Taking Christ Out of Christianity

Jesus said, “Love those who do evil and bring them into the church.  Accept those who live immorally as your family.  Bless Satan and love him.”

Holy Cross drops Knight mascot over violence in the Crusades

No, He didn’t say anything remotely like that.  Only a leftist, who doesn’t have a moral compass or understand Christ’s teachings, would believe that doing what is wrong can be right.  Christian schools and others are being coerced to take Christ and Christian history out of their organizations.  Holy Cross school just dropped its mascot of a knight out of “white guilt” because it is associated with the Crusades that leftists declare were a “white privilege” attack against “peaceful Islam.”  Pastors have been known to invite Moslems into their church to pray to Allah as an act of compassion.  This is no different than inviting a Satanic cult to worship Satan at the Altar of Christ.  Islam teaches that God had no son and are as anti-Christian as satanic cults.  Giving them the church in which to pray is grinding the church under the boot of Islam.  People’s ignorance of Christianity and history is colossal.  The most basic perusal of history proves the lies of the Crusades to be the heinous propaganda of leftists who have their heads stuck where the sun don’t shine.  The Crusades were not an offensive war of conquest, but a defensive war to stop the advance of Islamists who had been warring against the West for over four centuries.  The Crusaders only went to the Holy Land of the Levant at the bequest of the Byzantine Emperor Alexius who called for troops to stand against the invasion of the Seljuk Turks.  Their mission was to regain the lands the Byzantines had lost to the Turkish onslaught in the previous ten years after Emperor Romanos was betrayed and captured at the Battle of Manzikert.  Islam has inflicted the Jihad on the world as a plague of war since its inception under Muhammad and his first conquest of Mecca.  The Spanish Inquisition was only brought about by the Catholics copying the way of Sharia after centuries of close contact with Moslems who had conquered and oppressed Spain.  Moslems call their conquests the “Golden Age of Islam,” when it was the Dark Age of mankind.  They blamed the Christians in Spain as being warmongers not willing to submit to Islam’s “righteous rulers” just as Democrats blame Republicans for the evils of Democrat policies.

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

Learning history is of paramount importance in understanding the past.  Liberals learn very little that results in their believing what little they are told.  This is why Alexander Pope said, “A little learning is a dangerous thing.”  This is how Blood Libel of the Jews has been spread.  The Knights Templar were demonized by a French king as secretly worshipping Satan and massacred because they had established the first banking system and he wanted to steal the wealth of the people stored in their temples.  Liberal teachers, such as the one that was just fired for expressing his utter disdain for people in the military as being too stupid to get other jobs (because he is an intellectual and moral midget), shouldn’t be teaching children.  They don’t instruct students to examine all the facts from all sides before reaching a conclusion, but indoctrinate them into their ideology by punishing rightful thought.  They use political correctness to censor debate and teach bigotry for what leftists despise, which is virtually everything that is righteous.  This is especially true for Christianity that teaches morality and ethics that they disparage by rejecting those morals as the product of worshipping a fantasy god from fairy tales in the Bible.  Good ethical morals are never wrong, but as in all things, liberals will attempt to destroy the message by mocking the messenger.  The Left has created a breach between secular education of science, history, and sociology and the moral teachings of the church with the sole intent of causing a deterioration of morality, and they have succeeded.  Without a proper moral understanding by which to judge history and understand science, people leap to erroneous conclusions on the basis of insufficient knowledge.  This is why a true education includes religion and philosophical debate so that people are not so easily duped by the junk science of liberal atheism and their worship of the Earth Mother Gaia.  When you take Christ out of the classroom you leave a vacuum into which the immoral can inflict their dysfunctional thinking to warp young minds allowing them to turn to other gods.  Liberals say they prefer atheism, but they worship Gaia through environmentalism, and they will just as readily accept the fascist socialism of Islam if they can achieve their ends to destroy Christianity and establish elitist rule.  That there are other gods whom people worship should be no surprise to a Christian or Jew as even God said in His First Commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.”  Allah, Gaia, and Satan are three of those other gods and they are only adhered to through ignorance, hate, and immorality.

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.”

Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

The Reader’s Digest version of Mohammad and Islam

Reforming Islam from Muhammad is as absurd as reforming Christianity from Christ

How Liberal Contempt Slanders Everyone

Islamists coming into the West are not immigration, but an insurgency

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Obama’s Deep State Corruption of the FBI

The FBI was sanctioned by Congress to operate as the nation’s premiere federal law enforcement agency.  The Director of the FBI answers to the DoJ, several congressional committees, and ultimately to the Commander-in-Chief.  But under Obama the FBI, like the IRS, was corrupted by Democrat operatives who refused to answer to anyone but the president as their sole autocrat.  This made them more the Gestapo than the FBI.  President Trump has the enormous task of not only making America great and safe again, but of rooting out the corruption that Democrats have infused into America’s government agencies.

