Fascism is Back in America – don’t let the Nazis conquer America

Have you heard it said in TV shows like S.H.I.E.L.D. that fascism is back? They said it could never happen here, yet we are seeing it happen before our very eyes. What is different is that this time they are trying to deceive people by mirroring the righteous projecting their evil on the righteous. It’s as if Hitler learned that to be successful in the 21st century he must pretend to be Martin Luther King while portraying Jesus as a fascist. Only those liberals who are jackasses with blinders on can’t see past their noses what is happening. They think it is Republicans who are the fascists with no more proof than that is what their leftist masters instructed them to believe. The Democratic National-socialist Communist Party of today consists of three parts; Leftist deceitful radical leaders, leftwing criminal thug terrorists, and liberal dumbasses they have duped. This is how Jihads are created by Islam. A few leaders enlist some fanatics to lead morons in violent attacks against the population. It only takes a few to create a revolt.

Currently, there are a few hundred professional riot organizers enlisting a few hundred criminals and inciting several thousand liberal idiots in riots. The riot organizers travel from city to city. These are the people that are the hired guns of the DNC – their Jihadi generals. They must be destroyed to stop them. Their Democrat leaders in government throughout the nation must be brought to justice. Only then will there be peace. There is no justice these criminals deserve besides a bullet in the head. Michael Moore thinks he is being subtle even now in calling for the assassination of President Trump. They have been murdering police and innocent citizens for years now. Democrats have complained about the militarization of the police. What about the militarization of their rioters who now come to their riots with body armor and deadly weapons? How much longer must this go on before the President takes action to crush this insurrection? Hitler only succeeded in Germany because no one in the 1930s took out his fascists because they claimed they were fighting for social justice against government tyranny.

If someone tells you fascism is back in America, who do you think are the fascists? Trump Republicans or Obama Democrats? Do most Americans recognize that the nation is engaged in a civil war and that the fascists are trying to take over? Do most Americans recognize that it is the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party that is engaged in fascist terrorism against citizens? Do the people, at least those who are not brainwashed liberal dupes, realize that the left has been using their propaganda machine to conceal their true nature, but are now out in the open though they still try to claim to be fighting for good? The half of the government run by Democrats is openly encouraging criminals to riot, loot, and burn their cities, cheering those who terrorize the citizenry, instilling bigotry in their base against all white people, and all the while claiming to be the righteous? How easy it is to dupe a liberal.

The two conventions were as different as night and day with the leftist media saying night is day and day is night thinking morons will believe them. Turns out morons do. Nancy Pelosi declared Republicans to be domestic enemies. As is always said, Democrats tell us what they are by what they accuse Republicans of being. It is they that want to replace America with a socialist state. This election will mean nothing if Democrats are not charged with insurrection and brought to justice. Liberal thought is as vacuous as their ideology. They learned science from Monty Python on how to identify a witch. President Trump was right when he asked, “How can Biden be an ally of the light when his own party can’t even keep the lights on?”

Biden is now saying the violence is Trump’s doing. That Trump is pouring gasoline on the fire. These scum sucking Democrats think they can pull the wool over the nation’s eyes that it has not been they who have been fanning the flames. They can fool their liberal dupes all of the time, but the rest of us see their Pinocchio noses breaking through the walls. EVERYTHING, EVERY SINGLE THING of which Democrats accuse Republicans of doing, saying, thinking, or being is what they themselves are. How do these Christian hating Nazis not know they are transparent sociopaths whose pathological lies are not as obscure as they believe? The answer is because deceivers cannot recognize the truth. They believe their own lies. They are psychotics. Just because they can semi-function in society does not make them civilized human beings. They are the negative people that make life harder for everyone else. They are the mirror of truth and backwards thinking fools.

Americans need to rise up against Democrats who are openly waging a civil war against the republic in an attempt to usurp power.  Anyone who is not an easily manipulated witless liberal dupe knows that the fascists in America are not the righteous who are being smeared by leftists. These fascists encourage their fanatics to assault police, then tell them to get on their knees with their hands up so they can create of photo op of police brutality if the officers respond. They spit in people’s faces, commit assault and battery, and if they think they can get away with it, they commit murder. They then use their criminals in government that Democrats stupidly elected to persecute their victims in court. They do the same to citizens who defend themselves. A quick examination of leftism reveals how it works in ginning up hate by extolling the virtues of greed and envy to create hateful bigots. Then they assault the righteous to incite a response that they call unwarranted aggression.

How leftism works


They instill anger by presenting a false premise of the righteous stealing from them or demeaning them in some way such as through racism. For example, Islamists hear rumors of an American burning a Koran, so they murder some innocent person visiting their land. The criminals in the streets who are rioting against law and order want the freedom to rob, rape, and murder without consequence. Democrats are giving them that.


They insult and attack their neighbors, and when those neighbors defend themselves, they are accused of instigating violence. This is how bullies justify their oppression of others. The left always seeks to enslave others and then justifies themselves as being righteous doing what is good because it benefits themselves. Understanding the fine line that separates the vast gulf between righteous morality and self-serving leftism is what makes the difference in people’s mentality.


