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Beware of False Prophets – Obamaites & NeverTrumpers

People who claim to be the staunchest of conservatives who say that, despite all the conservative agenda that Trump is fearlessly promoting, they would rather have liberal Democrats be in charge than be indebted to Trump.  This is not principled.  … Continue reading

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Truth and Lies about Trump’s Tax Plan from Democrats

President Trump touts the tax reform bill on which Republicans will vote as “the largest tax cuts in history.”  Democrats say they are cuts for the rich that will balloon the deficit. Democrat and Republican strategists debate Trump’s tax reform … Continue reading

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End Corporate, Wall Street, AND Blue State Welfare

Democrats created the mantra, “Democrats are for the poor, Republicans are for the rich.” Democrat class warfare is the lie on which their party rests their foundation Democrats say they want the government to end corporate welfare.  That’s actually very … Continue reading

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How Democrats funnel your tax dollars to their corrupt states

Democrat states don’t pay their fair share of federal taxes.  Republicans in Congress must eliminate the federal tax deduction of state income taxes in order to make all states pay equally to support the nation.  Democrats came up with this … Continue reading

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Defeating terrorism takes conservative warriors, not liberal wimps

The CIA’s Counter-terrorism expert dispels leftist myths about Islam.  As President Trump declares Americans must be “smart, vigilant, and tough” against terrorism, London’s Moslem Mayor Sadiq Khan says the British must just get used to terror attacks and threatens Trump … Continue reading

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What it will take to recover America

Trump has the opportunity Reagan never had.  But he also has an opposition in Democrats and RINOs that don’t want his ship to sail. An outsider’s hard truths on America today Imagine if Reagan and Gingrich had been in office … Continue reading

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Trump’s lies and Hillary cries

Hillary says Trump is a liar and you need to get his record straight! Leftists say Trump lies 85% of the time, but to them Trump is lying if he says he is not a racist, which he has never … Continue reading

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