To whom does the FBI answer?

What is the “Deep State?”  It is Obama’s Democrat operatives embedded in administrative positions throughout the government by which they can undermine Trump’s efforts on behalf of Republicans to undo the damage done by Obama’s socialist regime.  They are in all government agencies and have been caught operating on behalf of the Left to unmake America.  From the IRS targeting conservative groups to the CPA inflicting regulations on conservative companies to the FBI digging into the doings of Republicans while disrupting efforts to uncover Democrat duplicity.  In a nutshell it is Democrat’s secret service agents undermining and sabotaging Americanism.  Chris Wallace described the Deep State as;

“That’s the notion that there’s an Obama shadow government embedded in the bureaucracy that is working against this new president. I think some folks are gonna think that’s right on and some folks will think it’s awfully conspiratorial.”

Liberals always mock the truth when their conspiracies are uncovered.  Since they’re actions have been found out and exposed, like Lois Lerner in the IRS and Andrew McCabe in the FBI, the only people who deny its existence are the leftists that created it.  Leftists hate law enforcement that catches them committing crimes and corruption, but they love them when they are the militant arm of their regime punishing their opponents.  The Democrat media, the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, likewise slander cops as pigs if they shoot criminals, especially as racists if they’re black, but then denounce Republicans as cop haters who are slandering the FBI because they expose leftist corruption within that organization.  These are the same people who lampoon Trump as a buffoon unable to tie his own shoes or keep his hands off of women, while at the same time credit him with being a nefarious genius who stole the election.  They’re insane, literally, and they display their insanity in their two-faced memes that cannot possibly both be true.  The difference between a true Democrat and a true Republican is that Democrats believe the masses should be ruled, while Republicans believe the people should be served.  It is only the RINOs who work with Democrats who also pander, demagogue, and coerce people by force of government that work with those who would be rulers.  They are the reason liberals cast blame on both sides, while conservatives know and understand better.

More nefarious than the alliance between Democrats and the liberal media is their alliance with social media to indoctrinate the public by hiding conservative Republican publications on the Internet.  Google and Facebook have both been exposed as extremely guilty of censoring conservatives under the guise of being blocking content that they say is “offensive” or “hateful.”  The only thing offensive and hateful about them is that they tell the truth, which liberals find offensive and hate to have people hear because it exposes them as the frauds they are.  If a Democrat declares that anyone is of such exemplary character that they are above reproach like Mueller and Comey then you can be absolutely certain that that person is a lying POS!  This isn’t even close to being a case of putting lipstick on a pig, but more like crowning a demon with a golden halo and calling it pure.  Electing a Moslem socialist to be president was the gravest mistake the people of America ever made.  Islam has been at war with the world since Muhammad’s inception and deception is key to spreading this death cult.  Accepting Moslems into America has led to a multitude of terrorist attacks in the last forty years with those attacks on steroids under Obama.  Democrats have become the party of foreigners intent on destroying America and domestic haters who ally with them.  Nothing good will come of their subterfuge and subversion.

The truest proof that the Left is absolutely two-faced, dysfunctional, and perverted is in the identical legal actions of Obama and Trump in which they declare Trump to be committing a heinous crime betraying his office, while when their messiah was doing it they lauded him as brilliant, ingenious, and insightful.  When Obama called Putin to congratulate him on winning re-election they acclaimed his diplomacy, but when Trump does it they denounce him as a traitor.  They even praised Obama’s corruption and criminal acts as legitimate in an effort to provide him cover, and again declare everything that Trump is doing that is both legal and legitimate as violations of the Constitution they never read.  Born Americans who adhere to Democrats do so mostly through ignorance of what Democrats have been in the past and what they have become.  They started out in America as the slavers and, after Republicans took their slaves away, have morphed into the deceivers subverting the Constitution to dupe the ignorant.  They are the America haters who want to fundamentally transform America from a constitutional republic into a totalitarian socialist toilet.  The only way they can do this is through indoctrinating the young to not listen to the truth or think critically to morally compare right and wrong.  The latest proof of the two-faced hatred by the Left is their kerfuffle over their darling Zuckerberg’s Facebook.  Zuckerberg was wonderful so long as he endorsed Obama and gave him subscriber data for his campaign making Obama a genius.  Now that Trump is doing the same thing the Left is calling it a crime and setting out to destroy Zuckerberg.  There was no “data breach” of privacy at Facebook.  They did what everyone does and ask people to share their friends list when they signed up with their page.  Socialists always criminalize what is legal when a conservative Republicans does it.  When they get the power they crave they always criminalize righteous moral thought.  Everything the Left does is to tyrannize others, control people, and slander the righteous.  Businesses that get in bed with Democrats thinking they will be inoculated against their wrath do so at their own risk.  Allying with Democrats is like allying with the Mob.  Serve them and you’re allowed to survive.  Cross them, even accidentally, and you’re dead meat.  This is why the Left owns Communism, Nazism, Islamism, and all the hate and bigotry in the world, and why they advocate for criminals and corruption.  The only way evil survives is by operating in the shadows and, if exposed, blaming others.

