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Trump’s Nat’l Security Advisor replacement as bad a choice as Democrat’s Chair!

With the ouster of Gen. Flynn for misleading the VP in his interview (not about Russian contacts contrary to liberal gossip) President Trump’s choice of Gen. McMaster is an exceedingly poor replacement. The single most important security issue of our … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh “To eliminate terrorism, remove Democrats who blame Trump”

Hillary says Trump Republicans are the terrorists Democrats are going apesh*t over Trump calling the terrorist bombings in NY and NJ terrorism!  Trump is the ONLY man talking about stopping terrorism.  Hillary, Obama, and the Democrats all talk about understanding … Continue reading

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Trump says bombings Islamic terror, Hillary says they’re not

Another terrorist attack and America gets opposite responses from presidential candidates Trump and Clinton.  Trump names Islamists jihadis as terrorists while Hillary calls Trump the terrorist. Democrat media piled on Trump as he declared the bombings in NY and NJ … Continue reading

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Democrats stage sit(laugh)-in against gun ownership

“We don’t want to deny people legal gun ownership.  We just want you to give up your guns voluntarily.” Following the Orlando massacre at the Pulse gay nightclub, Democrats staged bills to deny gun ownership to American citizens under the … Continue reading

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San Bernardino terrorists had sex after shooting three dozen people

Celebrated their jihadi attack with backseat sex An anonymous source at the FBI leaked the autopsy results of Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik revealing that the two had sex in the back of their SUV after murdering fourteen … Continue reading

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Another angry black man murders white people – no racism involved

The Good, the Beautiful, and the Ugly; another heinous black on white hate crime is committed and Obama calls for citizens to be disarmed against criminals.  Blaming white people with guns for “workplace violence,” Obama, Clinton, and their ilk condone … Continue reading

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America’s war with Islam – where Bill O’Reilly is wrong

Sharia Law vs. the U.S. Constitution and the 1st Amendment:  Is the pen truly mightier than the sword?  The Left is all for freedom to offend when it comes to denigrating Christians, but all for censorship when Christians push back. … Continue reading

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Good Muslims of the world, turn from the hate of Jihad and seek Jesus!

Abandon the teachings of Mohammad to commit evil on your neighbors and come to know forgiveness and peace through the Christ!  Turn from the teachings of hate, oppression, and slavery of others and learn the teachings of the Prince of … Continue reading

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Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

Killing journalists is what Mohammad did in his time, so why is it a problem for westerners today?  This was not unknown, and claims that it is a “radical few hijacking a religion” is a lie and they know it.  … Continue reading

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