Hillary Clinton says she is above the law

Hillary said, “You know I regret deeply that this appears to be a politicization of our justice department and our justice system.”

Hillary says a Special Counsel investigating her would be “abuse of power”

No, it’s not.  What Obama did with IRS targeting the TEA Party, abortionists persecuting Christians, and spying on the Trump Campaign was!  Since when is Hillary Clinton above the law?  Since when is the government investigating a possible crime an “abuse of power?”  Since when is a Special Counsel investigation of a crime a violation of Constitutional rights?

The answer is; since Mueller was appointed to investigate Trump with no crime being named, no parameters to his investigation, and no restraints into how he conducted his investigation into Trump and everyone involved with him!  What is nothing less an actual witch hunt, Mueller is searching through Trump’s past and all people associated with him for any crime with which to charge them in order to find something with which to impeach Trump.  If this is how the Swamp Rats believe they can relieve themselves of this troublesome citizen who was elected by the people to go to Washington to clean out their corruption they’ve got another thing coming!

When Democrats accused Trump of colluding with Russia to steal the election he called for the appointment of this special counsel to investigate that.  He did not give them the right to investigate his business dealings and that of all his associates.  This is an abuse of Democrat’s power.  Trump can elect to do this because he knows he is innocent of any wrongdoing, that there is no collusion and no crime.  On the flip side, when Hillary is accused of colluding with Russia to sell them America’s uranium, why isn’t she calling for a special counsel to herself to investigate her dealings and the Clinton Foundation?  Instead she is damning any consideration of such an investigation.  Why?  The answer is obvious.  Innocent people don’t mind being investigated, while guilty people do not want to be.

Speaking of which, that brings us back to Judge Roy Moore and the mounting accusations against him.  True to Rush Limbaugh’s prediction, when he didn’t fold after the first charges they kept on coming getting bigger and better until the latest woman accused him of raping her.  Don’t pay attention to the fact that the parking lot behind her diner to which she said he took her has never existed.  Funny how all these women wait forty years to come forward.  Obviously the good ol’ boys network kept them oh-pressed.  Not like the women in Hollywood who have been free for decades to expose the perverts there.  Speaking of which, the leftwing media has said Harvey & Co. can be redeemed for being sexual predators all their lives, but Trump can never be forgiven for his locker room man talk.  How generous and Christian of them to offer forgiveness for their own perverts but not for godly men of the Republican Party.  Can you say two-faced leftists?

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore molested me when I was ten years old

Trump’s locker room talk vs. Clinton’s rapes for self-righteous hypocrites

Swamp Rats say they vote for Trump’s agenda, but that agenda is not being faithfully delivered.  The GOP has been promising repeal of ObamaCare, but are instead looking at making Obama’s illegal subsidies law.  The GOP promised tax cuts, but instead is looking at cutting taxes for the Middle Class while raising them elsewhere.  The GOP promised to make the economy grow, but so far their efforts have all stifled the tax reforms Trump, and every businessman, knows will help stimulate the economy.  The GOP promised to secure the borders and stop illegals, but instead sit on their hands as Democrat judges file motions to force the borders to stay open and taxpayer money to fund sanctuary cities.  It is obvious it will take several election cycles to even begin cleaning out the swamp.  But if they can crush Moore and stifle Trump then the Thomas Jefferson solution may be the people’s only hope to stop the socialist takeover of America.

Undoing Obamaism

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Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore molested me when I was ten years old

Cry “Rape!”  That’s the New Democrat battlecry.

There are five kinds of people in the world.

  • Those who are honorable.
  • Those who want to be honorable.
  • Those who are ambivalent and apathetic.
  • Those who are dysfunctional, in denial, oblivious, and just easily duped.
  • And those who actively work to deceive others.

“Moore touched me inappropriately when I was a little boy.  But I can’t get anyone in the Democrat Party to listen to my story of homosexual harassment because they only want women accusers.  This is bigotry and homophobia.  I deserve to get paid for my story, too!”