Obama operatives a danger to America

FBI withholds documents of secret meetings with Obama

Zuckerberg becomes enemy of the socialist state

Democrat Corruption Runs Deep in Federal Agencies

Mueller and McCabe cover up

Moslem police officer charged with murder

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NeverTrumpers – Agents of Hydra

President Donald J. Trump is fulfilling the wish list of Republican voters with actions that they have been begging the GOP to do for the last seven years!  And these people, who claim themselves to be the pinnacle of conservatism, the torch bearers for righteousness, the men of integrity and dignity, believe Donald Trump is too low brow for them to commend.  More like these people are RINOs, frauds, and infiltrators who talked up conservatism while stabbing the TEA Party nation in the back!  When they would rather have Hillary advancing the leftist global agenda, rather than Trump advancing the American agenda, they do not speak for or represent conservatism in any way, shape, or form.  Trump is no reprobate, not a vulgar hedonist, nor is he less dignified than Obama.  But the NeverTrumpers are charlatans!

(For those of you not familiar with the Marvel Universe, Hydra is the underground Nazi movement seeking to infiltrate and subvert the good guys by duping them into believing they’re the good guys.  For those of you not familiar with Nazis, they are not “far right extremists” as the Left claims, but the most extreme farthest left of leftist socialist ideology.)

Left vs. Right – The true paradigm

Sen. Jeff Flake, the RINO cohort of RINO extraordinaire Sen. John McCain, says he is going to primary Trump in 2020 to bring the Republican Party “back to conservatism.”  This is one of the guys who says he wishes Hillary had won!  What kind of conservative allies with the Left and works toward the Democrat agenda of unmaking America as a constitutional republic to establish a totalitarian socialist dictatorship of the Left?  The so-called “conservative purists” of the NeverTrump movement ally with the Left in declaring Donald Trump too much of a reprobate to hold the dignified office of President of the United States.  These same people refer to the dignity of Obama as an example.  The “dignity of Obama” is as far from existing as a prosperous socialist nation.  During his tenure Obama referred to TEA Party patriots as “Teabaggers,” to Sarah Palin as “a pig with lipstick,” and scoffed at Trump’s campaign as a man who will never have the title of president and then dropping his mike.  He used the government as a banana republic dictator to attack and oppress his domestic political opponents, used the IRS, EPA, and other agencies to regulate businesses in order to extort from them, and incites his army of socialist America haters like the fascists of Antifa and the criminals of BLM to riot and murder.  Where Trump’s actions, tax reform, deregulation, and ejecting illegal aliens are for the benefit of all Americans, Obama’s actions were only to benefit the Democrat ruling elites.  That’s why Washington D.C. became the richest region in the country under his regime.  Democrats slander Trump and Republicans as working only for the rich elites, but that lie falls on its face in light of all Americans benefiting from tax reform and a growing capitalist economy over a stagnant socialist one in which only the elites prospered.

The Lawlessness of the Democratic Party – Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham – Democrat crimes and treasons 3-19-18 FULL

Democrats are importing foreign cheap labor to replace Americans under the guise that immigrants improve the economy.  No, they improve the bottom line of corrupt businessmen who will hire them and not have to pay taxes for them.  Democrats say this is what Republicans do, but that lie falls on its face as Republicans are the ones wanting that cheap labor deported.  But when they are out then Democrats will say Republicans are exporting jobs so avoid paying Americans, but that lie, too, falls on its face when examined and found that Republicans do so to escape Democrat’s confiscation of wealth through their socialist taxation that is meant only to fill their own pockets.  When in power Democrats raise taxes and extort wealth from businesses under the guise of things like “saving the planet from CO2” and the like.  Those businesses that do not pay up are regulated out of existence on false pretenses like Freon Corp. that was outlawed to make room for a Democrat’s second-rate business that couldn’t compete with them owned by his liberal friend.  These NeverTrumpers are not the most excellent of conservatives who stand for dignity and righteousness.  They are the lowest form of subversives pretending to be for the best of America while secretly, and now openly, supporting the worst.

[Author’s Note:] There is not a single NeverTrumper I would trust anymore than I trust any Democrat.  You can wear the t-shirt and cap, but when the words coming out of your mouth are against what you have previously declared yourself to be for, and when your actions go completely against your beliefs on the erroneous claim that Trump isn’t “dignified” enough for you when he is fulfilling the conservative wish list, then you are a proven fraud and I will never support such subversives!

