Life on Planet Obama

Barack Hussein Obama says half the country lives on another planet of information.  This is true.  Conservatives live on planet Earth where social liberalism is the dysfunctional ideology of irrational, ignorant people who are easily duped by leftists.  Liberals live in a world where socialism is Utopia, rather than the ideology that killed a hundred million people last century, and this century is threatening to destroy the West by squandering wealth and allowing Islamo-Nazis to overwhelm them.

Obama on another planet

“We are operating in completely different information universes.  If you watch FOX News you are living on a different planet than you are if you listen to NPR.” – Barack Obama

Indeed.  Liberals actually applauded this as if Obama had said something wise and good.  That’s because they do not get the same information from the liberal media that is available on FOX.  They do not hear about Fusion GPS or FBI agent Strzok.  They do not hear about low unemployment or high economic growth.  Liberals live in ignorance.  When conservatives hear the news they hear both sides.  Liberals only hear one side and what they hear of the other is what their side believes them to be rather than what they actually are, say, and do.  For example, securing the border has nothing to do with racism, but that is what the Left makes it about.  Creating that narrative and assigning that motivation to the Right is what makes the Left delusional by inciting hate over a non-existent sin.  It’s the same as their claim that Trump is guilty of obstructing the Russian collusion investigation.  You cannot obstruct an investigation into a non-existent crime.  What’s more is that they have no knowledge of Obama using American intelligence services in spying on Trump to commit a crime ten times worse than what Nixon did.  They have no knowledge of Hillary and the DNC cheating Bernie Sanders of the nomination.  They know nothing of Obama supplementing Iran and North Korea to gain nuclear weapons.  Instead they quiver in fear that Trump may provoke fat boy into launching, and the fools in Hawaii hid in storm drains because some liberal whacko sent out a nuclear missile warning “accidentally.”  Liberal world is the insane world of irrational ignorance and dysfunctional denial.

Chuck Woolery laughs at the Left

Liberal Democrats link MLK and the civil rights movement with climate change claiming that global warming has a greater effect on the poor countries, minorities, and low income individuals.  Do they not live on the same planet as the rest of us?  Apparently not.  Liberals believe life on Earth is going to end soon.  Barack “Svengali” Obama & Co. have them completely duped and absolutely depressed.  The elitist leftists have always tried to convince people that they are going to and should die to save the planet.  From the Population Bomb to the neo-fascist movement of social liberalism climate change it’s all about how people are killing the planet and will cause billions of people to die.  Therefore they should have the good grace to sacrifice themselves for their elite leaders, or at least kill off the people who will not bow to and submit to the will of their leaders.  This is why socialism is the father of fascism, communism, and Nazism and why the murderous ideologies are all part of the Left.  The most far right radical extremist Christian is not a bible thumping self-righteous hypocrite, but Jesus Christ Himself!  The aforementioned bible thumper is more leftist than righteous.  Jesus never said to do that, but specifically said not to!  But His admonition, “Judge not lest you be judged,” is taken by leftists to mean that no one can be judged for the crimes they commit – unless they are Christians who do not submit to leftist morality and then condemnation is absolutely their order of the day!  This is the opposite of righteousness.

It is not possible to argue good sense and logic with a liberal who embraces irrational thought obscured by ignorance and the arrogance of believing they know what they don’t know.  Lifelong liberals suffer from the same dysfunction as young teenagers who are growing up beginning to understand things, but still mired in colossal ignorance, and believing they know everything when they know next to nothing.  Social liberalism begins with profound ignorance amidst their victimhood blaming others for the problems they create for themselves.  Democrats want people addicted to drugs, which is why they need to keep the southern border open to drug trafficking.  They need their constituents living in a fantasy world and they promote Follywood movies that manufacture the illusion that social liberalism is beneficial.  They have a movie coming out soon depicting people living in misery fighting to save, of all things, not their lives, but their fantasy reality where they can be heroes.  Young liberals don’t know the hard work and years of sacrifice it takes to become a hero.  Instead they choose to live in their separate fantasy world in which they are the happy rulers achieving great things acquiring fantasy gold and fantasy honor.  Meanwhile, back here on Earth, their life expectancy is down even though they live in the greatest country in history in which medicine has made the greatest advances.  But their Democrat masters are pricing them out of the market of healthcare with promises of making it free.  They do not understand that nothing in life is free.  It costs money to train doctors and manufacture medicines.  They don’t understand how business and trade work because they are taught that their college should be free because their K-12 education was free.  These brainless children don’t know that their parents paid for their education, that teachers are not slaves of the state, and that schools don’t get built by charities.  They don’t understand that the government they want to take care of them has no money except what they take from working people.