McConnell wants Moore out and try a “write-in” candidate

How easily people are fooled

Senate Majority Leader, Republican Mitch McConnell, says he finds the stories of the women accusers of Moore “more credible” than his denials.  Wtf does that mean?  Is this old law wherein the accusers vs. the defendant count more because of their number?  Is McConnell using the old liberal BS of “he doth protest too much?”  You know that he fully understands how fraud works.  Everyone knows how easy it is to pay a pathological liar to tell a lie to frame an innocent person.  Democrats have a long and sordid history of mud-slinging, lying, and character assassination.  Former Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is very proud of his lies that sank presidential candidate Romney in 2012.

Democrats are very proud of their lies

Likewise, David Axelrod, who got a female neighbor in his own apartment building to make such sexual accusations against Herman Cain, tanked his campaign.  They did the same to McCain in 2008, but back then the swamp came to his defense.  Unlike Bill Clinton, whose accusers spoke out against him for decades only to be crushed by Hillary, for forty years no one has ever accused Moore of acting sexually inappropriately until a month before his senate election.  Is McConnell just stupid, easily duped, or is he deliberately trying to torpedo a Trump supporter from getting into the Senate?  Is this Swamp Rat so desperate to sabotage Trump he’s willing to give up a Senate seat to Democrats to do it and thereby sh*t on every voter who selected Trump to be President?  Moore won over McConnell’s pick in the primaries because Republican voters want congressmen who will support Trump and the conservative agenda rather than obstruct him.

Republicans are in trouble in 2018, but not because Trump voters will turn to Democrats.  But because we will work to oust every turncoat Republican RINO who acts against us!  Every Republican who joins with Democrats to speak out against Trump I will vote against in the primaries.  I was gratified to see that my own Texas representatives in Senate and House all qualified their statements that Moore should only step aside if the allegations were true.  Swamp Rats like McConnell, McCain, and others all call for his ouster on the basis of false accusations.  On that basis both of these men should be ousted from Congress without pension for being guilty of the same thing, i.e. being falsely charged with unethical sexual misconduct.  I will not donate one penny to the GOP ever again!  From now on I will only support individual campaigns in which I believe.  A reasonable man would say Moore should step down only if these allegations are proven to be true.  Only unjust, unrighteous men would say he should be disqualified on the basis of lies.  These Swamp Rats need to go!  What must Americans do to flush the corruption in Washington?  For one thing, stop believing leftist lies and those who ally with them.  Washington has enough Swamp Rats that they could impeach Trump for any reason.  That would certainly make the leftist America haters happy.  Were they to do so what recourse would be available to the good people of America who love this country short of a second Revolution?  I believe McConnell knows this and that’s why he’s working to undermine Trump rather than take him on directly.

Trump vs. the Swamp, Round 1

Liberal Lemmings and the Follower Mentality

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Dems declare Republicans guilty of sex assault over baseless accusations

In the American republic people are innocent until proven guilty.  But in the land of liberal Democrat leftists people are always guilty until proven innocent.  Loads of leftists have been outed for their serial sexual abuse of women, men, girls, and boys in the last few weeks.    Democrats always protect their sex offenders, but when an unsubstantiated allegation is made against a Republican there are even those in the Republican Party who join with Democrats to call for his head.  While Democrats protect their vermin, Republicans like Herman Cain, Roger Ailes, and Bill O’Reilly have often been destroyed by mere accusations of impropriety.

Liberal leftists mocked VP Mike Pence for saying he will not take a meeting with a women without his wife being present.  Is it any wonder when Democrats would use any such meeting as a vehicle to accuse a Republican of sexual molestation?  Sexual Assault is the new accusation that leftists are using to assassinate Republicans and the GOP establishment is happy to join hands with these lying, self-righteous hypocrites of the Demonrats and their lying leftist media!  With the Left it is always circle the wagons around their sexual predators and protect them from judgment.  But when it comes to conservatives their motto is, “guilty unless proven innocent,” and burn them at the stake!  Judge Roy Moore, Alabama’s candidate to take the Senate seat of Jeff Sessions, has been accused by women who work for Democrats of having sexually molested them forty years ago.  While there is no statute of limitations on murder there is on everything else.  Making accusations of sexual molestation ten, twenty, thirty and more years down the line is absolute BS!  If it meant so much to these women then they would have come forward years, decades ago when there would have been actual evidence that could be found to substantiate their claims.  Now it’s just hearsay and as such is just casting aspersions thru innuendo in an attempt to smear a person’s character in the eyes of the ignorant.  Moore denounces their accusations as baseless lies, but Democrats and their RINO allies like McCain are declaring that the allegations alone are enough to disqualify him from serving in Congress.  They do this because they want a Republican Senator who will work with Democrats against Trump, not one who will work with him.