Another Obama regulation tossed out

California town takes a stand against sanctuary state

Beware of False Prophets – Obamaites & NeverTrumpers

America’s Immigration System is NOT Broken – Democrats Are!

When the Liberal Fascist Wolves Cry ‘Wolf’

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Democrat’s Create Myth of Blue Wave

Both Democrats and NeverTrumper Republican faux conservatives are gleefully announcing a “blue wave” in November that will sweep Republicans out of Congress and allow them to impeach Trump.  Why are they so happy about it when Trumpsters won every special election since his election except the last two that were sabotaged?  Why would they think Republican voters would turn against Trump when he is fulfilling the very agenda for which they have fought for the past ten years?  Why would they think everyone believes that the polls they create reflect the opinions of the nation?  What do they know that the rest of us don’t?  They are not predicting that Republicans won’t show up to vote because we are the TEA Party and WE ARE STILL HERE!  More like they are trying to create a narrative whereby they can justify a massive voter fraud crime to steal back America and reinstitute their Nazi agenda.

Democrats are trying to write their myth that they will bring a blue wave of fired up Democrat voters to the polls in 2018, and that Republicans will not show up over guilt and remorse for electing Trump.  This isn’t a story of reality, but a story of leftist dreams that is designed to dispirit Republicans, or perhaps to mask massive voter fraud because that’s the only way Democrats could win in November.  2018 is looking to repeat 2002 when the newly elected Republican president gained seats in Congress.  As President Trump is truly making America great again by taking Democrat’s iron boot off the throats of businesses to allow the economy to boom, reforming taxes to allow people to keep their hard-earned money, and working to stop Democrats from importing slaves, leftist leaders believe they can sell their scam to American voters.  Only by letting foreigners, who illegally entered the country, to illegally vote can California, et al, try to overthrow America.

Most people don’t have the first clue what Nazism is or how it came to be the ideology of Germany.  They wouldn’t know a Hitler wannabe if he walked up and slapped them in the face.  Barack Obama slapped millions of people and most of them never figured out that he and Adolf are mirror images of each other.  They don’t know that Obama tried to institute the same socialism of government unions operating at the expense of the working man as Hitler did.  They don’t realize that Obama exercised the same authoritarianism as Hitler while he was president through executive orders, or that he controlled the same propaganda machine through the liberal media as Joseph Goebbels operated.  Liberal fascist Democrats have been duped for their entire lives and only a few have become educated thanks to President Donald Trump.  Democrats slander Trump and threaten him not to go after Obama and his regime for the crimes they committed.  They say Republicans can’t prosecute them because they lost the election and America doesn’t persecute political opponents when they lose.  But Democrats do exactly that whether they win or lose.  Their persecutions of conservatives and Christianity under Obama are well documented, and their continuing persecutions of Trump with the Russian lie and environmental scam are reaching epic proportions.  Every effort they make is designed to slander, smear, and demonize Republicans as doing the very things that Democrats do.  The difference is that Democrats commit the crimes and then blame Republicans for them, while Republicans have only developed a sense of guilt from PTSD due to continuous liberal attacks that have largely silenced them.  America is a Constitutional Republic that doesn’t behave as a banana republic wherein political losers are persecuted, but those who commit crimes while in office are punished.  Currently the crimes of Obama, Hillary, Holder, Lynch, and a multitude of others are not being pursued as they should.  But the Democrats are destroying the lives of Republican Trump supporters for the “crime” of winning.  They are insidious in their politics and nefarious in their deeds.

How Obama, Hitler, and the Star Wars Emperor are the same

Democrats claim they will turn Texas blue, but Republicans in the state of Texas turned out in record numbers for the primary – a fact that the liberal media ignored in spinning their tale.  Democrats are striving to find a way to bring their voters back, but they have only been successful with candidates who embrace the Trump agenda of low taxes, secure borders, and 2nd Amendment advocates.  This is the opposite of the Democrat’s agenda and it is shameful that enough were fooled by these false campaign promises to vote Democrats into office in Alabama and Pennsylvania.  With all that is being uncovered of Obama’s deep state shadow government undermining the Trump agenda that the majority of Americans want, for people to turn away from Republicans back to Democrats is the pinnacle of folly.  Such foolishness is understandable in the ignorant Millennials who believe every lie that comes out of the liberal media and their comedian pundits.  But the federal government should not be allowing California and other states to defy federal immigration law that is the sole prerogative of the President of the United States and Congress to determine.  Obama had his eight years of opening the borders to flood the country with millions of illegals seeking to live as parasites off the U.S. taxpayer, and inflict a million more Moslems who want to impose their Sharia law on the American infidels.  But the completion of his agenda to transform America through Hillary has been rejected.  America needs a red wave of Americanism that will give Republicans a Supermajority for the first time since Lincoln’s second term to stop the pandering demagoguery of the Left.  The people elected Republicans to control Congress and Donald Trump as President NOT to make deals to advance the Democrat agenda, but to revitalize the economy by undoing the damage Democrats have wrought.  President Trump has been doing his part in unmaking Obama’s business choking regulations, tearing down IRS and EPA abuse and deregulating Democrat’s choke points.  It’s time for Republicans who still fight against that agenda by working with Democrats to be swept out of office and true conservatives to be elected who will advance republicanism that will stomp out the socialist wealth stealing ideologues remaining in Congress.


