Democrats have STOLEN the Moral High Ground

Democrats stealing the moral high ground is like stolen valor.  Stolen valor is when a pretender tells strangers he is a war veteran.  People like Sen. Blumenthal (D-CT) and Nathan Phillips falsely claim to be Vietnam veterans when neither was ever deployed overseas.  Both have also falsely accused Republicans and teenagers of being racists.  This is a microcosm of the entire Democrat Party and their declaration that they are the righteous.  They steal moral authority by damning all conservative Christians as demonic.

Their self-righteous hypocrisy not only leaves them exposed as entirely two-faced but fuels their campaign to destroy the righteous.  They have convinced young minds full of mush that the world is going to end in a few years.  Chiquita Khrushchev is so invested in Democrat fictional dogma that she grilled a Western Union Bank CEO about “why do you finance companies that cage children?”  This kind of stupidity is explained by what she believes to be intelligent moral thought;

AOC – “I think that there’s a lot of people more concerned with being precisely and factually and semantically correct than about being morally right.”

i.e. If you don’t agree with AOC’s false facts in broken sentences then you are immoral.

“There is no such thing as an ‘illegal human.’” – Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)

Nobody says that, you stupid cow!  There are such things as humans who commit illegal acts that are called crimes such as sneaking into the country to dodge identification, taxes, and medical exams, making them criminals.

Gillibrand will give Social Security away to illegal aliens

Global Warming pollution is racist: “While the air pollution the U.S. has gotten cleaner in the past decade, pollution inequity has remained high. The air that Americans breathe is not equal. Blacks and Hispanics disproportionately breathe air that’s been polluted by non-Hispanic whites, according to a study. This new research quantifies for the first time the racial gap between who causes air pollution and who breathes it. These findings confirm what most grassroots environmental justice leaders have known for decades, ‘whites are dumping their pollution on poor people and people of color…’” – Texas Southern University Public Affairs Prof. Robert Bullard

Refuting global warming science is elementary

This is the kind of insanity and public stupidity that Democrats view as “moral.”  The leftists of the Democrat Party say they hold the high moral ground over Republican conservative Christians.  How can this be when the Democrat Party is morally bankrupt?  They openly endorse post-birth abortions, aka infanticide, aka infant sacrifice, aka murdering babies.  They openly endorse subsidizes illegal aliens invading the country, taking money, and stealing voting right away from citizen taxpayers.  They openly endorse atheism and Islamism against Christianity and Judaism.  (If you think that Christianity and Judaism are contrary then you forget that Jesus is a Jew.)  They openly endorse racism, fascism, and climate change indoctrination scams while declaring themselves to be unbigoted, tolerant, and educational.  So how do they so blatantly declare themselves to be morally superior?  Easy.  They steal it.

Tucker Carlson rips Democrat “morality”

Tucker tears into Democrat’s illegal immigrant immorality and climate change scam

The leftwing media is desperately trying to warn Democrats they are being too open and honest about who they truly are.  Moral people are not liars and thieves as are all socialists.  The Democrat’s propaganda ministry of leftwing media speaks these big lies over and over and over declaring them to be morally righteous.  But when Democrats come out in the open and tell the people their true intentions most Americans recoil in horror.  That’s because living in the greatest free nation in the history of the world is not lost even on idiots.

The left makes every lie they tell the premise by which they attempt to force Republicans to debate.  Creating false premises only fools the ignorant which is why they must indoctrinate the young into their ideology rather than educate them to critical thinking.  They drill them with the idea that critical thinking involves accepting lies on their face value rather than examining the facts in depth.  But the problem for the right is that most Americans are ignorant.  Claiming the moral high ground by stealing it is immoral in and of itself.  What Democrats call moral and immoral are opposites of what righteous hearts know to be morally true.

Building walls for protection is not immoral.  Illegal immigration to steal from citizens and legal immigrants is immoral.  Sneaking into someone else’s country, lying about being a refugee, expecting benefits, and demanding your children be taught in your home language with your home culture is inherently immoral.  Opening the border of the nation to drug dealers and criminals is immoral.  Everything Democrats say and do is the opposite of morality.  They endorse the glorification of gangsters by justifying their crimes as revenge for past injustices.  They assist drug dealers in giving poison to citizens to kill thousands every year.  What do Democrats ever say or do that is not immoral, anti-American, or a lie?  How does anyone see them as morally righteous in any way?

The Immorality of Socialism, Atheism, and Islamism:

That Democrats are the party of immorality is inherent in their nature that they lie as conmen, steal as thieves, and justify crimes rather than abide by a moral code.  Democrat Beto O’Rourke who lost to Ted Cruz says that “walls are immoral, walls kill people.”  What kind of blithering idiot stupidity like this can be believed by any intelligent human being?  Beto was actually challenged as Obama wasn’t for speaking in platitudes like Obama always did rather than explaining policy as Trump did and he fell on his face.

There’s nothing moral about Democrats and their ideology of socialism.  Socialism is imposed by force or by fraud.  Socialism is tyranny.  Socialism is stealing.  Socialism is slavery.  To say that socialism is anything else is a lie.  Democrats have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are two-faced heathens killing American babies while coddling foreign invaders and filling children’s heads with irrational fears about climate change in order to impose socialism on the unwitty.

What are just a few of the most ignominious beliefs of leftist Democrats that demonstrate how morally bankrupt and intellectually vacant they are?

  • Illegal immigrants improve the American economy and culture.
  • Locking your door at night is racist, hateful, and an act of unreasonable fear.
  • White male pollution causes climate change killing all life on the planet for their greed.
  • Blacks who were never slaves owed compensation by whites who never owned slaves.
  • All sex between men and women, including marital sex, is rape.
  • Islam is a religion of peace, Christianity is a religion of fascism.

Democrats like Don Lemon of CNN say that white men are the ones who brought evil to the world.  This racism is dismissed by liberals who say blacks can’t be racist.  How those like Lemon who enjoy the benefits of living in America can scorn those who created this great nation would be a mystery for those who know anything about history.  If it weren’t for white men, Don Lemon would be running around in Africa in a diaper chucking spears at rabbits.  If it weren’t for white men, Africans would be wondering if they would live to the ripe old age of forty.  If it weren’t for white men, Africa would still be in the stone age.

They fictionalize slavery as only being imposed by white men when it is a fact of life in all cultures and is still practiced in Africa today by Africans.  A few Europeans with guns never had the power to invade and enslave Africans.  They ignore the cold hard truth that their ancestors were sold into slavery by their tribal chieftains in exchange for beads and baubles.  They ignore the cold hard fact that Africans were enslaving Europeans long before Europeans went to Africa.  Slavery has never been a “white thing.”  Socialists, Islamists, and atheists believe in enslaving those who refuse to submit to their rule.  There was even a poll at UCLA in which students expressed their willingness to imprison Republicans in concentration camps.  And they think the far right are the Nazis.

Blacks invaded and enslaved Europeans long before Europeans enslaved Africans

UCLA students sign Nazi petition to put conservatives in concentration camps

Leftist Deceptions and Blame

Leftists are up in arms over the shooting in New Zealand by a leftist they identify as a “white nationalist who hates immigrants” whom they claim is a rightwing Trumpist.  This “new kind of terror by Christians” is hailed by the left as proof that the right is wrong!  Fifty dead Moslems killed by a leftist who is no different than their jihadis is no proof of anything except that the left is never right.  After Islamist jihadis have spent the last two decades murdering over 500,000 people around the world they expect us to bow and scrape to them over this?

Rush Limbaugh: Last night, CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. Trump was blamed immediately for the New Zealand shooting. Columnist for The Intercept, which is a website, Mehdi Hasan about the mosque shooting in New Zealand. Don Lemon said, “You said before that this kind of thing is personal to you and that it speaks to the violence that’s going on in our culture.”

HASAN: I think, uh, to kind of talk about the story we talked about before in terms of Trump’s rhetoric as well. Western governments for far too long have turned a blind eye to domestic terrorism — to domestic, far-right terrorism. We know from the stats here in the U.S. that there are more attacks, more casualties from domestic terrorist groups, far-right groups than there are, quote-unquote, “jihadist” or “Islamist groups.”

You have Muslim victims of terrorism tonight in New Zealand. Um, I mentioned the attack in Quebec City shortly after Trump was inaugurated. Is there someone out there tonight who’s going to hear Trump’s rhetoric and act on it? Less than six months ago we know one of his big supporters sent pipe bombs in the mail to dozens of people who Trump had personally attacked and demonized. We know that lots of far-right attackers have claimed to be Trump supporters in recent months.

RUSH: No, we don’t know that! This is all made up! We don’t know this! This is their pipe dream. The idea that there is far more crazed, right-wing terrorism in America than there is any other kind is nothing more than a media narrative manufactured out of whole cloth, and it’s just waiting for events like this to take place. And this is what happens, folks.

You probably get up and you see this news story, and, in addition to all this emotion, you have over the sheer shock, terror, and horror of it all, then you realize you’re gonna face a whole day of the politicization of it. You realize you’re gonna face a whole day of Donald Trump or you being blamed for it or things you believe in being blamed for it. And then you know there are gonna be the routine attacks on the National Rifle Association, and we can thank Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for opening that door.  …she takes here a horrific attack in New Zealand to try to demonize the NRA, which isn’t even in New Zealand.

When are they going to condemn Islamist jihadis?  Moslems should be used to being massacred by jihadis as half the people they’ve killed are Muslims who refuse to join the Jihad.  Why do they want to blame Christians?  This is not in violation of the Koran but in keeping with the teachings of Muhammad.  If anything, modern jihadis are attempting a reformation of their own to bring Islam back to its fundamental teachings.

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

The Reader’s Digest version of Mohammad and Islam

Why would a leftist commit this act of terrorism against his own?  Because he knew the media would blame Trump and his Republicans.  This is just like the Jussie Smollett case of a fake hate crime except this guy carried it to the extreme.  Leftists demanding Trump condemn white nationalism that they say he promotes is just more smoke and mirrors to blame Republicans for the evil that the left does.  There are no rightwing hate crimes.  There are no rightwing terror attacks.  There are no rightwing efforts to stifle free speech.  There are no rightwing riots.  All of the violence being perpetrated is by the left and the only time the righteous become violent is in self-defense which the left immediately portrays as the perpetrators.

Trump condemns NZ terror attack, leftists condemn Trump as supporting white nationalism

Why the Left is Manufacturing Racist Hate Crimes

Betrayal by RINOs Posing as Conservatives

When Democrats say they are for America, they mean they are for themselves being the rulers of America.  When Democrats say they are for capitalism, they mean they are for you making more money so they can then take more of it from you.  When Democrats say they are for helping refugees, they mean they endorse lawbreakers who steal from American taxpayers.  There are words to describe people like AOC who believe absolutely, unconditionally in what they believe while being completely devoid of facts or proof.  These people are called zealots, fanatics, jihadis, radicals, extremists, and psychotics.  They use terms like these to describe Republicans for one simple reason – the pathological liar’s first defense is to cast doubt on the righteous by calling them a liar.  This confuses those who are oblivious because they are ignorant of the facts.  That’s why education is of paramount importance!

Liberal; “Don’t correct me.”

Conservative; “Don’t be wrong.”

Liberals use elitist colleges to recruit for the Deep State

The scandal of liberals buying their children’s way into elite universities as their ticket into the Deep State is just a part of how deeply Democrats have corrupted this nation.  The education system and entertainment industries are measures of how deeply they’ve got their claws into this nation’s culture of corruption.  Just the last bill passed by Democrats in their effort to stop Trump from re-establishing America as the land of liberty reveals just how much Americans have been duped.  “Believe none of what Democrats say and only half of what Republicans say” cannot be made of greater import.

How many Republicans have betrayed this nation by siding with Democrats in their quest for ultimate control?  As in “Captain America:Winter Soldier,” the left uses subterfuge to infiltrate and sabotage the righteous.  This is made supremely evident in Republicans that we trusted like;

  • Jeff Sessions who, as Trump’s AG, allowed the fraudulent Mueller investigation to blossom while refusing to prosecute the many Democrat crimes from the fraudulent FISA warrant on down and allowed his senate seat to go to a Democrat
  • Paul Ryan who abandoned his post along with 45 other Republicans to yield the House to Democrats
  • and the likes of others like John McCain who went to his grave cursing Republicans while working with Democrats.

These 13 Republican Representatives and 12 Senators in which the people held such high hopes betrayed this nation by siding with Democrats against President Trump securing our southern border:

Representatives: Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher, Washington Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, Texas Rep. Will Hurd, South Dakota Rep. Dusty Johnson, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Florida Rep. Francis Rooney, Wisconsin Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, Michigan Rep. Fred Upton, Oregon Rep. Greg Walden


  • Roy Blunt
  • Lamar Alexander (R-TN)
  • Susan Collins (R-ME)
  • Mike Lee (R-UT)
  • Mitt Romney (R-UT)
  • Jerry Moran (R-KS)
  • Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)
  • Rand Paul (R-KY)
  • Rob Portman (R-OH)
  • Marco Rubio (R-FL)
  • Pat Toomey (R-PA)
  • Roger Wicker (R-MS)

The defections of Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul for whom Americans had such high hopes were especially stinging.  That Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were part of the Deep State is no surprise along with Portman, Murkowski, and Collins.  The worst was Sessions’ betrayal.  All seemed to be such solid conservatives.  These are just examples of how well some leftists can infiltrate the right to sabotage it from within.  Any claims that they are going against Trump “to prevent Democrats from using the same system to corrupt the nation” is totally bogus as Democrats have already done so through Obama and openly plan more.

Meet the 13 Republican Reps who are working with Democrats against Trump

12 GOP Senators vote against Trump’s border security

Most pundits do a piss poor job in confronting Democrats who twist words and warp language presenting false narratives amidst false allegations within false accusations and false assumptions based on innuendos and implications.  They let the leftist assertions stand rather than correct the record.  Debating Democrats is so difficult because they tell so many lies in one minute it takes ten minutes to refute them.  This author can take one sentence of a Democrat’s statements and it requires writing a paragraph to explain the many ways in which they are wrong.  One paragraph of a Democrat’s talking points can require a dissertation on how everything he said is wrong.  President Trump wisely refuses to debate Democrats on their terms.  That bank CEO responded to AOC’s outrageous assertion that they never cage children.  Never accept a leftist’s premise.

Their desire to unmake the Constitution, do away with the Electoral College, and pack the Supreme Court with enough liberals to overwhelm Constitutionalists is just a taste of how much they despise America.  The Constitution is our laws that protect us even from government.  The Electoral College prevents ballot box stuffing through voter fraud by states that want to dominate all others.  The Supreme Court adjudicates American law when violated by leftist activist judges.  To pack it with liberals would enable Democrats to make being a Republican, a conservative, or a Christian a crime.  How could any American support these designs?  Only the very narrow, extreme left of democratic socialists and liberal fascists do so.  What Democrats have done is make their party the party of the small percentage of America haters bolstered by imported Latino-communists and Islamo-nazis.

  • If you believe Americans should condone infant sacrifice to the Satanic Temple, vote Democrat.
  • If you believe Americans should live under Sharia law, vote Democrat.
  • If you believe Americans should live under a communist dictatorship, vote Democrat.
  • If you believe that the Republican Party is composed of “Alt-Right Neo-Nazi Klansmen,” sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic bigots, then you have already been totally brainwashed and lost your mind. Even Forrest Gump knows what socialism is.
  • What does the KKK, Black Panthers, BLM, Antifa, any Islamist Jihadi group, anti-Christian atheists, neo-Nazis, Communists, and every fascist group have in common? They are all leftwing Democrats.

Democrats should be a distant memory for this, yet they are winning despite being completely anti-America.  In openly displaying their true nature it is thought they would be committing suicide but instead they are increasing!  The party that created Antifa thugs, Black Lives Matter police assassins, ISIS in America, and Latino-communist invaders is gaining ground.  The people who blame every mass shooting on the right when every last one has been committed by leftists, the people who invented bigotry and witch-hunting to destroy Christians, who created the #MeToo Movement to entrap conservatives but ended up taking down their own, the people who riot in the streets then declare that guns must be taken from Republicans to keep people safe are the ones who say they are the morally righteous.

In Marvel’s latest movie in the Avenger series, “Captain Marvel,” Superhero Carol Danvers is introduced.  She was duped by the Kree into believing she was fighting an evil invader only to learn she was aiding tyrannical conquerors.  You would think that even actors would come to realize how the left has been duping them with such great examples of how easily people can be misled if they are ignorant.  But no.  Instead, most embrace their ignorance and join with the deceivers to do their bidding.  This is how Hitler did it.  This is how Stalin did it.  And this is how Mao did it.  Today it is in America and the Democrats are doing it.

Morally intelligent people must wonder if these leftists can even smell the crap that spews out of their mouths and how liberals believe they are righteous when this crap fills their heads?  Must America fall into darkness before these liberal lemmings see the light?  After they jump off the cliff it will be too late to change their minds.

Twisted Democrat morality on crime

False Premise that any criticism of leftists is racist

The Feminazi Rat Pack on Cover of Rolling Stone

Democrat Terrorists Create Phony Republican Racism to Justify Their Hate

Liberal Values Ruining TV/Movies: Rewriting History in new “Robin Hood” Movie

More Backwards Liberal Thinking – Congress Paving the Way for Illegal Aliens

Leftists turn America’s superheroes against righteous patriots

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Investigate Trump’s finances?  Investigate Congress’ finances!

Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has started the destruction of the Trump family.  He has launched an assault that isn’t a prosecution, isn’t a witch-hunt, and isn’t even a persecution.  He is conducting a Communist-style backwards liberal search for evidence of any kind of crime for which he has first declared President Trump to be guilty!  This is NOT American justice!  This is Nazi persecution!  This is the Democrat Party of 21st century America and President Trump had better get off his posterior and take these people down in the most brutal ways!  The Democrat’s goal is not to impeach Trump as that they cannot achieve in their wildest fantasies, but to destroy Donald Trump and his family when they leave office so that no one ever dares go against Washington elites again.  Nadler thinks he can convince the people that Trump is a criminal and that Democrats are not trying to steal the election.  More like he had better work to convince the people not to shoot his traitorous totalitarian ass!  Why isn’t President Trump nuking this evil scum?

Nadler launches Nazi persecution to destroy Trump family by 2025

Rush Limbaugh: Jerry Nadler says, “We have to get the facts. We’ll see where the facts lead. Maybe that will lead to impeachment; maybe it won’t.” Wait a minute. If there aren’t any facts, then why are you doing this? Just like with Mueller. He wasn’t given a crime, and so this special counsel investigation became a counterintelligence investigation, and counterintelligence investigations do not seek out crimes, which is why this whole thing has been a gigantic hoax. But when did it start that just because you don’t like somebody, you can begin mass subpoena requests to “get the facts”?

In 2016, Donald Trump was accused of being a fascist.  He was accused of fomenting insurrection for not accepting defeat before the election.  Pundits declared “he endangered America’s ‘democracy’” in doing so.  Now, two years later, Hillary & Co. have not only refused to accept the outcome of the election but have been staging a coup attempting to overthrow America’s rightfully elected President.  America is NOT a democracy but a republic.  Democracies are easily corrupted by ballot box stuffing voter fraud and always degenerate into tyrannies of socialist elitism.

Now that Mueller’s two-year anal probe of Trump-Russia collusion has netted nothing but a pile of garbage persecutions of Trump supporters, Democrats are calling for an investigation into Trump’s entire financial history to look for anything they can call a crime.  Hillary couldn’t even understand the simple case of Trump losing $1B on a casino (which is easy for those who have the intelligence to understand simple math knowing that it has to be built first.)  If they are going to commit this crime against a sitting, duly elected president, then let them reap the whirlwind!

Every last Democrat’s finances should be examined with the same microscopic anal probe that is being used against President Trump.  Rep. Adam “Shifty” Schiff and his cohorts of Democrats calling for this investigation into every last scintilla of Donald Trump’s life is committing an absolute violation of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution.  These Democrats are committing a Constitution felony federal crime and treason at the same time!  No one has investigated Hillary or especially Obama who withheld many major personal documents from public scrutiny including his birth certificate, college transcripts, and employment records.  (A doctored copy of a birth certificate was produced after his second election.)

Democrats launch a subpoena cannon in search of crimes to fit their false accusations

Rush Limbaugh: NADLER: Our goal is to hold the administration accountable for the obstruction of justice, the abuse of power, and the corruption. We have to find out what’s been going on and we have to lay out a case to the American people and reveal it, because we have not seen an administration in a long time prior to this and we see so many attacks on the rule of law, attacks on the Justice Department, attacks on the press, attacks on the judiciary, the attacks on the norms that we depend upon to maintain democratic government.

RUSH: And what the hell is he talking about? Well, I can tell you one thing. When he says “attacks on the Justice Department,” he considers it to be obstruction of justice every time Trump has referred to the Mueller investigation as a witch hunt. That equals obstruction of justice. That is the president attempting to stop Mueller. That’s the president attempting to taint Mueller. And these attacks on the press. Now, the thing that Nadler conveniently omits or forgets here is that Trump doesn’t attack anybody. Trump reacts and he responds.

If a president saying he doesn’t like the media because of what they report on him is a crime, then Obama should be in prison!  Is it a crime to point out media lies by calling them fake news, or is it a crime for the news media to report propaganda lies to the people?  Is it a crime to point out that these Democrat prosecutors and investigators are not pursing evidence to prove a crime, but persecutions to create a crime?  As has been said, this is NOT America justice!  This is Nazi persecution and why isn’t President Trump bringing charges against these Nazis for violating the 4th Amendment of American law?

The old lie that America’s government does not persecute the defeated political opposition is being proven false as Democrats not only persecute the victors but now work to persecute all Republicans for voting against them by overthrowing the president they chose.  Most members of Congress did not enter their offices as millionaires, but all of them have become multi-millionaires.  It has been revealed that Congress has a slush fund of taxpayer dollars with which to pay off any women, men, or boy and girls molested by congresspeople to keep them quiet.  Schiff, the shifty little troll who wants to do the microscopic anal probe of Donald Trump’s life and finances, is known from a leak to have paid off a boy he molested.

What does he think he will find that an army of IRS agents hasn’t?  He’s only looking for any excuse to make bogus accusations against Trump.  Let the people see the records of Shifty along with all the financial records of everyone in Congress for the past fifty years!  If they are going to examine Donald Trump’s finances throughout his life, then they should suffer the same investigation and answer for what will doubtless be their many crimes.  Democrats in Congress have given themselves platinum pensions, Cadillac healthcare, and a judicial pass to commit insider trading while also using taxpayer funds to subsidize their business investments.  Talk about a cornucopia of criminals!

Americans are fed up and furious over the breaches by Democrats and the lack of action by deposed AG Sessions who made no investigations of those who defrauded the FISA court.  If President Trump is blocked from bringing charges against these criminals and traitors, then how is he going to overcome Democrat voter fraud in 2020?  Leftists are no doubt piling up stashes of provisional ballots with which to stuff ballot boxes in swing states in the hopes of stealing back the presidency.  How many Democrats are turned away at the polls told they cannot vote?  Is it because Republicans are racists as Democrats claim?  Or is it because Democrats have already cast fraudulent votes in their names?  Why is it Democrats never allow investigations into voter fraud and fight to deny voters ID laws?

