holiday?  No, Obama was the president who went to foreign lands, and not just to smear the righteous media, but to slander patriotic Americans!  Meanwhile, President Donald J. Trump speaks out against the dark forces of the world declaring that western civilization must unite to defend against them, that the West has brought the greatest civilization to the world and its freedom must prevail, and they call him dark and divisive and think the nation will believe them.  Boneheads!

The West will prevail!

The Democrat mantra is that Trump is a phony, illegitimate president, he is dark, divisive, and bigoted, and now they say that Trump is a narcissistic megalomaniac.  These childish efforts to paint Trump the color they want rather than portray reality is why the leftwing media has earned the moniker – Fake News.  The MSM has exposed themselves as the propaganda arm of the Democrats in their efforts to smear Trump and laud Obama.  Compared to their messiah Obama, Donald Trump is practically a demi-god.  He is a man of great accomplishment who built a billionaire financial empire.  Compare that to Obama who is a man of no more accomplishment than Adolf Hitler who rabble roused and won a popularity contest by duping fools.  Obama’s Army of rioters, obstructionists, and propagandists is all he has and that is what the righteous patriots of America need to concentrate on eliminating.  Investigation and prosecution of voter fraud, inciting riots, and corrupting the news with libel and slander is necessary to bring down the leftist revolution.

The greatest joke of all is that Democrats actually have advice for Trump on how to avoid impeachment and on how Republicans can win elections.  How do the losers believe they will give the winners tips on winning?  Especially Trump who just gave Republicans a master class in how to win against leftists!  Since when do Democrats give Republicans advice to help them?  There is a saying;

“Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

Jesse Watters said:

“If what Trump is doing is hurting himself why would the Democrats tell him to stop?”

On The Five on Fox their liberal guest host, Richard Fowler who always speaks the Democrat lies, actually spoke the truth, but as always it is partial truth used to blame Republicans and exonerate Democrats:

“When we arm rebels in the Middle East they always end up using those weapons against us a couple of years later.”

We have known this for decades.  If the Left understood this then why did Obama arm them and help them overthrow their governments?  The answer is that the leftist leaders know they are lying and deceiving the people.  Remember that study they said that they proved that conservatives are the anti-social psychotics and liberals are sane?  Turns out that the leftists who published it deliberately reversed the results – as if they could fool us.  The only ones fooled were the liberals who wanted to be fooled.  Their rioting in the streets following fascist ideology as if it were righteous is proof that they are the violent sociopaths.  What advice should Trump take from Democrats?  Do the opposite of whatever they suggest.  Don’t be like Bush 41 and fall into any of their traps.  Just continue to defeat them!

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The Media War with Trump

The mask of objectivity is off to reveal the true face of the hateful mainstream leftwing media as the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

The Democrat media is making it blatantly obvious that they are no longer making any pretense at reporting the story, but are actively trying to create the story with their “Trump is mentally unbalanced” narrative.  Leftist media pundits are actively portraying Trump as juvenile, unbalanced, a deranged megalomaniac, and are whining that what Trump is saying about them is going to incite people to kill them.  Meanwhile, the people the liberal media have been inciting for months to assassinate President Trump are already shooting Republicans.  The media complains about the lack of Trump’s civility in retaliating against them while they are not only smearing him with lie upon lie, but advocating for his demise.  They call Trump a pig for his rude remarks about women saying he is unfit to hold office, but give Bill Clinton applause to this day for his serial molesting of numerous women while governor and president.  When they say that Trump is a misogynistic pig and they are the noble defenders of the dignity of women it is comical.  How many times have they denigrated conservative women, called Sarah Palin a moron, Condoleeza Rice a slave, and Kellyanne Conway a traitor to her gender?  They call Melania a whore and Ivanka an incestuous slut and believe they somehow hold the moral high ground?  They say they will protect the poor from having their health insurance and doctors taken away by Republicans.  Where were they when ObamaCare took them away?  When he strikes back through Twitter they cry foul saying they are protected by the 1st Amendment.  Since when is freedom of speech a protection for liars?  Where in the Constitution does it guarantee a right to insurrection against a president who actually abides by the Constitution, unlike Obama who violated it repeatedly!  Liberal’s dysfunctional thinking leads them to believe they are morally superior when they are clearly inferior.  Here’s a clue; before you claim to have the moral high ground you’d better have more than a soapbox to stand on.


Leftists are appealing to their followers for someone to assassinate President Trump.  This is always the way of leftists when their power is threatened.  Remember your history.  The Athenians under Spartan control murdered Socrates because he taught his students to think for themselves and question oppressive authority.  Thinking, as we all know, results in acquiring information and knowledge is power.  An educated populace is always a threat to the Left, which is why their ideology always calls for the indoctrination and brainwashing of the young along with the “re-education” of the adults.  Remember that the Democrats murdered Lincoln because he took their slaves away, and the Communists murdered Kennedy because he began to undo their confiscatory taxes designed to steal from those among the rich who wouldn’t submit to their extortion.  They tried to assassinate Reagan, fantasized about assassinating Bush, and now they dream of assassinating Trump.  As part of the public opinion they are attempting to foster, they have made it plain that their goal is to promote the idea of a coup to overthrow Trump Republicans and install a Democrat dictator.  When Trump fights back they feel threatened with possible violent counterattacks by the public, as well they should since the people who elected Trump are the ones they are betraying.  News isn’t news anymore, it’s propaganda.

