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Obama commands liberal media to glorify him and ObamaCare

Calling in his sycophants to the White House, President Obama ordered them to stop their critical stories of ObamaCare and blame his failures on Republicans and insurance companies.  Obeying the Affordable Care Act law, insurance companies were forced to cancel … Continue reading

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Nuking America, Obama and Democrats make biggest move to establish dictatorship

In his most blatant act of betrayal of the trust of the American people, President Obama supported Sen. Reid’s nuking the filibuster rule for judicial nominees.  Less than ten years ago, Senator Obama was one of many Democrats, including Reid, … Continue reading

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Black gangs roam streets looking for victims for ‘Obama game’

President Obama’s biggest supporters are preying on the innocent in what Democrat media are calling a “game” that is deadly.  While walking past a defenseless, unwary victim or sneaking up on them from behind, blacks are smashing people in the … Continue reading

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Obama says 100 million enrolled in ObamaCare, they just don’t know it yet

President Obama announced that 100 million people are members of ObamaCare.  With reports from the crippled website stating that only one hundred thousand people have signed up to date, commentators are wondering to what the president is referring.  Last week, … Continue reading

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Democrats nuke the Senate, scrub filibuster to pass judges

During the Bush years, Democrats became so contentious and abusive toward Republican judicial nominees that the Republican leaders considered doing away with the filibuster.  At that time, Democrats called such an idea traitorous to the American people and Constitution.  Today, … Continue reading

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MSNBC Moslem spews filth of leftist decadent culture

Al’Jazeera ratings have been dropping like a rock since buying Al Gore’s TV station.  But at MSNBC, Islamists are well represented.  On Friday, Nov 16, the host of one of their shows featured a segment about Gov. Sarah Palin making … Continue reading

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Megyn Kelly reports that Obama continues lying about people losing insurance

On “The Kelly File” Monday night, Nov. 18, 2013, on FOX News, Megyn Kelly exposed President Obama’s continuing lies about how many people will be losing their health insurance because of ObamaCare.  She reported that as Obama was telling people … Continue reading

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