Democrats will then use their power to criminalize Donald Trump for daring to bust into their tyrant club.  Why is it that Democrats can freely persecute Republicans, but Republicans do not prosecute Democrats for the real crimes they are known to have committed?  There is no possible way that Donald Trump could be voted out of office when he is doing a superior job of making America great again than even the great Ronaldus Magnus did.  Democrats are already calling him a tyrant who won’t accept the results of the 2020 election.  Should America surrender to the radical left that wants to destroy this nation?

Democrat Hypocrisy is Impossible When They’re Naturally Two-Faced

The Feminazi Rat Pack on Cover of Rolling Stone

Democrats Prove Themselves Wrong

McCabe and Mr. Mueller – A Democrat Coup Exposed

President Trump’s State of the Union vs. the Democrat Response

More Backwards Liberal Thinking – Congress Paving the Way for Illegal Aliens

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Why the Left is Manufacturing Racist Hate Crimes

As a Professor Emeritus of the Limbaugh Institute in the College of Advanced Conservative Studies, I am uniquely qualified to dissect and explain the dysfunctional mentality of liberalism.  The reason they manufacture these frauds of Trump Republicans as racists committing hate crimes is because they are not happening.  But they, in their psychosis, must pretend that they are occurring.  Thus, they create these fictional attacks to dupe the unwitty among them and the leftist media projects these tales to the public as if they are legitimate.  They are always exposed within a day and by the end of the week the con has been laid bare as the fairy tale of a deranged leftist hater.  But by the time that occurs the leftwing media has moved on to a new slander with which to attack the righteous.

Liberal Derangement Syndrome is a real mental illness.  It is the mental state of the weak-minded to believe the first lie they hear without question.  It is the mental state of the hateful to manufacture lies.  It is the mental state of the immature to adhere to illogical, emotional, dysfunctional beliefs.  Liberalism is a mental illness that is a debilitating sickness from which almost half of adults suffer.  What makes it insidious is that they don’t recognize their dysfunction.  They believe they are intelligent and make good moral sense in their own minds.  This leads to great difficulty in educating them to see beyond their own noses.  “Can’t see the forest for the trees” is a wise old saying that applies to liberalism that they can’t comprehend.

“Just as you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, you can tell a liberal the truth, but you can’t make him think.” – Dustin Koellhoffer

Arrogant Millennials Indoctrinated to Reject Wisdom as Obsolete

This psychotic behavior begins with their emotional response to being told they are wrong.  It is a learned behavior from childhood when they found they could evoke sympathy for themselves by telling lies to unwitting bystanders and escape the consequences of their wrongdoing.  Lying to conceal their own mistakes, making their lies believable to others, is how liberals develop a mental state in which they believe their own lies.  This is known as Mythomania or Pathological Lying.  This is especially true of Hollywood liberals whose job is lying convincingly pretending to be heroes.  Is it of interest that most some 80%-90% of military people are Christian conservatives but that 80%-90% of Hollywood and media people are atheist liberals?

Liars have learned that the best defense is offense.  When caught lying, their first response is to accuse those telling the truth of being liars.  They warp and twist the facts into illogical conundrums to confuse the issue and dupe those who cannot think better than themselves.  When half the world smears Christians, good-hearted people who believe in the teachings of Jesus the Christ, and paints them as demons of evil, there are no depths to which they will not stoop to delude those who lack a moral compass.  Deception is their number one tool.  Only a mature, knowledgeable person who knows both sides of an argument and the facts on which they are based can discern the truth.  That doesn’t mean that everyone can’t be fooled, but it does mean that only some of them can be fooled all the time.

Leftist media slanderers repeatedly prove they lack olfactory senses making them incapable of smelling the sh*t that comes out of their mouths.  Why do they instantly rush to judgment rather than withhold a story until they have confirmation?  They used to use the term “alleged,” but now they avow reports lacking any evidence.  They do not do this because they are being duped.  They are the perpetrators who promote these deceptions.  They get away with this because they rely on the short attention span of their oblivious viewers to advance their cause.  From week to week they manufacture new lies to distract, disrupt, and divide the people keeping Democrat haters in constant state of agitation and keeping some Republicans off balance disputing them.

Only by being exposed to the truth of the arguments from both sides can the moral person come to a rightful conclusion.  The leftist relies on instilling a bias against the truth in order to fool the unwary.  That’s why they constantly smear FOX News as “biased” when that network alone actually present both sides fairly.  When the leftwing media present the “facts” of the righteous they always do so through a false premise by which to slander them.  When they object to rightwing media presenting the truth, they use phony arguments to “disprove” them.  The leftist media is not biased because they are not journalists.  They are activists promoting Democrat propaganda.  In order to avoid being the dupe of leftist deceptions one must learn to reserve judgement until all the facts are examined.

Pelosi deletes tweet that supported Smollett’s hate crime lie

Leftist Fictional Hate Crimes

The number of hate crime scams being committed by the left has been increasing exponentially as President Trump works determinedly to beat back the forces of darkness and make America stronger, safer, and more productive.  When they say Donald Trump is the driving force behind racism in America, they are half correct.  It is true that he is their driving force, but the racism that is being generated is all by the Democrats.  They manufacture lies of hate crimes by Trump Republicans wearing MAGA caps that they color in their minds as KKK hoods because those crimes are not happening.

In their self-perpetuating delusions they declare that they are happening, but that people just don’t know about them because they’re not in the news.  If the media found an actual racist hate crime committed by a single Trump supporter, they would glom onto that like a tick on a dog and suck it till the dog’s desiccated body fell lifeless to the ground.  They would then perform the ultimate act of bigotry declaring that ALL Trump supporters are the same as the individual who committed the crime.

Greg Gutfeld crushes leftist hate crimes of false narratives

The Jussie Smollett hate crime against Trump Republicans is a case study in leftist deception, delusion, and derangement.  The liberal Democrat gay black actor went to the extremes of hiring two foreign black men to pretend to be white men wearing MAGA caps assaulting him while yelling racist, anti-homosexual slurs declaring, “This is MAGA country!”  The leftwing media took this bag of fairy gold and ran with it to the bank only to find they were holding a bag of sand.  Will any of them apologize to America for their lies?  Will these Democrats, who yell “Shame” at Republicans doing what is righteous, admit that they are shameful ones?

The axiom of the conman is “die with the lie.”  That means that they will NEVER admit they are wrong.  They will NEVER admit that they lie.  They will NEVER understand the lesson of Pinocchio.  And they will never stop hating the righteous for speaking the truth about them.  The left’s hate is the foundation of their anti-white racism.  White privilege, white nationalism, white supremacy as Christian Republican conservative ideology is their fictional construct to justify their own bigotry.  Their adoption of victimhood has warped their minds to the extent that they even call black conservatives “white supremacists.”  Liberals are so invested in their evil that they will forgive racists and rapists in their own midst while simultaneously judging conservatives for the least transgression and condemning them.

Deranged Trump hater pulls gun on MAGA hat wearing Republican

The true hate crimes in America are these leftists making false crime reports of racist attacks and rapes.  They tell these phony stories and, when they are exposed, they cry that though their story is false “it represents what actually happening in America.”  NO, IT ISN’T!  If it were actually happening, then there would be no need for frauds!  This bears repeating over and over that Democrats are frauds.  From root to fruit they are poison.  The entire Democrat meme that Republicans are racists is a black lie that has no basis in fact or reality!  It is a deception created to warp people’s minds that they believe because they choose to.

Spreading lies about others is considered so heinous that it is one of the Ten Commandments of God:

Commandment #9: “Thou shalt NOT bear false witness against thy neighbor!”

Democrat deceivers, liberal dupes, and leftist activists are not lost souls seeking redemption striving to live in righteousness.  They love their own lies.  Their hearts are twisted, and they would become that which twisted them.  Their souls are corrupted, and they embrace that corruption rather than strive against it.  They curse God as evil for sending their ilk to Hell.  The truth is that God doesn’t “send” anyone to Hell – they choose it!

Truth in Media

The key to understanding what is happening in America today is a moral war between the left fighting for depravity to smear the righteous.  Comprehending this conflict between the left vs. the right is the beginning of learning moral wisdom.  Wisdom is the sum of intelligence guided by experience fortified by knowledge founded in morality.  It is wise to believe none of what Democrats say and only half of what Republicans say.  Socrates taught me to question everything.  Examine the facts for yourself.  All people bring their bias to an argument and half of them deceive themselves.  Take to heart the teachings of Siddhartha – don’t let others tell you how to think or what to believe.  A righteous man can be wrong, but a wicked person is rarely right just as there are some police who are corrupt but there are few criminals who do good.

President Trump has called the fake news the enemy of the people and in they’re warped minds they reinterpret this to mean President Trump called journalism the enemy of the people.  Liberals constantly conflate what is good with the evil they embrace, e.g. conflating illegal aliens with legal immigrants then declaring that Republicans are against immigrants when they are only against illegal aliens.  This is purposeful to deceive people and they keep saying the same lies over and over following the Big Lie theory of Goebbels that if you repeat a lie big enough, often enough that eventually it will become the truth to people.  People are so thoroughly duped that lies become their reality and they fall for the same ploys that have been used throughout history.  That is why education in history is of paramount importance.  Technology has advanced over the ages, but people are the same today as they were two thousand years ago.

Definition of Insanity – doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result, i.e. trying to prove a lie in which one believes to be the truth.

The leftist media calls any conservative site that exposes the truth “conspiracy theorists.”  Part of that farce is because the government will not investigate Democrat crimes.  President Trump is unable to force this issue because half of Republicans would join with Democrats to impeach him if he did.  This would create a Constitutional Crisis that would result in a second revolution to overthrow the tyrants in Washington.  The slow transition to weed out RINOs is hindered by people being duped by Democrats.  In the past few months the nation has been treated to three major fake news attacks that became debacles for the left;

  • The Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearings where women accused the nominee of sex crimes  from decades ago until he was confirmed and then all of them recanted.
  • The Covington Christian school kids where the media slandered them as catcalling racial slurs at a Democrat activist only to find in videos it was the Democrats yelling slurs.
  • The Jussie Smollett scam wherein the media immediately condemned President Trump and all Trump supporters as KKK racists conducting a lynching until the police uncovered the truth behind the fiction.

There is no journalism in the leftist media, but it takes their victims holding them to account.  Their two-faced ideology and media subterfuge make holding them accountable for their actions require extreme measures.  Melania Trump successfully sued and won a massive lawsuit against the Daily Mail.  Nicholas Sandmann of Covington who was the focus of slanders and liberals is suing the Washington Post for defamation and he will win.  It takes actions like these before the left may stop to check themselves before they wreck people’s lives.

Being able to see past the liberal lies involves opening one’s mind to the facts that are presented outside the leftist media.  Unfortunately for America, most liberals never hear the truth.  They have been taught not to watch or listen to FOX and people like Rush Limbaugh.  The truth is a foreign country to them.  Truth is like a mountain around which is a road that travels upwards clockwise.  If one continues to turn right, one climbs to the peak and sees enlightenment.  If one turns left, one falls off the cliff to plunge down into the abyss of darkness.

Morally intelligent people don’t turn left.  The reason liberals are like lemmings is because they can easily be misled right off the cliff.  The reason socialism appeals to liberals is because it tempts their basest desire, which is greed.  They are offered an easy life where everything is free, provided for them at the expense of others.  Once they fall into the trap, they find that the elitists they elected to rule over them are the ones who live the lives of ease at the expense of those who lifted them up.

The degree of poison the left has injected into the America psyche can be measured by the number of fraudulent crimes being committed in which they are accusing Trump Republicans or racism.  Compare this versus the number of actual crimes committed by liberal fascists against Trump supporters.  The shooting on the Republican congressional baseball field was just the start of a string of violent attacks by deranged liberal Democrats.  They even attack kids wearing MAGA caps.  Their hate, fear-mongering, and racism of which they accuse the righteous is just a projection of what is deep in their own hearts.  The real hate crime epidemic in America is being committed by the left, by liberal fascist Democrats, against Trump voters and Christians.

A list of many hate crime scams

Praising Criminals, Condemning Heroes – the heart of Liberal Fascism

Their hearts are filled with hate as their minds are filled with lies living in fear of the truth because they are blinded by the light.  That combination leads them to commit the most heinous acts.  Leftists exploit Liberal Derangement Syndrome for their own benefit, and it is the responsibility of the righteous to expose them.  Righteous Americans must teach the ignorant about the evils of leftism that are founded in socialism that breeds greed resulting in fascism, communism, Nazism, and Islamism.  Such ideologies are all determined to destroy civilization founded in Christianity.  It requires not just living right but fighting for what is right.  Being an example is not enough because evil will smear and obscure the truth.  We cannot ever give up or give in because we know that despite all of the evil that is thrown at us that there is good in this world and it’s worth fighting for!

Leftist media doesn’t fall for frauds – they promote them!

CNN can’t let go of the lies

Anti-Defamation League corrupted to become leftist advocate

Conflict of opposites; U.S. Constitutional Law vs. Islamic Sharia Law

[Author’s Note: The sickness of leftism to manufacture and believe their own lies is almost impossible to overcome.  Most people refuse to admit they are wrong for the sake of their own egos.  Falling to the duplicity of socialism is easy for these people who don’t know any better.  Choosing righteousness is hard.  It takes character to choose to be a giver rather than a taker, to be willing to sacrifice rather than demand others feed your greed.  Each of us must choose between what is right and what is easy.

If liberals actually understood that getting jobs from the government means being paid by the taxes of working people, perhaps they wouldn’t be so quick to be a burden on others.  Rather than look for easy desk jobs they should try doing what most of us do who volunteer to serve in the military.  Sign up for the armed forces, law enforcement, or fire/rescue services and risk your life everyday serving your fellow Americans for that paycheck.  This is why the military in America holds such great esteem in the eyes of citizens but is so despised by criminals and America hating socialists.  The people who endorse abortion baby killing call America’s heroes baby killers for only one reason – to besmirch righteousness.

Socialism is a criminal endeavor to con the unwary and steal from the foolish.  This, like the global warming and racism scams are not hoaxing, which denotes some kind of prankster joke that does no harm.  They are intended to do great harm to the righteous by painting them as evil destroyers.  It is the greatness of America that the righteous, like Donald J. Trump, not only stand against socialism but are willing to fight as noble warrior heroes to reveal the truth and keep this nation free.  They serve this country, not as the land of the freeloader and home of the depraved, but as the land of the free and home of the brave.]

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on lies.  Conservatism is born of morality and bred on education.  Moderates are moral people in transition from the immaturity of ignorant liberalism to learned conservatism of adulthood.”

The Face of Evil

How Liberals are like Children

Slandering President Trump as Racist

When MAGA Caps “Trigger” Liberals

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McCabe and Mr. Mueller – A Democrat Coup Exposed

Liberal heads explode as McCabe confesses the Mueller investigation has been a total hoax in a coup attempt against the rightfully elected President Trump. The “walls closing in Trump” just fell over on top of Democrats.

Democrats have openly admitted that the Mueller investigation is a fraud.  Liberal heads are going to explode.  Those of us who have recognized this fact from the beginning are going to sit back and enjoy watching this rerun of the scene from “Kingsman.”

Finding the button telling libs Russian collusion has always been an absolute fraud

Justice is a dish best served smiling.

One of Obama’s disgraced former FBI operatives, Andrew McCabe, wrote a tell-all book detailing how he and his cohorts in the Obama regime attempted to take down President Trump via a coup.  He proudly wants to take credit for their efforts to undermine, sabotage, and depose the rightfully elected President of the United States, Donald Trump.  Now Democrats are laughably scrambling trying to gaslight Republicans saying that they haven’t been doing what they’ve been doing for the past two years – slandering President Trump in an effort to unseat him and anoint Hillary in his place.  Only their lemmings will believe them.  Don’t be surprised in a month when they say they never tried this and you are mistaken to believe they did.

McCabe brags about Russia hoax as their case collapses

As the congressional committee that conducted an investigation of Mueller’s evidence concludes, having examined what he has spent over two years and a hundred million dollars of taxpayer money collecting, they reveal that there is nothing in the testimony or evidence of anyone or anything that has anything to do with any Russian collusion, Russian vote hacking, or crimes of obstruction that were committed by anyone in the Trump team.  Mueller’s investigation is going to be brought to a close with nothing accomplished in deposing President Trump.  But he certainly went to great pains to gather and destroy evidence of the crimes of Hillary and Obama in obtaining a fraudulent FISA warrant with which to spy on the Trump campaign.

Leftwing fanatic Rep. Adam “Shifty” Schiff has vowed to continue to investigate Donald Trump’s entire life with a microscopic anal exam to find some crime somewhere in his financial records with which to charge him.  Aside from this being an extreme violation of the 4th Amendment, common idiots like Schiff have zero understanding of the finances of a billionaire.  Trump no doubt has an entire company of tax lawyers doing his finances every year to find every deduction he can legally take.  A prime example of how ignorant people can easily be duped over any millionaire’s finances was proven by Hillary during the campaign.  When she revealed that Donald Trump had taken a billion-dollar loss on a casino she laughed, “How can anyone lose a billion dollars on a casino,” and liberals were all agog.  The explanation of that is easy for anyone with half a brain.  You spend the first year building a fifty-story hotel in which to house it and deduct the cost of that as a new business.

Democrats in the House that the left took back thanks to RINOs giving them their seats, plus massive voter fraud in blue states using bogus provisional ballots along with giving the vote to felons and foreigners, will now spend the next two years undermining and sabotaging President Trump’s efforts to undo Obama’s socialism and make America great again.  They are making every effort to obstruct him from making America’s border secure.  Democrats are proving they are against the American citizen in favor of imported cheap labor from welfare voter slaves.  President Trump will declare border security being obstructed by Democrats to be a National Emergency.  Hopefully, he won’t allow some pissant liberal judge to obstruct him in court like they did over Moslem immigration as that would be like allowing a lowly judge to break the president’s role as Commander-in-Chief.

President Donald J. Trump is proving to be the greatest American president since George Washington.  No Republican has faced the challenges he faces today by leftwing socialists attempting to overthrow the Constitution to remake America into a socialist banana republic.  His efforts have been steadfast, and his heart has been true to America rather than the globalist elites that want America out of the way so they can rule.  Democrats and their media offer American citizens nothing but lies, scandals, deceptions, and hate.  Their fabrications that the righteous are the racist liars stand exposed to anyone who has eyes to see or ears to hear.  Liberals have nothing to which to cling except the hate in their hearts and the lies in their minds.

Pelosi threatens Trump that Democrat President could declare emergency to seize guns!


President Trump declares building the wall a National Emergency

American Gestapo – Mueller Takes Down Another Trump Supporter

The State of the Union is; Unstable, Volatile, Degenerating

President Trump’s State of the Union vs. the Democrat Response

Stonewalling Trump – Obama Shutdown Offshore Drilling and Coal Mining

Democrats Fight the Noble Cause of Saving the Planet

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AOC – Future Pelosi-in-Training

Socialism is a system of government whereby the elite’s rule over the masses and all wealth belongs first to the rulers.  Capitalism is a system of government whereby people can prosper from their own labor and rise as high as they can through their success.  What leftists teach liberals is that this is exactly opposite.  With a century of history proving leftism is wrong, how do liberals fall into the trap of being so thoroughly duped that they would cut their own throats?  Corporations didn’t become ultra-wealthy by stealing from the poor but by producing products everyone wanted and most could afford.  Socialists seize that wealth for the government rather than allow individuals to rise in society.

When President Trump said at his SOTU, “America will never be a socialist nation,” can we affirm that will be so?  Democrats say they are not socialists, yet at the same time the future of the Democrat Party is founded in people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka AOC, aka Chiquita Khrushchev, has openly declared she is a devout socialist.  She is the future Nancy Pelosi.  The only difference between Cortez and Pelosi is that AOC has not yet learned to be viciously duplicitous.  Both say the most galactically stupid things, both are leftist control freaks, both have diarrhea of the mouth, and both propose agendas that will destroy America as founded and remake her into a banana republic toilet.

The United States is predicated on the American Dream of prospering from your own labor without government confiscating what you earn.  The history of socialism is a history of the destruction of advanced cultures falling into tyranny in which all wealth is confiscated and people are killed off.  This is usually by revolution but just as often comes of democratic election.  Cuba fell by revolution, while Venezuela voted to become a socialist state.  Both saw their wealth get sucked up by those in power of their new socialist governments.  Never in history has socialism benefited the people yet fools like AOC believe it can be done right.  They always said it could never happen here but America’s future with Democrats is AOC; putting the “galactic” in “stupidity.”

The stupidity of AOC and Pelosi is only exceeded by the foolishness of the lemmings that elected them believing they speak intelligently.  In a sane, intelligent, educated world these and many other Democrats would NEVER be elected to office.  But they are now powerful congresswomen and, despite any scoffing by conservative unbelievers, AOC is the future of the Democrat Party.  Here’s a clue – when someone says something that doesn’t make sense to you, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are speaking so brilliantly that its just over your head.  Half the time they really are just speaking nonsense and voting for them to be lawmakers is just the blind voting for a blind person to lead them.  Cue the cliff.

Cortez says Trump is “scared of socialism”

How Liberals are like Children

The Green New Deal – How Liberal Science Will Save the Planet

Cortez says we have 12 years to save the planet

These are the existential threats to America as seen by Republicans and Democrats:

  • Republican – democratic socialists, liberal-fascists, Islamo-nazis, Latino-communists
  • Democrat – climate change, civilian owned guns, anti-abortion, patriots, capitalism

Democrats are all-in on Socialism

Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi has nothing to be proud of except obtaining power and making herself rich.  Her district of San Francisco is literally a human toilet with homeless illegal aliens pitching tent cities in parks and dumping their waste, including their feces, on the sidewalks and in the streets.  Democrats have given illegal aliens the vote in California and unless the federal government enacts laws against this then that state will continue to literally be a Democrat sh*thole.  Were it not for Democrats in D.C. funneling money to them from productive states like Texas that have growing economies then California, that used to be the nation’s richest state but is now listed as the poorest, would be exactly like Venezuela.

It was Pelosi who said such galactically stupid things like, “For every dollar of unemployment insurance, two are added to the economy.”  Cortez, like Bernie Sanders, is all-in on socialism “sharing the wealth” by taking money from those who work for a living and giving it to those who vote for a living because they are unwilling to work.  These people are not in a symbiotic relationship with the rest of the country.  They are parasites.  They are symbiotes of the Democrat Nazi Communist Party living off of each other by empowering each other.  They vote Democrats into power and Democrats give them scraps off of what they take on which to feed.  A large part of how Democrats obtain taxpayer money by which to subsidize their deadbeat base is through their global warming scam.

AOC declares loudly that the world will end in twelve years unless the United States makes radical adjustments to its use of fossil fuels to eliminate them in ten years.  She expounds on numerous other economic transitions in her Green New Deal that would effectively put the USA back into the 19th century while China becomes the world’s economic superpower.  She talks about replacing all gas-powered cars with electric cars.  Where she thinks Americans will get electricity if she does away with all the coal-fired electric plants when windmills and solar produce only 1% of the nation’s electricity is part of her “genius.”  She would have cars run on wind power, too.  (Picture your car with a sail on the roof.)  Banning cow farts and stopping whale poop used to be considered hysterically insane.  Now Millennials are advocating for those very things and they are gaining power in government in support of their lunacy.