That’s why Democrats always demand high taxes so they can support their foolish deadbeats and keep them supplied with drugs so they stupidly keep voting leftist.  The last thing they want is a public that is actually educated and informed.  Before Rush Limbaugh and FOX News Christian conservatives were known as the Silent/Moral Majority.  Twitter, Facebook, and Google Search are working on silencing them once again and the dupes of the Left believe that to be a good thing.  It’s only a good thing if you want to live your life oblivious of how it could be better.  To actually live the good life of the American Dream you not only have to be willing to fight for it, you have to be willing to live by the righteous morality that they have been taught to oppose.  They have been taught to embrace the socialist fascism that brought Communism and Nazism to the 20th century, created prisons and slaves, and made the world burn.  Liberals need to be educated and that education begins by crushing the leftists that would silence the Right.  The leftist media that has dominated for the last century believes they can twist people’s understanding of reality by smearing Trump and his achievements daily.  But you can’t fool all the people all the time.

Faith in God kills!

Dystopian liberalism vs. conservative reality

Refuting global warming science is elementary

Islamism and socialism – the in-your-face ideologies

Trump’s Best Response to Charge of Racism – Go F*** Yourselves!

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Trump’s Best Response to Charge of Racism – Go F*** Yourselves!

Trump honors MLK, reduces black unemployment to record lows, and the liberal Democrat media narrative is “Trump is a racist.”  This is called Big Lie propaganda – create a flood of a single narrative to dupe the ignorant into believing a lie.  Following Trump’s honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. more highly than any previous president, plus revitalizing the economy to the point that black unemployment is at its lowest point in history are truths that liberal Democrats cannot be allowed to be known.  So they invent this charge that Trump is the head of the KKK and inundate their mindless lemmings with the Big Lie.

Liberal Media Create Narrative “Trump is Racist”

MLK’s Niece Alveda King on Trump

Liberal media are flooding the zone with charges that Trump is a racist all based on a supposed remark that he said countries like Haiti are “sh*tholes.”  So what if he did?  Have you been to Haiti?  Seen pictures of it?  It IS a sh*thole!  As far as being “unpresidential,” LOL!  You think Obama was being “presidential” when he said “the Cambridge police acted stupidly” or called the TEA Party members “Teabaggers?”  Do you know how incredibly vulgar that term is?  Try looking it up on gamer sites and learn something of how lowly Obama spoke.  But liberals will quickly excuse Obama’s vulgarity as “justified” just as Islamic jihadis excuse their murders as “justified” defense of slanders against Islam when all the people speak of the evils of Islam is truth.

ALL countries that have been living under totalitarian socialist rule for decades are the toilets of the world.  North Korea, Cuba, Haiti, and countries like them are the living examples of absolute, unfettered socialism.  Uneducated liberals think Europe is socialist because they don’t understand that Europe became wealthy after WWII with America’s help, but have been thoroughly corrupted.  It takes time for socialists to steal all of other people’s money.  What is happening in Europe today with their flood of Moslem immigrants raping, rioting, and conducting terror attacks, the decline of their economies, and the deterioration of their cultures are all the result of their populations being corrupted to embrace socialism.