Death of Argumentum ad Hominem

The maturity levels at MSNBC and CNN hit new lows as the Left becomes hysterical revealing their true nature.  Calling Trump a deranged child, while exhibiting all their hatred in childish rage, the Media War with Trump unveiled their mask of objectivity to reveal them as the propagandists of the Democrat Party:

CNN reporter goes off on Sarah Sanders

MSNBC gets vile

MSNBC wants to beat up Trump in the school yard

CNN top reporter throws a tantrum

Fake News Islamophobia attack

Leftist reporters have not reported a single positive or impartial story about President Trump since his inauguration.  They claim to be fair and unbiased and to have given Trump positive coverage, but those of us who remember know that they began mocking him from the moment he came down the escalator to announce his candidacy.  What they despise most about him is that he fights back, and that is what bullies never tolerate.  Their indulgence in assassination porn and continuous childish behavior indicates the degree to which the Left, who declare Trump to be mentally unstable, is having their own mental melt down.  Their efforts to declare Trump mentally unfit to serve is proof of their own emotional dysfunction proving liberalism is a mental illness, from the greed and envy of their followers to the anger and pride of their leaders.  All they reveal is that they are consumed by hate.  Like all emotionally bereft and malicious bullies, when you point out their failings it doesn’t make them reassess if they are right or wrong, it just makes them behave worse.  The only way bullies ever change is if they are utterly defeated.

Democrats Violate the Constitution and Human Rights

D is for Democrat – Distract, Divide, Delude, and Destroy

Russian Collusion is Democrat’s Birther Movement

No Common Ground between Republicans and Democrats

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Killing the ObamaCare Tax – taking another head of the Hydra

Republicans have a major problem undoing ObamaCare, one of which is because they don’t want to lose the revenue.

President Trump has his hands full.  The Democrat media is acting only to smear him, his people, and everything they do.  They do not report any of his accomplishments except to paint them as being destructive.  Trump is undoing all of the Obama’s executive orders that have throttled America energy and American businesses.  He is only able to do this because Obama’s EOs are not legislation, they are dictates.  But ObamaCare was passed when Democrats had a Supermajority in Congress, meaning they had sixty votes that were filibuster proof.  Republicans were not allowed to read the ObamaCare bill until after Democrats passed it.  So undoing this takes more than a simple majority that Republicans refuse to even muster, and those that stand against it want the tax mandate abolished.

This bill is an anchor around the neck of the Middle Class whom Obama threw overboard to appeal to his rich donor class.  ObamaCare is the greatest peace time Middle Class tax increase in history.  The people who are forced to pay for it cannot afford it, and even after paying for it cannot afford to use it!  Democrats, who were willing to nuke the economy in 2008 by crashing the mortgage banks, and then perpetuate loss by stealing from future taxpayers to pay back their donors who lost big on the Stock Market, have run up a colossal $20T debt while at the same time crushing the economy.

The problem with ObamaCare is not undoing the law, but because Republicans want the tax revenue for themselves.  They say they don’t want to piss off independents using ObamaCare.  But what does the latter matter since if they like it they’re voting for Democrats anyway?  The only people who like it are the 10% that are being subsidized for it by taxpayer dollars.  What matters is the tax revenue that the CBO says the government will lose.  The CBO is not bipartisan and does not do dynamic scoring.  That’s why they predicted ObamaCare would save $2T when it was initiated, but now say it will cost $5T.  That’s why Democrats designed it to be implemented over time.  As it becomes more onerous they would push for single payer to put the government in charge of all healthcare tax money and put insurance companies out of business.  With Republicans in charge they can now use them as scapegoats.  By the same token Democrats say Republican changes to healthcare will kill millions.  That’s not just predicting the future mumbo jumbo like their global warming scam.  That’s hateful, slanderous, fear-mongering propaganda which is all that their ideology teaches.

The Washington Establishment doesn’t believe in the doctrine that Reagan, Kennedy, and Harding proved to be the most beneficial – that reducing income taxes allows more money in the economy.  They don’t believe that when people have more money they create more jobs which creates more tax revenue.  This kind of two dimensional, zero sum thinking is why Democrat economies always fail and Republicans who stand with them are just as bad.  (Kennedy was the lone exception to this and leftwing communists killed him for it.)  ObamaCare repeal and tax reform are desperately needed to help American recover from the Obama debacle.

But Trump is up against both the Democrats and the Republican establishment who are all elitists that see him as an outsider, one of those “new money” upstarts trying to mess with their aristocracy.  In order to really do good for America, President Trump needs to not only keep Democrats out of the till, but replace Republicans who stand with them.  The saving of America will not happen in a year or even in four years.  Cutting off the heads of the leftist Hydra only begets more heads.  To kill the body Americans must go after the education system that has been thoroughly infiltrated and corrupted by the Left.  Our only hope is in educating the next generation by revealing the lying propaganda of the Democrat media to expose the deceptions and insanity they perpetuate.  America has been under Democrat control or influence for most of the last century with only a few glimmers of light.  Teddy Roosevelt made a fatal error in splitting the Republican vote in 1912 giving Democrats control when they had just been defeated in the war to end slavery just fifty years before.  They have been exacting their revenge ever since and it will take Donald Trump and all righteous Americans to put an end to it.  Now that Trump is trying to take their slaves away again they are ready once again to go to war.

D is for Democrat – Distract, Divide, Delude, and Destroy

The Great Obama Depression; 2009 – present

Making America Great Again Battling Leftist Corruption


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