She talks about eliminating airplanes by substituting high speed rail as if that can be built in a decade.  Refitting all houses to use solar panels rather than electric lines is a financial nightmare.  She hopes to achieve “net-zero CO2 emissions.”  This, like ObamaCare being “revenue neutral,” is just flat out Democrat lies.  We are already at net-zero emissions.  The planet’s ecosystem can process any waste that humans can produce even from industries.  When Al Gore exhibited his bogus hockey-stick chart his “scientists” measured only the CO2 output of industries.  The amount of CO2 that is actually in the atmosphere remains the same.  So, the Earth is not going to “super-heat” from any greenhouse effect.

Refuting global warming science is elementary

Follow the money of the global warming scam

Appeasing the Climate Change gods – the Science of Duping Liberals

Their published Green New Deal has been altered to hide these facts.  They say they want to use nuclear power, which is an outright lie since they’ve condemned it for decades.  They say they wouldn’t eliminate all fossil fuels, which is an outright lie as Obama already shutdown coal mining forcing states to get their coal from China.  They say they wouldn’t put restrictions and taxes on companies for their pollution, which Democrats already did through legislation like Dodd-Frank.  Everything Democrats propose would destroy the U.S. economy and, once the public gets wind of that, they immediately deny they would institute the very policies they intend to impose on America.

AOC flunked economics 101

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat’s Millennial upstart darling, gave another interview in which her galactic stupidity was on full display while the audience applauded her vacuous words.  This is simple proof that Democrats are uneducated as the mouthy Cortez, who understands economics about as well as Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren understands DNA, spewed garbage out from the garbage she took in from Boston U leftist professors.  The most telling moment came when the interviewer asked her about Marginal Tax Rates, and she ducked the question.  MTR is Economics 101 but learning to duck questions by deflecting is Pelosi 101.

For a graduate of Boston University with a degree in economics, Cortez understands diddly squat about economics and probably couldn’t win a contest with a fifth grader.  She slams Trump’s tax cuts that are fostering a job expanding economy and then says that Democrats can create jobs and make the economy grow by doubling taxes and paying people who don’t want to work.  The eight years of Obamunism in which her messiah already attempted to institute socialism was the worst economic debacle in this country since Jimmy Carter and FDR.  This is bass-ackwards thinking!  Her lack of understanding of economics was further exhibited in her attempt to use terms like “externalities.”

The Great Obama Depression; 2008 – 2016

This young fool believes she can dupe people by using words that the common person doesn’t understand, but some of us know how to use a dictionary.  Her use of the term “Externalities” from economics she claims can mean something like corporations polluting and the externality being government having to pay to clean it up.  This is as backwards thinking and opposite of the meaning of the word as one can get.  If one listens to her talk, she does this kind of backwards thinking constantly in everything she believes from socialism to global warming.  This is what socialists try to describe socialism as being – everyone working together to pay for everything for everyone’s benefit.  But that’s not and never has been what socialism is in practice.

An “externality” in business would be something like a car manufacturer producing automobiles with the externality being a bunch of service stations popping up to maintain them.  Cleaning up garbage is NOT paid for by the government!  Government actually pays for NOTHING!  Taxpayers pay for everything, and businesses are TAXPAYERS!  Those sanitation workers who the local government supplies to pick up your trash – they are paid for by your taxes!  Government doesn’t provide businesses with services that people in government pay for because no one in government uses their own money to pay for anything.

Scammers like Elizabeth Warren who say business owners didn’t build their business except through government aid reveals just how deeply flawed and backwards the thinking of Democrats to be.  Government salaries and benefits they give themselves all come from your taxes!  They use taxpayer money they take from businesses and the people who work to pay for the services government provides.  Roads and bridges and schools are all paid for by working citizen’s taxes.  That six-figure salary and Cadillac healthcare package AOC now enjoys she gets from taxpayer’s money just because she could talk over the heads of Democrat dupes in the Bronx to get elected.

Obama nuked economy in 2008 wants credit for Trump’s boom

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

Chiquita Khrushchev’s Socialist Utopia Dreams;

Aka – The Blissful Ignorance of Brainless Millennials.

AOC believes that government and people can live off phantom money.  She thinks the U.S. government can just print up money to cover its overspending.  She has no comprehension that this is how and why Venezuelans are now suffering under 1,000,000% inflation.  She thinks people can live on credit cards without paying their bills.  Those groceries you just bought?  You don’t have to pay for those.  Just use the maxed-out credit card that you don’t pay the bill on each month.  (You can do this because of the “externalities” being that you live in a white supremacist patriarchy that dominates you and you have a right to live free.)

Democrats vs. Republicans is a psychological war of fiction vs. reality.  What Republicans believe of Democrats are truths – that they endorse killing babies and importing foreign invaders.  What Democrats believe of Republicans are their fictions of white supremacy and corporate greed.  Democrat idiocy wants to abolish ICE and tax corporations into poverty.  These same fools believe the world will end in twelve years.  It will end for the USA if they get the power they want.  They hope to do this by duping the uneducated with their science frauds.  Twenty years ago, Al Gore’s “scientists” said the seas would rise 25’ by 2020.  But they haven’t risen an inch.  Don’t they want to give Obama credit for that since he said with his election the rise of the oceans would slow?

Democrats are living in a booming economy with the lowest unemployment on record and a thirty percent reduction in welfare rolls.  Yet they are in public saying that people are destitute, suffering from class warfare on the poor.  It is the greedy who are engaging in class warfare on taxpayers, especially those who become successful.  They say they want to create an economy that is fair for everyone.  What do they consider to be fair?  Paying people who are unwilling to work for a living?  President Trump is actually leading an economy in which everyone can participate and prosper, and they are damning him for it.  Socialism does the opposite and they are all begging for it.

H.L. Mencken said, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”  Certainly not leftists like Pelosi, the Clintons, and the Obamas who all got rich, not by building anything, but by taking bribes, duping people through a phony charity foundation laundering campaign donations, and manipulating the economy by subsidizing cronies on Wall Street while conducting insider trading investing in businesses that they subsidized with taxpayer money, i.e. they made millions from suckers by cheating in a way that would get civilians thrown in prison.  That’s why leftists accuse men like Donald Trump to be thieves because they think the only way to get rich is to steal.

Americans cannot afford for Democrats to regain power in the federal government or maintain their power in blue states.  They have corrupted the voter system with democratic elections empowering voter fraud rather than citizen elections.  Democracies always fail because the people become corrupt and vote only for goodies for themselves.  They only vote for corrupt politicians who promise them goodies and those corrupt politicians make themselves rich by taking from those who worked to earn their wealth.  That’s how socialism works.  They destroy economies by stealing the wealth that the righteous created through hard work, manufacturing products, and trade.

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on lies.  Conservatism is born of morality and bred on education.”

Rush: “We used to mock this Democrat lunacy and now Millennials actually believe this!”

This is not a joke.  Two generations ago who would have thought that refusing to be part of a gay wedding would result in criminal charges?  Who would have thought that there would be an argument over men in women’s bathrooms?  Who would have believed that Democrats would pass legislation allowing babies to be killed after they are born if the mother didn’t want it?  Leftist liberals believe the Constitution that guarantees life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was defective because it didn’t outlaw slavery from the get-go.  They want to replace it with a socialist manifesto – the same socialism that advocates for genocides.  Socialism IS slavery to the state, of all the masses submitting to the elites who rule the state.  What do they believe they will accomplish with this?

American Exceptionalism is not national hubris.  As the great culturalist, Rush Limbaugh, explains;

“American exceptionalism is simply an acknowledgment that America is the exception in a world of tyranny, a world of poverty, a world of bondage.  We in America don’t often stop, if ever, to think about this because we’ve never experienced anything other than America.  But the history of humanity is primarily a history of poverty, as opposed to prosperity.  It’s a history of tyranny, dictatorships, suffering, bondage.  I’m not making this up.  I mean, that is the way in which most people who have lived on earth since the beginning of time have not experienced the life we as Americans take for granted.

“We’re the only country that has a charter indicating and enshrining that the very existence of citizens and human beings is in a state of God-created freedom.  That charter, that Constitution was written by brilliant people whose primary objective was to keep it that way.  They sought to keep it that way — the focus on individual liberty and prosperity and freedom, pursuit of happiness — by limiting the role of government in day-to-day existence.

“The Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, specifically lay out what government cannot do.  The Constitution does not say what government can do.  It does not empower government in certain ways over people.  The Constitution reserves the premise of individual liberty and freedom for the people and gives the people the freedom and the opportunity to choose those who will govern them or lead them or what have you.  Most of the people in the world have never gotten close to being able to live under such circumstances.”

That is why people in the world are struggling to come to America, not striving to flee it as Democrats perversely believe, otherwise they would get out as they promised.

America means everything to the world

In 21st century American leftism leads to liberalism leads to socialism leads to communism leads to fascism leads to Nazism leads to totalitarian Imperialism in which all the people are servants to the rulers.  The rainbow dreams of AOC are just a fantasy of the ignorant by which corrupt politicians dupe them.  That’s why all socialist’s goals are the same; to take over all businesses and seize all wealth, eliminate all teachers who do not indoctrinate youths into the dogma of the state, and murder all those who refuse to live under their yoke.  Modern liberals don’t understand that they have been miseducated and misled to believe in the backwards thinking of leftist progressives who want to regress America right back into a state ruled by the elites.

Trump kills it at rally in El Paso crushing Democrat’s socialist agenda

Smart kid CJ Pearson – America’s future hope or bound for Democrat re-education camp?

President Trump’s State of the Union vs. the Democrat Response

How Liberals are like Children

American Gestapo – Mueller Takes Down Another Trump Supporter

All Democrat Dogma is Based on a False Premise

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The Face of Evil

This is a cultural Rorschach Test.  What do liberals see when they see the Face of Jesus?  Do they see the Face of Love and Forgiveness?  Or do they see the face of hateful racist oppression?

Leftists and liberals who look at the picture of MAGA hat wearing teenager, Nicholas Sandmann, as he is being assaulted by an adult Democrat activist banging his war drum in his face, all while a group of black racists scream threats at him, see racist contempt.  I see a boy standing like a deer caught in headlights quaking with fear desperately hoping to avoid a physical attack.  These boys were simply standing at the Lincoln Memorial after their tour waiting for their bus when they were waylaid by these racists for wearing MAGA hats.  What teenager touring the nation’s capital wouldn’t want to do so wearing the hat of the President of the United States?  (My question is where were their teachers that they allowed these boys to come under threat without intervening?)

Hate-filled Democrats say this cap is the new KKK hood, which would be considered ludicrous by an educated public who would know that Democrats are the KKK.  But the media has warped people’s minds.  The sin of pride is considered the worst of sins for good reason.  It is the sin of the self-righteous hypocrite who judges others to be less than themselves and condemns them for the sins they themselves commit.  This is the heart and soul of leftism.  Greed, envy, and rage round out their ideology.  The left projects their hatred, their bigotry, their racism, and their contempt onto others.  They typically see a picture with a caption and fly into a mindless rage without knowing a single fact, examining an entire video, or reading beyond a headline.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph sneak across the Egyptian border as refugees and demand food, housing, and that their son be taught in Hebrew.

The Anti-American Left

The left sees God as the oppressor and Satan as the liberator.  With such a mentality of backwards thinking how can there be any good in the Democrat party of today?  The DNC has slandered the GOP as Nazis and racists and have done so successfully because they indoctrinate kids in school rather than educate them, and the Democrat media amplifies their lies.  But Christian schools still educate their students and these haters cannot abide that.  Democrats falsely create the paradigm that Nazism is far right extremism when it is far left.  The Democratic Nazi Communists have used propaganda to smear the Grand Old Party as the racists that they themselves actually are and half of America is fool enough to be duped by it.

But that half consists not just of fools, but also of criminals and foreign invaders.  This has always been the heart of the Democrat Party from southern slavers to northern gangsters.  Is it any wonder that they believe the way to become rich is by taking wealth from someone else?  Is it any wonder why they think that’s how Republican businessmen do it?  The mentality of the left is so backwards thinking from what is righteous that getting past their self-righteous hypocritical judgment is like moving a stubborn jackass.

Jesus said, “Judge not lest you be judged.”

Liberals don’t understand what this means.  Thousands of liberals have condemned this boy on Twitter and threatened him and his classmates with death and destruction over their false interpretations and lies.  The school’s attorney has given them notice to recant their words, apologize, and make restitution or face a lawsuit.  I hope he brings every last brainless, two-faced, immoral celebrity to court to face justice.  Their condemnations based solely on their twisted interpretation of a picture is why people are so easily duped.  When Jesus said this, He meant that man should not judge others as if they are God to determine who is forgiven and who has chosen Hell.

But judging the evil that these people have committed is open to judgment from all.  Leftists lack a moral compass to understand the difference between judging right and wrong and falsely condemning others to Hell.  Judging the wrong in instances like this are open to all men just as is judging murder, rape, and theft.  The left’s false dichotomies of moral relativism are the trash thinking of corrupted minds that lack a moral compass.  These boys were innocent bystanders made scapegoats and targets by the evil people of the left.

Leftist Mob Terrorizes America led by Media Activists Posing as Journalists

Christian boy terrorized by leftists while on school trip in D.C.

Sarah Sanders destroys leftist hater’s lies

CNN says MAGA hat is KKK hood

The ugly face of Islamic hate for Christians

Covington lawyer gives ultimatum to leftist media and celebs

CNN Fake News Terrorizes Christian Teens

All Democrat Dogma is Based on a False Premise

Axis of Evil in America

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Leftist Progressivism’s Failure: Obama Face Plants into the Wall of Reality

Most Americans are unwitting victims of propaganda that warps their thinking.  Right thinking people remember the words and actions of the past.  Barack Hussein Obama proved himself the epitome of the pathological liar in declaring that those who disagree with him are liars.  Casting doubt on the truth is the primary defense of a sociopath, but even the most cursory examination of Obama’s past declarations reveals he is as deceitful and as two-faced as the god Janus.  Obama believes he can color the future by repainting the past.

Ingraham Angle – Obama tries to do a reset of history 11-28-18

Fruit of the Poison Vine: Isn’t Obama cool?  Doesn’t he just ooze confidence and regal hauteur?  Aren’t his words just dripping with honey and his demeanor glowing with honesty and wisdom?  Surely the women bedded by Ted Bundy thought that very same thing of him.  Satan doesn’t come to people as an ugly, smelly demon spewing bile.  He is the most beautiful of the angels who speaks with a melodious voice the honeyed words that sway people’s hearts.  He can lie with all the sincerity and confidence of one who knows how easily he can dupe the witless and unwary.  No doubt, right now, there are liberals who are so lacking of wit as they read these words that they believe I just declared Obama to be Satan!  Liberals are so easily confused by words and misled by implications and assumptions.  These are the same people who believe that Russia hacked the election, that Sarah Palin is so stupid she thinks she can see Russia from her house, and that all life on planet Earth will die off by the end of this century because of the fraud of man-made climate change.

“I hope he fails.”  No more patriotic words were ever spoken when America stupidly elected a Moslem socialist to be leader of the free world at a time when America was winning the war against the leftist ideologies of Islam and socialism.  These are the two systems of government that are diametrically opposed to and waging war on Christianity and the capitalists of the world.  They begin with infiltration and deception and continue by claiming to be victims of persecution as they conduct their own persecution of the infidels and westerners.  That persecution includes inflicting harm on people they seek to dominate and claiming to be victims when those people retaliate.  By this they justify their actions from deception to terrorism to open war.  They claim they are doing good by taking credit for the successes of others and casting blame on others for their own failures.  Barack Hussein Obama is a case study in Islamic Taqiyya – deception of the infidel.

This last week, Obama just openly and brazenly bald-faced lied to the world at a Rice University forum declaring that America’s current energy boom is his doing!  Do you remember his words during his presidency as oil prices rose as Gov. Sarah Palin said the solution was, “Drill, baby, drill?”  Obama said, “We can’t drill our way out of high gas prices,” that “this is the new normal.”  Do you remember his actions?  Obama shut down off-shore oil drilling, shut down drilling on federal lands, and tried to ban fracking.  Fracking is what has made America the world’s #1 oil producer over the vaunted oil fields of Saudi Arabia.  He supported the bogus claim that it causes earthquakes and pollutes the water table.  Who does he think he’s fooling?  The answer is; 40% of Americans who are easily duped because they lack education, a memory beyond yesterday, and are easily misled by the repetition of the Big Lie.

Everything Obama said on that stage is a contradiction of the facts.  He can easily be debunked by the least examination.  But actual critical thinking and examination of the facts are not in the liberal wheelhouse.  He lamented that when Cronkite was telling the news the country worked on “a common set of facts.”  That’s because back then liberals had a monopoly on the news that was controlled by Democrat propaganda.  Now that the Silent Moral Majority has a voice in media the truth is being told exposing their lies and people have a choice of which to believe.  It is just an unfortunate fact of human nature that two out of five people choose to believe lies even in the face of the truth.  When Obama’s talking points, lauding himself as America’s immaculate savior are examined by morally intelligent people, those who do not look back at his presidency through a drug haze remember everything.  When you remember what Obama said and what he did then the truth of his words changes from honey to poison.

The Mueller Scam is an obvious example of something that is impossible, for an outside government to subvert our elections, yet Democrats are taking tens of millions of dollars to conduct an “investigation” that is taking years when any investigation only takes a few weeks.  This “investigation” has morphed from examining the election to giving President Trump a microscopic anal examine going through his taxes trying to find a crime.  They implanted agents in his campaign, not to protect him from Russian agents, but attempting to plant a crime.  Then they tried to create a process crime of obstruction.  Now they are just torturing innocent Trump supporters in an effort to flip one to lie about him to smear Trump in the media.  This entire effort has become a symbol of the sickness of leftist deceptions.

The pièce de résistance is Obama’s constant declarations that he and his entire administration were without sin, that there were no scandals and no violations of even decorum let alone the law.  To believe this one must truly have their head where the sun don’t shine.  Gunrunning to Mexican drug lords, letting an ambassador get assassinated so he doesn’t blow the lid off of Obama’s arming of the Muslim Brotherhood to create the Islamic State, weaponizing the IRS against Republicans, and funding bogus green initiatives that all went defunct.  Obama stole more than just taxes but added an additional $10T in taxes from future generations making our children debt slaves to leftism.  His infamous claim he never insulted anyone falls flat on its face at the feet of “teabaggers” and “bitter clingers.”

The fact that no one in his administration was charged with crimes is more a testament to the left’s hold over the media’s and educational institution’s propaganda machine and Republican’s fear of it.  This is justified when liberals have been taught to associate the term conservative republicanism with Nazis, murderers, and inhumans.  The first two actually describe totalitarian leftist democratism and their abortionist policies, while the third is pure fictional delusion which is how leftists dehumanize their enemies to invoke justification for their crimes to destroy others.  Republicans studiously avoid prosecuting Democrat crimes so as not to be labeled as tyrants by the media.  Yet Democrats persecute Republicans both when in power and especially when out of power.  This backwards justice system is identical to Sharia in which Moslems are justified when persecuting Christians and Jews and exempt from being prosecuted for their own crimes against them.

Liberals are strangers to the truth

Confronting liberals with the truth has become extremely difficult due to their conditioning.  They have been brainwashed into believing that conservatism is Nazism and racism.  This is not hard to understand as terms fluctuate over decades.  The left deliberately uses different terms to describe themselves in order to conceal their nature.  In the 18th and 19th centuries they were the conservatives who wanted to maintain slavery and establish government tyranny.  Then they adopted socialism with its totalitarian offspring of Communism, Fascism, and Nazism.  They embraced those ideologies until they revealed their true natures in the 20th century and had to be put down.  That’s when the left usurped the name of liberalism that described America’s Founders.  The progression is as easy to see as their climate change scam that evolved from global cooling to global warming to climate disruption to climate change and now calls itself “climate science” to give them unearned legitimacy.

Propaganda begins with warping people’s perceptions of the truth through the presentation of falsified facts.

As in all things, leftists take what is right and corrupt it, and they have thoroughly corrupted the titles of Christianity and conservatism in the 21st century.  What we are on the right and left are Christian American capitalist libertarians vs. anti-Christian globalist socialist totalitarians, and if they could the left would usurp the title of righteousness as well.  Lucifer certainly saw himself as righteous.  When the left usurped the title of liberalism to conceal their true nature, that left the right to adopt the title of conservatism as now the roles are reversed.  It is liberals who want to be the progressives and turn America away from its Christian founding and heritage, and Christians who want to conserve their newfound way of life in American Exceptionalism.

Notice that both terms, liberal and progressive, began with Republicans and were usurped by leftist Democrats.  America’s greatest presidents that resided over America’s greatest prosperity were all Republicans; Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, Reagan, and Trump.  All the greatest Democrat leaders ruled over the nation rather than governed; Jackson, Cleveland, Wilson, FDR, and Obama.  All the presidential assassinations have been of Republicans except for JFK who was the only Democrat killed by a leftist communist for being too much of an American republican.

The left’s anti-Christian, anti-God factions consists of both atheists and Islamists intent on destroying Christianity and the freedom of America.  Trump is the only man with the courage to take them on head-to-head and he is crushing them!  But he is beset by enemies on all sides and cannot succeed alone.  What he should be doing is shutting down government until they build the wall, initiate federal voter ID requirements, and declassify Mueller’s bogus investigation to uncover the true criminals.  The only reason he doesn’t must be because there are enough RINOs to join with Democrats to impeach him if he reveals the truth of how deeply Washington swamp rats swim in their corruption.

Some NeverTrumper senators got replaced, but some seats like Sessions’ and Flake’s went to Democrats, and more like Romney joined the NeverTrumper arm of the party.  They fight for Washington elites while Trump is fighting for the taxpaying citizens.  That is why the left must slander Trump and his people at every turn.  To believe that Republicans are KKK Nazis is the epitome of mirrored delusions.  Such a fallacy can only be perpetrated by convincing those who can be fooled all the time that good ol’ boys became Republicans and that righteous Republicans became Democrats.  But Democrats remain the party that want the president to be a king, for elites to rule the masses, and for their totalitarian rule to be unchallenged.  They remain the party that takes to the streets to riot and commit violence and terrorism against Republicans as they have always done.

In their two-faced delusions, leftists easily convince themselves that righteous people are racist bigots while they declare in their own bigotry that Christian white men are the evil of the world.  They can only do this by warping their morality to become self-righteous hypocrites.  Such people are the ones who corrupted the Catholic Church in the medieval era to conduct the Inquisition.  That they modeled their persecution of anyone not a member of the Catholic Church after Islam is unknown to these modern inquisitors just as they have no understanding of how socialism is the ideology that murdered over 200,000,000 people in genocides and wars during the 20th century.  They haven’t a clue that Islam has murdered billions over the centuries through wars, persecutions, genocides, Sharia law honor killings, etc.  They are just told that the Christians invaded the Middle East in a religious crusade without ever being told that Islam had conquered the region and were continuing their wars of conquest from there as they raided neighbors throughout the world.