Moore denies knowing woman accusing him of molestation

Moore’s accusers are Democrat operatives

President Trump understands slander

If everyone were convicted of any slander thrown at them then every stinking member of Congress would be in prison!  Has anyone heard the story told by McCain’s associate how the former POW joined his good friend Bill Clinton to go with him to Epstein’s “Pedophile Isle,” and how he raped little Vietnamese girls in revenge for his captivity?  Have they heard of a friend of Barack Obama’s telling how the ex-President got so high on cocaine in college that he raped two white junior high school boys?  Do they know about Michelle Obama’s girlfriend tell the story of the former 1st Lady filling in for her as a babysitter while at Princeton and being caught sexually abusing babies?  These allegations are deeply disturbing and disqualifying, so why should they be allowed to hold office or draw a government pension when they have not disproved them?  This is a critically serious matter that needs to be addressed by these sexual predators and serial sex criminals!

Every Democrat and every Republican has been accused of alleged sex crimes at some point in their careers.  This two-faced form of justice should bring out the righteous wrath of the good people of the Republican Party.  Moore should be elected to spite the leftist liars and the GOP turncoats who would slander and smear good people.  Falling for these accusations as having any basis in truth takes the lowliest of dupes to be so fooled.  The leftist media does nothing but slander and smear Trump despite all the great things he is doing to undo the destruction wrought by Democrats.  As proven by their treatment of his stupendous Asia trip they leave no clump of mud unslung.  That half the Republican Party needs to be flushed out of office is evidenced by their willingness to join with and promote Democrats over anyone who would be helpful to the president who was selected by the people to clean out their corruption!  It is ALWAYS the Left making false accusations against the Right and calling for their immediate execution, while it is always leftists who are discovered and proven to be guilty of the very crimes of which they accuse others.

Good Republicans say there must be proof to convict Moore

Leftists say allegations are proof against Trump, but proof is false against Obama

Why should Trump let yapping dogs bite?

Democratic National Committee head confirms Hillary-Obama conspiracy

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Democrats win America – in their dreams

Listening to Democrats after winning two states they already controlled you would think they had taken over the nation, including Congress and the White House, and that all the people have risen up against Trump to anoint Hillary or some other Democrat loon as president.  This kind of delusional thinking is what led to their defeat in 2016.  Having lost the vast majority of elections for the last eight years they not only glom on to any small victory in desperate hope, but elevate it to epic proportions.

The Swamp Thinks They’ve Finally Sunk Trump

PEREZ: (screaming) “America needs healers! Healers like Ralph Northam! We don’t need dividers like Donald Trump! You have sent a message across the globe, to South Korea! Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values! The America that Donald Trump comes back to in a few days is far different than the America he left!”

Really?  What changed?  This is like one of their congressional picks thinking he would win an election “for the Ages” just before he went down in flames.  Democrats barely held on to their governor’s seat in Virginia.  They almost lost it, but Gillespie refused to embrace President Trump’s agenda.  Democrats didn’t defeat Trump because he wasn’t on the ballot.  Had Gillespie endorsed Trump and won then that would have been the upset.  But there are still too many Republicans dedicated to keeping the Washington Swamp intact and working with Democrats.  Liberals think winning governorships in blue states against Republicans who reject Trump means all Trump Republicans have been utterly defeated and the nation has turned against Trump and his agenda.  Just wait till 2018 when Republicans repeat 2002 and pick up seats in the House and Senate.  Then watch the Left do a rerun of Nov 8, 2016 and go apoplectic, then curl into the fetal position sucking their thumbs while crying for their mommies.  Their hopes lie in Republicans who are betraying Trump and all Republicans voters like McCain, Flake, Corker, and many others who are working with leftist Democrats against Trump.  These people don’t want to work for Republican voters because they are infiltrators who have been lying to voters for decades.  Remember why Jeb Bush lost – because he wanted to win the primaries without the Republican base.  He wanted to appeal to liberal Democrats and have nothing to do with patriots of the TEA Party.  Well that’s what Trump did!  He won by standing for a solid conservative agenda and he not only won the TEA Party vote but also pulled back millions of Democrats who still love America.  Bush & Co. appealing to the America haters vote got nothing and went nowhere because those people are all dedicated to the leftwing Democrat socialists.  In the last year no Republican has won who has rejected Trump and his rightwing agenda, and such people will not win in 2018 and it’s got Washington elites quaking in fear.

