Cancel Culture – A Study in the Two-Faced, Self-Righteous Hypocrisy of Leftism

Cancel Culture is not new. History knows it as Fascism. It is not a far-right ideology as leftists falsely claim to conceal the truth about themselves by smearing the righteous. It is their myopic vision of seeing the world through the mirrored prism of their own lies to create a false reality. They condemn the righteous with lies and smears declaring themselves to be pure. Those who disagree are beaten down. This is how Hitler’s Brown Shirts, Stalin’s Red Army, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and Muhammad’s Jihadis have done it throughout history.

“What ‘Cancel Culture’ is about is not criticism. It is about punishment! The writer, Jonathan Rauch, has called it something like ‘social murder,’ and I think that’s right. It’s not just about punishing ‘the sinner,’ not just about punishing the person for being ‘insufficiently pure.’ It’s about a sort of secondary boycott of people who would deign to speak to that person or appear on a platform with that person. The next step is violence. It’s about making people ‘radioactive,’ and it’s about taking away jobs.” – Bari Weiss, former moderate editor of the NYT driven out by the leftist mobsters at the paper.

Liberal’s on-line mob of Nazi thugs who threaten the lives of everyone who speaks against them, or who doesn’t submit in complete agreement with them, targets them for destruction through lies and smears that escalate to violence and murder. The leftwing media monopoly on information being directed by Google, Facebook, and Twitter as the Democrat censors of the 21st century are the electronic version of book burning. Fascism has returned alright. It is out in the open. But it is not the Republicans or far-right extremists as liberal leftist’s false premises claim. It is themselves as it has always been. Even as they lie to conceal the truth by confusing the ignorant that make up the Democrat base they reveal the truth of their basic nature.

This is too funny when a liberal gets body slammed by her own people who are even more extremist fanatic zealots than herself. Bari Weiss is a liberal Democrat who stupidly believes in her side. She does not see through the lies of Democrats but follows like a lemming. Now that America is being threatened with destruction by the Democrat’s most hateful base of communist fascism, she is blanching at the thought of having her freedom of expression taken away. A fundamental truth of life is that the left uses lies, smears, and misinformation to dupe the unwary. This describes leftists of every stripe throughout history from socialists to Islamists.

These people believe themselves to be the righteous truth while promoting the very evil they say they stand against. Communism and fascism are the same face of the coin of socialism that seeks to destroy capitalism. Yet in their minds they separate them as opposites and make capitalists the fascists. While we know them both to be totalitarian dictatorships of the left, they believe fascism to be far right, communism to be far left, and themselves to be the knowledgeable and wise of the center. These are the people who say they are the Masters of Science, yet they don’t know that there are only two sexes and that climate change is regulated by the Sun, not by man. They think they are the Arbiters of Truth, yet they believe with all their hearts in Russian collusion. When you realize that half the people are either deceivers or dupes, that they can’t recognize the truth with the facts to back it up but would rather use violence, and that you must be prepared to fight back, then you have taken the first major step to enlightenment in the fight for liberty.

The Righteous are the positive pole of humanity while the Left are the negative pole. Leftists see the world through the mirror of their backwards thinking. What is the greatest proof of this fundamental truth? The atheist of the left say that Donald Trump is the AntiChrist! The people who don’t believe in Jesus Christ, who say He is a fiction, who say He is false, who embrace satanism, say the man who is beating back the communist fascism of the left, is the Son of Satan! There are atheists who pretend to be Christians to lead the people astray. Such is what happened during the Inquisition and it is happening today with the infant sacrifice practice of abortion. Now those who hate Christ are telling Christians how to be better Christians by being against the teachings of Jesus.

Is it not to laugh when the Christian haters try to tell Christians how to behave righteously? Is it not a galactic joke when the God haters tell those who love God that the man who in whom they have placed their faith to lead them against evil is the Prince of Evil? Why would those who follow Satan be against him if he is their king? How stupid do they think we are because we will not bow to their demands? Their philosophy is that if you cannot force someone to obey then you attempt to fool them, and conservatives have been fooled by the left for far too long.

The righteous wish to convince others of the truth while a leftist imposes their opinions by force. In recent times leftists say that it is hateful and hurtful to tell them the truth. They say they are “triggered” with fear and apprehension at being thought as less right. This is a deliberate scam to silence conservatism, and it has worked for the decades since McCarthy. We foolishly believed them and, because we are good people, we didn’t want to hurt their feelings. But they have never had any compunction about hurting us. This is how they have taken over media and academia to corrupt young minds. This is what is wrong with America and what the righteous must correct. When they say they are triggered we must tell them to go suck a lemon and stop being wrong!

One of the most defining characteristics of the opposite poles of leftists vs. the righteous is how they respond when a member of the opposition dies. When a righteous person dies the left is gleeful. When a leftist dies the righteous are relieved. This is akin to the diametric opposition of the two poles to the truth. A righteous person gets angry when they learned they have been lied to, while a leftist gets angry when they are told the irrefutable truth. That’s why they take to the streets in a rage.

A Tale of Two Polls

There are two polls out that are diametrically opposed. One says that 75% of people support the police. The other says that 65% of people support Black Lives Matter. BLM has openly declared themselves to be a communist organization intent on destroying America. Their members riot in the streets and assassinate cops. Which poll do you think is the truth and which is a lie trying to manipulate the ignorant? Another poll says a majority of Millennials believe that 10% of the U.S. population, 30,000,000 people, have died from Coronavirus. Are you forming a picture of who in the country are the dupes?