The failure of progressivism isn’t because the right has become racist Nazis and left Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt’s ideals behind.  Their rightwing progressive ideals are not what is being practiced by today’s leftists.  Today’s liberals are not liberals as defined by America’s Founders.  Socialist commie fascist Nazis have co-opted the term to conceal their true nature.  Today’s Democrats are not Christian American capitalists.  They are atheist anti-American socialists.  What few Democrats identify themselves as Christians like Obama, Pelosi, et al, betray themselves when they declare they endorse Islam over Christianity and abortion over life proving themselves to be false.  Those who are Christians yet support the Democrat Party are those who have paid no heed to the warnings of Jesus and are completely duped by false prophets.

American political divisions based on character types:

I have known many people over my lifetime.  Many are liars, many are honest, and many are confused.  I basically divide them into five categories;

  • Liars – most of whom just want to aggrandize themselves, but some who want to take something from others and will dupe them into giving it to them. They are the kind that when caught will call the truth speaker a liar and demand they prove the lie.  Most of the time they are easily caught.  But the most devious can get away with their crimes for years.  They do so by slandering those who tell the truth and only those who fully examine words and deeds get past their deceptions.
  • Dupes – these are people who are largely uneducated but whose egos convince them to believe liars because of flattery, pandering, or fear-mongering. They are often mis-educated and, like children, believe the first thing they are told and cling to it even though evidence proves it to be false.  They are the ones who can be told Sarah Palin is so stupid she thinks she can see Russia from her house and believe it without ever examining the source of the comment or the actual statement she made that is true.
  • Confused – these are the people who don’t really pay attention to what is going on. They will read the headline and never follow up to finish the story that gets to the whole truth.  They blindly accept the word of one side of an argument without examining the other side.  These are people that can be misled but eventually will figure out the truth often after it has cost them dearly.
  • Educated – these are the people who have learned, often the hard way, about how leftism uses deception to mislead people. They have studied far more than any young liberal who has not yet begun to learn how the world works.  Theirs is the foundational knowledge in math, science, history, sociology, and morality to give them good judgement and understanding.  Rarely can they be misled for any length of time.
  • Enlightened – to reach this level takes years of education, observation, learning, and understanding. These are the people who can immediately see past the ruses and misinformation that is inflicted on the populace by deceivers.  They know the history, science, and pathology of humanity and are not duped by any leftist scheme.  They are the most slandered, impugned, and feared people by the left who warn their zealots not to listen to them lest they hear the truth and potentially have an epiphany recognizing that they have been lied to and duped.

Democrats often say that Republicans are elitists who pander to the rich elites and use fear-mongering to corrupt people such as telling them foreign invaders will steal from them.  They lump people together in groups rather than take them on an individual basis.  The nature of people is always to project their own pathology onto others.  Anyone who examines how Democrats act would understand this.  Democrats take taxpayer money and give it to their rich cronies, donors, and lobbyists.  Where do you think $6,000,000,000,000 in borrowed taxpayer funds went during Obama’s tenure labelled as “quantitative easing,” “bailouts,” and “corporate subsidies?”

Anyone who thinks Republicans are “fear-mongering” over illegal aliens bringing disease and crime into the country is only because they are afraid of foreign immigrants obviously doesn’t understand two obvious facts; Republicans are the ones who support legal immigration, and a very large percentage of illegal aliens are violent criminals and diseased.  It is Democrats who make sanctuaries for these invaders and encourage them.  Those who believe Democrats don’t use fear-mongering on them has a vacancy between their ears when they are told mankind’s pollution will destroy all life on the planet and believe it.  What does it take for the light bulb to go on in those who suffer from living in that darkness?

Believing what is in the past to be good and the future to be bad

Thousands of liberals migrate to Venezuelan socialist paradise – NOT!

People are a funny lot.  They have the darkest view of their own times and the most rose-tinted vision of the past they view with nostalgia.  If only they could talk to their elders to learn what it was really like.  Oh, wait, they can, it’s called reading history and separating fact from fiction.  Just like today the reality is far different than the fictions people believe.  At the same time, they are easily confused by stories of slavery, colonization, and genocides because they don’t examine the facts beyond the headline.  They can be told that Nazis are rightwing radicals when they are no such thing but actually the farthest leftwing radicals can be.  They think because Russia and Germany went to war with each other in WWII that they are diametrically opposed.  They haven’t an inkling that the two were unofficially allied in a mutual pact the first two years of the war cooperatively conquering their neighbors such as dividing Poland between them.  That wasn’t a case of right vs. left, but of two leftists going at each other’s throat as they are always wont to do just as all thieves always do.

An except video map of WWII in Europe

21st century warfare has become far too lethal in which to engage, so the left engages in subversion through:

  • Socialist propaganda
  • Unarmed invasion
  • Importing Islamists

The real truth is revealed when you thoroughly examine the words and deeds of people like Barack Obama vs. Donald Trump or someone like Sarah Palin.  Obama’s open contempt for America as the evil in the world, and Trump’s open patriotism and Palin’s love for America as the good in the world is as plain as the nose on their faces.  Obama whose speeches are riddled with narcissistic references to himself vs. Trump’s exhortations of the people.  The left’s argument that America is evil, and that socialism is good, is as patently obvious, painfully corrupt, and as polar opposite as believing that God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator.  The truth is there for those who have eyes to see who are not blinded by the light and ears to hear who are not deafened by the cacophony of lies.  Stopping the left from stealing the nation through voter fraud and educating the people away from their indoctrination by the left will be a monumental task – one for which President Donaldus Magnus Trump is laying the foundation.  It is up to us to teach our children and their children that the ways of the 60s radicals are as flawed and false as the left’s teachings have always been.

Sebastian Gorka summarizes socialism

Rush Limbaugh defends conservative as it has been smeared and slandered by the left

“Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.”

Leftist progressives always strike at the children who know nothing

California AG goes to war with federal government to help invaders

Swedish school bans Christian play, promotes Islamic myth

California burning out Republicans

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Communist Victory as Democrat Voter Fraud Regains the House

America in declineThis is why they say to never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups.  That may not be fair as Democrats made their greatest gains in states they control where their governors have given the vote to felons and foreigners thanks to fools who swallowed the poison pill of democratic socialism.  America hating Democrats had two years to plot how much voter fraud they would need to overcome those who love America and it has paid off.  There are still absentee ballots to be counted in close races where Democrats produce much more voter fraud.

American nightmareThe Democratic Nazi Communist Party has successfully derailed the Trump Train.  The economy that Obama has been trying to take credit for is now in the hands of the left.  Nothing good will happen the next two years as they work to reinstate high taxes, regulations, open the border, and launch a thousand investigations to punish Republicans.  Psychotic Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of the city with poop in their streets, is once again in charge of the House as Speaker and third in line for the presidency.  The woman who took down the economy under President Bush, nuking it to get Obama elected, is now set to make Trump’s and Republican’s lives hell for the next two years.

trumptrain2It’s disappointing that Americans can both be so stupid, and the government be so wrong as to allow Democrats to give power to criminal felons and foreign socialists to decide a national election.  Americans were warned not to swallow the lies of the left that have poisoned political discourse for years.  You would think that Trump’s great economic and diplomatic successes would assure that wouldn’t happen, but the denizens of the swamp, both Democrats and their NeverTrumper RINO allies are now set to exact their revenge.  The economy Obama has been trying to take credit for that will now be sabotaged by Pelosi who will blame Trump.  And witless Democrat lemmings will jump off the cliff onto the rocks of democratic socialism to decline America once again perhaps to its ultimate destruction.

obama bsAmerica will now have a rerun of 2006-2008 when Democrats mucked up the nation to take back power.  A third term of Obammunism should be about all Democrats need to overthrow the Constitution and destroy the hated Christian shining city on the hill.  It is strange that this should be allowed to happen.  In 2010, Obama and his leftist comrades dreamed of having the love and admiration for a job well done with which President Trump has been showered.  Now the man who mesmerized Americans with his glowing rhetoric of rainbow promises can’t even draw flies.  It is a wonder that Americans could turn back from Trump’s prosperity to what they had under Obama managing the nation’s decline.  But maybe not such a wonder as people quickly forget and are easily corrupted.

President Trump calls Midterms a success – but I don’t see how unless he can subdue Pelosi


[Author’s Note – How does this happen?  Democrats packed Republican districts with criminals and illegal aliens whom they paid to overwhelm American citizens.  What do these people care if they break election law as they break American law every day?  This is why the Electoral College exists to prevent voter fraud packing by Democrat controlled states.  But it doesn’t work that way at the local level which is strictly majority rule.  Democrats are already plotting to change the 2020 census by declaring all illegal aliens to be citizens.  (They don’t want legal immigrants because they largely would vote Republican like the military because they honor and respect America wanting to become Americans.)  Democrats give power to socialist invaders from South America and Islamists they’ve imported for the purpose of overthrowing the Constitution.  This is the lesson of Muhammad who enlisted the worst of people in his time into his death cult.  It’s the tactic that has been followed by all leftists who opened prisons to allow their thugs to bully the people.  Americans were warned repeatedly of how Democrat voter fraud works.  This is why I said President Trump’s first mission must be to stop Democrat voter fraud.  Unless President Trump has some means of stifling Democrats while exposing their sabotage there is little hope that America will recover.  As liberals cry over not winning the Senate where the great man gained seats let us pray that President Trump can somehow transmute this lead balloon into gold.]

trump_obama_cartoonVote Democrat to Restore ObamaCare taxes on the lower class

Democrats Plan to Take Invading Army of Illegal Immigrants Straight to the Polls

Fear the DNC – Democratic Nazi Communist Party’s Thugocracy

Obama nuked economy in 2008 wants credit for Trump’s boom

GenerationsSocialism Means Free Sh*t

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9-11 We Will Never Forget!

As America continues to strive against the forces of darkness, Islamists spread their hateful ideology, invading and attempting to colonize Europe and make inroads into America.  They call those who know and reject the teachings of Muhammad “Islamophobes.”  Their socialist allies in the United States and Europe blame the victims of their jihadi terror attacks as being guilty and deserving of their fates.  America is still at war with Islam without most of the nation recognizing that Islam is at war with the world.  For those of us who serve and understand, this is an atrocity.  That the nation elected a Moslem socialist to manage the nation’s decline for eight long years has left us disheartened, exhausted, and filled with righteous wrath.  But the election of an American son, Donald Trump, to lead America back to greatness has given us hope.  Now we fight against the forces of the fascist left to keep them from terrorizing the people and slandering the good name of Republicans in their efforts to turn the nation back to Democrats.  9-11 cannot be erased, excused, or blamed on America.  It was an act of pure evil born of hate.

We will NEVER forget!

9-11 Sound of Silence

Lee Greenwood God Bless the USA

The Ground Zero Mosque

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Are Democrats Obvious or Oblivious?

When Democrats say Antifa is not part of the Democrat Party, who do they think they’re fooling?  Obama’s OfA Army of thugs, activists, and rioters consisting of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, and others are a far greater danger to America than climate change.  Disrupting people’s lives, destroying property, assaulting the innocent, and going so far as to assassinate police, the left is already waging a civil war to take control of America and cast down the presidency via a coup to establish their socialist dictatorship.  They are conducting these crimes through a series of civil disruption, importing foreign invaders, and through a propaganda campaign of false allegations meant to distract the oblivious and incense the rabid leftists.

They say white supremacists and the KKK are Republicans, except that both were created and endorsed by Democrats until Trump was elected.  Now they act in secret collusion with other Democrats.  Despite the fact that Democrat voters are rejecting openly socialist candidates, they and their leaders have surreptitiously embraced them and their ideology in the belief it will somehow benefit them.  What is it going to take for Democrat voters to open their eyes to realize they are being deceived into voting against their own country?

“Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.” – Edmund Burke

I have long said that liberalism is born and ignorance and bred on immorality.  The ignorance is not knowing the facts or understanding how the world works, and the immorality is in perpetrating and believing in lies.  Such duplicity is not wholly borne by liberals who are often indoctrinated dupes of the left.  Everyone is born an ignorant liberal, but most grow up to learn and grow out of it to become conservatives.  Only those who are devout leftists struggle to continue to maintain their façade of lies actually believing they are the good people as they serve evil.  The difference between ignorance and stupidity is that ignorance can be overcome.  Most liberals are ignorant of the facts that prove socialism is a malevolent ideology of elitists to rule over the masses.  But, having been informed of those facts, for them to continue to believe socialism can be beneficial is just plain stupid.

The importance to liberals of ignorance and stupidity

What do Democrats know of history?  Today they think that Republicans are fascists of the KKK.  That they are blind to the racist fascism of democratism is astounding after suffering under it for more than a century.  They reject Republican Americanism in favor of the ideology of America haters and invaders who want to unmake America.  Do any of them even know, understand, or even have the most basic knowledge of history necessary to comprehend their dysfunctional thinking?  When they reject the Constitution, capitalism, and Christianity that are the foundational principles of America have they any right to even claim to be Americans?

Unfortunately for America the average person learns history from Hollywood that fictionalizes much of it for dramatic effect – as if the actual drama of history wasn’t interesting enough.  For example, the latest series on Rome has a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, bearded Julius Caesar leading legionnaires swinging their swords in mob fights.  Anyone who knows anything about ancient Rome knows they were all dark, clean shaven, and fought in formation with their thrusting swords which is what made them so devastating against foreign hordes.  But that’s not nearly as fun and exciting as hacking and splitting skulls.

Even in the movies of an asteroid hitting the Earth the cowboy version, “Armageddon,” is a far more entertaining movie than the realistic version, “Deep Impact.”  The comic book style “300” will keep kids glued to the screen, while the original “300 Spartans” that tells the real history will put them to sleep.  The story of “Braveheart” is beautiful and inspiring, but aside from the names and a couple of battles, none of the events depicted occurred.  Modern Hollywood has taken history and made it into their comic book versions that, while exciting, bear no more semblance to real history than Lincoln fighting vampires.  The names are the same, but everything else is fiction.

Explain how Hitler and his Nazis rose to power

Those who call Republicans fascists, say Trump supporters are racists, and compare The Donald to Hitler don’t have the first clue who or what any of them were.  All they know are the names and what they are told to believe – that Hitler was a monstrous far right Christian who slaughtered people in diabolical ways.  They don’t know about Stalin’s purges how he starved millions of Ukranians.  They don’t know about Mao’s “re-education camps” where a hundred million educated Chinese “disappeared.”  They don’t know about all the socialist dictators that have hoovered up the wealth of the nations over which they took control.

Antifa thugs say they are fighting fascism, but they are the fascists using the same tactics, having the same goals, and committing the same crimes as Mussolini’s Black Shirts and Hitler’s Brown Shirts.  Black Lives Matter say they are fighting racism, but they are the racists slandering all white cops in their bigotry.  Obamaites say Trump is a Hitler wannabe, but their messiah is everything Hitler was as evidenced by how he rose to and abused power.  If they knew the first thing about Hitler they would recognize that Obama is his brother, while Trump is his antithesis.  They say Trump is working as Putin’s puppet.  Yet one glance at how the two interact, at how Trump is treating Russia, and that lie dies an ugly death.  But what do you expect of people who reject Christ as the Redeemer and Satan as the Deceiver, instead seeing God as the Oppressor and Satan as the Liberator?

How do liberals believe Hitler came to power?  They believe he overthrew the German government.  They do not understand that he was elected by his charismatic speeches promising them the Sun, the Moon, and the stars just like Obama did in America 2008.  They do not know that he was a nobody of no accomplishment except to convince people to follow him and elect him to power, and once in power he abused it severely.  This does not describe Donald Trump but does describe Barack Obama.  Trump is a man a superlative accomplishment who suffers none of the greed of lesser men.  Contrary to liberal beliefs, becoming rich is not a sign of being greedy.  People do not become wealthy only by stealing from others.  That is a purely leftist ideal.

How Obama, Hitler, and the Star Wars Emperor are the same

Try this; ask yourself which party employs thugs and rioters?  Which party calls for censoring speech?  Which party has been using government as a weapon against the people?  Which president said, “Tell Vlad I’ll be more flexible after the election,” Obama or Trump?  Which president said, “The 80s called and want their Cold War mentality back,” Obama or Trump?  Leftists in the media and Democrat regime claim Trump is stifling their free speech just like Hitler did.  How many of them are in prisons awaiting execution?

To which party does the group Antifa belong when they chant, “No borders. No wall. No USA at all!”  Democrats, who say they want open borders, claim Antifa radicals are not part of the Democrat Party, and then they echo exactly the same policies.  The actual ideology of left and right can be laid out as the conflict between those who believe in oppression and those who believe in liberty.  The various ideologies to which sociologists refer fall under either category in ways that are contrary to what leftists teach.  That’s because the left does not want people to understand the truth.

The American form of government vs. the leftist form of rule

Simply put, the left is never right.  All their policies are wrong if you want liberty.  The left is the negative pole of both societal and individual character in which the glass is always half empty, and others are to blame because the leftist never takes responsibility.  Everything of which the left accuses the right of being is of what they themselves are guilty.  Theirs is the pathological mentality of projecting their emotional reasoning onto others and denying the truth in themselves.  That’s how they justify stealing from others, from pinching their wealth to taking credit for the successes of others.

Left vs. Right in society, government, and religion

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

The characteristics of left vs. right are the dividing line between what is malicious and what is benevolent.


Leftism vs. Rightism, liberalism vs. conservatism, censorship vs. free speech, bigotry vs. justice, racism vs. righteousness, violence vs. peaceful protests, endorsing criminals vs. endorsing patriots, slandering police vs. honoring police, burning the American flag vs. singing the National Anthem.


Democrats vs. Republicans, socialism vs. capitalism, Occupy Wall Street; Black Lives Matter; Antifa; Organizing for America; The KKK; White Supremacists; White Nationalists; all vs. the TEA Party, Socialist fascists; Nazis; Communists; Islamists; Elitist Imperialists; all vs. Americanism, Jim Crowe laws; oppression; segregation; all vs. liberty.


Atheism and Islamism vs. Christianity, believing God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator vs. believing Christ is the Redeemer and Satan is the Deceiver, Muhammad vs. Jesus, Jihad vs. The Great Commission, Schism and Inquisition vs. The Reformation.

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

The divisions between left and right, good and evil, become stark when you know the truth behind the facts of each.  Much can be understood by the young if they take the time to learn.  Most don’t start truly realizing the truth until they are thirty, which is why leftists say,

“Never trust anyone over thirty,”

and the rightists say,

“Never trust anyone under thirty.”

When Churchill said,

“If you under thirty and a Conservative, you have no heart.  If you’re over thirty and a Liberal, you have no brain.”

it takes an adult to understand what he meant.

Ocasio-Cortez proves that stupid people don’t realize they’re stupid

Elizabeth Warren says, “U.S. Justice system is racist from front to back”

To be a Democrat one must either be a leftist or a liberal.  Leftists are the ones who promote their lies and liberals are the fools who believe them.  When Elizabeth Warren says the justice system is racist from front to back, she means that the entire legal system of the United States, from the cop on the street to the lawmakers in Washington, are all racists.  This should be a galactic joke coming from a Democrat of the party of racism, the KKK, and segregation, were it not universally accepted by liberal lemmings.  Lemmings would not be dangerous if it were they the only ones stupidly running off the cliff into the sea of financial ruin, but they want to force everyone else to join them.  The simple truth is that Warren, et al, are creating a fiction because there are no white supremacists on the right.  They are still Democrats and their goal is still the destruction of this country to make the elites rulers and the citizens servants.

Dinesh D’Souza, “No white supremacists are on the right”

From the betrayal of Obama, to the lies of Hillary, to the treachery of Schumer, to the doddering of Pelosi, to the economic dysfunction of Warren, to the idiocy of Waters, to the deluded fantasies of Cortez, to the ancient dreams of Bernie, to the brain-dead lemmings that vote for them, the Democrat Party is going down the toilet and trying to take America with it.  The left has ever been the creator of the Big Lie and the only counter to that is the bold truth as told by Christian conservatives with the courage and conviction of the likes of President Donald J. Trump.  That is why we elected him to steer America away from the cliff.  The left wants to have Democrats in power to impose their laws, import their invaders, and do away with police protection of the citizens.

Countering the Big Lie with the Bold Truth

It must be understood that liberals are Democrats only because they are ignorant louts who haven’t grown up to learn how the world works.  I was one forty years ago.  They don’t understand the economy, business, or finances because they’ve never done anything of significance even if they have worked a job.  They don’t understand expenses, payrolls, overhead, or simple math.  That’s why Hillary was able to mock Trump in the eyes of a pack of fools and they all ignorantly agreed with her saying, “How could Trump be a billionaire when he’s so incompetent as to lose a billion dollars on a casino?”

The answer is simplicity itself – you build it!  Skyscrapers don’t spring up out of the ground like daisies fully equipped and ready to go.  It takes over a year to build one of these great hotels and install a casino in it before you get it running and raking in money from the suckers who attend.  That first year requires an investment that is an initial loss, and that is the same kind of loss that every business suffers on start up.  Anyone who knows anything about running a business knows it takes an initial investment and that is when you suffer the greatest losses for a tax year.  Trump took that loss his first year building his casino and Hillary is perfectly aware of this but quite content to dupe her ignorant followers.

Likewise, as anyone who has ever run a business knows, the government didn’t build it.  Government didn’t build roads and schools to educate working people out of the goodness of their hearts as an investment in the country to help businessmen.  Businesses paid for those services to be provided for them through their taxes.  Socialists fail miserably in understanding that nothing is free, that someone must pay for it, and the people who pay for it are working taxpayers.  Taxes don’t come from people who don’t work, so without those jobs that entrepreneurs create none of those roads or schools would have been built!

Liberals think school is free because they don’t know their parents paid taxes to build and operate the schools, to pay teacher’s salaries.  And in return many leftists have become teachers to corrupt their children’s minds.  This is the kind of ignorance that is going to ruin America.  Worse, once liberals are told this and they reject this knowledge they are no longer ignorant.  They are then just being stupid.  As Forrest and Larry say, “Stupid is as stupid does,” and, “You can’t fix stupid.”

Teaching leftist two-faced pathology

So, what is “democratic” socialism?  That is where socialist elites dupe fools into believing they have a choice.  Socialism is always a tyrannical dictatorship that forces all the people to act in accordance with what the elites say they can do.  Feudalism, Imperialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, and Islamism are all the same type of totalitarianism that fall under the umbrella of Marxist socialism.  Stop being a lemming and break free of being part of the “some of the people” of whom Lincoln spoke.

Taxpayers and those in the military, armed forces, law enforcement, and fire/rescue, who vote for Democrats to take their wealth and invite foreign criminals to invade are the quintessential chickens voting for Col. Sanders.  Nothing good has ever come from leftism or Democrats.  All they take credit for, winning wars, the space race, bringing down the Iron Curtain, was all achieved by Republicans and conservatives.  That’s why Republicans are always the primary targets of assassins.  That’s why Kennedy was assassinated by a communist for not being Democrat enough.

The solution to saving America is not lowering the voting age to sixteen as Democrats desire to allow the younger more gullible fools to vote, but by raising it to twenty-five so that those who are not living in the closed society of schools make the right choices.  America is in danger of being subsumed by leftist invaders and usurpers.  Those who strive to convince the ignorant that America is not the greatest force for good in world have no business ruling it.  Vote wisely, and if you don’t like your Republicans because they are RINOs working with Democrats rather than with Trump against the leftist agenda, then get involved in the primary process and elect better Republicans.  Just beware of those who are leftists pretending to be righteous.