It’s not just the countries they run.  It’s every city in America that has been run by leftist Democrats.  Detroit, Michigan used to be the richest city in the country.  Now it’s a Democrat toilet.  Washington, D.C. used to be the seat of government and produces nothing except politicians.  Now it’s the wealthiest city in the country thanks to Obama stealing wealth from all other rich cities and hoarding it in the Democrat Party.  One fact comes out of this and it is not that Trump is a racist, but that Democrats, the party of slavery, organized crime, and union thuggery is the heart and soul of greed, envy, and lies.  Trump is being smeared as racist after he honored MLK, Jr. and lowering black unemployment to obscure these truths.  The leftist propaganda machine is attempting to write the Big Lie by concealing the truth and promoting a false narrative to overwhelm the brainless liberals that listen to their media propaganda.  There is only one viable response that President Trump can make to these charges that will not be likewise be characterized by the Left with more smear as either lying or denying the truth by “protesting too much.”  That response is –


Diamond & Silk respond to “Trump is racist” slander

These schoolyard bully’s slanders and their smears that the righteous tell only lies cannot be reasoned with so there is no point in arguing with them.  Just tell the world that they are low-life scum spreading lies.  When even half of Republicans stupidly fall for this tactic of vilifying Trump over the truth there is no intelligent response to make against the lies of the Left.  Democrats enslaved Africans, allow drugs to flow into the U.S. from Mexico, import cheap labor to be welfare voter slaves, and encourage the idolizing of the most corrupt and immoral people in the country as icons.  The Left offers nothing but their dysfunctional culture promoting corruption and elevating themselves as the elites.

No one has to explain to Democrats that being against people stealing across the border to illegally take jobs and benefits from taxpayers is not racism, but righteously upholding the law.  They know full well that they are promoting lies that illegal immigrants make America better and more productive.  All they do is add to the burden of the taxpayer to give Democrats an excuse to raise taxes to “help” the poor babies when all they do is stuff their own pockets.  America’s immigration system is the largest in the world.  Refusing to allow the worst people in the world to come into America is not a crime against compassion.  It’s a crime against Democrat’s lawlessness in their minds.  Democrats want foreigners to overwhelm the masses who are becoming educated to Democrat lies.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a Very Real Mental Illness

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Trump’s ‘Insanity’ on Display Playing on Media

‘Donald Trump is so mentally unstable that he speaks incoherently, can’t put two sentences together, falls asleep in meetings, and demands obeisance from members of Congress.’  In an open meeting on Monday, President Trump showed the world that he is a true leader.

Televised Trump Meeting

Liberal media praises Trump’s meeting

Liberals are hoping that Trump is caving into the pressure they’ve put on him to submit to Democrats.  They want the President to give them an amnesty bill so they can add to their voter base and leave national security to be negotiated on their terms.  Conservatives are fearful that could happen and America would be lost to immigrants overwhelming citizens to remake America.  But as Trump proved he is nobody’s fool when Democrats and RINOs brought him a DACA bill that gave them amnesty for their illegals while providing no security for American citizens.  They wanted to give benefits to illegals at the expense of American military personnel just as the City of Dallas is using the Police & Fire Pension Fund to finance their Sanctuary City programs.  Liberals gladly take from the makers to give to their takers using any excuse such as the problems this fund had in order to raid it as they do Social Security.  The city profits instead of the fund during this time of economic boom leaving retirees of the police and fire departments to subsist on less than that for which they contracted to risk their lives.  Just as they steal from retired citizens to provide for illegals, Democrats also would steal from America’s protectors to give to deadbeats who steal into America’s home.  Illegals sponge off the people who work for a living under the guise of being refugees when most come from countries whose socialist governments they helped create.  Now they would do to America what they did to their homelands.

Liberal reviews of the meeting clearly exhibit that liberals don’t have the first clue how negotiations, business, or Congress works.  A liberal judge ordered a halt to Trump’s DACA plans, but such an order is as illegal as DACA itself that Obama created from the White House.  America is in desperate need of immigration reform that would enforce existing laws, stop the Democrat’s importing cheap labor and welfare voter slaves, keep Islamists and socialist slaves out of the country, and help put an end to Democrat voter fraud.  Democrats need an ignorant and dependent populace to vote to keep them in power so they can steal wealth from those who are successfully living the American Dream.  Their dream is to take that wealth for themselves and give it to their deadbeat supporters who aren’t willing to work for it like patriotic Americas do.  America’s wealth was built through business and trade, not through government benefits.  Liberals who believe high taxes will solve their problems are dupes to the elite Democrat leftists that would rule through deception by keeping the people ignorant.

