The Coming Democrat Coup

Are you just a stupid liberal dupe who believes whatever Democrats say? Apparently, young, college educated white women are at the top of the list next to black Democrats. After a hundred days of comparing American police to Nazi Gestapo and Stormtroopers, of praising and assisting rioters, defunding and disarming police, and damning citizens standing against their tyranny, Democrats are now trying to say they are for law and order. How stupid do you have to be to now believe that Democrats are good for America? Stop lamenting Democrats not stepping up. They are doing this deliberately. Stop expecting them to feel ashamed. They are proudly undermining the nation.

From the left’s Russian collusion silent coup attempt, climate change fraud, Covid terrorism, BLM communist’s and Antifa Nazi’s riots, mail-in voter fraud, and the Harris/Biden ticket are all Democrat deceptions and distractions from their true goal – to establish themselves as totalitarian dictators abolishing actual elections like all communist states do. If Democrats cannot overthrow President Trump and Republicans through massive voter fraud, then their plan is to stage a military coup to remove him from office before Trump can expose their treacheries of spying on his campaign and sabotaging the nation through their betrayals to the Chicoms. Democrats rely on the security that they cannot be removed from office through legal means to stage their communist revolution either by ballot fraud or the backing of traitorous Democrat generals.

2020 is the year that American’s Constitutional rights to liberty hang by a thread. Americans cannot allow Democrats to take a single election away from them. Democrats cannot be allowed to remain in office for years to come when they have violated the Constitution, taken away police protection from citizens, unleashed criminals and terrorists on the people, and are using massive voter fraud to steal power. They use their corrupt judicial appointments to overrule the righteous while their corrupt lawmakers make laws against citizens to make them subjects and slaves to their domination.

This cannot be permitted to continue. This cannot be allowed through bogus voting. Democrats have corrupted our laws to give criminals rights over citizens and their police protectors. They lie, cheat, steal, and kill those who stand against them. Democrats cast millions of illegal ballots to steal elections and their leftwing judges uphold them by halting investigations. The only way that America will be saved is for a president like Donald Trump to forcibly remove them from office before they forcibly remove him! America needs a coup alright! A revolutionary coup of patriots overthrowing lying Democrat tyrants!

[Author’s Note: How leftists take over a country has been done many times and is obvious for anyone who learns. Democrats would use voter fraud to overturn enough elections to always give themselves majorities. The techniques are easy:

  • Gerrymandering – putting 100% of Republicans in one district and 40% of them in two others, even though Republicans outnumber Democrats 3:2, Democrats would take 2/3rds of districts instead of just one in three giving them control of the House, which is why Democrats object to Republicans undoing their gerrymandering by smearing them as doing their own
  • Adding bogus ballots “discovered” after Election Day that leftist judges allow until they overturn the election as they have been doing for decades in Minnesota
  • Ballot Harvesting by gathering ballots from people who can’t get to polls on their own or don’t vote and casting votes for them, while discarding Republican ballots
  • Eliminating Republican mail-in ballots which they do all the time to the military
  • Importing illegal aliens giving them voting rights which they’re already doing
  • Stacking the judiciary with radical ideologues to stop investigations of voter fraud and permit Democrat ballot box stuffing
  • Putting six more liberal justices on the Supreme Court making conservative objections irrelevant
  • Incorporating more radically Democrat territories like Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico as states giving them four more senators and permanent control of the Senate with likely Supermajorities
  • Or just outright eliminating the filibuster rule that Democrats convinced doofus Republicans to put in place when Democrats were in the minority
  • Disarm the populace to prevent revolt
  • Disband police and put thug terrorists in their place

You want to see America actually become Nazi Germany? You want to see America become Venezuela? Only the galactically stupid who are not America haters that want to unmake this great nation vote alongside the communists, national socialists, and fascists that want to overthrow this nation. Democrat politicians cannot be trusted. They are two-faced satanists practicing the deception and treason of their master. The fact that so many Democrats, and some of their RINO allies, are on the Chicom payroll to betray this nation should be all you need to know to charge these people with treason.

Joe Biden says President Trump is responsible for all Covid deaths in the USA. Joe Biden, who said Trump’s closing travel from was xenophobia. Joe Biden, who says not to trust any vaccine coming from the Trump administration. Joe Biden, who extorted Ukraine like a thug while casting peacemaking Trump as a thieving gangster. Sleepy Joe Biden hidin’ in his basement campaigns wearing a mask with a couple of reporters asking puff questions, while Trump is a dynamo being bushwhacked by Democrat posers with their false premises.

Democrats are notorious for electing stupid people and pathological liars and criminals who deepen Washington corruption. All Democrats politicians are two-faced, lying sociopaths and their voters are either ignorant or hateful. I have no trust or faith in anyone who isn’t just voting Democrat out of ignorance. There’s not a Democrat I’ve known in my life who wasn’t either a criminal lying sociopath or would lie to themselves and believe in their own lies living in their own delusion without realizing it. They are the liberal whackos who believe that humanity is a parasite killing Mother Earth because they don’t understand science, and we must pare down the population to save the planet. They believe the insanity that white males who don’t submit to them are infected with “toxic masculinity” and “white privilege.” Liberals are the uneducated who failed to learn from simple fairy tales like The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Chicken Little.

This is where you find those who profess to be Christian, believe themselves to be pure of spirit, but who condemn others for their sins, join leftist witch hunts, and ally with those who are against God promoting killing babies in the womb and enslaving others. Young liberals are ones who are duped, who have been miseducated and learned to hate America rather than love liberty. The morally rational half of them become educated later in life. These are the ones who become conservative when they grow up. They can’t afford to wait this time. America hangs by a thread. Either learn the truth or recognize that you embrace the immorality of leftism.]

P.S. Ginsburg’s death has launched a massive campaign by both sides to secure the Supreme Court before the election debacle Democrats have in store for the country. McConnell rightly withheld a nomination by Obama after Scalia died unexpectedly (some say by poison). This election cannot be permitted to have the Supreme Court not stand for the Constitution. Amy Coney Barrett would be a superb choice to replace the rabid leftist Ginsburg. No liberal movies portraying people like Ginsburg and FBI’s Comey as heroes makes them so. We wonder if they will accuse Barrett of being a vapid whore as they accused Kavanaugh of running rape gangs. Democrats will keep the nation in thrall keeping businesses and schools closed, and demanding people wear their version of the slave wear hijab, the face mask, to keep them from being free from their oppression ever again. Expect the next two months to be Democrats throwing a deluge of sh*t against the wall hoping something sticks to Trump, McConnell and Republican’s choices for keeping America great.

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