Liberal media tries to spin election turnout

Righteous student persecuted for defending himself from leftists

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

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Trump Could Fire Mueller and it Wouldn’t be Obstruction

Liberals are so ignorant that they believe their opinion to be law.  They are the quintessential fools who, whenever they disagree with what someone else says or does, say, “There outta be a law against that!”  Before making such assumptions they should make an effort to understand the first thing about the law.  Instead they support what is completely illegal such as California making itself a sanctuary state to illegal immigrants and giving them the vote.

Democrats are declaring that Trump firing FBI Director Comey and Deputy Director McCabe is “Obstruction of Justice” in the investigation of Trump colluding with Russia to steal the election.  In the first case, there is no means by which Trump could work with Russians that would change the outcome of America’s election.  It is impossible to hack the machines from the outside because they are all individual computers not linked together.  It is possible for Democrat operatives to install machines that are pre-hacked.  That is why Republicans are demanding all machines in the last Pennsylvania special election be turned over for examination and Democrats are refusing.  In the second case, Mueller is not investigating any crime and before you can be charged with obstruction there must be a crime you are obstructing.  This is simple law that Democrats cannot grasp.  They think that because they believe Trump stole the election, a farce perpetrated by Hillary and Obama’s propaganda machine, that he is guilty until proven innocent.  After a year of investigating, Mueller has come up without one iota of evidence that even assumes the election was hacked.  What was hacked were the Democrat primaries wherein Hillary stole the candidacy from Sanders.  Mueller’s efforts have all been spent violating the 4th Amendment rights of everyone and making false and unlawful charges against them.  Gen. Flynn’s FBI interrogators all denied he lied to them, yet Mueller charged him with lying to a federal agent and has cost him his savings and his home to pay for legal fees.  This is not justice, this is witch-hunting burning a man at the stake on false pretenses.  An associate of Mueller’s revealed that he discharged a good FBI agent for “lying” when the man described a car as red rather than the more accurate manufacturer description of the color as scarlet.  This is the quality of character of the man Democrats say is “above reproach.”  President Trump could and should fire Mueller and bring charges against him and his team for their violations of the Constitution along with Rosenstein for not naming a crime or designating any parameters to his investigation.  Democrats would, of course, cry “Nazi,” but liberals don’t know what Nazism is or even who Hitler was besides vague reference to being a war criminal.  They are the ones who deny that the Holocaust even happened.  All they know is that he attacked the Communists in Russia and they are all for communism.  They lack any understanding of the totalitarian socialist ideology to which they adhere and that Nazis and Communists are both totalitarian socialists who only have slightly different economic models and are both products of the Left.  Firing Mueller would be no Constitutional Crisis as he is both expendable and replaceable.  The crisis is Obama and Hillary spying on the Trump campaign and installing operatives in government that are undermining the President trying to halt the Republican agenda for which the states voted.

Trump fires McCabe

Trump said that Comey made McCabe look like a choirboy because he knows just how deep the corruption in the FBI goes.  Like Mueller, Democrats claimed Comey, who they wanted to hang after the election, is a man of impeccable character who could not be fired legally.  Their contempt for Trump as a reprobate overrides the right of the president to discharge anyone as Commander-in-Chief.  Liberals are trying to smear Republicans and the President as being against law enforcement personnel, especially the FBI, which is to laugh when they are the ones who call cops pigs and endorse their corruption when they work for them.  Obama had eight years in which to install his operatives in government agencies who were loyal to him and not the country.  They are proving their worth in undermining and actively sabotaging President Trump’s efforts to undo the socialist dictates of Obama.  Liberal fascist judges are ruling arbitrarily from the bench to block the lawful actions of the president to stop illegal immigration and terrorists from entering the country.  Obama imported millions of illegal aliens as cheap labor for Democrats as well as millions of Moslems as refugees from the wars he started in the Middle East and allowed to grow by pulling out American troops.  Undoing Democrat corruption from top to bottom will take many years.  Trump staying out of the White House for over a month upon his inauguration while the place was cleaned of surveillance bugs and booby traps set by the Obama regime.  After having suffered under leftist progressive corruption for eight years there is no reason to believe that all of the operatives Obamaites have in place in the government will be gone anytime soon.  Democrat pollsters continue to perpetrate voter fraud and Trump has yet to put the hammer down on them.  He may not, especially with Jeff Sessions sitting on his hands in the attorney general’s office.  Firing McCabe was the most minor event to which Sessions can claim credit when the frauds being perpetrated by the Left are mountainous.  America cannot afford for the backwards liberal progressives to regain power and undo the progress President Trump has made toward undoing their damage and making America great again.  People are seeing and feeling the effects of tax reform and Democrats are quaking that more of their people could turn from them to Republicans.  In response they are enacting state laws to make it legal for illegals to vote in elections.  Sessions is challenging this in court as violations of federal law by states that have no right to do so, but how long will he leave that tied up in court?  The Midterms are just a few months away.