This error in judgement is partly caused by the delusional propaganda of the leftist media saying Trump is unpopular and a losing proposition.  In 2016 Democrats believed their media propagandists that Hillary would win the presidency in an easy landslide.  They didn’t believe their own eyes when they saw the rallies in which Trump drew tens of thousands while Hillary couldn’t draw flies.  Trump won thirty states including six that had previously voted for Obama.  Virginia was the only hold out of previously red states only because the governor had pardoned 200,000 felons to give criminal Democrats the vote and, like California, allowed illegal aliens to vote.  They proved that Democrats will resort to any means by which to cheat the good people of America.  These states, who stuff the ballot box with the votes of those who take away the rights of American citizens, are the primary reason why federal guidelines to prevent voter fraud are desperately needed.  This is not to say the government should emulate Obama who tried to have his Homeland goons take control of voting in red states to alter their votes, but thankfully failed.  It does, however, call for initiating a mandate that all people who register must use thumb print as well as picture ID.  This would prevent most of the Democrat voter fraud having dead people, illegals, multi-state voters, and frauds pretending to be someone who doesn’t ever vote because they suffer from voter apathy, cast ballots.

Liberals lie to themselves about what every election means just as they did about Hillary winning the White House.  The Republican governor candidates who lost did so for one simple reason – they joined with Democrats to reject Trump and the rightwing agenda he upholds.  If they would rather work in opposition to Republican voters and work with Democrats as does much of the GOP then they should change sides and shouldn’t be surprised they lost to someone who hates Trump more than they.  Playing the underdog waiting to be fed favors by powerful Democrats is not why Americans vote Republican.  2018 should see an increase in Republican control of Congress, but it will be at the expense of the Republican establishment who get primaried by candidates who would stand with Trump against the Swamp.

Trump vs. the Swamp, Round 1 was no knockdown let alone a knockout

Since Obama’s victory the Democrats have lost 12 governorships, 62 House seats, 9 Senate seats, and 958 state legislature seats.  They lost every special election in attempts to take seats from Republicans chosen for Trump’s Cabinet.  This is the first election in a year that they’ve won and they act like it means they have impeached Trump.  It’s a sickness of the mind.

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Democratic National Committee head confirms Hillary-Obama conspiracy

Former chairwoman of the DNC, Donna Brazile, spilled her guts in a tell all book about the goings on in the Democrat Party.  She went on CNN to confirm that everything Rush Limbaugh and conservatives have been saying about the Democrat Party for the last thirty years is absolutely true!  Brazile says she is now in fear of her life that she will be assassinated by Hillary like Seth Rich.  The truth of her revelations is revealed by the venom of her fellow Democrats declaring her a traitor and bringing out the long knives.

Hillary is now accusing Brazile of also colluding with the Russians to bring her down.  Brazile confessed to Hillary taking over the Democrat Party and their finances, which may well constitute money laundering campaign funds.  There are leftists who believe that the report of the Clinton’s body count in their quest for power was a fiction created by the Russians because they don’t know the Clinton’s history in their rise to the White House.  Democrats, who have always advocated for Marxism, by using the Russians as their scapegoats are digging themselves into an ever deeper pit.  We can only hope it eventually collapses in on them and the party of slavery and socialist fascism will bury itself alive.

It’s Unprecedented! Brazile Turns on Clintons, Drive-Bys Turn on Brazile

  • Russian collusion was all Hillary’s phony creation
  • Democrats rigged the elections against Bernie but failed against Trump
  • Hillary laundered money through the DNC
  • Obama’s policies were meant to destroy America

Brazile Turns on Clintons, Exposes the Democrats

Democrat conspiracies confirmed proving Rush is always right!