Leftists conceal their true nature by falsely accusing those they seek to destroy of being what they themselves are in an effort to dupe the unwitting. This is why knowing all the facts from both sides of any argument and being able to weed out lies by understanding the morality of right and wrong, and not just what is good and bad, is necessary. Liberals lack a moral compass along with any moral education to understand how to find the truth.

The Rise of Communist Fascism Among Democrats

Observers are finding that the people rioting in all of these cities are the same people that have been in all the cities. From Minneapolis to Portland to Chicago to Kenosha, there are hundreds of these Nazi thugs that have been whipping up riots. There are a few hundred local criminals who join in along with a few thousand stupid liberals who follow these criminals to terrorize the local populace. Democrat leaders, instead of suppressing them to protect citizens, are encouraging them. They stand alongside them and terrorize their police with threats against their jobs if they do their jobs. These traitors to the people should not face justice at the ballot box. They should be deposed, taken out, and hanged in the public square. Why are police submitting to these leaders of this insurrection rather than dragging them out of office kicking and screaming?

Pelosi, Schumer, and every Democrat in Congress are likewise guilty in this insurrection. Why does President Trump not take action? Is it because of the lying media that would smear him? They need to be lined up alongside their government puppets on the gallows. They want to call Republicans enemies of the state for standing up for American liberty. That is simply an admission that they are the enemies of the state standing against the Constitution. Their façade of lies saying they are for the Constitution must be smeared all over their faces. We already have the proof that they are fascist insurrectionists intent on destroying the Constitution. Democrats are persecuting citizens who defend themselves from the criminals they have unleashed on them. THEY NEED TO HANG; NOT be voted out of office! This is not a campaign tactic. This is TREASON by fascist wolves in patriot’s clothing.

What will President Trump do about this? These people must either face justice or they will just come back again, riot in the streets, burn our cities, murder our citizens, and seize power by duping the stupid among us. This is not politics. THIS IS WAR! They do not have a right to be treated fairly. There is no fair in war. War doesn’t determine who’s right. War determines who’s left. You can either be on the side of righteousness and freedom or on the side of tyranny. History shows that evil people succeed in conquest far more often than good people succeed in beating them off. Part of that is because good people believe they can defeat corruption and crime through reason when it requires the use of force.

Democrats pretending to be MLK when they are Adolf Hitler should not be capable of duping good people with a moral compass. American athletes and academics should not be propagandists. Both are infecting the nation with their thug tactics of bullying and cancel culture to impose their leftist ideology on the rest of us. Athletes who don’t submit and professors who refuse to bow are persecuted. Do you think any of these asshole athletes saying tax the rich would approve of themselves being taxed at 70%? Athletes protesting the flag and the anthem, calling for a “black national anthem,” are the ones dividing this nation in support of America’s historic enemies of communism and fascism.

In another obvious act of their two-faced ideology, Democrats say they need Trump to send federal forces to combat their out of control rioters and at the same time say he is a tyrant for doing so. Despite what anyone says, this election is not close. 75% of the population wants law and order. The people have been betrayed by their Democrat mayors and governors siding with the rioters, claiming they are justified, blaming Trump. Only the extreme leftwing radicals and their liberal whackos want criminals in charge (which is why they vote for Democrats). The election will be thrown into turmoil when Democrats declare that they won days later after they’ve mailed in millions more anonymous ballots.

President Trump must recognize that this is indeed a Civil War and openly fight it lest America be faced with this crisis again. They will keep at it until the masses yield to Democrat terrorism just as has happened in all Moslem controlled territories throughout history. These Democrats must be stripped office and prosecuted as leaders of this insurrection along with their propaganda ministers. The leaders of 1930s Germany made the mistake of treating Hitler with kid gloves. The result was his duping enough people to give Hitler legitimacy to seize power. Democrats now calling for law and order are too little too late. They have failed to pull the wool over our eyes. Even if they stop their riots, they will not stop blaming Trump. We must break the back of fascist communism in America, not just slap at it and hope it goes away. Send their hired thugs to Gitmo and waterboard them until they reveal who the Democrats are that hired them. Then forcibly remove them all from office and try them for treason.

[Author’s Note: Citizens of a free nation like America select a government composed of people that are supposed to protect us. But no one protects from ourselves and the stupid choices we can make. They can try to weed out the deceivers, the criminals, and terrorists. However, if people can be duped to select them to be their protectors then they can be left out in the cold for the predators. In America today there are protectors called Republicans who fund the police to protect the people, and predators called Democrats who defund the police to enlist the aid of criminals in terrorizing the masses. Understanding the history of America, liberty, and fascism is paramount to understanding the Republicans and Democrats in our government.