Candace Owens crushes racist Democrats as moderator tries to cut her off

Delusional NY Times reporter says Trump wants to round up and murder people

Truth Isn’t Truth Where the Media and Obama’s FBI are Concerned

Liberal stupidity is trying to indoctrinate our children

Democratic socialism the belief of blithering idiots

Understanding Democrats:

Praising Criminals, Condemning Heroes – the heart of Liberal Fascism

Democrats cheer as liberal stupidity sweeps the nation

The Treason of Trump and Obama

In Search of a Crime – the Saga of Mueller’s Witch Hunt

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The Delusional World of Liberalism

“Hitler was a Christian, which would make Jesus was the first Nazi.”

Skepticism – a word liberals do not understand because they apply their beliefs through bigotry – another word liberals do not understand because they assign it only to white men, Republicans, and Trump, condemning conservative Christians while at the same time believing themselves to be righteous, which makes them bigots.  The believe themselves to be intelligent, enlightened, happy, and just, when all of the riots and every mass shooting have been conducted by liberal atheist or Islamist Democrats, and not one by conservative Christian Republicans.  Half of the nation has been so thoroughly duped by deceivers of the Left that they justify their bigoted hatred of America while projecting their temperament onto the righteous who are the inverse of them.

Liberalism and Conservatism Defined – Defeating the Left’s Coup

Deranged Media Plays to Deranged Audiences Leading to Deranged Acts

Clapper: Spy in Trump Campaign Was a Good Thing

Liberals lack skepticism of leftist politicians and their media propaganda.  They listen to what CNN and MSNBC tell them, hear the words of a Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, or the likes of a Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer, and swallow them hook, line, and sinker without question.  They believe them when they are told that FOX News lies, to not believe anything FOX pundits say, without making any attempt at examining their statements.  Conservatives listen to FOX skeptically and question what they hear from both sides to hear the other half of the story so they can judge the truth.  Liberals do not know what conservatives really think.  They only know what their comedians teach them to mock.  They only know what their demagogues teach them to fear.

Liberal Democrats Adopt MS-13 Terrorist Animals as their Dreamers

Conservatives hear what they say and examine it to confirm the truth or falsehood of their statements.  We don’t take anyone’s word for it.  When it was reported during the campaign that Trump was a Democrat who said he’d “run as a Republican because they’re stupid,” we examined this claim to discover it was a lie meant to turn Republicans away from Trump.  Those who were fooled became the NeverTrumper movement.  Despite Trump’s great accomplishments for conservative Christian Americans they are still convinced he is unworthy, which leads some to believe that they, too, are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  That’s why when the liberal media proclaimed that Trump said all immigrants are animals we immediately knew that was false and found out what he really said.  That’s called critical thinking, a capacity liberals lack.

Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality

Liberals have no understanding of life, including simple math, let alone business, history, or culture.  Theirs is a world of misconstrued reality taken out of context by foolish assumptions based on false premises.  In liberal world city folk are cultured nobility and country folk are dumb hicks.  They do not see city people as including the most corrupt and country people as mostly people of godly moral faith.  They don’t see that there are few good people in the city and few bad ones in the country because people are held more to account to others when they know each other than when they are strangers.  They think in absolute terms and only see what they think is the best in themselves and the worst in others, which guides their bigotry.  They use their own self-righteous hypocrisy of two-faced liberalism to judge others, yet they do not understand see morality seeing it as gray rather than black and white.

Their lack of moral education results in a lack of a moral compass, so they confuse what they think of as good and bad with what is right and wrong.  They reject the societal construct of morality, but rather adhere to their belief that morality is an individual choice.  This opens the door to justifying criminality in their minds as righteous if it suits their purpose.  Their ignorance of history causes them to confuse Republican liberty with Democrat slavery.  The result of all this is that liberals today are confused about who stands on the side of right and who stands on the side of wrong, i.e. the Left.

The difference between the righteous and the ignorant is that the righteous educate their children.  The wicked indoctrinate them through oppression, threats, force, or coercion, and if all else fails, they kill them.  To be righteous, one must understand and institute justice.  Justice is not right for one side and wrong for the other.  One side’s actions cannot be wrong if they are the same for the other side that are right.  If Obama and Hillary spying on Trump is right, then Trump spying on Obama and Hillary is right.  If it is not, then you are wrong.

Liberals believe the lies they’ve been taught without question

Today’s liberal Democrat believe; Republicans are the party of the KKK and slavery, conservative Christians are neo-Nazis, Trump is a tyrant stealing from the poor, Democrats are sons of liberty, Antifa are freedom fighters, and Obama had a roaring good economy, was making the world safer, medical costs cheaper, and helping the poor of the world to whom America owed her prosperity by sharing that wealth.  Liberals have adopted America’s enemies and criminals like Islamo-Nazi terrorists, BLM assassins, and MS-13 animals as their Dreamers.  The only dream of these terror groups is the destruction of America.  That Democrats make common cause with the worst evils in the world tells you everything you need to know about the true nature of the Democrat Party.  Liberals agree with Hamas that used innocent children as human shield in their terror attacks on the Gaza border and blame Israelis for their deaths.

The liberal media is not reporting news, but disseminating propaganda while covering up Democrat crimes.  Now that the Obama regime’s spying is being proven, the leftist media is publishing stories of these crimes, not to condemn these crimes as being ultra-Nixonian, but justifying them!  This is how leftists rationalize their immoral hearts to lie to the people, steal from the rich, and persecute the righteous.  Leftists attempt to manipulate the righteous through lies and false accusations.  The real racist bigots are people who declare white people are all racists, cops are all racists, and that Christians are all bigots by using the false flag of white privilege to advance their own racism.

The Deep State Will Go to Any Lengths to Get Rid of Trump

Liberal media lauds FBI’s criminal spying on Trump as justified

This is how liberals justify committing crimes and trashing American businesses.  They declare that they are the pure of heart, that Republicans are the ones who are corrupt, and that the illegal, unconstitutional crimes they commit against Republicans, like spying on the Trump campaign or putting their iron boot on the necks of businesses demanding graft as racketeers, is therefore justified.  Liberals set themselves up to take the fall by elevating themselves as noble when they are the worst of the corrupt who are too stupid to realize they are exposing themselves.

“If you own a business, you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.” – Barack Hussein Obama echoing Elizabeth Warren’s stupidity

“There is nobody in this country who got rich on their own. Nobody. You built a factory out there – good for you. But I want to be clear. You moved your goods to market on roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory… Now look. You built a factory and it turned into something terrific or a great idea – God bless! Keep a hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.” – Elizabeth Warren

No more ignorant statements have ever been made about what it takes to run a business.  No more stupid statements have ever been made by people in government of how services work.  No more deceitful statements have ever been made by politicians seeking to dupe people into stealing from those who work for a living.  Children do not understand how adults run businesses, and that is the competence level at which ignorant liberals operate.

Everything Obama and Warren said was 100% backwards.  Government does not enable people to build businesses.  Businesses enable people to have an income from which the government collects taxes and provides those services for which the people pay.  Roads, schools, police and fire protection, all come from people’s taxes.  This isn’t even a case of which came first!  Businesses come before jobs, which come before taxes, which come before government services.  Government does not provide services out of the goodness of their hearts or pay for them out of their own pockets.  In America, government provides those things because that is what the people told them to provide.  The people pay for those services by pooling the community’s money to pay for them.  Nobody built that business except for the entrepreneur who made the effort to lead people in working together.  The federal government does not own the roads and schools and protectors of the nation – the people do!

Trump the True and Righteous Man

Obama says that, unlike Trump, his regime was transparent and scandal free, which even on cursory examination is proven the opposite.  The passage of ObamaCare and spying on the Trump campaign alone prove both lies, while Trump has been everything Obama was not with only Democrat propaganda saying otherwise.  Unlike Trump, who built a billionaire real estate empire, Obama and Warren have never built a damn thing in their lives, except a coalition of fools they duped into voting for them to steal from businesses like Trump’s.  Trump had no reason to lower himself to compete with politicians except; to either duplicate Obama’s corruption, or clean out the corruption in Washington.  That he has made America prosper and grow rather than decline and lie about it proves he is doing the latter.  Now if he could only overcome the establishment obstructing him from bringing the Obama regime and their criminal spying, graft, and voter fraud to justice.  But such action will certainly collect a few RINOs in the dragnet.

American business is booming again thanks to Donald Trump vacating Obama’s socialist dictates.  Democrats do not encourage business growth but shake down businesses like thug gangsters offering protection from themselves.  As exemplified by their attitude, they believe businesses, like the common people, exist to serve them.  Liberalism is the ideology by which leftists convince fools to destroy themselves.  They pander to the greedy by offering to steal for them, and then enslave them through deception by encouraging ignorant fools to surrender their liberty and prosperity to give Democrats power.  Leftists are the immoral and corrupt believing that the masses exist to serve the elites.  Their immorality is personified in genocides that they have committed throughout history to make life better for those who serve by taking the lives of others; like Hitler’s Holocaust, Stalin’s Purges, and Mao’s New Democracy that are all catchy phrases for Thanos-style genocides.  The belief that the “human herd” must be culled over the irrational belief in the Population Bomb taking food out of the mouths of others is a defining characteristic of the Left.  It is fair and just to them to live better because they have no moral concern for the other half they slaughter.

What this all proves is that liberalism really is a mental disorder that is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  Their beliefs are built on lies, distortions, half-truths, and fictions to which the liberal adheres through blind faith.  How do they reach their fallacious conclusions?  How do they believe fantasy movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” are documentaries?  The same way they reach their conclusions that CO2 from cars and coal is going to end all life on the planet – through dysfunctional logic founded in falsehoods and foolishness.  There is a reason liberalism is a part of leftist ideology.  It is based solely on assumptions molded by lies, innuendo, and implication.  If you debate a liberal you will find a person devoid of knowledge and facts or, if they know some facts, a person who is deliberately misconstruing the truth in order to dupe the unwary so he can steal from them.  If you’ve ever seen The Carbonaro Effect, a street magician who dupes people into believing the most ridiculous things, then you have seen examples of how easily liberals are fooled into believing things that cannot possibly be so.

Americans of African descent have been thoroughly duped into believing their former masters of the Democrat Party are now acting for their benefit when they are clearly just using them for minimal cost.  So long as they vote for them their Democrat masters reward them with welfare funds stolen from working taxpayers.  They are then duped further into believing that those who have fought for their freedom are the racists who would unjustly imprison them.  The descendants of those were chained as slaves through force and fought to be free are now voluntarily choosing to be slaves to the same people for bread crumbs from their table.  They pretend they are suffering the oppression of their ancestors when they are only suffering from a prison of their own making.  The prisons they occupy for criminal acts they call slave camps built to imprison blacks rather than punishment for being criminals.  What’s galactically stupid is that blacks are encouraged by Democrats to drop out of school, do drugs, and glorify gangsters to become criminals, and then cast themselves as the victims so they can blame those against whom they commit crimes as being the perpetrators of oppression.  It has become a sickness in America that liberals believe themselves to be righteous even as they commit crimes against humanity.

Laura Ingraham Black Racists Make Trump Leader of the KKK

These people remind me of my young woman of my acquaintance.  This teenage drama queen would always have some disaster taking place in her social life.  What she didn’t see was that she was creating those disasters herself by how she treated others.  My own daughter, thank God, had the good sense to see through her just as I did.  This is how liberals justify blaming others for the woes they create for themselves.  They sow disasters and then blame others for what they reap.  Europe is doing that now by inflicting Islamism on their people.  This began under Obama’s direction to colonize and conquer the Christian West with the anti-Christian cult of Muhammad.  That is the very definition of the leftist vs. the righteous.

Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

In the Bible, Lucifer decided he was as good as if not better than God.  His basic characteristics are the character traits of the Left – vanity, selfishness, and deceit.  They deceive themselves as to their own merit, place themselves ahead of all others, thus rendering them creatures of greed and envy, and deceive others of the truth.  That’s why the liberal’s false paradigm that the far right are totalitarian Nazis to balance against the far-left totalitarian communists makes the center their preferred political high ground.  The reality is that the far left is totalitarianism of socialist Communists and Nazis and the far right is liberty.  To be clearer, if Satanic selfishness and deception are the far left then the far right is Jesus.  Who interprets Jesus as being king of the Nazis?  Jesus is the Messianic King of Righteous Godliness and the Left is the opposite.  Therefore, the center consists of everyone who is somewhere in between.  On that basis the center is half on the side of good and half on the side of evil.  So how could it be right to be half wrong?

Obamaism vs. Trumpism

VP Pence gave a commencement speech at Hillsdale College, a university that encourages Constitutional Americanism, where he spoke of America’s rise from Obama’s managed decline via Trump’s policies.  Former NY Governor and NYC Mayor Bloomberg spoke at Rice University about President Trump depicting him as a lying Nazi declaring that Americans are being deceived.  Had he been speaking about Obama and his own party then he would have been speaking the Gospel Truth.  Saying this of Trump and Republicans is like saying Lincoln founded the KKK and Washington founded Nazism.  It takes only one person to dupe many as Hitler proved when only 7% of Germans that were dedicated Nazis got him elected to acquire absolute power.  Muhammad has brainwashed billions to be vile oppressors justifying the power of just a small percentage of terrorists.  Obama duped the greatest Christian nation in history to elect him, a Moslem socialist, to manage its decline through pandering and demagoguery pretending he was not what he was and blaming Republicans for the economic and diplomatic disasters Democrats created.

The truth and lies in Trump and Obama are on display for any who have eyes to see and ears to hear along with a moral heart to understand.  Thank God America is not Germany and Obama could not muster the resources of Hitler against armed Americans.  He continues to fool the some of the people who can be fooled all of the time, but he can’t fool all of the people all of the time.  Otherwise, the land of the free and home of the brave would have become Amerika the socialist sh*thole.  Obama is the only president in American history to muster an army of; fascists pretending they are fighting fascism to try to violently silence conservatives, black criminals pretending there are fighting racism as they assassinate police, and foreign invaders pretending to be refugees while infiltrating and subverting America.  In the final analysis, the Right leads by moral example, while the Left rules by coercion.  That is why it is always Democrats who riot in the streets, commit crimes, conduct assassinations, and use terrorism.  That is why they struggle to lay the blame for all of their offenses on Republicans by lying about their character so they can claim they were justified.  That is what I mean when I say that the Left is bred on immorality, and that can only be done when people are kept ignorant of the truth.

On the scales of righteousness the right is moral, the center amoral, and the left immoral.  Being moral means caring about others, not the faux caring of liberalism, but actual caring and willingness to give of yourself to others, not take from one group to give to another as socialists do.  Amoral is not caring about others, and being immoral is justifying doing harm to others to make life better for themselves.  This is not the same as killing terrorists in self-defense.  Leftists have no moral compass and cannot tell the difference between killing in self-defense and murdering the innocent.  That’s why on the scale of right and wrong the Left is never right because they live in darkness.  While the center consists of those wandering in shadow, because there’s no such thing as being half wrong making someone right.  Today’s Democrats take sides as America-haters allied with America’s enemies even to the point that they praise Islamic jihadi terrorists and create lies that Trump called ALL immigrants animals when he was clearly talking about MS-13 murdering thugs that Democrats imported.  When those of us who took oaths to the Constitution to defend this country against all enemies both foreign and domestic these are the people of whom we spoke.

Liberal Democrats Adopt MS-13 Terrorist Animals as their Dreamers

When they believe Barack Obama to be a super genius, when they believe Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi speak intelligently, when they believe that Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer are honest and honorable, when they think Donald Trump is a senile old man, a buffoon, and a liar, liberals prove themselves to have no good sense.  What do people like Pelosi, who advocate for the killing of babies in the womb, know of the “divine spark” in humanity?  Jesus ministered to sinners, not thieves, rapists, and murderers, but people like the rest of us who crave righteousness but must learn morality.  Liberals believe themselves to be righteous without understanding morality and, for the most part, reject Christianity to become atheists who also advocate for Islamism (which is another two-faced contradiction in itself) because they will ally with any satanic cult against God because America, as the greatest nation in history, was founded on Christianity.  What more needs to be said?

Tale of Two Commencement Speeches (min 8:30)

Maria Bartiromo and Darrell Issa – the FBI/DoJ lying through their teeth

‘Peaceful Palestinians’ caught in the act

Liberals think it’s a joke to tell invaders to kill ICE agents

Liberal Media is Nothing but Smears, Slanders, and Trump Hate

Democrats rig elections

Islamic invasion to colonize and conquer the West

Of Democrats and Republicans – two stories that exemplify the difference

[Author’s Note – Democrats have attempted to take these stories and reverse the roles, as they do with all things regarding lack of intelligence and good sense and bigotry from which they suffer, to make themselves out to be the smart ones, but somehow it just never quite works.]

The Obamaite and the Trumpster

A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost. She lowered her altitude and spotted a man in a boat below. She shouted to him, “Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don’t know where I am.”

The man consulted his portable GPS and replied, “You’re in a hot air balloon, approximately 30 feet above ground elevation of 2,346 feet above sea level. You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude.

She rolled her eyes and said, “You must be a Trump Republican.

“I am,” replied the man. “How did you know?”

“Well,” answered the balloonist, “everything you told me is technically correct. But I have no idea what to do with your information, and I’m still lost. Frankly, you’ve not been much help to me.”

The man smiled and responded, “You must be an Obama Democrat.”

“I am,” replied the balloonist. “How did you know?”

“Well,” said the man, “you don’t know where you are — or where you are going. You’ve risen to where you are due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise you have no idea how to keep, and you expect me to solve your problem.  You’re in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but somehow, now it’s my fault.”

The Cowboy and the Congressman

A cowboy was overseeing his herd in a remote, mountainous pasture in Montana when suddenly a brand-new BMW advanced out of a cloud of dust towards him.  The driver, a man in a Brioni suit, Gucci shoes, RayBan sunglasses and a YSL tie, leans out the window and asks the cowboy, “If I tell you exactly how many cows and calves you have in your herd, will you give me a calf?”

The cowboy looks at the man, obviously a yuppie, then looks at his peacefully grazing herd and calmly answers, “Sure, why not?”

The yuppie parks his car, whips out his Dell notebook computer, connects it to his Singular RAZR V3 cell phone, and surfs to a NASA page on the Internet, where he calls up a GPS satellite to get an exact fix on his location, which he then feeds to another NASA satellite that scans the area in an ultra-high-resolution photo.  The young man then opens the digital photo in Adobe Photoshop and exports it to an image processing facility in Hamburg, Germany.  Within seconds, he receives an e-mail on his Palm Pilot that the image has been processed and the data stored. He then accesses an MS-SQL database through an ODBC connected Excel spreadsheet with e-mail on his Blackberry and, after a few minutes, receives a response.  Finally, he prints out a full-color, 150-page report on his hi-tech, miniaturized HP Laser Jet printer and finally turns to the cowboy and says, “You have exactly 1,586 cows and calves.”

“That’s right. Well, I guess you can take one of my calves,” says the cowboy.

He watches the young man select one of the animals and looks on amusedly as the young man stuffs it into the trunk of his car.  Then the cowboy says to the young man, “Hey, if I can tell you exactly what your business is, will you give me back my calf?”

The young man thinks about it for a second and then says, “Okay, why not?”

“You’re a Democrat Congressman,” says the cowboy.

“Wow! That’s correct,” says the yuppie, “but how did you guess that?”

“No guessing required,” answered the cowboy. “You showed up here, even though nobody called you. You want to get paid for an answer I already knew, to a question I never asked. Then you tried to show me how much smarter you are than me. And you don’t know a darn thing about cows…this is a herd of sheep.

“Now give me back my dog.”

30 Celebrities that support Trump

Rush Limbaugh – superlative revelations of liberalism and Democrat crimes

When every facet of today’s political climate in America is measured it must be concluded that there is a war for America’s heart and soul being fought by the Left vs. the Right.  Both say they are patriots and the other are traitors, but only one can truly be patriotic Americans and the other traitors to the Constitution on which America was built.  The Left says Trump and Republicans are anti-American and that America should be a socialist dictatorship like Russia and China, that Republicans are Nazis.  Examine which side loves America, waves the flag, honors police and soldiers, and denounces America’s enemies, and which side burns the flag, hates capitalism, and curses police and soldiers while advocating for killing American babies in the womb and shutting down American energy.  It’s pretty obvious then which group are American patriots and which are America haters.

Republicanism has made America the land of the free and home of the brave, while Democratism has always striven to make America the land of the freeloader and home of the slave.  It is Republicans who freed the slaves Democrats demanded by put in the Constitution.  It is Republicans who created intelligence agencies to spy on America’s enemies that Democrats use to spy on Republicans.  It is Republicans who honor the Constitution and Democrats who want to fundamentally transform America into a totalitarian socialist state.  Is it really hard for anyone to see who are the patriots and who are the traitors?  Socialism has always been the ideology of tyrants, deception has always been their primary weapon, and violence has always been their means of control.  Just as liberals lack the moral compass to know the difference between murder and killing in self-defense, they lack the ability to differentiate between controlling people by force and punishing those who violate the rights of others.  This is what happens to people who look to their own version of morality by turning against God.

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

Listening to Rush Limbaugh in prison turned criminal’s life around

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Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

Jesus and Muhammad

The Prince of Peace and the Prophet of Islam

Jesus did not create the Inquisition.  Mohammad did create the Jihad.  The Christ and the Prophet are opposites.  Jesus taught peace, love, and brotherhood, while Mohammad taught conquest, oppression, and vengeance.  Christ’s Commandment was to “love God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul,” and His Great Commission was to, “Go forth and tell the world about Me.”  Muhammad’s Commandment was to, “Make the world Islam.”  Islam means to submit to his god, Allah.

Jesus’ teachings were 100% the peaceful worship of God and loving thy neighbor, while Mohammad’s teachings were warped, not by others, but by himself to make Islam a religion of war and vengeance.  Where it was Christians who destroyed the Inquisition in the 1600s, Moslems have embraced the Jihad since its inception.  Leftist belief that it is “moderate Muslims” who must confront and eliminate Jihadi Mujahideen (Holy warriors waging Holy war) are fooling themselves via their ignorance of Islam as taught by Mohammad.

Jihad is the foundation of Islam and does not begin with “inner struggle.”  Mohammad waged Jihad against the tribal leaders of Mecca when they refused to acknowledge him as the spiritual leader of the city.  The Left is all about moral equivalencies and confustication of the truth by claiming that Jihadi terrorists are a tiny minority who are “radicals” and “extremists” not supported by the majority when they are, in fact, fundamentalists following the teachings of Mohammad.  Mohammad waged Jihad on Mecca and on people of Medina who spoke out against him and his violent teachings, not because they persecuted him, but because they refused to bow to him.

When Christians of the Right denounce Islamic Jihad, the Left condemns Christianity on the basis of the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the KKK, and the Nazis as if they were based on Christian principles and philosophy.  The fact that the Crusades were the result of Turkish Jihadis slaughtering Christians of the Byzantine Empire is lost on the Left.  That the Inquisition was a violation of Christ, actually coming about due to Spanish being corrupted by their Moslem conquerors, is ignored.