The Democrat Party has been completely exposed as the most corrupt, deceitful pack of fraudsters in America and that explains why they are falling apart.  Their only hope is to demonize their enemies in the eyes of the ignorant.  They have nothing to offer America except the lies they have always told.  At the same time the Republican Party is in disarray as Trump battles the swamp of Washington corruption and the Republicans who work with Democrats.  The NeverTrumpers, who claim to be conservatives, would rather have Hillary advancing the liberal agenda than Trump advancing the conservative agenda.  Just as Democrats prove they are frauds the NeverTrumpers prove they are not truly conservatives, but deceitful infiltrators seeking to undermine Republicans.

Half of Millenials say they want to live under Communism proving they are both ignorant and how deeply they have been misled by Democrat propaganda.  They should be given the opportunity to go live for six months in Russia or China or North Korea or Cuba or Venezuela and see how much they like it!  Perhaps then they would understand the greatness of the America they have been taught to hate.  Perhaps if they saw the world as it truly is, instead of learning false liberal history so they reach erroneous conclusions, then they would learn to appreciate how blessed they have been to be born Americans.  It has always been said, and it is ever so true, that if you don’t learn history, if you don’t know where came from, then you will not know where you are going and you will be lost.  Young liberals would do well to pay heed to the exposé of Donna Brazile and listen to the wisdom of Rush Limbaugh rather than have their eyes, ears, and minds closed by Democrat character assassination propaganda.

The Left is Never Right

Rush Limbaugh – Why does the Left aid Islamic jihadis?

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Rush Limbaugh – Why does the Left aid Islamic jihadis?

I know the answer to this question.  What do atheist socialist communists and Islamic jihadi fascists have in common?  Both hate Christians and Jews.

Just as Communist Russia allied with Nazi Germany at the beginning of WWII, the factions that are anti-freedom will work together to destroy their common enemy before going at each other’s throats as evil people are always want to do.  In 21st century America, Democrats are inviting Sharia Islamists into the country to help them overthrow the Constitution.  Whenever attacks occur the Left is always quick to say the jihadi has nothing to do with Islam, that Islam is a religion of peace.  You never hear Arabs come out and say they are not Moslems or denounce jihadis, but worship them as martyrs.  Who do these leftists think they are fooling?  They are fooling themselves.

Stop fooling yourself; the Left wants America destroyed – BAN SHARIA!

After killing eight innocent people the NYC jihadi demanded the ISIS flag be displayed in his hospital room.  This flag should be brought into his room and he strangled with it!  This isn’t a case for the courts and appellate system to spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars protecting him from the death penalty.  There is no reasonable doubt of his guilt.  There’s more proof of his guilt than Timothy McVeigh.  The so-called “ISIS flag” is the Black Flag of Muhammad’s Mujahideen.  On it are the words by which Moslems live: “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.”  Democrats say this is not Islamic, that Islam is being unrighteously smeared.  What could be more Islamic than to obey Muhammad’s commandments in the Koran?  Leftists are always quick to invoke the Crusades as a war of evil Christians against peaceful Moslems.  Only the most ignorant people don’t know that the Crusades were mounted to defend the Byzantine Empire from invasion by the Jihad of Turks who had conquered the Arab’s Persian Empire and adopted Islam.  The Jihad was already four centuries old and had raged across North Africa and into Europe.  Only the efforts of the great king of France, Charles Martel, and the brilliant defense of Constantinople by Emperor Leo III saved Europe from being consumed and Christianity destroyed.  Leftists declare that Christians are evil because of the crimes of the Catholic Church under the Inquisition while ignoring the multitude of evil wrought by Muhammad’s Jihad over the centuries.  Becoming Christian does not mean a person will never again do wrong.  But becoming Moslem calls for people to do just that.  When leftists denounce Christians as evil and laud Muhammadans as good ask them – who did Jesus say to kill and who did Muhammad say to kill?  Only the stupidest and most deceitful among will decry the Christ and deny Muhammad’s words.