Limbaugh assesses Trump’s meeting

Social Media ‘Shadow Ban’ and Crime of the Century

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Social Media ‘Shadow Ban’ and Crime of the Century

Project Veritas has once again exposed the lies of the leftwing.  Twitter, Facebook, and other social media are censoring conservative posts to keep their vacuous followers ignorant.  They use what they call a “Shadow Ban” in which they allow the post to be made but they do not disseminate it or allow a Google Search to be made for it so no one ever sees it.  They claim they are “protecting people from ‘hate speech,’” but the truth is that they don’t want the truth to be put in front of the faces of oblivious liberals where they might learn how they have been duped by Democrats.  What they want to keep people most ignorant of is that Obama and Hillary pulled off the greatest crime since the Founding by using America’s Intelligence agencies to spy on the Trump Campaign.

Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality

Project Veritas exposes liberal media’s “Shadow Ban” of conservatives

DACA is a leftist program designed to bring the most ignorant, dependent people in the world into America to be added to the dwindling Democrat base.  Despite what President Trump said in the open meeting about immigration reform he will not sign anything that Democrats and RINOs put in front of him.  He will stand by his campaign promises regardless of all else and take the heat for it.  But what he did was expose what Republicans are more willing to work with Democrat elitists rather than for the people.  Without voter fraud, having dead people and illegals and felons vote, Democrats wouldn’t have nearly the power they have today.  Democrats have been mostly in control of government for the last century after Woodrow Wilson taught them how to use propaganda to cover up how their high taxes are impoverishing Americans by blaming Republicans.  Ignorant people, who don’t know how business works, are taught that high taxes are to their benefit and they must rely on government to steal from the rich for them.  Of course, it is only one set of elites stealing from the others.  These people who claim to be for free speech, just as they claim to be for liberty and prosperity, prove once again that the only thing they are for is lying to dupe the ignorant so they can part fools from their money.  Net Neutrality was the Democrat’s effort to censor the Internet under the guise of “fairness,” but the proof of that lie is in the Internet not being censored by Republicans, but by Democrats.  It is part of their campaign to keep their base ignorant believing lies like college in America should be free because K-12 is free.  These uninformed young liberals don’t know that their parents paid for their education through their taxes.  They believe teachers work for the government for free as slaves, that schools are built for free by slaves, and they don’t understand that what they believe in is the slavery for which Democrats have always advocated since the Founding.  They are kept ignorant because they are uneducated and understand nothing of the Founding and the difference between Republicans and Democrats and who they have always been.  Democrats were originally Federalists who wanted the President to be a King.  Does that give you a clue of their true nature?  An educated populace does not embrace the epic failure of the elitist rule that is socialism.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a Very Real Mental Illness

Being a Smart President vs. Being a Stupid One

The Shadow Crime of the Century

Watergate was amateur hour for Nixon trying to spy on the Democrat campaign in ’72.  As Rush Limbaugh states, the so-called “Trump Dossier” FISA Warrant to spy on the Trump campaign is ten times Watergate, a hundred times Iran-Contra.  Hillary created a phony intelligence story that Obama used to obtain a FISA Warrant to spy on Trump, and it is now used as the basis for their fraudulent claim that Trump had Russia hack the election.  But their web of deceit is coming unraveled as more and more of the truth comes out.  The only question is will President Trump allow the investigation of this fraud to go forward and take down the anti-Americans who are trying to destroy this country?  Democrats have always been against American liberty and have been using propaganda and illegal immigration to unmake America in order to transform it into their own socialist banana republic toilet.