Realizing Democrats are Domestic Enemies Makes Them Comprehensible

America’s Immigration System is NOT Broken – Democrats Are!

California Democrats Ready to War Again to Keep Their Slaves

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Trump Playing Grandmaster Chess to the Media Democrat’s Checkers

Hillary is still whining about losing claiming the Trump and his voters are 1850s Democrats working with the Russians.  The Democrat Party has not become “enlightened” since the Civil War.  They’ve become pathological liars, political deceivers preying on the ignorant naïveté of their dysfunctional followers to make them delusional, thus causing them to live in denial of the truth.  Democrat media constantly tries to portray Trump as an idiotic narcissistic fool with delusions of grandeur like the reality that is Barack Obama.  The closest they’ve come to a congressional election victory is a foolish young Marine who became a lawyer and chose the wrong party.  He pretended to be a Trump supporter eeking out Democrat’s first possible win (to date still tied) in a special election by duping some extremely gullible voters.  While the media sets their snares and launches their missiles at Trump he speeds by as their traps all blow up in their faces.  President Trump is proving to the be most honest, open, and honorable president putting him on a par with the greats on Mt. Rushmore and Ronaldus Magnus.  He has achieved more in his first term than any other president in the history of the country – especially the last century.  Democrats have nothing to offer against his policies that are making America great again except their hate and lies.  Donald Trump is making America great again by undoing all the of socialist policies of his predecessor and changing Washington as only a great leader who understands business over politics could.  But 40% of Americans will never hear him because they listen to propaganda media that twists his words and tells them how to interpret what he says and does as being evil, chaotic, and destructive.

Hillary slimes Republicans

Democrats are once again hoping they can appeal to the young and ignorant voters by pretending to be conservatives on campaign and slandering Republicans as being 19th century Southern Democrats.  They are hoping to sway the gullible into believing that they have turned away from their agenda of importing cheap labor to replace American workers and eliminating gun rights.  But once seated these pretenders will join with the leftist regime that wants to tax away American’s wealth and give rights to anti-American, non-citizen, deadbeat parasites, and has hopes of convincing fools to give up their self-defense.  Democrats keep saying America needs immigrants to keep the economy growing, which is not true.  They never address illegal immigrants who are a drain on the economy, account for twice the percentage of violent criminals as citizens, and commit ten times the amount of crime as legal immigrants.  The lying leftists always portray illegals as “good and wonderful people willing to do the jobs Americans won’t do.”  This is so much twaddle.  They are not adding to America’s economy by taking the jobs Americans entering the workforce would do.  They are lowering wages, which is why Democrats import their cheap labor to illegally replace Americans.  They like imported illegals because they can pay them less and not have to pay taxes for them.  That’s how Democrats and RINOs get around the tax code they write and why they don’t want to correct the situation.  If Republicans instead of Democrats were profiting off of importing illegals as cheap labor and welfare voter slaves they would have already built a fortified border wall complete with machine gun emplacements!

Tucker Carlson: Men in America Wage Losses pt 1

Tucker Carlson: Men in America Wage Losses pt 2

Democrats, racism, and women

Obama and Hillary can dupe the uninformed about Democrat’s history and policies, but they can’t fool everyone.  For the majority of women to believe Hillary is a champion of women’s rights after she laughed about getting a rapist acquitted and assisted her husband in destroying the women of his adulteries is dysfunctional liberal thinking.  Girls may mature faster than boys, but women don’t mature as well as men and the proof is in the majority of women being so easily duped.  For Hillary to slander rational thinking Republican women as being men’s slaves is a galactic joke.  Obama’s support of Islam that requires women to wear a slave garment on their heads and endorses Sharia law that dominates women is proof that the Left is the ideology of men’s tyranny over women.  When they say, “Behind every great man is a great woman,” just look at Mt. Rushmore, Ronald Reagan, and now Donald Trump and you see these great men and their wives who are likewise great, rational thinking women.  Democrats slander Melania Trump, Anne Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, and Sarah Palin because they talk excellent good sense and put to shame Democrat nonsense.

