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How Democrats can be better to win elections

That’s not a good question to ask and worse to answer.  But there are 9 ways by which the Left can become right. Democrats are demoralized and incensed at losing elections.  They have been stripped of power throughout most of … Continue reading

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Leftist Media Incites Terror Attack by Bernie Supporter

Insane Democrat ideology accomplishes its goal of inciting extreme violence as a Sanders supporter goes ballistic and attempts to assassinate Republicans.  CNN has gone quiet today because they know they are complicit. Firstly, I always form my opinions and write … Continue reading

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Democrat Media’s Nuclear Comey Bomb bombs

But that hasn’t deterred them in the least from slandering President Trump to the nth degree.  Liberals still suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome believing every word he speaks is a lie even when the truth is thrown in their faces.  … Continue reading

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D is for Democrat – Distract, Divide, Delude, and Destroy

American Democrats have become a blight on the nation, but it’s not like that hasn’t always been the case.  Alinsky has shown them the way, but Machiavelli preceded him and predicted his subversive teachings. Democrats distract the rabble from what … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson is the next Rush Limbaugh

The young replacement for FOX’s number one Bill O’Reilly is already proving to be a far greater debater and advocate for American values. Talk about insightful, cutting logic, and sharp retorts; Tucker Carlson sees through every liberal effort to lie, … Continue reading

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Nothing comical about raging liberal comedian’s bloodlust

Liberal rage is their comedy. Kathy Griffin is a comedienne and she’s sooooo funny!  Holding a bloody head of President Trump is a joke!  LOL!  It’s as funny as people posting pictures of Obama being lynched, making movies about Bush … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is Running Circles around Democrats

President Trump is actually proving to be extremely shrewd, contrary to the Left’s attempts to portray him as a recalcitrant child. President Trump’s appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate “the Russia connection,” along with AG Sessions recusing himself from … Continue reading

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