DiFi Leaked Testimony to Get Ahead of Bombshell Obama Spying Scandal

Democrat Corruption Runs Deep in Federal Agencies

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

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Trump Derangement Syndrome is a Very Real Mental Illness

Liberals spew nothing but hate for Trump and all people who love America.  The liberal media has spent every waking hour broadcasting for the last year all the hate, bile, and sludge they can dredge up from the bowels of their psyches to throw at President Donald Trump in order to assassinate his character in the minds of the American people.  That their lies and smears only take root in their base of brainless liberals, who will believe whatever they are told regardless of the proof before their own eyes and ears, makes them even more insane.  Sean Hannity had an hour long program of nothing but leftist propaganda, delusions, and slanders of Trump in their campaign to turn the nation against his great achievements.

Trump Derangement Syndrome – Year Long Tsunami of Leftist Media Smears

Liberals hold authority in contempt.  They call police pigs, and say of teachers, “those who cannot do, teach.”  What then of liberals, who not only cannot teach, but also fail to learn?  Their dysfunctional thinking always leads to one result, developing an ideology of victimhood that breeds a heart of greed and a soul of envy.  Such people who do not have what they want always resent those who do.  They become hateful declaring that if they can’t have it then no one can.  The characteristic that Satan loves most is vanity bred of foolish pride from the selfishness of believing that they deserve more than that for which they are willing to work.  They believe in alternate realities in which someone like Steve Bannon can be the Darth Lord behind Trump and at the same time be a hero exposing Trump.  Leftists live in a world in which their own reality is dual opposites existing side-by-side and they rationalize this dichotomy as if it’s normal and logical when it is anything but.

Leftist liberalism is the negative pole of political ideology.  American liberal Democrats smear anyone who succeeds in business, prospers, and creates jobs.  From the founding of the nation Democrats have always been the party that promotes dependency on elites, from slavery to Robber Barons to gangster crime bosses to corrupt government overlords.  They always take more from the working people, either in labor or taxes or demanding votes from their welfare deadbeats, than they will ever give back.  Republicans have always fought against their corruption and promoted freedom for people to prosper from their own labor.  It is Democrats who wanted a king to rule over the people rather than a president subject to the will of the people.  Righteous Americans were taught to admire achievers, while the greedy, envious Left resents them.  They are the people who live their lives in a state of having their glass always being half empty.  They are never proud of others for their achievements, but resentful for them for excelling beyond themselves.  Yet they are not willing to make the effort to better themselves.  Rather they would tear down those who do.  With liberalism it doesn’t matter what you do, how right you are, or what you achieve.  For example, when Trump lowers taxes they do not credit him with helping the middle class save money from government waste.  They claim he is taking from them and giving to the rich.  When they tell lies about Trump their two-faced reality is truly exposed!  If he doesn’t respond they declare he is hiding from the truth, but if he does respond they declare they struck a nerve so their lie must be true.  You are always damned if you do and damned if you don’t with liberals.  They will complain if they don’t have work to do and then complain if they have to do work.  Leftist criminals are so deranged they would complain if they were shot with a new bullet.

