The Reader’s Digest version of Mohammad and Islam


Mohammad’s life is a living testament to whether his is a religion of peace or terrorism.  Islamists say his violence is always justified and that Jesus was not the Messiah, but a prophet who brought a sword to divide people against god.  Only in knowing Mohammad’s acts in life and the reason for them can the truth of Islam be known.

To understand Islam, you must know the life of Mohammad.  Islam is contained in two books, the Koran which is the teachings of Mohammad, and the Hadith that is a compilation of stories of his life.  They are akin to the Gospel and New Testament of Jesus Christ.  While the Hadith is voluminous, the Koran is short, but it is deliberately not written in chronological order.

Many Moslems reject the later teachings from both books that do not support their view of Islam as a religion of peace, while others embrace them in their entirety.  They have some basis for this as many Moslem authors are notorious for exaggeration and prevarication.  But still, they are accepted and taught in their entirety by Imams as the truth of Mohammad with later teachings considered to supersede his earlier teachings.

Those who reject those teachings are called moderates, while those who embrace them are called radicals, and those who actually put them into practice are labelled extremists.  Sharia Law is the law as taught by Mohammad, although moderates who reject the violence in the Koran and Hadith say that this law is the product of violent theocrats.  The only way to understand why each speaks as they do is to examine the life of Mohammad.

The Life and Times of Mohammad

Mohammad grew up in the Arabian Desert, a region inhabited by those who were banished from their tribes for serious crimes and their descendants lived.  Every culture and religion was represented in this area and people belonged to local tribes that competed for scarce resources.  He married an older woman who was a rich widow of a merchant, and it was on one of his travels in a caravan that he had his vision that inspired him to declare himself a prophet.

On his return to Mecca he began enlisting followers who believed in his visions and his preaching of peace, love, and brotherhood in the name of Allah.  As he amassed more followers they began worshipping him as the Prophet of the god Allah.  He challenged the leaders of other religions, including the Jews and Christians, and demanded that the tribal leaders bow to him as their spiritual leader.

They rejected him and banished him and his followers from Mecca under threat of death.  Mohammad and his people were run out of the city and their property seized.  He and his followers went to Medina in what is known as the Hijra.  After this, Mohammad’s teachings turned from peace and brotherhood to vengeance and war.

He sent his followers to raid the caravans of the Meccan leaders telling his followers that Allah gave them the right of vengeance for stealing their property.  This resulted in the Meccans sending a war party to Medina that was said to outnumber the Moslems by 3:1 but which Mohammad miraculously defeated.  His successes in raiding and battle drew more followers to his banner, but this didn’t save him from defeat in his next open battle with Mecca.  This instilled fear amongst the people of Medina who feared the more powerful leaders of Mecca.

Some in Medina spoke out against Mohammad and he sent his followers to murder them in their beds.  He told those followers who questioned these assassinations that Allah gave forgiveness to them because they were defending the Prophet whom these people had insulted.  Mohammad told his followers that those who died at the hands of infidels in defense of Islam would be martyred and awarded in Paradise with many virgins.

After ten years of war he was victorious over Mecca and entered the city at the head of an army of ten thousand men with his sword sheathed and head bowed.  He spared those who converted to Islam and told those who would not that they must pay an additional tax.  Those who did not were either driven out of killed by his followers.

In his last few years, Mohammad sent armies and envoys into every neighboring country and demanded they recognize his authority as the Prophet of Allah and demanded they submit to Islam and reject their false gods.  He declared that the Jews and Gentiles who believed Jesus to be the Messiah were teaching a lie.  Mohammad acknowledged Jesus as a prophet of peace, but that God had no Son.

Moslem Conquests

His fanatical followers conquered surrounding tribes and invaded the empires of Byzantium (the still standing Eastern Roman Empire) and Persia.  These two had just concluded a massive war with each other that left both destitute of men, money, and material.  While Persia fell easily to forces of Shia Moslems who followed Mohammad’s son-in-law, Ali, as their leader, Byzantium kept the Sunni Moslem armies of Abu Bakr south of the heart of the empire in Anatolia, what is today Turkey.   But over the next century they swept quickly across North Africa to conquer Spain and invade France where they were stopped.

The following centuries were constant warfare between Middle Eastern Islam and European Christendom.  Charles Martel and his grandson Charlemagne drove the Moslems out of France.  Vast Islamic armies were crushed by the Byzantines in the east, a huge fleet being burned outside of the capital of Constantinople.  In the West, Spain fought for eight centuries to eject Moslems from the Iberian Peninsula, and the Italians struggled against them in Sicily.