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

Jesus called on His people to kill no one, but to be righteous and tell others about Him.  While Muhammad, in contrast, called on his people to kill Christians and Jews and anyone who did not either submit to Islam as slaves of the theocratic state or bow to the oppression of Sharia law as slaves, pay additional tax, and be treated as lesser citizens than the wives of Moslem men.  How many leftists know Muhammad’s life?  Do they know he was driven out of Mecca because he demanded the city’s leaders bow to him or be destroyed?  Do they know he began a terror war on Mecca until he built an army and conquered the city?  Do they know he commanded them to conquer neighboring countries in the same way and force them to submit to Islam as slaves one way or another or kill them?  Islam is the ultimate socialist ideology in which all the people are subject to and submit to the authority of the state.  The people are all forced to undergo brainwashing five times a day to insure they remain enthralled.  No wonder even leftists love it even though they are atheists.  They would gladly use it to their own purposes until they day comes that they, too, are put under the knife.

Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

New York’s Hell – Mayor De Blasio endorses Islam:

De Blasio withdrew NYPD monitoring of jihadi’s mosque

De Blasio in defense of Islam

Ignorant New Yorker defends Islam

Video – Robert Spencer on NYC jihadi

The myth of post-terror anti-Moslem backlash

Rush Limbaugh’s righteous dissertation of Leftist America hate:

Great American Guilt Trip Allows Sharia Law Supremacists to Destroy Our Civilization from Within

Chuck Schumer Owns This Terrorist

Drive-Bys and Democrats Shield Terrorist, Blame the Truck!

We Have an Assimilation Problem, Not a Diversity Problem

Never Trumpers Rip Trump for Politicizing Attack

Muhammad and his law – Sharia:

The Reader’s Digest version of Mohammad and Islam

Sharia – not the law of radical Islamists, but the law of Muhammad

Sharia Jihad – Holy War against the World

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SQUIRREL!  Manafort “smoking gun” just a smoke screen for Hillary

This is the event for which Mueller has been waiting after being assigned to investigate Russian collusion by Rosenstein.  Hillary Clinton has been outed for paying Fusion GPS to manufacture a phony dossier on Trump, and now that it’s out in the open the Mueller team leaks an impending indictment.  These charges made against Manafort & Co. are not about Trump-Russia collusion, but completely unrelated crimes.  This is how the Left distracts the low-information viewers of the leftwing media from the real crimes of Democrats.


What does Russia and CO2 have in common?  Both are described by liberals as pollutants that will destroy the planet.  Like the hot air they expel from their lungs this is more about leftists polluting the public forum with their other frauds.  Every time a liberal exhales they pollute the Earth with the very gas they say will kill the planet, and along with it are their lies that are killing the truth.  This indictment is meant strictly for consumption by the low-information Democrat voter who only listens to the leftist media and has not heard about the exposé of Hillary and her campaign’s lies.  Manafort was supposed to be investigated over Trump colluding with Russia.  Instead, the special prosecutor dug back far and deep into the past of those he is charging making the indictment for supposed money laundering and tax evasion because of off-shore accounts and doing business with foreigners including Russians.  EVERY millionaire has off-shore accounts and does business with Russians because they have money to conduct trade.  This isn’t the revelation of a smoking gun that will lead to Donald Trump colluding with Russia to steal the election.  Even Jimmy Carter has admitted that’s all a fraud.  This is a smoke screen designed to provide cover for Hillary and Obama as they slink away from the crimes they actually committed during the campaign.

Hannity and Newt reveal the Manafort indictment farce

Liberal Democrats are threatening Trump against granting pardons to anyone charged by Mueller.  They did the same to George W. Bush who did nothing when Scooter Libby got railroaded as having outed Valerie Plame when it was proven a Democrat did it!  Like Libby, Mueller is charging him for giving testimony that was not perfectly accurate.  Leftists create a Process Crime of a witness giving a slightly different answer to a question from one day to the next.  Trump has proven he is a fighter who will not roll over for the Left.  It is time to pull out the big guns and get Sessions into this fight.  He needs to answer why he is not investigating the investigators.  Since this is no longer about investigating the campaign, but about witch hunting, persecuting, and railroading Trump supporters, Democrats need to be crushed to let them know their typical old lies won’t work anymore.

Sarah Sanders briefing on indictment

Manafort Indictment: The Drive-By Media Misinformation Campaign Continues

Mueller to Indict Trump for Russian Collusion

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