Leftists turn America’s superheroes against righteous patriots

evil teabaggers

Marvel Comics joins DC in declaring American patriots to be the evil in the world rather than America as the hero nation.  Is it any wonder that their new Captain America is a black man who destroys Republicans?  The Left are using schools, media, and now comics to corrupt and indoctrinate America’s youth to hate conservatism and Christianity whom it portrays as evil haters.

Since DC Comics turned Superman against America, (Superman no longer stands for Truth, Justice, and the American Way, but is a “citizen of the world,”) Marvel is following in their footsteps and portraying conservative Christians as evil haters and liberals as heroes.

Marvel comics attacks righteous Americans

This is no different than portraying Jihadis as heroes and Christians they would exterminate as evil people deserving of their fate.  It’s no different than taking the side of the Dark Lord in the Lord of the Rings, or the Sith Lord in Star Wars.  Evil beings always see themselves as the righteous ones deserving of power.

The age of Orcs has come

This corruption of America’s greatest heroes is sickening and only indicative of the dysfunctional thinking of the ignorant, foolish, and corrupt liberal mind.

The road to being a lifelong liberal is always under construction.

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