Forging a Global Utopia

Democrats believe they can create a New World Order wherein they can live in Utopia!  This fantasy is based on liberal beliefs that socialism is fair for all people where need and greed will be abolished.  While this is portrayed in some sci-fi like Star Trek, it can never be for one simple reason; each generation breeds someone who suffers from the sickness of greed.  It is not a genetic defect that can be spliced out of humanity.  Whoever believes in Utopia doesn’t understand human nature.  They are only the greedy poor being duped by the greedy rich.

Understanding that there are leftists at all levels of society is paramount to understanding that greedy poor people are as bad as greedy rich people.  Righteous people do not suffer from greed.  Liberals easily mistake wealth with greed just as they mistake poverty with oppression.  While there have always been leftists in the world who will suck up the wealth and oppress those they enslave in poverty as Hugo Chavez did to Venezuela, there are also those in the world who make honest fortunes like Donald Trump who strives to help people be free from that government oppression.

Under what ideology would you unite the world?

  • Capitalism or Socialism?
  • Christianity or Islam?
  • Constitutional law or Sharia?

The former ideologies are all founded in liberty, while the latter are all predicated on using force to impose them.  What leftists have always realized throughout history is, so long as there are those who lived under freedom or who yearn to be free, there will always be opposition to their socialist tyrannies.  As Thanos determined, to create his utopia he would have to destroy everybody else who objected to it.  This is how the Soviet Union and Chinese communists did it.

Today, we see the free peoples of Hong Kong protesting the incursions against their liberties by the Chinese that is on the verge of repeating Tiananmen Square throughout the entire city.  And what are the Hong Kong people doing?  Waving the American flag and singing the America Anthem.

Trump says, “Make America Great” and “America First” because that’s what the American government should do.  Leftist globalist utopians believe that is wrong.  Their CEOs who think that way believe putting America first is wrong.  They say doing so is about making America superior and greedy without compassion for others.  This lie falls on its face if you propose to them that the CEO at Colgate should put the employees of Crest Corp. ahead of their own.  If that doesn’t get through your mental barrier, think of government telling you that you must pay for your neighbor’s children to go to college.  At what point do liberals realize that socialism is the opposite of fair?

These same Democrats say Republicans are harshly anti-immigrant, declaring they and Trump to be uncompassionate because he says those who come to America should not be taking welfare when they won’t work from taxpayers.  Such people come here, not to live the American dream, but to sponge off the American worker.  That is not a symbiotic relationship wherein Americans help immigrants assimilate.  That is a parasitic relationship wherein criminals suck the blood out of taxpayers.  It’s how you kill the Golden Goose of Americanism.  Tell that to these two-faced Democrats and they will call you a racist.  When they say that just laugh in their faces and walk away.

How do liberals repeatedly believe the lies that Democrats tell?

  • Elizabeth Warren says, “If you own a business, you didn’t build that.” She says government created that business by building roads, educating workers, providing police and fire protection, and giving you the land.

This sounds logical – if you’re a blithering idiot who doesn’t understand how business, government, or taxes work.

  • Bernie Sanders says raising taxes on the rich will pay for Medicare for all.

This sounds wonderful – if you can’t understand simple math.

  • Kamala Harris says Republicans are Nazi racists whose police are murdering innocent black kids.

This sounds true – if you’re a criminal.

  • Joe Biden says he and Obama created the great economy for which Trump is taking credit.

This sounds rational – if you’re an oblivious halfwit that doesn’t understand how jobs are created or profits work.

  • Pete Buttigieg says opposing immigration is xenophobic.

This sounds rational – if you’re an irrational dupe.

  • Beto O’Rourke says the world is going to end from climate change.

This sounds scary – if you’re a gullible fool.

If you believe what Democrats say then you have a choice to make; do you want to remain a foolishly ignorant closed-minded liberal, or do you want to be educated?

Why are liberals so easily manipulated?

Why do liberals fall for the oldest, stupidest, most insane lies in the world?  “The world is going to end” is the oldest lie in the book.  Democrats will make the economy great by raising taxes and regulating businesses is the second stupidest thing one can believe.  So why are liberals so easily manipulated?  Ignorance compounded by lies breeds stupidity that descends into madness.  The result is believing insanities like Russian collusion, man-made climate change, and that Republicans are racist Nazis.

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Trump’s rhetoric is not creating hate – it’s Democrat’s!