Democrats are now running news stories about how the economy has been destroyed – and blaming Trump and the “Trump virus!” This was predicted the moment he announced he would shut down the economy to save two million lives. Now we know that this was a Democrat scam to destroy the economy. Polls showing Biden winning easily against Trump belie the truth that Democrats are so terrified of a debate, and the re-election of Trump who might prosecute their treachery, that they will do anything. Democrats, who throw Republican mail-in ballots in the trash, declare that Trump is denouncing mail-in balloting as a form of voter suppression. Their Covid terrorism cannot be permitted to overrule the American people.

Democrat’s liberal fascism is spreading more deeply in America than it would have had we been more vigilant in keeping them out of our schools and media. Republicans put Democrat Nazis on display violently silencing opposition in Congress and on the streets and the media censors them. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) did a fantastic job exposing them and their Covid terror tactics. He put Dr. Fauci on the hotseat as he called him out for saying schools and churches should be closed, endorsing Democrat governors who close down beaches and outdoor events, but refusing to say Democrat mobs of “peaceful protesters” gathering to riot shooting cops with lasers is not okay. This Obamaite should be sent packing and those terrorists shooting cops with lasers should be countered with deadly force! Why are these mobs being allowed to use our police as punching bags? Democrats are advocating for criminals to rule over citizens with their efforts to abolish police.

The fact that 75% of conservatives are afraid to express their opinion because liberals will spit in their food and key their cars, along with 60% of moderates who are also afraid, proves that the left is barbaric. What people are not afraid? Liberal fascists! Twitter is a sewer of misinformation. Liberals don’t believe the truth and conservatives are censored from speaking the truth. This election will be a war between Democrats trying to use mail-in voter fraud after Election Day to overturn what will obviously be a massive Trump victory. They are already saying they can only lose if Republicans cheat better than they do by having Russia steal the election. Liberals believe this despite their three years of exhaustive investigation that turned up bupkis. All that Trump need to do is to keep Democrats from cheating and they would be flushed down the toilet of history.

Biden promotes Islam

Be “Perfect Victim”, “Do As They Say”: Minneapolis Govt Advises Citizens To Surrender to Criminals, Turn Over Your Valuables, Don’t Resist

Seattle City Council move to abolish police department with new bill despite rioters FIRING MORTARS and HURLING EXPLOSIVES

Portland Protesters Burn Bibles, American Flags in the Streets

Here is why the media WILL NOT STOP terrorizing and misinforming America about Coronavirus

De Blasio’s NYC: ‘We’re dismantling the NYPD now, and violence has gone up 200 per cent,’ and Democrats blame Trump

Unhinged House Democrats subpoena Pompeo over claims he helped advance ‘conspiracy theories’ about Biden

Racist Democratic National Committee platform mentions ‘whites’ 15 times, all damning

[Author’s Note: The ONLY reason for which I might even consider that Donald Trump is playing us, that he is a leftist Democrat in sheep’s clothing, is if he does not bring prosecution against Democrats who have been fomenting this insurrection, riots, and attempted coup through their Russia impeachment scam or in November via massive voter fraud. What makes him questionable is when he keeps threatening to declare Antifa to be a domestic terror group, but he doesn’t. He keeps threatening to prosecute the coup perps, but he doesn’t. He threatens to break up the left’s media monopoly, but he doesn’t. These can only happen either because he has betrayed us, or because the left has already taken over the country and he is just the last gasp of a patriotic American son making a desperate bid to wrest back control from the swamp to save liberty from the communist fascism of leftist socialists.

President Trump’s patriotism to date has been unquestioned, unlike the NeverTrumpers who all said they want to lead this nation to implement the very agenda that President Trump has been doing, and who are now all openly declaring themselves to be Democrats. This is what I mean by how the left has infiltrated the right to undermine us. Jesus warned us to beware of false prophets, and these turncoats are they of whom He spoke. This is why I say, do not trust anyone who says they will work with Democrats because the left only seeks to tear down liberty and enslave this country, and we have nothing in common with them!

Leftists believe that human beings are all monsters, while they see themselves as being without sin. This is how they justify destroying others. They do not see their own hypocrisy that they, too, are sinners as they embrace the very worst of sins. America’s greatest presidents were all flawed human beings, but they accomplished great things as great moral men do. The left smears Washington for being a slave owner which was an accepted moral norm of the time. What he accomplished in helping create America has made the world a far better place that abolished slavery. But they ignore the greatness to concentrate on the mote in his eye as they who are blinded by the tree in their own eyes strive to make all the nation’s people their slaves.

Every great president makes a major error during his presidency. Reagan’s two great errors during his tenure in each of his two terms were Beirut and amnesty for illegal aliens. Trump has just suffered his great error in his first term of believing Democrat’s Coronavirus scam and shutting down the economy. The Democrat lie needs to be shoved back in their faces. They have been murdering people by putting infectious people into nursing homes and denying the sick lifesaving medicines by lying about them. They have taken to the streets in a violent civil war between city thugs and suburban citizens as our mixed culture cannot draw lines between our cultures as we did in the 19th century. They may not yet include open shooting, but they are using deadly weapons against police with bricks, sharpened staves, and lasers. Police are then being hogtied by Democrat mayors and governors who advocate for the rioters. President Trump needs to cast off their flu virus terrorism, abolish this bogus quarantine, declare their street thugs terrorists, and bring charges against every Democrat that has participated in this coup and civil war.]

Build Back Better – Democrats Have a Plan

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