When the second Mongolian invasion of the West came by the tribes of Turks, they easily conquered the Arabs in Persia, but they adopted their religion.  When the Byzantine Emperor was betrayed on the battlefield, the heart of the Byzantine Empire was left defenseless to the ravages of the Turks.  With this loss, the next emperor had to turn to Europe for armies to defend against them, but what he got was the Crusades.

While the Europeans made some effort to take back Jerusalem with some success, their counter-attack against the Turks was poorly coordinated with the Byzantines.  The Fourth Crusade actually attacked Constantinople, gained entry with the help of traitors, and sacked the city.  They established their own rulers, but the empire was a shadow of its former self.

The Turks eventually overcame Constantinople’s great walls with the help of gunpowder and cannons.  They then had to stave off attacks from the east by other Mongols under Temujin, the greatest general and conqueror of history – Genghis Khan, his grandson Subotai who led most of his armies against Europe, and the vicious mass murdering Tamerlane.  They eventually invaded Europe only to be stopped by superior European military technology at Vienna in 1683.

Islam’s history of war, slavery, and destruction

The Inquisition

During this period Christianity went through a phase of deep corruption in the medieval era with the Inquisition.  The Inquisition originated in Spain where the people spent eight centuries fighting Islam.  The Crusades occurred at the start of this era of the Catholic Church emulating Islamic theocracies in their demand for obedience to Mother Church.

Europe was tormented by a Catholic Church that became more militant even to the point of destroying other Christian churches to secure power for the papacy.  The Patriarch of Constantinople was destroyed by the Fourth Crusade making the Roman Pope supreme.  It wasn’t until Martin Luther and the printing press that people found the church not following the teachings of Christ and rebelled, which led to a century of religious wars between Catholics and Protestants that ended about the same time as the Turkish invasion of Austria.

Christian’s fight for liberty and freedom from church overlords eventually led to the founding of America and the freedom to worship Christ as one chooses.  But that freedom is under assault today by atheists, Islamists, and every anti-Christian in America.  As in all things, when people establish a righteous society, the corrupt seek to infiltrate it and bring it down under their thumb.  The reason the Inquisition began in Spain and the Mafia in Sicily is in large part due to their interactions with Islam.

Islam in the era of America

Despite the protestations of Barack Obama, Islam has been at war with America just as much as it has been at war with the world since its inception.  President Thomas Jefferson fought a war to destroy the Barbary Pirates of North Africa who were capturing and enslaving travelers in the Mediterranean.  In the 20th century, the British assisted the Arabs in overthrowing their Turkish masters who had allied with Germany in WWI.  That didn’t stop them from following their Grand Mufti to ally with the Nazis in WWII.

Since then, Arabs have warred with the West over the establishment of secular leaders over their countries and the creation of Israel.  Although it may seem to the historically illiterate that the U.S. was the cause of this religious animus, it is merely a continuation of what has gone on for centuries.  Moslems only became reanimated in their cause starting with hijacking planes, growing through oil revenues and embargoes, and reaching their apogee with the 9-11 terror attack.

The Islamic practice of slavery of westerners remains in effect to this day and is the reason pretty young girls disappear around the world.  Piracy and brigandage also continue to be practiced anywhere that governments are weak.  In Africa, genocides are being carried out by Moslems against Christians, and by Arab Moslems against African Moslems.

As these practices are those of Mohammad in fighting his enemies in Mecca and Medina, protestations that Islam is peace falls flat in the face of historical fact.  Of all the murdering conquerors throughout history, Mohammad stands alone as the one who inflicted the brainwashing technique of requiring five times a day prayer and absolute obedience to theocratic rule.  When Genghis Khan conquered great empires, his conquests fail to stand under the rule of his descendants, unlike Mohammad’s whose conquests have spread through his religion to hold one and a half billion people in thrall.

Of all the wars in history the death tolls of Islam dwarf even the great pogroms of socialists in the 20th century that killed over a hundred million people.  Islamist wars can account for some three hundred million dead and perhaps that many more killed in the name of Islam over the centuries.  The future of the world depends on the war between those who believe in liberty and those who would enslave all under one world rule without the freedom of choice.

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2 Responses to The Reader’s Digest version of Mohammad and Islam

  1. Jacquee Oakes says:

    This is so opinionated and false, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves for spreading this rhetoric that is so obviously written by a “Christian”. I can’t believe you can spread these claims to other people as a way of what, “enlightening them”? Where did u get your facts, Fox News?


    • dustyk103 says:

      Your opinion is insignificant. If you cannot prove it is false you are just expressing your opinion which means nothing to intelligent people. Just saying it is like saying you have an anus.


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