Two-faced liberalism goes far beyond the rational thinking of the reasonable person.  They say they are patriots but demand policies that override the Constitution to tear down the country rather than build it up.  They see America as the problem rather than the solution to the ills of the world.  They say they are compassionate but would happily destroy the half of the population that refuses to submit to them.  They say they are knowledgeable but don’t know the history of the socialist ideology they endorse.  They say they are learned but don’t know the science they claim others reject.  They believe their own lies in claiming Trump didn’t want to be president, but stole the election by colluding with Putin, make sense.  Only in liberalism can you find two opposing beliefs to be held as true, especially when both have been proven to be complete lies.  Can anyone not see this as dysfunctional thinking?  Liberals do not care for right and wrong, truth and lies, justice and corruption, only what they can use to drag down those they see as their enemies, which is anyone who stands up for right, truth, and justice.  Their idea of justice is not what is morally right, but that which benefits themselves.  Their entire campaign to steal the election from Trump and anoint Hillary is exposed in their constant hateful smears of Trump claiming he is deranged, stupid, a rapist, and stole an election he didn’t want to win.  The truth that rules over these lies is that Donald Trump is a genius self-made billionaire who built a great real estate empire.  The truth over these lies is that he is fully in command and capable of being a great leader and a great president and is doing so on a daily basis.  The truth over these lies is that in their witch hunt investigation into the non-existent Russian collusion they are charging Trump supporters with any crime they can invent, and they are trying to charge Trump with obstructing an investigation into a crime that doesn’t exist!  Liberals say it doesn’t matter if something is factually true, just so long as the notion of what they believe is true is presented as the truth.  But that’s not where this duplicity ends.  It goes far beyond this, beyond our atmosphere, beyond our solar system, and into the galaxy.  There are people who believe President Trump will end all life on the planet by letting Americans mine and burn coal.  The party that says they are the party of science isn’t even the party of science fiction.  They are the party of religious fanaticism that does not believe in God but creates their own.  They quake in fear that Trump is taking lightly a pot-bellied megalomaniac who believes having a nuclear weapon makes him all-powerful.  Trump is standing courageously in the face of everything the Left is throwing at him and they call it hubris.  They think they are the arbiters of courage and good sense and they say that it is the Christian Right that is checked out of reality.

Trump can end the human species

Liberals mock Trump for watching cable news

Surviving Tax Cuts, Net Neutrality, and Democrat Duplicity

Being a Smart President vs. Being a Stupid One

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Being a Smart President vs. Being a Stupid One

People argue that Trump is a moron and Obama was a genius.  Does smart depend on perspective?  Everyone is capable of doing stupid things, but few can achieve great things.  What have Trump and Obama done to earn them titles of being the greatest?

What is your definition of intelligence?  Is it someone with a high IQ?  Someone who knows more than you?  Someone who thinks fast?  Someone who is more successful than you?  Someone who understands people better than you?  Or is it someone who can solve problems?  Is it someone who can convince others to follow them?  Is a leader someone who can show others a better way to achieve, or someone who can dupe others into giving him power?

Shortly after joining MENSA I found out from their monthly newsletter that having a high IQ did not make people automatically intelligent.  Just like computers, if you don’t have a hard drive filled with information then it won’t produce anything useful.  Or if you have junk programs that are flawed they produce erroneous results.  It’s garbage in, garbage out.  That is the definition of liberalism.  Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  That means that liberals don’t know much about how anything works, but are so arrogant they think they have all the correct answers on how to make them work better.  Ignorance is not stupidity.  Ignorance is just a lack of knowledge that can be overcome through education.  Stupidity cannot be overcome.  The immorality is not sexual or criminal, it’s just the hubris of believing oneself to be superior with no basis for that assumption.  It is believing a lie by living in denial of the truth and most people would rather live with their illusions than face reality.

In a lifetime of living and learning I have come to the conclusion that the single most important quality that will lead to living a better life is understanding the motivations of others and realizing that most people will lie to get ahead.  They will lie to get a promotion over others who are better able to do a job.  They will lie to keep someone who performs better than themselves from being elevated beyond them.  They will lie to get more for less when they have not earned it and don’t deserve it.  They will lie, cheat, steal, and even kill.  Lying can be gray lies concealing the truth, or black lies deliberately deceiving others.  Cheating can be not being honest in reporting or in actually changing the numbers to break the rules.  Stealing can be done by hook, fooling others into giving up what they have, or by crook, forcing them.  And killing can be anything from destroying someone else’s reputation through lies to actually ending their life through murder.

Trump vs. Obama – the smart president vs. the stupid one

Much as the Left wishes to make Trump out to be a buffoon they cannot so blithely smear someone as unintelligent who built a billion dollar business empire and became President of the United States despite all the forces arrayed against him.  Much as they wish to make Obama out to be a genius they cannot overcome his complete lack of knowledge or experience of how American business operates profitably, nor can they white wash his malicious regulations that kept businesses suppressed during his reign.  The leftwing media has been apoplectic for a two years trying to smear Trump and all he says and does to turn the people against him and he has run rings around them like the Road Runner baiting Wile E. Coyote into destroying himself over and over.  They despise Trump’s genius so they must denigrate him as being childish and demented.

