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They can’t be LIbEralS without telling LIES!

Hand-in-Hand they lie to each other and, in their arrogant ignorance, slander the righteous as they demand money for their cause, which is not charity.  The word should be LIbelARS because leftist liberalism begins and ends with liars who lie … Continue reading

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A white supremacist climate change denier confesses the truth

Liberals would have us confess to their lies. I confess that the truth of which leftists accuse the Right about white supremacy and climate change is false!  I confess that they are liars and deceivers and I can prove what … Continue reading

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Which came first – the dysfunctional thinker or the liberal fool?

Liberalism should come with a warning label that embracing liberalism may lead to mental retardation. The hallmark of every liberal is dysfunctional thinking.  Michael Moore is one of the personifications of how liberalism leads to ignorance, stupidity, and being a … Continue reading

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Hatred is Inherent in Liberalism

Liberals live life with their glass half empty resenting others who live with their glass half full. Leftists spew their hate in various ways; from Antifa Nazi fascists declaring all Republicans are the KKK so they can justify attacking good … Continue reading

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When Flag Burners Become Flag Wavers

Liberals that burn the American flag now want to wrap themselves in it and declare themselves patriots fighting racist oppression.  Next time you want to burn the flag try wrapping yourself in it and then set it afire! The so-called … Continue reading

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The Psychology of the Left

Liberalism is the product of an emotional disorder that inhibits maturity.  The defining characteristics of leftists are that of an intractable child who is ignorant, uncomprehending, irresponsible, and recalcitrant.  It takes years for most people to mature out of liberalism … Continue reading

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Russian spooks, Psychological disorders, Global Warming, and Moon Cheese

Myth upon myth comprises the Democrat Party platform that lacks a single policy by which they would improve the lives of Americans, but offer loads of benefits to illegals and Moslems.  Instead they focus all of their efforts to make … Continue reading

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