That Islamists were even more eager to ally with the Nazis in WWII than when they allied with Germany in WWI means nothing to their limited understanding.  They believe in “moderate” Muslims who talk of peace, yet fail to understand that the majority of Moslems support Jihad because it is fundamental to their religion.  The Left has no understanding that the three stages of Jihad as taught by Mohammad are being fulfilled by the Moslem majority.

Conservatives point out that Germany in the 1930s which, like all people can be structured as 40% conservative, 40% moderate, and 20% liberal actually elected the most radical liberal element to power.  Because half of moderates lean liberal and half of conservatives lean moderate, Hitler was able to convince the majority of Germans to love and support him.  More accurately, the extreme Left was able to fool the people of the left and center to give them power against the warnings of the Right and Germany was led to bloody war, murder, and ruin.

America today is at a juncture where it can either continue down the road to the left that it chose in 2008 or turn back to the right.  Regardless, the seeds of war have already been sown by Obama and the Democrats who have weakened America while empowering her enemies.  Obama’s Islamic heritage forbids his condemnation of Jihad.  When America’s enemies, the Jihadi Mujahideen, are allowed to create and maintain training camps inside the United States, the people who are ignorant of Jihad, who have been duped by apologists, have made America’s downfall a certainty.

America is the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, and she needs a leader with the courage who exemplifies that ideal, not one who will appease enemies who are against all for which she stands.  America should not be welcoming Islam into her culture, not convert out of fear, but stand up for righteousness; not saying that Islam is a great religion no different than Christianity.  America should be the nation pressuring Islamic nations to stop subjugating their people, to force governments to stifle and depose Imams who preach Jihad, who preach death to apostates.

Nothing good has ever come of Islam throughout history, and nothing good will ever come of allowing it to propagate in free nations.  People must have the freedom, the right, to choose whom they serve, not be forced!  Those who defend evil as having a righteous motive do not fight for good.  There is nothing righteous about justifying evil.

“Allah is our objective; the Qur’an is the Constitution; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; death for the sake of Allah is our wish.” – Muslim Brotherhood motto

Three stages of Jihad explained (This 20 min video describes Mohammad’s Jihad perfectly!)

Vast majority of Moslems favor the Jihad imposing Sharia Law on the world

What keeps Islam alive

O’Reilly: “I do not believe Mohammad wanted a World War to impose Islam.”

Then you are in denial, Mr. O’Reilly, because that is exactly what Mohammad taught!

Hope for Moslems

Author’s addendum as part II to “Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

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SURVEY – For Christians only: Should Christians re-institute the Inquisition to counter the Jihad?

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Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

Islam is violent

Killing journalists is what Mohammad did in his time, so why is it a problem for westerners today?  This was not unknown, and claims that it is a “radical few hijacking a religion” is a lie and they know it.  They are inviting this evil into the West without hesitation regardless of fourteen hundred years of Islamic violence, conquest, and slavery all done with the blessings of Mohammad.

In his day there were no printing presses, but poets and orators who spoke in the town forums directly to the people.  When Mohammad fled from Mecca to Medina, he started a war with his tribal chieftains who rejected him, bringing a Meccan army to Medina’s walls.  People of Medina spoke out against this violent religion promoted by this foreigner bringing attackers against them.  In response, Mohammad had his followers murder these people in their beds to shut them up.

This is in the Koran and the Hadith!  (You should try reading them.)  So why do people claim this is not Islam?  An Imam in Britain who preaches Jihad (Holy War) in the name of Islam against his neighbors in England, the country to which he immigrated, explains it quite clearly;

“Islam does not mean ‘peace,’ it means submission,” says Imam Anjem Choudary expressing the ideology of the Prophet.  “We can live peacefully together if you submit to Islam.”

Imam Choudary validates Islamic terrorism

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In what universe is war considered “holy?”  In what nation does a call for enslaving all people bring peace?  The difference between Christianity and Islam is that Jesus taught peaceful resistance where Mohammad taught bloody vengeance.  Where Christ told his followers to spread the word of the Gospel to those with the heart to listen, Mohammad commanded his followers to invade foreign lands and put them under the boot of Islam.

“The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet.”

These are not the words of terrorists, they are the words of Barack Obama  spoken in front of the UN General Assembly.  These are not the words of a Christian, they are the same words used by any Moslem declaring that any who speak against his god will be destroyed.  This is a direct link to Obama’s Islamic heritage.

“America is not at war with Islam and never will be,” says Obama.

Yet Islam has been at war with the world since its inception.  America has already fought many wars with Islam such as the wars with the Barbary Pirates who were capturing American ships in the Mediterranean and enslaving passengers, and the Moros in the Philippines who were trying to carve out their own country.  The wars in response to 9-11 were maligned by the Left, and now they have elected a president who has been assisting the Muslim Brotherhood in expanding Islamic power throughout the Middle East, and ISIS is the result.

The modern American Left is not condemning the Moslem terrorists in Paris for the murders there.  Rather they are condemning the satirists for their cartoons mocking the fanatic murderers of ISIS and Islam.  Barack Obama labels these Islamist murders as “senseless violence” much like he labelled the Moslem attack in Ft. Hood, TX, “workplace violence.”  Is this part of Obama’s “new normal?”

In a land of liberty there is no place for a religion of persecution like Islam and the Sharia Law of Mohammad!  Yet the atheist Left invites them in, makes excuses for them, and promotes Islam as atheists and Islamists make common cause against the Christian God in America.  This sounds strange unless one understands that the godless and the fanatics of a vengeful god make common cause because both are anti- Christ.  Just like the two leftist socialist ideologies of Nazis and Communists joined forces in WWII to conquer Europe, until one betrayed and invaded the other, so, too, will atheists and Islamists be at each other’s throats when they believe they are destroying Christianity.

Leftists will attempt to condemn Christianity as being the same, but knowledge of history refutes this claim.  The Catholic Inquisition of the Middle Ages was the result of conflict with and learning the ways of Islam during the Crusades, which themselves were a counter attack by the West against Turkish invaders slaughtering Christians.  The Catholic Church became corrupt and exercised authority over all who were not members of the church, including Christians.  It is because of being under Islamic rule for centuries that Spanish and Sicilian cultures were so corrupted as to create the Inquisition and Mafia and the culture of lording over peons that exists to this day.

The Inquisition lasted almost four hundred years until Christians rebelled against the church and a very bloody religious war took place between Catholics and Protestants.  The Mafia moved to America in the early 20th century and became thoroughly infused into the Democrat Party and unions.  The corruption that began under the dictatorship of theocrats has infiltrated America, which is how Obama can claim that Islam had influence in shaping America.

Millions died in Europe for freedom from religious persecution, and now Islam is bringing it back into the world.  Colonists migrated to America to establish a Christian nation where those in power were not allowed to persecute others because of their religion.  Islamists are migrating into western nations say they have a right to practice their religion freely.  Yet their religion is to impose slavery on others to submit to Islam, and those who refuse are subject to attack by Moslems defending their religious rights.

Moslems are so fanatical about their religion because Mohammad was very shrewd and understood how to force his will on his followers.  He told them that Allah commanded they pray 5,000 times a day.  Rather than think sensibly (the Moslem call to prayer takes about ten minutes, so in truth they couldn’t pray more than about 150 times in 24 hours) they despaired as this would force them to pray constantly and die of thirst and starvation!   Mohammad “bargained” with Allah and he reduced it to five times a day.  (It can be noted that men don’t jack off that many times in a day and yet are called sex addicts.)

The religion of Islam that rules through a theocracy has no place in the free world.  Giving religious freedom in America to a religion that is no more civilized than the Nordic pagans, also of the Dark Ages, is akin to giving rights to Satanism and human sacrifice.  The right to murder your neighbor because he’s not of your tribe, or to enact revenge against strangers because of an insult by someone is not a right amongst civilized people.

When Jesus said, “If someone slaps you on the one cheek give to him the other also,” He did not mean if someone murders your brother you should give to him your son.  Pagans insult Christianity in the most heinous and blasphemous ways, including putting a crucifix in urine, and smearing a Madonna with feces the calling them “art.”  No Christians blew up museums or murdered these “artists.”

Islam has no place in America or Europe.  And unless those who oppose the violence that is the basis of this religion reject their religion utterly, they have no place in the civilized world.  Those who are so brainwashed that they will not let go of their religion of hate and vengeance should be forced to enact a second Hijra and move back to their countries rather than be given the opportunity to use oppression, intimidation, and murder to expand into their naïve neighbors.

There have been numerous attacks in America by Islamists.  They are thieving, raping, and murdering people in the name of their religion and the government is not reporting it.  Single news stories of a car running over a group of people, serial murders, and assaults are being subsumed in the media.  It takes a Ft. Hood or Boston Marathon bombing to make people pay attention, but then they are misled.  If Americans don’t wake up to the fact that the country is being infiltrated by her enemies, then America will sink into the darkness and lose its way from the Light.

The bottom line for those who want to argue moral equivalency of history, it is not Christians today who are murdering people worldwide in the name of their religion.  Columbus and the Europeans did not set out to destroy Native Americans.  Don’t bother trying to condemn Christians as being the moral equivalent of Islam or correlate phrases in the Bible with the Koran.

Christians destroyed the Inquisition because it went against the teachings of Christ.  Moslems embrace the Islamic Jihad because it is the essence of the teachings of Mohammad.  Civilization needs to learn from the lesson from the Romans in dealing with the extremely violent Germanic and Aztec religions.  There is no place in the civilized world for Islam.

Liberal stupidity

Good Muslims of the world, turn from the hate of Jihad and seek Jesus!

O’Reilly asserts worldwide Islamic Jihad must be destroyed by the world

O’Reilly says there is no reason to tolerate evil

The Reader’s Digest version of Mohammad and Islam

Sharia – not the law of radical Islamists but the law of Mohammad

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SURVEY – What do you believe Moslems believe about Jesus?

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Great Rush Limbaugh show

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The Reader’s Digest version of Mohammad and Islam


Mohammad’s life is a living testament to whether his is a religion of peace or terrorism.  Islamists say his violence is always justified and that Jesus was not the Messiah, but a prophet who brought a sword to divide people against god.  Only in knowing Mohammad’s acts in life and the reason for them can the truth of Islam be known.

To understand Islam, you must know the life of Mohammad.  Islam is contained in two books, the Koran which is the teachings of Mohammad, and the Hadith that is a compilation of stories of his life.  They are akin to the Gospel and New Testament of Jesus Christ.  While the Hadith is voluminous, the Koran is short, but it is deliberately not written in chronological order.

Many Moslems reject the later teachings from both books that do not support their view of Islam as a religion of peace, while others embrace them in their entirety.  They have some basis for this as many Moslem authors are notorious for exaggeration and prevarication.  But still, they are accepted and taught in their entirety by Imams as the truth of Mohammad with later teachings considered to supersede his earlier teachings.

Those who reject those teachings are called moderates, while those who embrace them are called radicals, and those who actually put them into practice are labelled extremists.  Sharia Law is the law as taught by Mohammad, although moderates who reject the violence in the Koran and Hadith say that this law is the product of violent theocrats.  The only way to understand why each speaks as they do is to examine the life of Mohammad.

The Life and Times of Mohammad

Mohammad grew up in the Arabian Desert, a region inhabited by those who were banished from their tribes for serious crimes and their descendants lived.  Every culture and religion was represented in this area and people belonged to local tribes that competed for scarce resources.  He married an older woman who was a rich widow of a merchant, and it was on one of his travels in a caravan that he had his vision that inspired him to declare himself a prophet.

On his return to Mecca he began enlisting followers who believed in his visions and his preaching of peace, love, and brotherhood in the name of Allah.  As he amassed more followers they began worshipping him as the Prophet of the god Allah.  He challenged the leaders of other religions, including the Jews and Christians, and demanded that the tribal leaders bow to him as their spiritual leader.

They rejected him and banished him and his followers from Mecca under threat of death.  Mohammad and his people were run out of the city and their property seized.  He and his followers went to Medina in what is known as the Hijra.  After this, Mohammad’s teachings turned from peace and brotherhood to vengeance and war.

He sent his followers to raid the caravans of the Meccan leaders telling his followers that Allah gave them the right of vengeance for stealing their property.  This resulted in the Meccans sending a war party to Medina that was said to outnumber the Moslems by 3:1 but which Mohammad miraculously defeated.  His successes in raiding and battle drew more followers to his banner, but this didn’t save him from defeat in his next open battle with Mecca.  This instilled fear amongst the people of Medina who feared the more powerful leaders of Mecca.

Some in Medina spoke out against Mohammad and he sent his followers to murder them in their beds.  He told those followers who questioned these assassinations that Allah gave forgiveness to them because they were defending the Prophet whom these people had insulted.  Mohammad told his followers that those who died at the hands of infidels in defense of Islam would be martyred and awarded in Paradise with many virgins.

After ten years of war he was victorious over Mecca and entered the city at the head of an army of ten thousand men with his sword sheathed and head bowed.  He spared those who converted to Islam and told those who would not that they must pay an additional tax.  Those who did not were either driven out of killed by his followers.

In his last few years, Mohammad sent armies and envoys into every neighboring country and demanded they recognize his authority as the Prophet of Allah and demanded they submit to Islam and reject their false gods.  He declared that the Jews and Gentiles who believed Jesus to be the Messiah were teaching a lie.  Mohammad acknowledged Jesus as a prophet of peace, but that God had no Son.

Moslem Conquests

His fanatical followers conquered surrounding tribes and invaded the empires of Byzantium (the still standing Eastern Roman Empire) and Persia.  These two had just concluded a massive war with each other that left both destitute of men, money, and material.  While Persia fell easily to forces of Shia Moslems who followed Mohammad’s son-in-law, Ali, as their leader, Byzantium kept the Sunni Moslem armies of Abu Bakr south of the heart of the empire in Anatolia, what is today Turkey.   But over the next century they swept quickly across North Africa to conquer Spain and invade France where they were stopped.

The following centuries were constant warfare between Middle Eastern Islam and European Christendom.  Charles Martel and his grandson Charlemagne drove the Moslems out of France.  Vast Islamic armies were crushed by the Byzantines in the east, a huge fleet being burned outside of the capital of Constantinople.  In the West, Spain fought for eight centuries to eject Moslems from the Iberian Peninsula, and the Italians struggled against them in Sicily.

When the second Mongolian invasion of the West came by the tribes of Turks, they easily conquered the Arabs in Persia, but they adopted their religion.  When the Byzantine Emperor was betrayed on the battlefield, the heart of the Byzantine Empire was left defenseless to the ravages of the Turks.  With this loss, the next emperor had to turn to Europe for armies to defend against them, but what he got was the Crusades.

While the Europeans made some effort to take back Jerusalem with some success, their counter-attack against the Turks was poorly coordinated with the Byzantines.  The Fourth Crusade actually attacked Constantinople, gained entry with the help of traitors, and sacked the city.  They established their own rulers, but the empire was a shadow of its former self.

The Turks eventually overcame Constantinople’s great walls with the help of gunpowder and cannons.  They then had to stave off attacks from the east by other Mongols under Temujin, the greatest general and conqueror of history – Genghis Khan, his grandson Subotai who led most of his armies against Europe, and the vicious mass murdering Tamerlane.  They eventually invaded Europe only to be stopped by superior European military technology at Vienna in 1683.

Islam’s history of war, slavery, and destruction

The Inquisition

During this period Christianity went through a phase of deep corruption in the medieval era with the Inquisition.  The Inquisition originated in Spain where the people spent eight centuries fighting Islam.  The Crusades occurred at the start of this era of the Catholic Church emulating Islamic theocracies in their demand for obedience to Mother Church.

Europe was tormented by a Catholic Church that became more militant even to the point of destroying other Christian churches to secure power for the papacy.  The Patriarch of Constantinople was destroyed by the Fourth Crusade making the Roman Pope supreme.  It wasn’t until Martin Luther and the printing press that people found the church not following the teachings of Christ and rebelled, which led to a century of religious wars between Catholics and Protestants that ended about the same time as the Turkish invasion of Austria.

Christian’s fight for liberty and freedom from church overlords eventually led to the founding of America and the freedom to worship Christ as one chooses.  But that freedom is under assault today by atheists, Islamists, and every anti-Christian in America.  As in all things, when people establish a righteous society, the corrupt seek to infiltrate it and bring it down under their thumb.  The reason the Inquisition began in Spain and the Mafia in Sicily is in large part due to their interactions with Islam.

Islam in the era of America

Despite the protestations of Barack Obama, Islam has been at war with America just as much as it has been at war with the world since its inception.  President Thomas Jefferson fought a war to destroy the Barbary Pirates of North Africa who were capturing and enslaving travelers in the Mediterranean.  In the 20th century, the British assisted the Arabs in overthrowing their Turkish masters who had allied with Germany in WWI.  That didn’t stop them from following their Grand Mufti to ally with the Nazis in WWII.

Since then, Arabs have warred with the West over the establishment of secular leaders over their countries and the creation of Israel.  Although it may seem to the historically illiterate that the U.S. was the cause of this religious animus, it is merely a continuation of what has gone on for centuries.  Moslems only became reanimated in their cause starting with hijacking planes, growing through oil revenues and embargoes, and reaching their apogee with the 9-11 terror attack.

The Islamic practice of slavery of westerners remains in effect to this day and is the reason pretty young girls disappear around the world.  Piracy and brigandage also continue to be practiced anywhere that governments are weak.  In Africa, genocides are being carried out by Moslems against Christians, and by Arab Moslems against African Moslems.

As these practices are those of Mohammad in fighting his enemies in Mecca and Medina, protestations that Islam is peace falls flat in the face of historical fact.  Of all the murdering conquerors throughout history, Mohammad stands alone as the one who inflicted the brainwashing technique of requiring five times a day prayer and absolute obedience to theocratic rule.  When Genghis Khan conquered great empires, his conquests fail to stand under the rule of his descendants, unlike Mohammad’s whose conquests have spread through his religion to hold one and a half billion people in thrall.

Of all the wars in history the death tolls of Islam dwarf even the great pogroms of socialists in the 20th century that killed over a hundred million people.  Islamist wars can account for some three hundred million dead and perhaps that many more killed in the name of Islam over the centuries.  The future of the world depends on the war between those who believe in liberty and those who would enslave all under one world rule without the freedom of choice.

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Refuting global warming science is elementary

Gore v Polar Bear - Fuller

Chicken Littles pushing the Democrat global warming fraud pick whatever scientific fact they believe dumb people will believe.  When that is exposed they just move on to the next charade.  Meanwhile, the money they gather from fools easily parted from their money goes into the pockets of their friends and campaign donors.

Everything people learned to refute the proofs of scientists who declare that global warming is real they learned in elementary science class.  These global warming advocates with their Ph.Ds. rightly believe that the general public is so ignorant of science that they will believe what they are told, no questions asked.  They can get away with making claims they know the causes of global warming and can predict the future and the herd will follow them.

Most people do not understand that their science is based on computer models they designed “proving” that man is polluting the planet to death.  The “facts” with which they programmed these models are all based on assumptions that children, at least those who paid attention to their science teachers in eighth grade, know to be phony.  That most adults don’t know these elementary facts is a testament to the failure of our government run education system.

These scientists, who claim they understand the science of global warming because they have doctorates and you are just an ignorant boob, are living a lie.  If they are so smart, why do they say CO2, a heavier than air gas, is rising and accumulating in the upper atmosphere?  If they are so smart, why do they say the melting of the north polar ice, which is a giant ice cube floating on the ocean, will flood the world?  If they are so smart, why do they throw this sh*t at us like a bunch of dumb monkeys?

Everyone who has been promoting the global warming scam has been doing so for one reason – greed.  In order to make “clean, green energy” like wind, wave, and solar affordable they must make fossil fuels ultra-expensive.  The politico-economics of eco-terrorism is the driving force for Democrats to fund their friend’s green energy through crony government subsidies and defund their enemy’s friend’s (i.e. Republicans) subsidies through demonization.

The answer to all this government corruption is for the public to scream – ‘STOP THE CRONYISM!  No more subsidies for anyone!  Taxpayer money is not for you to give to your friends to make their business successful.’  Why should government be permitted to take money from successful people and give it to their unsuccessful friend’s businesses because they are campaign donors?

Let the free market decide who prospers and who fails and get government out of the socialism business.  It was bad enough when Robber Barons did it and their corruption had to be stopped by Theodore Roosevelt, Republican.  Whenever Democrats gain power in government they are a hundred times worse because they don’t just let businessmen run rampant, but help them by stealing from other businessmen making new Robber Barons.  Then they make tax loopholes so their friends don’t have to pay the crushing taxes they impose on everyone else.


Refuting Global Warming science is elementary, part II

Climate Change Deniers vs. Chicken Littles

Climate change scams

America – the Spirit of 1776 vs. the spirit of 1968


The Sucker Generation – Millenials not waking up to being duped

How Obama, Hitler, and the Star Wars Emperor are the same

Captain America and the New World Order


The Battling Boys of Benghazi – Obama’s ‘bump in the road’

Conservative Republican vs Liberal Democrat economy

Main articles

Liberals Backwards Think

Young liberal wisdom; a series of unfortunate beliefs – Introduction

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Save Yourself from Mueller Mayhem

The Mueller Report is coming out and there will be no intelligent voice on the news for the next week.  Rabid leftists will be screaming about there being no further indictments and rightwing pundits will be laughing at them.  The report will not be empty as Rush Limbaugh explained.  Mueller cannot end on a whimper, so he will undoubtedly implicate President Trump in something by alluding to Russian collusion.  He will use the indictments of Trump people and cries of obstruction for calling his probe a witch-hunt to create the false premise that Donald Trump is guilty of something.

No matter.  Democrats will still indulge themselves in a full-blown campaign to overthrow the president.  When it comes to vapid leftist followers like Bill Maher, they’ve already convicted Trump as a traitor.  They happily ignore the fact that it was Obama who financed the Muslim Brotherhood with American taxpayer dollars to create ISIS and give billions to Iran.  Democrats were stupid enough to elect a Moslem socialist to be leader of the free world and turned a blind eye to all he did to take down America.  This is what America hatred breeds and it is all born of leftism.  Take a break from the insanity and read my blog to learn things instead.


Investigate Trump’s finances?  Investigate Congress’ finances!

McCabe and Mr. Mueller – A Democrat Coup Exposed

American Gestapo – Mueller Takes Down Another Trump Supporter


Democrats have STOLEN the Moral High Ground

Leftwing “Journalists” – Not Leftist Bias but Outright Activists

Why the Left is Manufacturing Racist Hate Crimes


Educating Young Liberals with Chicken Brains – The AOC Model

Democrats Fight the Noble Cause of Saving the Planet

The Green New Deal – How Liberal Science Will Save the Planet


More Backwards Liberal Thinking – Congress Paving the Way for Illegal Aliens

AOC Gives Amazon and NYC the Socialist Shaft

Stonewalling Trump – Obama Shutdown Offshore Drilling and Coal Mining


The Feminazi Rat Pack on Cover of Rolling Stone

Democrat Terrorists Create Phony Republican Racism to Justify Their Hate

How Liberals are like Children

These are just some of the latest articles I’ve written that reveals the face of leftwing liberal fascism that has taken hold of young people’s minds here in America.  They said it could never happen here, but thanks to indoctrination practices in American schools mis-educating our young, Millennials are being duped into believing they are fighting evil when they are embracing it.  The practice of Nazism in America by the left has liberals as completely duped as the brain-washing techniques of Islam.