The agendas of these two men are as opposite as night and day.  Anyone who believes Barack Obama’s purpose was to make the American economy better by regulating it under Democrat’s iron boot is just stupid.  If one understands that putting more people on the Democrat’s welfare voter rolls made them more powerful and then say they believe in a strong American economy that is a lie.  Anyone who believes Donald Trump removing those regulations is going to destroy the planet and kill people is just galactically stupid.  If you understand that Trump is pulling the rug out from under the Democrats in their attempt to subvert America then you have opened your eyes to the truth.  Rush Limbaugh made the comparison of smart vs. stupid in the actions of Trump, whom the liberal media is smearing as a dunce, a reprobate, and a mental defective, versus the action of Obama whom they praise to Allah as their righteous man.  Just read it for yourself and see how the truth and lies are exposed for all to see.  As Rush said, these people don’t realize how they have exposed themselves by stripping away their façade of claiming to be objective journalists reporting on events, and revealing themselves to be propagandists attempting to manipulate public opinion to shape events.

“Everybody’s learning that these people don’t wear underwear.  Once you lift the dress, they’re all naked and nude under there.”

Ronaldus Magnus made two great errors during his presidency.  One was facing the threat of Islam’s Jihad with an insufficient force and retreating from Lebanon as they destroyed it.  The second was amnesty giving citizenship to millions of illegal aliens.  Democrats blame every policy they enact that damages America on Republicans while concealing the damage they did under Carter, Clinton, and Obama.  They concealed the economic and foreign diplomacy disasters of Carter.  They blamed Reagan for the deficit they created in Congress.  They blamed Bush 41 for the taxes they raised.  They gave Clinton credit for Newt Gingrich balancing the budget and continuing the Reagan economic boom.  They blamed Bush for bin Laden.  And they gave Obama credit for saving America as he managed her decline.  Is duping ignorant people a sign of genius in the liberal media?

Donald Trump is arguably a genius at building things by producing results and this is what the leftist media is striving to hide from public view.  He built a billion dollar empire before becoming a celebrity, while Obama is arguably a genius at duping the ignorant who became president by playing off on his celebrity as a clean, articulate black man surreptitiously promoting socialist Islamism over Americanism.  Oprah shows all the qualities of being able to do the same, but if she goes up Trump who builds great things her fame will only carry her so far.  Like Obama she has built nothing, only made herself rich by fostering the Cult of Oprah.  Being a true believer in liberal Democrat ideology requires being so two-faced that they can simultaneously believe in the Russian collusion fraud that Trump stole the election and the Wolff book lie that Trump didn’t want to win.  It’s psychotic to think that Trump cheated to become president when he didn’t want the job.  If he did it for ego then why is he still there powerfully enacting the best of conservative policies that Republicans have been afraid to do for fear of inciting the media against them?  Between the Left and the Right, Trump and the media, which group is suffering from delusion and derangement and which is rational?  Who is it that is suffering from dementia and an extreme lack of rational thinking?  The Left did the same thing to Reagan and Bush who were simultaneously diabolically ingenious and complete dunces.  It’s what happens to people whose schemes are thwarted by those who are far more brilliant than they.  The only ways in which one can come to both conclusions simultaneously is to either be a complete fool, an absolutely irrational thinker, or so pathological that they believe their own lies.  Obama will certainly go down in history as the greatest con of all time convincing 70 million Americans to elect him to enact his anti-American agenda.  Trump may go down in history as the greatest businessman who saved America.

Trump vs. Obama: Who’s Smart and Who’s Dumb?

Nuking the Wolff Book

Democrat Myths vs. the Legend of Trump’s Success

Surviving Tax Cuts, Net Neutrality, and Democrat Duplicity

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Surviving Tax Cuts, Net Neutrality, and Democrat Duplicity

Democrats are screaming that tax cuts are going to kill people, that eliminating their Net Neutrality controls will silence free speech, and that it’s all Trump’s fault if he can’t get rid of Democrat’s Deep State corruption, but if he does then they’ll label him a tyrant against liberty.  The truth is that Democrats want to be free to take the people’s money, censor their speech, commit crimes of corruption, and blame Republicans for it all.

