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Liberal Democrat Socialist Groomers

Democrat’s Distractions from their coup: Insurrection trial Racist fools Gender perverts Antifa terrorists Biden incompetence All of these are just distractions from the gravest threat to America’s republic in our history – Democrat’s multimillion ballot fraud to steal absolute power … Continue reading

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Social Justice Warriors – Amerika’s Brown Shirts: Understanding Liberalism

The Year of Fear descends into communism
Thanks to Covid and racial terrorism enabling a Democrat coup to overthrow the government, America has become a communist controlled dictatorship with OBiden obeying his puppet masters to sign orders overriding the Constitution. We are not seeing anything different today than we have seen in the last hundred years of violent socialist overthrows of governments followed by their erosion of liberties. All that is different is that there are oblivious, immoral people in Amerika today who believe they are endorsing righteousness as they support evil despite the lessons of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Red China, and their satellite third world despots. They censor truth and promote their biased, irrational opinions in which they have been indoctrinated to believe as fact and science. Antifa and BLM are Democrat’s new militant arms to replace their outdated KKK and neo-Nazis to terrorize the people. They are just a different façade to conceal their ugly face as Democrats strive to subjugate the people once again. Continue reading

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Communism’s Ugly Fascist Face in Democrat Controlled Amerika

Which of the following statements is racist?

All lives matter
All white people are racist

Liberals get it backwards because their morality and thinking are backwards. Dysfunctional people cannot tell the difference between truth and lies. Continue reading

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President Trump vs. Democrat’s Insurrectionist Coup

If President Trump does not invoke the Insurrection Act and declare Martial Law before Pelosi & Co. can complete their military coup, then America will be lost to the communist fascism of leftist tyranny. Continue reading

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Newest Covid Relief Bill a relief for Democrats

Those restaurants that closed will not remain closed. They will reopen under new management. As Democrats dismantle the southern border wall, the nation will be flooded with communist illegals looking for handouts. They will get them as Democrats gift them these businesses tax free to become the new Democrat slave owners making Americans their slaves. Continue reading

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Will you stand with Trump if he invokes Martial Law to STOP the STEAL?

There has been a rumor that Justice Roberts violently opposed to taking up the Texas case about Democrat’s election rigging because he’s afraid of Democrat riots. The report says he screamed at Thomas and Alito behind closed doors so loudly that he was heard in the hall. Snopes reports this story as false on the basis it was put out by a person they label as a “white supremacist purveyor of misinformation.” Well, they label President Trump the same way Continue reading

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Trump’s Russian Collusion vs. Democrat’s Election Rigging

When Democrats declared that Trump cheated in 2016 with the help of Russia to steal the election, he said “Investigate me!” Biden and Company, on the left hand, are the exact opposite when it comes to their election rigging and ballot fraud. They deny it happened, they obstruct investigations, they persecute witnesses, and they block any attempt at redress in court. Continue reading

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Will Donald Trump Cross the Rubicon?

President Trump is at the Rubicon as Democrat corruption has taken over Washington to the point that they have conducted massive cheating in the election, been covered up by the leftwing media, evidence being silenced by corrupt courts, and his own party standing largely mute. With no recourse left to him, will Donald Trump do the “unthinkable” and declare Martial Law to re-establish a true free and fair election? Continue reading

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Even the Electoral College is Not Trump’s Last Battlefield

But the Founders also recognized that even the EC could be corrupted by multiple state’s leaders teaming up to commit massive ballot fraud to overthrow and flip the election in their states against the will of their citizens. This is the case that has happened with Democrats using bogus anonymous mail-in ballots counted after Election Day to flip the election in six states. Continue reading

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Martial Law or the Death of Liberty

Americans must confront Democrat’s use of force with greater force. Make no mistake, cheating on the election by rigging ballots is the use of force. It is no different than their fascist commie thugs terrorizing patriots in the streets. It is no different than a military coup, which will be their last step. Like the deceivers they are Democrats will declare they are fighting for the Constitution even as they use force to destroy it. While the president has a constitutional right to declare Martial Law, Congress does not! Continue reading

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