America’s only hope in overcoming this is to overcome the Democrat voter fraud machine that is now using “provisional ballots” as legitimate ballots in order to steal the election claiming that minority votes are not being counted.  If minorities are turned away at the polls, it’s only because some Democrat pollsters have already cast ballots for them.  America must take control of its government or the government will control America and this great nation will fall into darkness.  That recovery requires teaching our children at home so they have defenses against the indoctrination they will face in schools until the red menace can be exorcised from our culture.

The Socialist Inquisition

Democrats have STOLEN the Moral High Ground

Left vs. Right – Democrat’s War on America

Articles about the Mueller report release:

Obama-Clinton Inspired Witch Hunt Ends; No Russian Collusion No New Indictments

Blumenthal: ‘Indictments in the President’s Future’

Media Using Mueller to Cover Up Hillary’s Crimes

The “Investigation” Was a Conspiracy to Oust Trump

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Left vs. Right – Democrat’s War on America

Liberal, Progressive, Socialist; they call themselves by many names, but their true nature is in what they do rather than what they say – Haters.  The Left hates America and everything for which it stands.  They despise American Exceptionalism that is founded in the rule by the people.  Government tyranny is what they crave as children crave the authority of parents who take responsibility for their children’s care.  At the same time, they rebel against the restrictions put on them by that same authority.  It is the psychotic dichotomy of dysfunctional minds.

The Psychology of the Left

As the Left wages war against America and all for which she stands they seek to tear down America’s past and remake this great nation into another banana republic socialist toilet.  This is a list of the articles I’ve published on my blog since July 5th, 2017 after the first Independence Day when the media escalated their all-out war on President Trump and Republicans:

{Author’s Note: Because of the extent of this article and WordPress not providing a means by which to make all links open in a separate tab, all of these links will open over this page, so please be sure to save it if you wish to access it in the future.}

Democrats have STOLEN the Moral High Ground

Investigate Trump’s finances?  Investigate Congress’ finances!

The Feminazi Rat Pack on Cover of Rolling Stone

Democrat Hypocrisy is Impossible When They’re Naturally Two-Faced

Educating Young Liberals with Chicken Brains – The AOC Model

Democrat Terrorists Create Phony Republican Racism to Justify Their Hate

Leftwing “Journalists” – Not Leftist Bias but Outright Activists

Why the Left is Manufacturing Racist Hate Crimes

More Backwards Liberal Thinking – Congress Paving the Way for Illegal Aliens

AOC Gives Amazon and NYC the Socialist Shaft

Trump Declares Emergency to Finish the Wall, Pelosi Threatens Gun Confiscation

McCabe and Mr. Mueller – A Democrat Coup Exposed

Democrats Fight the Noble Cause of Saving the Planet

Stonewalling Trump – Obama Shutdown Offshore Drilling and Coal Mining

AOC – Future Pelosi-in-Training

How Liberals are like Children

The Green New Deal – How Liberal Science Will Save the Planet

President Trump’s State of the Union vs. the Democrat Response

Slandering President Trump as Racist

Last Gasp of the Republic

The Socialist Inquisition

The State of the Union is; Unstable, Volatile, Degenerating

When MAGA Caps “Trigger” Liberals

American Gestapo – Mueller Takes Down Another Trump Supporter

Arrogant Millennials Indoctrinated to Reject Wisdom as Obsolete

The Face of Evil

Appeasing the Climate Change gods – the Science of Duping Liberals

CNN Fake News Terrorizes Christian Teens

All Democrat Dogma is Based on a False Premise

Toxic Masculinity and White Privilege

Axis of Evil in America

When Stupid Liberals Talk – Their Anti-Wall Insanity

Honest Democrat is an Oxymoron

Democrats Now Serve in the Church of Pelosi

Immigration: The leftist fallacy and subversion of America

Trump is Murdering Refugee Children which is like Killing the Baby Jesus

Schumer Keeps Government Shutdown to Prevent Border Security

Trump Abandons Obama’s War as Leftist Media Tries to Slut Shame Him

The Trump Shutdown Show

WHY?!?!  WHY?!?!  Sick of Slanders by Lying Democrats!  Shove it and Shut it Down!

Liberal Values Ruining TV/Movies: Rewriting History in new “Robin Hood” Movie

Liberal Fascists Import Latino-Communists and Islamo-Nazis

The Righteous Prosecute, Leftists Persecute

Trump Takes Pelosi and Schumer to Task

The Dignity of Donald Trump

Democrats LOVE to Bury Republicans

Leftist Progressivism’s Failure: Obama Face Plants into the Wall of Reality

Democrat’s Rally Their Invasion, Spread Disease, and Cheer Market Decline

Racism, Voter Fraud, and Corruption in Every Election Result

Democrats in the House begin their onslaught of the Trump administration

Midterms Week 2018 – Days of Crime and Poses

Democrat Voter Fraud Goes Extreme as They Cry “Foul! Thief! Fascist!”

Communist Victory as Democrat Voter Fraud Regains the House

Vote Democrat to Restore ObamaCare taxes on the lower class

Leftist Media Gaslights America

Democrats Plan to Take Invading Army of Illegal Immigrants Straight to the Polls

There is no Leftist Media Bias – Leftwing Media is Pure Propaganda

The Immigrant Crisis is a Creation of the Democrats

Toxic Two-Faced Democrats

Migrant Army Marches Through Mexico Intent on Invading the USA

Angry Democrat Mobs, Foreign Invaders, and – Republican bombs?

Obama nuked economy in 2008 wants credit for Trump’s boom

Fear the DNC – Democratic Nazi Communist Party’s Thugocracy

Invasion America – Building the Great Wall of America

Democrats Prove Themselves Wrong

Socialism Means Free Sh*t

American citizens vs. Uneducated Mob

Liberalism and the Science Stupidity of their Global Warming Religion

Hillary Clinton Mobster Boss

Trump’s Americans vs. Hillary’s Mob

Liberals Create Nazis in Their Delusions

If Democrat Voters were Righteous they would be Republicans

The Kavanaugh Effect – All of my Heroes are Christian Soldiers

American ISIS – the Democratic Nazi Communist Party Endorses Terrorism

Trump Triumphant as Republicans Flush Democrat Sewage

Lock him up – Nazis vs. Christians; Democrats Make the Nation INSANE!

Trump not Cowed by Two-Faced Democrats nor by Two-Faced Republicans

Why are Republicans Conceding to Democrats?

Democrats are SCUM!  Obama Murdered Hundreds of Navy SEALS

Republican Voters are Severely Outraged over Nasty, Hateful Demonrats

Liberal Democrats are #MeTwoFaced

Fool Me Once, Twice, Three Times I’m Out!

Obama’s 2nd Coming

The SCOTUS Witch Trials

Democracy Dies in Darkness

Anatomy of Evil – the Demonization of Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump

Democrats Just Pile It Higher and Deeper

Chelsea says Baby Sacrifice is Christian, Carrey says Yes to Socialism

What America’s Next Civil War Could Look Like

Liberals say Hurricane Florence proof of man-made global warming

Democrats expand definition of “hate crime” to include being a Republican

9-11 We Will Never Forget!

Democrat Monkey Business

Obama’s Legacy of Hope and Blame

Democrats Declare in One Voice – “I am Stupidus!”

Democrat Operative Inside White House Brags About Sabotaging Trump

Nike Shoots Itself in Both Feet

Democrat Monkeys and Clowns Perform at Media Circus Court Hearings

Democrats say no Republican is “qualified” to hold office

Only Monkey-Brained Democrats Believe Trump Republicans are White Supremacists 

Liberals, Leftists, Democratic Socialists – Sex, Lies, and Racist Ties

How Leftist Democrats Perpetrate the Dumbing Down of America

Leftists are trying to criminalize Republicans

Raise the Voting Age to 25

Republican vs. Democrats: Results vs. Violent Resistance

John McCain – A Great American Tragedy

Trumpism vs. Obamaism: Restoring American Prosperity vs. Managing America’s Decline

The many (non)crimes of Donald Trump

Are Democrats Obvious or Oblivious?

CIA reveals SECRET VIDEO of Trump asking Russia to Spy on Hillary!

America was Never Great – the new Democrat Ideal

Praising Criminals, Condemning Heroes – the heart of Liberal Fascism

Voters lagging in Midterms because GOP support for Trump lags

In Search of a Crime – the Saga of Mueller’s Witch Hunt

Leftist says Media are like Soldiers in Harm’s Way Protecting our Freedoms

Who is Wrong – Trump or the Media He Says are the Enemy of the People?

What you should understand about a Trump government shutdown

Which party of haters came first – Democrats or Republicans?

Liberals are Oblivious to the Realities of Socialism, Business, and Taxes

Trump’s Lawyer Cohen Drops “Truth” Bomb

The First Purge – Liberal’s Deranged Dystopian Future

The Treason of Trump and Obama

Democratic Socialism Taxing Away Your Wealth

Democrats cheer as liberal stupidity sweeps the nation

Democrats are not Capable of Civil Discourse Because They Must Lie

Trump P*sses on the Democrat’s Parade

Trump destroys the world – again – for the umpteenth time!

Democrats say Trump betrayed intel community; GFY!

Democrats Trying to Shame Republicans are a Disgrace

Trump Taunts Democrats Every Day

Obama’s Fruits

Subliminally Programming Liberal Stupidity Through Movies

Democrats are the Party of Hate Poisoning America

Democrat’s Violent Resistance Fringe is Their Mainstream

How Lib Comics Like John Oliver & Co. Keep Democrats Dumbed Down

Invasion America – Leftists use Children as the Tip of the Spear

Democrats vote for more extreme leftism

Who the Nazis are in America

Democrats calling for riots and assassinations say Trump is “uncivil”

Democrat’s Immigration Hell

Liberal Whackos Run Amok

Hysterical Liberals See Fascism in Republicans

If your baby is born with the Zika Virus say, “Thanks, Obama”

Right vs. Left: Propaganda, Alternative Facts, and the Weapons of War

Chris Pratt Proves Righteousness is Not Dead

When Obama does it, it’s saintly, but when Trump does it, it’s demonic

Obama’s Scandalous ‘Scandal-Free’ Presidency’s Mother of All Scandals

Millennial’s Suffer from Skywalker Syndrome

The Cult of Trump – Why do you let other people tell you what to think?

Democrats Show Their True Colors

Liberals Pray for Blue Wave to Destroy America

How I Know Who is Lying; Trump or Democrats

The New Follywood – Reverse McCarthyism = Fascism

Shades of Sharia – Democrat Socialists Embrace Islamic Evil

Liberal Fascism – Histrionics for the Ignorant and Gullible

Liberal Fascists Blame Trump for Racism

The Ugly Truth of Prejudice and Bigotry

The Ugly American – Chelsea Clinton and Liberal Fascism

Memorial Day is to Honor All Who Sacrifice

Intelligent People Rely on FACTS

Will Trump Mandate Spies in Democrat campaigns?

Democrats Glorify the ‘Spark of Humanity’ in MS-13

The Delusional World of Liberalism

Liberal Democrat Media Makes MS-13 Terrorist Animals Their Dreamers

Obamaism vs. Trumpism

Liberal Media is Nothing but Smears, Slanders, and Trump Hate 24/7/365

Mr. President, Release the Kraken!

Republicans are for Immigrants, Democrats are for criminals

Trump Dumps Obama’s Iran Deal

Mueller’s Conspiracy Revealed when Redactions are Exposed

AG Sessions may be held in Contempt of Congress

Democrat Persecution MUST BE DESTROYED!

Why isn’t Sessions Investigating Obama and Hillary?

How Liberal’s Hate-Fest Poisons Young Minds

Liberals Justify Their Hatemongering as Righteous, even as ‘Jokes’

Kanye West Hunted Down by Modern Slavers

How Conservatives and Liberals Can Rid themselves of their Radicals

Liberalism and Conservatism Defined – Defeating the Left’s Coup

Forcing Rocket Boy to the Table

Life imitates the artless lies of liberal television fictions

Liberal Democrat’s Incestuous Media Relationships

Liberals Imagine Christian Conservatives to be Neo-Nazi KKK

Cardinal Comey the Two-Faced Liberal Saint

Wag the Donkey – How Democrats are Criminalizing Trump Republicans

Make America Great Again – Burn Stupid Snowflakes

Trump the True and Righteous Man

They are Not Refugees and Immigrants, They are Raiders and Invaders

The Great Trump Depression

Democrats are Running from Hillary for 2018 Campaign

Taking Christ Out of Christianity

Obama’s Deep State Corruption of the FBI

NeverTrumpers – Agents of Hydra

Democrat’s Create Myth of Blue Wave

Trump Could Fire Mueller and it Wouldn’t be Obstruction

Trump Playing Grandmaster Chess to the Media Democrat’s Checkers

America’s Immigration System is NOT Broken – Democrats Are!

California Democrats Ready to War Again to Keep Their Slaves

AG Jeff Sessions the Legal Mouse

When the Liberal Fascist Wolves Cry ‘Wolf’

The Only Chaos in the White House is the Liberal Media

Sessions Needs to Investigate the Investigators

Dear Young People, We Know You are Scared

Leftists Lie – Why Democrats Always Get It Wrong

Rush Exposes Liberal Lies and Democrat Subterfuge

Vote for Democrat Insanity to Get More of the Same

Democrats or Republicans, only one is the party of lies, slavery, and death

CNN Shows what Deranged Indoctrination Looks Like

The Lie Heard Round the World

Weep for the Children: Democrats War on American’s Self-Defense

Liberal Democrats Claim Illegals are Law-abiding

Rush Limbaugh Speaks Righteous Truth to Power

Democrat Liberalism is the Root Cause of Mass Murders

Democrats are Quietly Winning Elections Unseating Republicans

Liberalism Fails at Understanding Life

Sex, Lies, and Redacting-Gate

Democrats Play the Shutdown Game Again

Souls of Envy, Hearts of Hate: The Ideology of Leftist Social Liberal Democrats

Democrat Coup – The “Nothing Burger” Democrats are Desperate to Suppress

Democrats of the Obama Regime Weaponized America’s Government

How Liberal Contempt Slanders Everyone

Mueller Russian Investigation vs. Nunes FISA Warrant Memo

Somehow a “Nothing Burger” Comes Crashing Down on Democrat’s Heads

How Democrats Have Suckered Immigrants, the Poor, and Workers


Democrat’s 2 Faces – Now the “Pigs” are Noble

Trump Extolls His Triumphs vs. Democrat’s Spewing Darkness and Hate

A Conspiracy Theory with Teeth

Should Children of Embezzlers Keep the Money Their Parents Stole?

Donald Trump Brings Back Virtue, Not Sin

Obama Takes Credit for the Trump Economic Revival

Corruption in the FBI

Presidential Crimes and Corruption at the FBI

Neo-Democrat’s Race of “Brown People”

Schumer Shutdown is Blood on Democrat’s Hands

Apple’s “Windfall” is America’s Boon Thanks to Trump

The Government Shutdown That Isn’t

The Twisted Ideology of Liberal Democrats

The 1st Amendment Does NOT Protect Fake News and Heckling

Playing the Trump Card Against the Race Card

Liberal Journalism is the Sh*thole of American Media

Life on Planet Obama

Trump’s Best Response to Charge of Racism – Go F*** Yourselves!

Trump’s ‘Insanity’ on Display Playing on Media

Social Media ‘Shadow Ban’ and Crime of the Century

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a Very Real Mental Illness

Being a Smart President vs. Being a Stupid One

Surviving Tax Cuts, Net Neutrality, and Democrat Duplicity

Afro-Americans blame white people for their own murder rates

Democrat Myths vs. the Legend of Trump’s Success

Pope Francis Fails Bible Study

Trump Saves America with Epic Tax Cuts That Aren’t

Democrat Corruption Runs Deep in Federal Agencies

Truth and Lies about Trump’s Tax Plan from Democrats

Alabama Falls as Republican Swamp Rats Sabotage Trump

The Liberal Who Cried ‘Rape!’

Republican McCain Makes an Excellent Democrat Promoting Fake News

Democrats blame Trump for making America unsafe

The Rise of Fascism in America – Hearts of Hate

Liberal Democrat Fascist Vomits Hate, Racism, and Genocidal Rage

Robespierre Mueller needs to face the guillotine

Democrat’s Plot Revealed How They Plan to Overthrow Trump

Democrats Repeatedly Getting Trumped

CNN fears Democrats are losing the moral high ground

Steinle verdict is liberal’s message – we can get away with murder

The Trump Bump, NeverTrump Obstructionists, and Congress’ “Hush Fund”

Not “Toxic Masculinity” but Liberal Immaturity

Liberal Democrats Grandstanding and Their Morality Play

Every Republican Must Be the Perfect Man

Conservatives who say Trump shouldn’t be “punching down”

Hillary on Earth II would persecute Trump

End Corporate, Wall Street, AND Blue State Welfare

Don’t Talk About Politics – riiiiiiiiiiggghhht!

The Swamp Rats attempts to drown Moore over false allegations

Hillary Clinton says she is above the law

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore molested me when I was ten years old

Dems declare Republicans guilty of sex assault over baseless accusations

Democrats win America – in their dreams

Democratic National Committee head confirms Hillary-Obama conspiracy

Rush Limbaugh – Why does the Left aid Islamic jihadis?

SQUIRREL!  Manafort “smoking gun” just a smoke screen for Hillary

Mueller Indicts Trump for Russian Collusion


Liberal Lemmings and the Follower Mentality

How Democrats funnel your tax dollars to their corrupt states

Why should Trump let yapping dogs bite?

Undoing Obamaism

Shame on Democrats and their psychology of hate

Disgusting Democrats, RINOs, and NeverTrumpers

Democrat’s fake news that tax cuts must be paid for

Liberal Media labors to equate Trump with Weinstein

NFL’s Black Slaves, Denial of Constitutional Rights

Democrats, RINOs, and NeverTrumpers require a public spanking!

Cognitive Dissonance – the master mentality of liberalism

The Liberal Code of Conduct

What Democrats Actually Believe Proves Liberals are literally INSANE!

Beloved by Democrats Harvey is the pig they imagine Trump to be

Where are the black athletes opposing black gangsters murdering black youths?

No Bail Out for Puerto Rico

Sen. Schumer’s Ingenious Solution to Gun Control

Liberal’s Hate Trumps Love in Puerto Rico

Hillary gleeful over the slaughter of Trumptards in Vegas

Vegas shooting proves leftist fascists, not white nationalists, are the ISIS of America

NFL Links Arms against Police; Fans should shout, ‘BACK the BLUE!’

It’s not about the flag – liberals believe Americans are stoopid

Putting the ‘I’ in Team – the mental disorder of liberalism

When you take a knee…

Black Privilege: Deconstructing America and Literal Stupidity of Liberalism

CNN Democrats get Delusional over Antifa and Illegals

Is President Trump losing his way?

They can’t be LIbEralS without telling LIES!

A white supremacist climate change denier confesses the truth

Which came first – the dysfunctional thinker or the liberal fool?

Hurricane Hysteria Created by Fake News

China would never go to war over North Korea

Irma the Most Powerful Hurricane in History! (of the last half century)

Killing America with Compassion

Democrazis – the neo-Fascists of the modern Democrat Party

Trump’s crude nobility drives leftists to deranged hate

When you see Antifa point and shout “NAZIS!”

Hatred is Inherent in Liberalism

Alt-Right is the Fictional Creation of the Left

Trump empowers America battling Democrats and Republicans alike!

Behind every Lie there is Truth

When Flag Burners Become Flag Wavers

Charlottesville neo-Nazis Organized by Obamaites

White supremacy vs. black supremacy

Leftists try to Color the Right as White Racists

The ‘Madness’ of Trump

Why Children Shouldn’t Play with Guns or Nuclear Bombs

Leftist America Haters vs Rightwing Patriotic ‘Racist’ Xenophobes

President Trump’s Amazing Affirmation of America as a Nation with Immigrants

When Republicans talk like Democrats

Priebus and Sessions beset by lack of confidence

God Bless President Trump for his support of our military

Democrat’s 2018 Slogan – A Better Deal to Demonize Success

Special Prosecutor Rapes Trump’s 4th Amendment Rights

Democrat coup attempt continues as GOP lies down

Democrat controlled states try to make their own immigration law

Russian spooks, Psychological disorders, Global Warming, and Moon Cheese

The Media War with Trump

This next is a compilation of my first articles when liberal fascism came out in the open to declare the Democrat Party against America four months into the Trump presidency:


My best Articles are all stickies at the head of this blog.  Be sure to pay close attention to those on Global Warming and the Jihad of Muhammad.  God bless America and all patriots to save this great nation from leftist lies!

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The Feminazi Rat Pack on Cover of Rolling Stone

What does a liberal fascist, a Latino-communist, a democratic socialist, and an Islamo-nazi have in common?  They all hate Christian conservative Republicans who live free as American capitalists.

Take the last one first as the best example of anti-American leftism.  As a Moslem jihadi working against America, the heartless face of Islam is found in Somalian, Ilhan Omar, who was elected to Congress by Minnesota Democrats.  The Democrat corruption of Minnesota is so deep that it was the only state in the union that voted against Ronald Reagan’s second term.  Ilhan Omar, who obtained a Green Card by illegally marrying her brother, is a devout Islamist, anti-Semite, and hater of Christians.  In return for American benevolence, she has entered Congress being sworn in on the Koran and vowing to take down the hated Great Satan of Christianity.

As part of her efforts to undermine the USA, she has called for an end to U.S. opposition to the Islamic State, an end to U.S. support for the only ally in the Middle East – Israel, demanded that treacherous citizens who joined the death cult of ISIS jihadis be permitted back into the country, and she calls U.S. humanitarian aid to Venezuela that is suffering under a socialist dictatorship a prelude to invasion.  A recipient of U.S. aid herself and having benefited from Obama’s importation of Islamists, Omar is now working to sabotage America’s efforts to stop socialist tyranny around the world.

Stalinist Democrats, i.e. Feminazis, Target Moderate Democrats for Destruction

No Amount of American Greatness Dispels the Left’s Attraction to Socialism

Pelosi, AOC, and their socialist and Moslem allies are working toward the destruction of the U.S. Constitution by importing Latino-communists and Islamo-nazis to colonize America.  Moslem Omar holds no allegiance to the United States of America.  She was sworn in, like Obama who did so in a private ceremony, on the Koran owned by Thomas Jefferson claiming that he was secretly a Muslim.  Jefferson only studied the Koran to understand Moslem slavers attacking America shipping along the Barbary Coast.  The Koran is the embodiment of Sharia Law of Muhammad while the Bible is the embodiment of Constitutional Law.

Where the Constitution is based in biblical principles, Sharia is based in Islamic principles that are anti-biblicalm anti-Jewish, and anti-Christian.  (For those who don’t understand the significance of that they need to be informed or reminded that Jesus is a Jew.)  Contrary to common ignorance, Allah is not the God of the Bible except to atheists who don’t know the difference between one “fantasy god” or another, and Moslems who seek to dupe infidels.

