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Bill Maher needs cool-aid mouthwash to mask the taste of fecal matter

Comedian Maher mocks TEA Party conservatives with a diaper that has the Constitution printed on the front for those “long stand-offs.”  Maher needs a good swill of cool-aid to try to wash the taste of the shit that comes out … Continue reading

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Democrat states crying over flood of illegal immigrant children spilling on them

Democrats are calling the flood of illegal immigrant children across the southern border “a humanitarian crisis we must resolve” by giving them homes in America.  Liberal states are screaming at the financial burden being put on them and demand Obama … Continue reading

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All Jihadis need is to be blown to Allah!

Islamic Jihadis have murdered thousands in western Iraq along with tens of thousands in Libya, Egypt, and Syria where they are striving to overthrow secular governments to re-establish the Caliphate.  Non-Moslems in these countries are being specifically targeted and fleeing … Continue reading

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Making the IRS a terrorist organization

Obama’s attorney general, who has previously declared he will not uphold certain laws as well as committed atrocities in Operation Fast & Furious, says he will “investigate” the IRS, but no one is holding their breath. If Koskinen is not … Continue reading

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You can keep your healthcare, the IRS is honest, and other phony scandals

From the Bully Pulpit, Obama mocks those who say his regime is corrupt to the core as typical Washington phony scandal makers.  80% of people do not believe the IRS could have lost emails “accidentally,” but are covering up wrongdoing. … Continue reading

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The World according to Barack

In Barry’s World, the American economy is growing in prosperity, the U.S. becoming more loved and respected in the world, and Republicans are making up phony scandals.  In Realville, Mayor Limbaugh pulls back the curtain to reveal Obamaville and America’s … Continue reading

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GOP leaders are betraying the Republican base

GOP moderates are torpedoing conservatives and then demanding conservatives support them in the election.  Gov. Romney lost the presidency in 2012 because six million conservatives stayed home after Boehner took action against them in the Republican Convention. Mississippi’s Republican primary … Continue reading

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Excommunicating Democrats who are not corrupt, just evil

Cardinal Burke of the Vatican Court has declared that Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.) should be denied Communion for her support of abortion. Barack Obama says there is not a smidgeon of corruption in his administration or anywhere in the Democrat Party.  … Continue reading

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Lawlessness in the Obama Regime and corruption in the GOP

IRS Commissioner Koskinen exemplifies the contempt that Obama and his regime have for the Constitution and America as he sh*ts on the investigating committee and Democrats rush down to lick his *ss. Evil is not corrupt in and of itself.  … Continue reading

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On Hannity righteous wrath meets Islamic hate – Radical Muslims on the March

[Just like Nazis and Communists, Islamists murder people by the hundreds who are not one of them.  Over the centuries the death toll of Islam has rivaled socialist dictators.  Both ideologies are totalitarian with one being despotic dictators and the … Continue reading

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