It is the psychotic delusion of dysfunctional thinking that enables leftists to endorse corruption by calling it righteousness.  It is the sickness of the leftist mind, the deception of the wicked, and the foolishness of the ignorant all rolled into one that has allowed it to become mainstream.  These are the same people who would like to see Sharia socialist totalitarian law supplant Christian Constitutional law.  After liberals were all caught in the sexual predator trap that Democrats laid the now go so far  as to say that asking a woman for her phone number is sexual harassment in order to find some way to pin sex crimes on Trump.  Democrat cities are stealing from their citizens to support foreign infiltrators.  They’re taxing soda pop to subsidize heroin and teaching addicts how to shoot up safely.  Democrats want to give money to people who want to kill us!  There’s a better idea, Trump’s idea; let’s cut them off from our money and destroy them instead, and that includes all Democrats and their foreign America-hating buddies.

Democrats are in alternating stages of frenzied delight and terror.  A book by Bannon’s friend made some ludicrous accusations to keep the sharks thrashing at chum, but there’s no meat to it since he previously denied everything.  It’s probably just an effort by Trump and Bannon to keep the media in a frenzy.  To make them even more frenetic in stark terror he took the opportunity over the weekend to tweet the Nork’s button boy’s nose saying that he has a button that is bigger, more powerful, and actually works!  It was such a hysterically funny allusion to manhood that most conservatives were rolling on the floor laughing as the leftists went into a tizzy calling Trump juvenile and insane.  But Trump’s tweet was perfect because Freud was wrong.  It is not women who suffer from penis envy, but liberal men.  You can see it on the road when you pass them and they speed up to get in front of you and then slow down to try to control your speed.  Trump tweaking their noses and slapping their faces like the little boys they are just made the New Year that much more fun!

Liberals in a twitter over Trump’s tweet to button boy

The difference between Obama’s Reset Button presented to Putin by Hillary and Trump’s button threat to the pot-bellied rocket man is that Trump’s power carries weight that Obama’s impotent supplication did not.  Democrats say they are for peace and love, but they support terrorist regimes and their oppression.  It’s Two-faced!  The claim “Obama fought terror” falls on its face in light of ISIS’ rise under his regime and its destruction under Trump.  Obama endorsed the Muslim Brotherhood’s overthrow of governments, supported it, provided funds and weapons for it, and the result was the growing power of America haters around the world.  Democrats don’t like the truth that they enabled the renewal of the Islamic jihad when they claim Islam represents peace more than Christianity.  All they know is the Dark Ages of the Inquisition that was centuries ago, and they close their eyes to the depredations of Islam that is happening today in front of their faces.  The Left tries to say Hitler and Timothy McVeigh were Christians, or at least claimed they were (though neither ever did) so they ask, “How does it feel to have evil people claim to be of your religion when they are not,” to provide an excuse for Islamists to conceal their guilt.  But every jihadi has been called a devout believer by those who knew them before they began killing, and anyone who knows the Koran knows that Muhammad taught and lauded his jihadis.

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

The gulf between how the law is applied by the left and right is that the Left believes the law is there for them to force the masses to comply with the will of the elites, while the Right believes the law is there to protect individuals from others from forcing themselves on you.  Liberal judges believe their role is not to enforce the laws as written by the people through their legislatures, but to force their ideology on those who stand against them.  At best this is cronyism, at worst it is Nazi socialism.  This is how Islam works when a Moslem is charged with a crime by an infidel.  The word of the Moslem rules over others and the same is true in Democrat courts who rule according to their ideology rather than the written law.  And when a Republican judge overrules them they cry foul.  Such is the nature of the leftist who believes they have a right to apply their ideology as law over others.

Democrat Myths vs. the Reality of Trump’s Success

Afro-Americans blame white people for their own murder rates

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