The Causality Loop – Black Democrat Gangster Culture

Which came first? The oppressor or the oppressed? 21st century black culture has its origins in slavery and oppression. Their solution has not to become better people than their oppressors, but to become the same kind of people. Teaching people to fear and hate others is easy. Look at 17th century witch trials that were America’s most egregious misjustice inflicted on the innocent until 20th century socialism murdered 200 million. In the 21st century, teaching ignorant liberals that Republicans are Nazi racists is equally wicked. Telling young black men that they must be gangsters to be respected is as false as Hitler teaching German youths that they must terrorize their parents and friends to be righteous servants of the state. The same holds true in communism which is just the flipside of the same coin of socialism. Young gangsters believe that generating fear is creating respect but making people fear you does not make them respect you. Real respect is earned by doing what is right.

“We should stop thinking what the other guy believes is evil.” That would be wise advice in dealing with most two conflicting points of view if it weren’t for two simple facts about the difference between leftwing liberal Democrats and rightwing conservative Republicans: Liberals believe that what the righteous believe is evil and won’t listen to wise advice, and what they believe in, socialism, anti-God, hate, fear, and anger, actually is evil. They are the negative pole of humanity. Black culture, like Hollywood culture, socialist culture, Islamist culture, and leftist culture, teaches that gangsters are powerful and respectable rather than that they are hateful, selfish, and greedy. As more young black men embrace the bigotry of gangsterism the righteous respond with more firm law enforcement causing them to suffer more. Meanwhile, Democrats encourage them by justifying their crimes and persecuting the police.

The truth of gangsters is that they are selfish leftists who take from the weak. They lie, cheat, steal, and kill the innocent. Democrat deceptions have misguided American youths to believe that Nazi fascism and Marxist communism are opposite ends of the political spectrum when they are actually the same totalitarian socialist dictatorships of leftism. There are two types of people; those who acquire wealth through trade, production, and invention, and those who steal it. Righteous cultures employ law enforcement to keep the latter in check. Totalitarian governments are the gangsters who use their power to oppress and subjugate the people. They are the wolves preying on the sheep.

Democrats keep saying they are for the little guy who is oppressed by corporations, but that lie falls on its face when Democrats take action, not to protect the little guy, but to crush him. Democrats are dismantling America’s small businesses with taxes, regulations, and restrictions like their Covid mandates that allowed corporations to become even more powerful and put small businesses out of business. The truth is that Democrats don’t want citizens who can prosper by their own honest labor. They want subjects who are dependent on the charity of Democrats, and to obtain that charity they must vote for Democrats.

This is the Catch-22 of leftist politics. They say they want to help the poor people and do so by making them more destitute and dependent on voting for Democrats so they can take more of their prosperity. With more power to steal from those who create wealth and make everyone dependent on government they control health and freedom. If you don’t obey them and advance the cult of leftism, then you are ostracized and cutoff from government benefits. Conservative Christians are being oppressed in media, especially in Hollywood and on FascistBook. In leftist’s ideal world everyone must serve them or suffer the consequences. This is just the gangster “protection racket” escalated to be run by mobsters in government. This is the definition of socialism in action.

[Author’s Note: Even the Supreme Court is bending to the will of leftist Democrat’s deep state tyranny. They are allowing President Trump’s personal tax records to be made public and Democrats are acting like they can prove he’s a criminal. What they will do is use anything they don’t understand to smear him to people who don’t even understand their own 1040EZ. They know their audience are ignorant, arrogant fools who will believe any lie they tell. The Supreme Court has also dismissed, without hearing any evidence, a multitude of election tampering cases. As always, Democrats say this is proof of their innocence. Like all thugs, they threaten the lives of jurists and prosecutors and their families to coerce them to avoid discovery and prosecution of their crimes.

As Obama/Biden & Co. tear apart America’s economy and persecute her people, Americans are becoming dismayed. The Democrats who voted stupidly are learning to their regret that they voted for their own destruction. And still, they blame Republicans. I will always refer to Trump as President as he clearly won the election and was removed from power by a Democrat coup usurping power. General Secretary Obama and his puppet Premier Biden will wreck this nation and persecute Christian conservatives by every means possible. It has only just begun. Every bullsh*t headline I see saying that any of these people will be held accountable for their crimes I now delete out of hand and put their senders in the spam folder. No one will investigate and expose their crimes, and even if they do, no one will do anything about it.

I won’t live in a perpetual state of frustrated righteous wrath because of these deceivers trying to keep the people riled up. The fact is that communist fascism and republicanism cannot coexist peacefully together. They are opposite ideologies. Republicanism is liberty while communist fascism is slavery to the state. I won’t be angry because the government that is now dominated by the tyranny of the left will never prosecute or even investigate their own crimes. That’s obvious! I will just take what action I can to protect my money from being stolen by them and be aware that they will eventually try to disarm us all to secure their totalitarian dictatorship. Those saying we shouldn’t be at odds and hate these people are not seeing through what they are doing. It won’t matter if liberals wake up because, by the time the next elections come, Democrats will have their election rigging machine is total control. This is communism run by Americoms in league with the Chicoms.]

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