Hillary slandered Republicans as making their women house slaves while NeverTrumpers slandered Republican voters as lemmings for supporting Trump.  Donald Trump is the ONLY Republicans who has actually instituted the very agenda that Republicans voters have been screaming at the GOP to do for the past twenty years!  These frauds endorse Obama who praised Farrakhan, a supremely bigoted, anti-Christian racist who has spoken long and loud against white Christian men, Jews, and women!  Sharia law makes women slaves, yet the Left approves of Islamists Feminazi advocate Linda Sarsour chastising infidels that Moslems consider lower than women while wearing the Moslem slave woman head garment known as the hijab.  In Islam Imams are the elites, Muslim men the first-class citizens, non-Arab Muslim men are second class citizens, women are third class citizens, and infidels are dhimmis which are just above the lowest class that consists of slaves and whores, which is how they perceive western women.  This is what the Left approves of above Christianity that teaches that all people are created equal in the Eyes of the Lord.

Despite Donald Trump’s masterful manipulation of the media and superb leadership in achieving most of his agenda in his first year there are many who still believe the Democrat propaganda against him.  Democrats and their Republican establishment cohorts, like John McCain and Jeff Flake, are working feverishly to take down Trump before he proves to too many people the truth – that what Republicans and Democrats have been doing in working together has all been to the detriment of the country.  The nation has gone to the left of center despite Eisenhower’s and Reagan’s best efforts to turn the nation around.  Donald Trump now represents the last best hope of turning America from the brink of becoming a totalitarian socialist state.  But the Democrat voter fraud machine and their NeverTrumper traitorous ally’s posing as conservatives are still very much in play.  In this author’s opinion he must force Congress to pass a voter ID law that requires picture proof of identity and thumbprint signature of ballots in order to stop the Democrats from stuffing the ballot box.  This would negate upwards of ten million fraudulent votes that the establishment keeps insisting don’t exist, but every time a recount is made as it was in Detroit in 2016 by an independent, thousands of fraudulent votes are found in each district and they are virtually all for Democrats.  With states and crooked Democrat pollsters giving voting rights to foreigners in the country illegally there is no chance for honest elections in this country until that practice is crushed and its advocates imprisoned for treason.

Hannity lays out Democrat agenda

[Author’s Note:] Liberals try to create a narrative out of Trump unloading Tillerson that he did it via Twitter as proof his administration is in chaos.  These are just a couple more lies to add to the pile.  I have gotten so sick of hearing liberal media lies after having disproved almost 100% of what they say as frauds, that I don’t believe anything they say anymore.  Let the wolf eat the little bastards!  I had doubts about Tillerson from the start when I read that he didn’t recognize Islam as a major world threat.  Discovering he was undermining Trump’s efforts to undo Obama’s Iran deal wherein he gave his Moslem brothers a hundred billion dollars with which to build their nukes is reason enough to dump him!  The fact is that Donald Trump couldn’t go into the White House with a completely ready-made administration, so it’s understandable he would get some people who were not on his side.  There are still NeverTrumpers who would rather have Hillary, and none of them truly represent Republican voters that have been begging to have someone like Trump to truly be on their side taking action against the Left’s tyrannical corruption.  The GOP in Congress failed conservative voters for the six years they were in power under Obama.  Jeb Bush tried to win the Republican primaries by drawing Democrats while dumping on conservative Republicans and look what that got him.  Democrats who are not leftist ideologues that had been duped by Obamaism came back to the Reaganism that The Donald has recreated as Trumpism.  They are being rewarded with seeing America become great again, the economy grow in opposition to what Obama claimed was the “new normal,” yet for which he wants to be given credit, and that would have remained stagnant under Hillary.  Donald Trump has breathed new life back into the American Dream, and Democrats, who advocate for giving the country away to foreigners who hate America, are resorting to every subterfuge to reclaim power, including selecting a turncoat Marine who joined their party to run on the Trump agenda.  This kind of foolishness is what intelligent Americans should not fall for, but many do.  Add a few votes to the Democrat fraud machine and it’s an even contest where Trump had won by twenty points.  Perhaps this is nothing more than a worthless special election for a district that is not going to be there next year, but it still bodes ill for the increase in Democrat voter fraud and the decrease in people’s intelligence to believe in Democrats again.  I mean, come on!  How many times have they said they have “evidence” of Trump colluding with Russia to steal the election, but they won’t reveal a shred of it?  “I have the proof in this box, but you can’t look in it, you just have to believe in it and trust me.”  Quit hitting yourself!

Liberal’s mistakes of the past week alone

Democrats are doing everything they can to fool the gullible

President Trump address California’s rebellion

America’s Immigration System is NOT Broken – Democrats Are!

California Democrats Ready to War Again to Keep Their Slaves

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America’s Immigration System is NOT Broken – Democrats Are!