Make your case in the comments below explaining how you think Trump is Hitler. I guarantee that no liberal can make an intelligent assessment based on anything more than their erroneous conclusions based on false premises. Do you listen to celebrities and believe them because they portray heroes in their profession? Chris Evans and the “Avengers” did an amazing performance of heroes fighting leftist tyranny because they followed the script. It’s a crying shame that most of them are illiterate liberal morons who cannot recognize real fascism in America today. Stan Lee incorporated subtle hints at the truth when he made Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet that destroyed life lefthanded, while Tony Stark’s Infinity Gauntlet that restored life was righthanded.

Liberals are so shallow minded that they can’t see the facts past the ends of their noses. I don’t engage liberal loons in debate because they are brainwashed, ignorant fools spewing hateful stupidity as they were instructed to do by the leftwing media propagandists. I follow the advice of Sam Clemens when dealing with fools who believe themselves wise. Leftism is the opposite truth of the righteous. They are Nazis who say the Christians are the Nazis. Liberals are stupid people. They believe whatever they are told that appeals to their basest nature of greed, envy, and contempt for others. They have the perfect example of 20th socialism in Venezuela and they would rather believe their fantasies than reality. They follow Democrats in anger ginned up from the false premise that the righteous are hateful bigots but that bigoted hatred of them is righteous.

Joe Biden read a Democrat diatribe that is their new chorus blaming Trump for the violence. Now he says rioting is wrong. Now he says cops are good. Now he says he wouldn’t ban fracking. Welcome to Joe’s other face doppelgänger that wants to tell dumbass, dim witted Democrats what they want to hear so they can vote on the fiction they want to believe rather than the reality. Go f*** yourself, Joe. This is what Democrats need to justify their voting with their eyes closed holding their noses. These anti-Americans, pro-Communists, oblivious liberals, and faux Christians will choose to believe the lies. Women say they don’t like Trump’s crude speech about stupid people, violent people, two-faced people. WTF is wrong with their brains? Are they suffering from too much feminine liberalism? Donald Trump is extremely wise in his provoking the left to expose their true nature, and are these women complaining about that? No. Instead they bend over and submit.

President Trump rightly condemned all Democrats supporting these riots. Reporters tried to equivocate Trump supporters shooting paintballs to BLM rioters who have been assaulting them with the same as the rioters who are now killing those defenseless Trump supporters. The left is blaming Trump for their riots just as they blame a supporter for his own murder and then had a party over his body cheering for themselves. They tried to say Kyle Rittenhouse was walking down the street randomly murdering BLM Democrats. But Trump wisely would have none of it. Rittenhouse is being investigated but, by all appearances of the second set of facts after the initial bogus report, Kyle was being attacked by BLM fanatics trying to disarm him and he was defending himself. I will write more on this. This is important. Leftwing judges are persecuting righteous Americans who defend themselves against these thugs. Their purpose is to put them in prison or financially break them. Now Democrats are calling for him to be murdered in detention.

Democrats must be stopped, and Donald Trump is America’s last best hope for a president who will root them out and bring them down. They intend on using mail-in ballot fraud by the millions to overturn swing states and give themselves the majorities in the House and Senate. They will do this by having Democrat operatives sign the names of young people who don’t bother to vote on ballots to cast votes for Democrats for them. Don’t be fooled. Their mail-in voter campaign is designed to allow them to vote anonymously in place of anyone who doesn’t mail back their ballot. No one will know where these ballots are being mailed. All the proofs they had are bogus crap because no one will know who is receiving them and filling them out. We cannot wait to vote them out of office because that will not happen with their massive fraud. THIS IS WAR! They are using violence against us. We must use violence against them and forcibly remove them from office now! STOP DEMOCRATS NOW!]

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Tucker Carlson 8-31-20 min 18:30 Democrat violence and min 23:20 Kyle Rittenhouse

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Greg Gutfeld 8-29

(YouTube edited out Gutfeld’s opening monologue and screwed up the video sound sync of the rest. They have been flooding the zone with bogus links to prevent righteous opinion from being heard. By becoming the arbiters of truth through censorship of the facts as being “in violation of their community standards” the leftwing mass media controllers have become the Joseph Goebbels Ministry of Propaganda in 21st Century America. The only place in mass media that can be relied on to produce the truth of both sides is FOX News. That’s why the left demonizes it with their every breath because they cannot afford to have the masses hear the truth alongside righteous morality.)

Gutfeld’s Opening Monologue on Facebook until it is deleted

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Fox & Friends 8-31 1st hour

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Democrat’s Urban Suicide

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2 Responses to Fascism is Back in America – don’t let the Nazis conquer America

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Projecting is either a symptom of those afflicted with Bipolar/Manic Depression and other types of mental illnesses or part of th he process of Ideological Subversion:

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    • dustyk103 says:

      I think a large element of this condition is the pathological lying sociopaths that form the foundation of leftist ideology. They use any excuse to endorse evil and justify it. They think this election is about Biden being the lesser of two evils when he represents the evil. Donald Trump represents what is good and great about America. He has proven he has a Christian heart and the left absolutely despises him for it. That’s why they slander and smear him 24/7/365 for the past five years.


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