Democrats equate a president’s success with the nation’s success.  When Rush Limbaugh said of Barack Obama’s election, “I hope he fails,” they went ballistic declaring that hoping the president failed was just hoping the country failed.  Everyone with a brain knows that Rush meant he hoped Obama would not be able to institute any of his socialist communist agenda, but he did.  Obama’s taxes and regulations crushed businesses to stagnate America’s economy.  He promoted Islam while persecuting Christians.  Obama led the country into accepting decline to become part of the New World Order.  He shut down American energy as much as he could.

Think this is some wild conspiracy theory?  Why do you think millions of Moslem men flooded into Europe?  Seeking refuge from the war the Muslim Brotherhood started?  Then why did they do without their women and children?  Why do so many cities in Europe now have no-go zones where Moslems are forming enclaves virtually colonizing these countries?  Why are they being plagued by Moslem rape gangs?  Why is there a resurgence of anti-Jew bigotry?  Why is Islam being forced down the throats of Christians?

Donald Trump has smashed that agenda in America!  America’s economy is booming.  America is now a leading producer of oil and natural gas.  Industrial jobs are coming back to the country thanks to tax cuts.  Democrats are trying to give credit for that to Obama and, of all the two-faced things they could say, at the same time as they try to credit Obama with a booming economy they try to talk down Trump’s economy as heading for a crash.  They openly pray for a recession that will hurt millions of Americans so they can pretend to be white knights.  These are the same people that, in 2003, prayed for thousands of American soldiers to be killed in the Iraq War so they could smear Republican President Bush.

With such obviously evil malignant hearts, is it so hard to understand that it was the Democrats in control of Congress in 2008 that nuked the economy to blame Bush so they could elect a Moslem communist to be leader of the free world?  Is it so hard to understand that Obama spent eight years putting his boot on the necks of our allies while empowering our enemies?  Who do you think funded the Muslim Brotherhood to create ISIS with their goal of recreating the Caliphate to control the world?

Democrat’s lawlessness and importation of illegal aliens, who are uneducated, unskilled, and prone to criminality, is antithetical to American immigration.  They slander Republicans as anti-immigrant when Republicans are only anti-illegal alien who breaking the law.  They think the poem on the Statue of Liberty is immigration law without regard to who comes here and what they want to do when they arrive.  Republicans insist on only allowing those immigrants who want to come to America to become Americans entry into the country, people who want to be one of us.  Democrats are importing Latino-communists and Islamists-nazis who want to overthrow this country.

What kind of people would want those kinds of people to flood into this nation?  The answer is; America hating socialists who have always wanted to dismantle and destroy the constitutional law of this greatest of nations.  Nowhere else in the world do the people have such a say in their government that was established to protect their liberties, not to rule over them.  Leftists believe economic prosperity is a zero-sum game, i.e. for someone to get wealthy others must be made poor.  This is the lie of those who see their glass as half empty.  They believe they can tax a nation into prosperity.

“I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.” – Winston Churchill

Every socialist country in the world is a nation where the elites rule over the masses, prosper at their expense, and impose their ruling authority by force.  Republicans are the party of liberty so long as they are not RINOs working with Democrats.  Democrats are the party of criminals and slaves.  Democrats simply want back what they began with at the Founding and they will get them back by hook or by crook.  Democrats want back their slaves.

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[Author’s Note: Democrats are slandering Trump’s speech as “promoting fear and hate.”  For example, they say telling people that if Democrats regain power, they will lose their 401ks is “spreading fear.”  Obama said while president that their goal is to take away all 401ks and “incorporate them into Social Security.”  i.e. steal the wealth of people who saved and spread it around to everyone else. It’s not paranoia when they’re really out to get you.

Liberals believing their ideology of climate change, that mankind, especially the USA, will destroy all life, is fearmongering extremism.  When tell us we don’t believe in climate change that is the ultimate in ignorant arrogant hubris.  Climate change is a fact of existence on which mankind’s pollution has negligible effect.  They not only tell us they can predict the future but that they can read our minds.

Lastly, defending the nation from both an internal coup attempt over the Russian collusion fraud, and invading foreign cultures that want to overthrow our way of life, is not hateful.  Even if they don’t come with guns but on the bogus claim of being refugees this not promoting hate.  It’s promoting good moral sense.  Helping others to destroy you is just stupid.]

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