Democrats violate Constitutional law to put citizens in danger and then campaign as if they were Republicans in favor of strong American law.  Giving people who are in the country illegally is not only open rebellion, but treason to the American citizen.  These Democrats must be arrested, and their massive voter fraud campaign crushed!  This is no joke!

Sanctuary states cannot be allowed to have elections allowing illegal aliens casting votes to overrule the rights of American citizens.  California et al are doing this to give their fascist Democrats power when the people would remove them.  This isn’t just illegal, it’s treason, and the federal government needs to step up and haul these people into to courts on their way to prison and replace them until the citizenry can elect their replacement.

Democrats giving illegals the vote in cities across the country

Democrat mentality over immigration is completely two-faced in that they want foreigners who are in the country illegally to vote in elections, yet they cry and moan in their delusional belief that Russia somehow voted illegally in the last election.  It’s sick and demented for them to condemn foreign interference in elections by their fantasy Russians while advocating for Mexicans and Moslems to cast votes in a country they hate.  But what do you expect of people who slander those who have faith in Christ yet believe they represent the godly?

Democrats lie about everything.  They smear Trump as evil and destructive, a chaotic tyrant tearing down the country, all while he is bringing back trillions of dollars and jobs that Democrats have forced overseas to escape their confiscatory taxes.  They always portray the righteous as evil, inept, and petty to hide the fact that conservative Christianity is what makes America great.  Their Hollywood cronies slip their propaganda into movies and television shows to warp gullible minds.  Democrats, like Oprah, Winfrey one of the Left’s cult heroes, stripped away Christianity from her latest movie.  When VP Pence declared that he prays to God and acts on answers he receives he was mocked by the likes of Joy Behar on The View as being mentally ill because “he thinks Jesus talks back to him.”  When Oprah said she prayed about whether she should run for president in 2020 and was waiting for an answer she was lauded by the Left.  This begs the question; to what god does she pray that the Left approves?  She didn’t mention Jesus.

Oprah strips Christianity out of movie adaptation of Christian story

Oprah and Colbert mock God on the Late Show

Read the conclusion of this article at; liberalsbackwardsthink.com

Liberalism does not offer liberation, progressivism does not offer progress, and Democrats do not offer democracy.  The ideology of the Left is all designed to dupe the unwitting to submit themselves to authoritarian elitists.  What have Democrats ever offered Americans besides high taxes, debt, and dependency on them?  Where Obama measured success by how many more people got on welfare, Trump measures success by how many people get jobs.  Welfare is a dead-end path for deadbeats and parasites that doesn’t elevate anyone.  Democrats can never be honest about what they represent because if they told the people the truth then half of them would stop voting for them.  Only the half that truly hates America and wants to see it torn down would remain, and half of them are not, nor do they want to become, Americans.  But Democrat leaders will accept their votes if it puts them into positions of power where they can steal from the rich in the name of the gullible poor.  They protect and empower criminals because they are criminals.

The simple fact of life is that leftists corrupt everything.  So they campaign as conservatives saying they are for good jobs, strong borders, and safety, and then break all promises.  Why do people so want to be fooled?  They say they pray as they mock Christian prayer.  They say they are for righteousness but attack all things righteous such as Obama trying to extort nuns to pay for abortions and put men in girl’s bathrooms.  They take Christian symbols and twist their meaning into what they want.  They made the rainbow gay, they made the Cross burn, and now they are making peace sign armbands that represent their totalitarianism.  Democrats cannot be allowed to benefit from stuffing the ballot boxes with millions more fraudulent votes in elections.  It will take more than a lawsuit that will be tied up in court for the next ten years to stop this treachery.  This rebellion must be crushed before the midterms this year or America could fall under the iron jackbooted thugs of the Left once again.

Liberals are confused, nonsensical, and two-faced in all they do, which is not surprising when they elect the likes of blithering idiot Maxine Waters to represent them.  All she does is screech “impeach 45” when Trump has done no wrong, upheld the Constitution, is fulfilling all his campaign promises, and is making America great again.  Right and wrong does not matter to liberals, only their hate of Trump who is the opposite of Obama.  They are just rabid in their hatred of Republicans and insane in their derangement to destroy him because he does what no other Republican has done – stand fearlessly against the lies of the Left.  Most all Republicans cower before the lying liberal media and strive to appease them by compromising with Democrats.  Democrats have never been for a strong America, only strong Democrat elites.  Rush Limbaugh says compromising with evil is always a win for evil, and likewise compromising with people who are wrong just waters down what is right and makes the nation weak.

Liberal symbols are lies of their ideology

Realizing Democrats are Domestic Enemies Makes Them Comprehensible

California Democrats Ready to War Again to Keep Their Slaves

This is what passes for leadership among Democrats

Obama’s Islamic heritage

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