The Arab word ‘Allah’ does not translate to God except in extremely old testament references to Baal.  Omar, along with other Moslems, are now inside America’s government working against Jews and Christians by operating for Islamic jihadis of Hamas and Hezbollah, both products of Iranian Ayatollahs.  She has access to internal American government classified information and shaping foreign policy.  This is every bit as egregious a violation of American military security as giving the presidency to a radical socialist Moslem.  How has America descended to these depths so quickly after 9-11 wherein her enemies are given power within the nation’s government?  This is only happening in the Democrat Party.

Democrats who aid America’s enemies – this is called treason

Speaker Pelosi and AOC-Chiquita Khrushchev are united in targeting any Democrat who works with Republicans for America’s benefit.  Republicans passed a bill to report any illegal alien attempting to illegally buy a gun to ICE.  Democrat leftists are fighting this trying to impose gun confiscation on American citizens while illegally arming foreign invaders.  AOC’s stupidity and tyrannical control freak character has been widely exposed.  This is the kind of person who talks about how “oppressors victimize the innocent” in exactly the same way that Hitler spoke of the Jews stealing from Germans with the exact same demands for their persecution.

Educating Young Liberals with Chicken Brains – The AOC Model

Rush Limbaugh: Most people think that political parties are out there trying to do things to attract a majority of Americans to an agenda, to a set of ideas, to a set of objectives and goals. No. That’s not today’s Democrat Party. Today’s Democrat Party doesn’t care what you want. They don’t care what you think. They don’t care what your feelings are unless you somehow demonstrate that you are with them. They want to use positions of power to bully people, to threaten people into accepting them.

Everybody thinks politics is the other way around, that we are a country of, by, and for the people and that the people’s desires, thoughts, ideas are what determine what the political parties seek. Nope. Not when you’re talking about the modern era of the Democrat Party. Nancy Pelosi at war with moderate Democrats; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is at war with free markets. She is at war essentially with free choice. Ilhan Omar is at war with Jews as is Rashida Tlaib.

All of these people are obsessed with race. They are obsessed with abortion. They are obsessed with an agenda that they realize must be forced on everybody in order for it to become real. They are fierce. They are intolerant. These women are the definition of feminazis. They are socialists, they are bigots, and they are in your face.

Michelle Malkin convicts leftist immigration violators

Pelosi is one of the Democrats who came up with congressional members receiving pensions after leaving office.  This is sucking up taxpayer money to line their own pockets even when they are not serving.  Those who would compare their government service to police and firefighter pensions do so knowing full well that the latter serves with low pay at high risk to their lives and are compensated with pensions.  Democrats and their RINO allies in Congress manipulate their investments, not only by conducting insider trading they legalized for themselves, but by subsidizing the companies in which they invest with taxpayer money to pad their own investment accounts.  If you don’t recognize this as extreme corruption, then you are part of the problem.

Tlaib embezzles campaign funds

AOC and Campaign Manager embezzle campaign funds

Pelosi embezzles campaign funds

Omar immigration fraud married her brother

Leftists deny all these charges and use political power to block investigations that would bring these charges to trial.  These are just a taste of the many charges of corruption within Washington, D.C. committed by congresspeople.  This is how corruption works, and AOC learned very quickly how to work with leftist corruption while telling the rest of us that we have to learn to live with less.  This rat pack of feminazis represent the greatest danger to the USA.  Any criticism of them is automatically labelled as sexist and racist and Islamophobic.  Such blatant obfuscations do not conceal the treachery of their wicked hearts.  If President Trump doesn’t take action against there criminals then America will be lost.

Democrat Hypocrisy is Impossible When They’re Naturally Two-Faced

Educating Young Liberals with Chicken Brains – The AOC Model

Democrat Terrorists Create Phony Republican Racism to Justify Their Hate

Leftwing “Journalists” – Not Leftist Bias but Outright Activists

This is how f***ed up this nation has become when a Moslem slave is in charge of security to keep jihadis from bringing weapons and bombs onto planes while grandma gets harassed.

Congress Paving the Way for Illegal Aliens

[Author’s Note: These fascists are about to get a lesson in Washington politics as Democrats are being forced to draft a resolution to shut up Omar from damning Israel before they lose their Jewish donors.  And AOC is about to get a lesson in “kissing the ring” of Pelosi to keep her out of prison for embezzling a million dollars in campaign funds.  No doubt she’ll happily throw her campaign manager to the dogs to keep her own worthless ass out of jail.]

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Democrat Hypocrisy is Impossible When They’re Naturally Two-Faced

“Honolulu burns in nuclear fireball; Democrats blame Trump!”  This will be Hawaii’s epitaph from Democrat news activists that will omit the lead-in that Democrats sabotaged the peace process to end America’s longest war.  Some of us will just laugh at the bodies of Democrat fools they dig out of storm drains they thought would save them from a nuclear blast.  Instead of endorsing President Trump’s peace mission to denuclearize North Korea, they engaged in political theater to paint Donald Trump as a racist criminal.  They deliberately set out to sabotage the mission while he was engaged saying he would either sell out America to distract from Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony or bring the nation into nuclear war with North Korea.  As always, they couldn’t find a single lie with which to stick as their all predictions once again left their faces in the dirt.

For their theatrics, Democrats had a “star witness” against President Trump who has already been convicted of lying to Congress, but apparently now wants to tell lies the Democrats want to hear in exchange for a lighter sentence.  He has declared that Donald Trump did not want to win the presidency but was campaigning for publicity.  Out of the other side of his mouth he declared that Donald Trump asked Russians to help him win the election.  Then he declared that he knows of no collusion between Trump and Russia.  Only people who are so absolutely two-faced cannot see these contradictions in his testimony.  Democrats wallow in lies in everything from their most basic tenets to their most heinous dogma.  There is nothing about which Democrats don’t lie including declaring that Republicans lie and slandering them as doing what Democrats do.  The only people who believe them are those utterly blinded by the hate in their hearts for America.

Rep. Jim Jordan introduces Cohen “testimony”

Only a complete fool believes the first thing they are told without proof.  Foolish people allow others to tell them what to think without examining the facts for themselves and reaching their own moral conclusions.  The reason people’s opinions and their repetition of what they have heard from others is not permitted court is because people are largely unreliable in telling the truth.  Third party witness is called “hearsay” and not allowed as it cannot be corroborated.  This keeps criminals from going into court to slander the innocent or exonerate the guilty.  Leftists believe that “truth is in the eye of the beholder,” when in fact truth is not what you make it but what actually is.

There is nothing true in the words of Democrats.  There is nothing right in these leftist haters who scorn God and country.  Their every word and every deed are meant only to deceive, distract, and destroy America so they can fundamentally transform the land of the free and home of the brave into the land of the freeloader and home of the depraved.  Here is a list of the top five most egregious lies with which Democrats smear President Trump in their efforts to demean him in the eyes of voters.  Beginning with false allegations of racism and ending with their phony “existential threat” of environmentalism, Democratic socialists have only one goal – to unmake America and remake her into their socialist toilet.

List of Top 5 Democrat Narratives Lying About President Trump:

  • Charlottesville – “Trump endorses white supremacists;” President Trump was asked about the competing protests in Charlottesville, one side consisting of Democrats who wanted to tear down the statues of famous Democrats their party erected in the 1940s and 50s, the other consisting of southerners who wanted to preserve their heritage. He said, “I’m sure there are good people on both sides.  The leftwing media immediately twisted his meaning to portray him as saying this of white supremacist neo-Nazi KKK bigots (i.e. white Democrats) who had just killed a member of the police murdering criminals Black Lives Matter (i.e. black Democrats).  This false narrative, along with border security and war on jihadis, form the basis for Democrat’s lies smearing Trump as “racist against brown people.”  Republicans are the opposite of the racist bigots Democrats have been throughout history.
  • Russia – “Trump asked Putin to hack the election;” Rosenstein and Mueller have both said there is no evidence that Russia hacked the election or altered any votes. Yet 40% of Americans, i.e. Democrats, believe that the election was hacked and stolen from Hillary.  This is only because their media lied to them for months that Hillary was so far ahead that she would win in a landslide.  Instead, despite massive Democrat voter fraud in blue states counting unregistered provisional ballots and giving the vote to felons and foreigners in their states, Hillary lost to the Electoral College which gives the votes of the states to the candidate the state elects.  Democrats are fighting to eliminate the college and make America a democracy where their voter fraud rules supreme.
  • Border Security – “Trump separates children from immigrant families;” no children have ever been separated from immigrant families entering the United States. Those who enter the country legally are afforded all rights.  Those who were charged as criminals for entering the country illegally by sneaking around ports of entry had their children placed in state custody as happens to any criminals that is arrested by the government.  Legal immigrants are perfectly safe.  Those who cross the border at ports of entry are perfectly safe.  Only criminals who are caught are separated from the children in their company as most are drug mules, sex traffickers, and other criminals.  Who would want the children of criminals put in jail with them?
  • Moslem Ban – Trump denies Moslems religious freedom;” Islam is not a race of “brown people” as Democrats claim. Neither is it a religion.  Islam is a death cult that has been at war with the world since its inception.  Muhammad’s teachings are to deceive and conquer non-Moslems until they are so oppressed that they convert.  Raping infidel women is perfectly legal as is raping children to teach them “humility” in subjugation to Islam.  President Trump only restricted travel from high terrorist areas from which Moslem jihadis are invading the world to inflict terror attacks on the innocent.  No one in government is yet suggesting that Islam be banned in America.  Yet Sharia Islam is being infiltrated and imposed on Americans in direct opposition to American Constitutional law.  The greatest existential threat to America is leftist socialists, of which Islam is a part, that wants to kill off or enslave free Americans.
  • Climate Change – “Man’s pollution is destroying the planet;” this fiction is so indoctrinated into American children that they actually believe that man’s pollution will kill the planet and make all life extinct. They are taught that if Americans don’t elect a socialist government to take all American wealth in the next twelve years then it will be too late to save humanity from extinction.  Democrats don’t call this fear-mongering or indoctrination and will never admit they are lying to dupe people into giving them their money.  The greatest clue that this is a lie should be obvious to anyone with a brain that no one is asking communist countries to change their pollution habits.  Also, that Democrats, when confronted with how they should spend the people’s money, laugh at the fools.  Climate change is not an existential threat to humanity, it’s just another part of socialism that is an existential threat to freedom.

Slavers of the Democrat Party have been working at overthrowing the Constitution since the Founding.  This became especially true after Republicans took their slaves away.  But now they use the Santa ‘Clause’ in government to seduce their slaves back onto the Democrat Plantation.  They constantly smear and slander Republicans as being everything Democrats are to conceal their true nature.  They ally with socialists to overthrow capitalism, ally with Satanists to kill babies, and ally with Islamists to destroy Christianity.  They distract from their nature with bogus accusations like Trump-Russia collusion.  Liberals are all upset that Cohen said Trump knows a Russian criminal.  Knowing a criminal is not the same as being a criminal.  A righteous man does not have to be pure of spirit.  No one else can be Jesus, and if anyone recalls it was leftists who condemned even Him.

Democrats slander Trump as a reprobate and his followers as endorsing a criminal.  What they hate most about Trump is what we love about him, that he is a fighter who isn’t afraid to get into the mud to wrestle Democrats who live in the muck.  Liberals not only know American criminals, but they vote for them!  They re-elect Democrat criminals that kill people (Ted Kennedy), run male child prostitution rings (Barney Frank), evade paying taxes (Al Sharpton), are pathological liars who steal valor pretending to be veteran heroes (Richard Blumenthal), are absolute morons (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), are racist anti-Christian Jew haters (Ilhan Omar), are Moslem socialist anti-white racists who betray the country to our enemies (Barack Obama), and are even autocratic saboteurs  (Hillary Clinton).

Donald Trump has proven to be America’s greatest president at a time when America is under siege threatening to be overthrown by the forces of darkness.  He has done more to improve America’s economy, her military, and foreign relations with friend and foe alike than any president in the last century.  He is Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan combined.  I am amazed, gratified, and have never been so proud of the man for whom I voted.  And I have never been more furious, disgusted, and incensed with the left that promotes importing criminal foreigners, killing babies, and forcing their socialist religion on the nation.  Donald Trump may be the last gasp of a dying republic before America falls into darkness.  But he will always be the greatest president since George Washington fought to free this country, create this great nation, and serve her people.  That is a truth that no smears can obscure, and no false allegations can erase.

Donald Trump’s greatest attribute is that he knows how to fight the wicked using their own weapons.  War is not a business for the meek.  You don’t win by playing nice or being fair.  In war, both sides use the same weapons.  It is only the cause for which they fight that renders judgement on them.  Liberals fight against American liberty believing the slavers of socialism will serve them.  The righteous fight for America as the land of liberty and beacon of hope for the world.  Try as they might, the left cannot slander the truth when it is out in the open for all to see.  They can only cover the eyes of fools to dupe them into believing all their lies about America being the evil in the world that anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear know isn’t so.

Michael Cohen’s outrageous closing statement right out of Hillary’s playbook of smears

COHEN: I’d like to say directly to the president: “We honor our veterans even in the rain. You tell the truth even when it doesn’t aggrandize you. You respect the law and our incredible law enforcement agents; you don’t villainize them. You don’t disparage generals, Gold Star families, prisoners of war, and other heroes who had the courage to fight for this country. You don’t attack the media and those who question (stammers) what you don’t like or what you don’t want them to say. You don’t separate families from one another or demonize those looking to America for a better life.”

RUSH: Right from the open-borders crowd — and you know what? This closing statement, I haven’t found much attention being paid to it whatsoever. And to me, it is all the proof you need that this guy is a robot who has been caught, who has been set up and is reading the words written by others. Separating families? The swipe here at…? These are the people that kneel and that have public ceremonies celebrating the killing of cops!  What is he talking about here?

Obama is the guy who had a Marine hold an umbrella over his head.  Obama villainized law enforcement as racist.  Obama slandered Gen. Petraeus.  Obama smeared FOX News as liars.  Obama separated immigrant families taking children into the country without their parents.  Democrats are the ones with a congressional slush fund of taxpayer money to pay off the women and men they sexually molest.  Everything for which Democrats try to slander Republicans are crimes and corruptions that are the heart and soul of Democrats, and unwitting fools repeat their lies as if they’re gospel.

Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez are forming competing goon squads to arm twist Democrats who are even thinking about voting with Republicans.  This is just more proof that leftists don’t want to convince people that their way is the right way, but to force people to comply with their dictates.  Republicans who think they can “reach across the aisle” had better only do so if they want to join with Democrats or they’ll be pulling back a stump.  This is how two-faced Democrats are and why they can’t be labelled as hypocrites who say one thing and do the opposite – because when you are two-faced you don’t go against your own nature but live opposites and backwards from one day to the next naturally.  Leftists are dictatorial slavers, not free-thinking libertarians.

How Liberals are like Children

Educating Young Liberals with Chicken Brains – The AOC Model

Democrat Terrorists Create Phony Republican Racism to Justify Their Hate

Leftwing “Journalists” – Not Leftist Bias but Outright Activists

More Backwards Liberal Thinking – Congress Paving the Way for Illegal Aliens

McCabe and Mr. Mueller – A Democrat Coup Exposed

[Author’s Note: Leftist socialists from communists to fascists to Nazis to Islamists are all the same.  The reason leftists try to slander the righteous as being Nazis is to warp people’s minds against what is good.  They do this to dupe people into believing that in movies like “The Avengers” when they are fighting Nazis, they imagine them to be fighting Republicans in their twisted minds.  FDR may have chosen the wrong party against the wishes of his uncle Teddy, but that doesn’t mean Democrats led the nation against the Nazis or later against the Communists.  Democrats in the 1930s endorsed the great socialist leaders of the 20th century; Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.  America’s greatest generals were all Republicans; Marshall, Eisenhower, MacArthur, Nimitz, Spruance, and most all the rest.  And it was the Lion of England, Sir Winston Churchill, who led and inspired the allied cause.  Leftism that is the foundation of all ideologies that are wrong in the world is promoted only by deception.  If they can warp the truth to mean what they want rather than what is true, then they will live that lie and that’s the most important lesson to learn whenever a Democrats tells you what to think.]

Believe half of what Republicans say and none of what Democrats say and you will begin to be enlightened.

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Educating Young Liberals with Chicken Brains – The AOC Model

Democrats have indoctrinated an army of the ignorant.  Children visiting D.C. talking to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) got a lesson in the true Democrat agenda.  They have been taught the Chicken Little tale that the world is going to start ending in twelve years unless we stop using fossil fuels!  When they confronted Sen. DiFi to sign on to AOC’s New Green Deal to save the planet, they were met with derision and contempt.  These poor younglings and their teachers don’t understand that the witless Chiquita Khrushchev is just a product of Democrat’s efforts to part fools from their money.

Cortez responded that Feinstein is a coward because she, being a young, ignorant fool, has sold her soul to Democrat lies.  This is what happens when uneducated greedy people take control – you get Democrats who are worse Democrats.  Democrats have always been the party of thugs, slavers, liars, control freaks, and tyrants.  AOC is the poster girl for all things leftist combining the utter stupidity of liberalism with the fascist authoritarian mentality of leftism.  When stupid people elect stupid people, you get the blind leading the blind over the cliff.

DiFi confronts AOC’s Green New Deal children

AOC won her congressional seat on the backs of 4% of registered voters in her district.  This is what happens when you don’t vote.  This is what happens in a democracy.  Incompetence breeds stupidity breeds greed breeds corruption.  Nowhere is this more evident than in AOC’s Green New Deal.  They teach this Chicken Little crap to our children.  Then, when the indoctrinated children form a group called “The Sunrise Movement” confront these scammers about using the money that they want to take from us to “save the planet,” they laugh in their faces.  This is just a precursor to what will happen when they convince young voters to support socialism.  Socialism is easy to vote your way into, but you have to shoot your way out of it.  #Venezuela-socialism

The Green New Deal

Feinstein would never admit to these children that Democrats are mis-educating them by instilling irrational fears in their hearts so they can dupe them into giving them their money.  Instead, she blames Republicans as “destroying the planet through their greed” telling them the bill “won’t pass the Senate” that is Republican controlled.  That’s such a blatant lie!  This bill wouldn’t pass the House because it would instantly destroy America’s economy!  She tells them she won her election and she’s in charge but won’t reveal that she taught them this Chicken Little stupidity as a farce to manipulate them.  Democrats won’t vote to cut their own economic throats.  Then they would have no businesses to shake down for more money.  They just want you to put your head in the noose while handing them your wallet.  Get a clue, people!

Oblivious AOC responds to DiFi’s dismissal

Chiquita Little can’t come up with coherent thoughts.  She rambles and throws in words about climate change like a teenager and thinks she sounds intelligent (like Jar-Jar Binks) coming up with a solution when this college mis-educated liberal doesn’t understand basic economics better than a fifth grader.  This is what happens when people become so apathetic that they don’t vote.  Any idiot with an agenda can draw a few fools to put them in power.  This is what happens when people who have never achieved anything, never directed anything, never oversaw anything, or never been responsible for anything are given power.  They immediately become corrupt dictators.  Just because she won a popularity contest on a few voters she thinks she can rule over all.  There are no adults in Congress among Democrats who will tell her she’s another dupe of their scam, so she won’t stop pushing for her insane Green New Deal.  AOC who’s the boss?

The American Opportunity Accounts Act

Corey “Sparktakus” Booker says he has solved poverty.  His plan is to take taxpayer money and invest it for every child born that they can claim when they turn 18 and use it to by cars and places to live.  This is genius to a dumbass.  What it is, is stealing from those who work to give to those who don’t.  Republicans have a better plan.  It’s called living the American Dream where you work for what you earn and spend it on what you want without government stealing it from you.

Every Democrat policy is designed to dupe the oblivious.  By undoing American prosperity Democrats hope to make Americans dependent on government as they were in the 1930s.  Democrats argue that America has the moral responsibility to allow South/Central American “refugees” to freely enter the country illegally just as Jews were allowed to immigrate to the U.S. from Germany in the 1930s and 40s.  Jews were fleeing genocide by Nazis, which is what Democrats say Republicans are, while those Hispanics that are fleeing are trying to escape socialism.  Except that’s what Democrats are striving to transform this country into adopting.  The left promotes infant sacrifice like Satanists and advocate for disarming citizens as their southern socialist neighbors did when they seized power.  Those Latinos that are caravanning to America are not coming as refugees, but as Latino-communists intent on violating American law to vote Democrats into power to impose socialism on Americans.

The Cohen Show Kicks Off the 2020 Campaign

UCLA students sign Nazi petition to put conservatives in concentration camps

Every Democrat dogmatic belief is founded in lies.  Liberals always misrepresent the facts in order to corrupt the truth.  Everything they say and do is to distract and detract from Trump’s accomplishments.  When President Trump said there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville he was talking about the peaceful protestors, not the racist criminals of BLM and neo-Nazis of the KKK that are both Democrat groups.  Just like when he asked Russia at a rally to find Hillary’s missing emails, he was telling a joke, not sending a request for them to spy on Americans.  That is now the basis of their collusion theory and it’s psychotic.  Talk about people wearing tinfoil hats!  The same is true of their dogma that he is separating children from immigrants.  The same is true of his Moslem ban, though the reality is that Moslems are immigrating to America to proselytize Sharia Islam.  Islam and the Constitution are opposites.  The Constitution is liberty while Islam is slavery.  Yet Democrats, who say they are against slavery, advocate for it because the truth is Democrats have always been for slavery from the Founding which is why they are trying to dupe people into voting for them to impose it.

Democrats have fooled millions by appealing to their mis-educated egos.  They declare in unison that “climate change is the greatest threat to human existence and American prosperity.”  They have so indoctrinated and deluded people to believe this scam by smearing Republicans as the greedy devoted to stealing their money.  This formula is perpetuated by so-called comedians who make ludicrous statements that liberals swallow hook, line, and sinker.  Bill Maher just declared that red state dwellers are lowly people suffering economically who want to be blue state people living in prosperity.  They think they are educated and enlightened.

Bill Maher: “The most affluent and educated people are clustered in just a few cities.  The blue part of America is having a big prosperity party while that big sea of red feels like their invitation got lost in the mail.  The “flyover states” have become the ‘passed over states.’  That’s why red state voters are so pissed off.  They don’t hate us.  They want to be us.”

Bill Maher confuses red state morality with Democrat prosperity

Texas has been prospering the whole eight years of Obama because the state never adopted Democrat policies.  Businesses have been thriving here.  We never went through a recession from which to recover.  Now blue states are feeling their oats and think that makes them special.  Yet they are the boobs who want to vote Democrats back into control and have Obamaites put their boot back on their economic throats by raising their taxes.  Red states don’t want to be blue states.  Why would we want to be corrupt, greedy fools under Democrat control?  Cities are where the worst crime and corruption and poverty in the nation reside.  We don’t want to be them.  We are pissed off because they are trying to make us them!

Socialism and their demands of; Medicare for all, reparations for slavery, free illegal immigration, prison reform for criminals, and high taxation for climate change, are all efforts by the greediest people in America to steal prosperity from working people.

In the final analysis, Democrats are working to corrupt our people, subvert our laws, and bankrupt this nation so they can blame Republicans in order to dupe the masses into voting themselves into slavery.

Hillary vs. AOC for Democrat’s souls

The right to keep and bear arms

Democrat men posing as women are stealing women’s awards

Democrats vote for infanticide

Islam sex slaves

Democrat Terrorists Create Phony Republican Racism to Justify Their Hate

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