Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

America's Political Divisions

From Left to Right, the new Independents are not in the middle but on opposite sides with the Occupy Wall Street crowd wanting to impose socialism, while the TEA Party wants to re-establish the Constitution.

There are two opposite and competing philosophies of America and the policies that will lead to a better future.  The Right believes in capitalism and the Left believes in socialism.  One is the root cause of the world’s problems and the other is the solution, but there is confusion over which is which.  American youth are being taught that the values that made America great are gone without realizing they are the ones who are voting them away.

Barack Obama’s – You didn’t build that: “Everyone must play by the same rules and pay their fair share.”


Marco Rubio’s – Living the American Dream: “Government doesn’t have to be the enemy, but too much government has produced a new kind of inequality in America: opportunity inequality.”

While Obama says one thing, he always does the opposite.  He passes ObamaCare so all everyone must have health insurance and every business must pay taxes for it, and then gives exemptions to those who “donate” to the Democrat Party.  Obama’s ideology is that those who have succeeded did so by stealing from the poor to accumulate vast wealth that they hoard and use to empower themselves.  He believes it is his job as president to take from them and give to those that follow behind them, to redistribute wealth to his “oppressed” constituents.


Rubio’s ideology is that those who want to live the American Dream must dedicate themselves to working for a better education and working for their own prosperity.  He believes his job as president is to stop corruption that takes wealth and opportunity away from people keeping them in poverty.  Government’s job is not to subsidize businesses they want to succeed and make regulations to deter those who do not benefit his political party.

Detroit - Hiroshima Republicans

(Liberal propagandists have actually taken this picture and given credit to socialism for Hiroshima and blamed Detroit on Republicans who haven’t held the mayor’s office or controlled the city council in over fifty years.)

Cause and effect

Like anyone, liberals can recognize that America is in trouble, that her culture and economy are deteriorating, and that the opportunity to live the American Dream is disappearing.  Rather than seeing that it is the policies of the political system they are supporting, they are blaming the foundational principles of America and asking for change.  What they don’t understand is that the ill-conceived policies they are being taught are the solution to “unfair income inequality” are actually the cause of those problems.  And, on the advice of those inflicting those policies on them, they are not educating themselves.


The Minimum Wage fantasy

Liberals talk about minimum wage as if it is a career choice and not a salary for people with no skills.  They talk about how it should be increased to cover inflation and be “a living wage.”  This is such a deep ignorance of how the world works that it borders on the insane.

Making conservatives and liberals angry

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

In it together – why less inequality benefits all

Just like their solution to global warming, the liberal solution to the economic malaise in America being caused by massive taxation is income redistribution.  (Except that when they say they want to redistribute from the rich to the poor, they are actually redistributing from the Middle Class to the rich through Quantitative Easing of Wall Street at the rate of $1T/year.)  Socialism that the Left wants is not progressive, but recessive going back to the tyranny of the elite over the masses.

America’s ignorant youth are being taught to judge Republican policies according to Democrat propaganda rather than through their actual policies and the actual results they fostered.  Unshackled liberalism has set America back;

  • Economically – 40 years
  • Race relations – 60 years
  • World security – 80 years

America’s ignorant youth believe it is Republicans who are perpetrating this debacle because they believe what they are being told by Democrats instead of examining what Democrats are actually doing.  They judge on the basis that liberal media tells them they speak the truth but that FOX News lies without investigating for themselves to discover that is a lie and the opposite is true.  Democrats want to lower the voting age so that America’s most ignorant youth can exercise voting rights because they are so easily duped.

Warning – do not judge others on what you do not know:

“We have gone wrong by questioning intent and not judgement.  The Left likes to think the Right is evil. The Right likes to think the Left is wrong.  But that is because we (the Right) question judgement, the Left judges intent”. – Greg Gutfeld

Obama’s Legacy is a legacy of driving American into decline while elevating her enemies to threaten their neighbors and corrupt the United States.

Obama's inheritance

(This is from 2012.  Now we have wars all over the Middle East, gas prices that came down below $2 a gallon Obama is working to drive back up, the Debt exceeds $18T and climbing fast, unemployment actually remains above 13% except the 99 weeks of unemployment are up, and the budget still contains hundreds of billions of dollars going to Wall Street at the expense of the Middle Class taxpayers whose income has gone down.)

Domestic failures

  • Taxes – Obama says he reduced taxes
    • Taxes have increased bringing record revenues despite economy
  • Economy – Obama says the economy is going gangbusters
    • Employment has deteriorated to 1970s employment levels
  • Socially – Obama campaigned that marriage was between a man and woman
    • Promotes gay marriage
  • Socially – Obama says he is for law and order
    • Denigrates police in favor of violent rioters and criminals
  • Borders – Obama says he is for immigration
    • Wants to grant illegal aliens amnesty
  • Borders – Obama promotes positive immigration
    • Is immigrating Moslems in record numbers despite war with Islam

Foreign policy failures

  • Says he wants to bring peace to world
    • Unleashed Muslim Brotherhood on Middle East secular leaders
  • Says he brought peace and stability to Iraq
    • Removed American forces from Iraq to allow ISIS expansion
  • Says America need not conduct foreign wars
    • Drastically reduced America’s military, especially the Navy
  • Says he will protect allies
    • Enabled Russian and Chinese aggression against their neighbors

Liberal Democrats who smear the TEA Party, those who are the only Americans who can and want to restore the American Dream and the glory that is the American Constitution, deserve no consideration from anyone who loves America.  Moderate Republicans who join with them, who say they will work with them, who would institute the same policies as liberal Democrats deserve no consideration from conservatives.  The only way America will improve is through conservative leadership that puts America and Americans first, that restores the Constitution, and that undoes every crony capitalism and socialist taxation policy of liberals and moderates.  That will only happen if liberalism is defeated, if socialism is crushed, and if moderates like Boehner, who would make deals with those who would subjugate this great nation, are kicked to the curb.

5 mistakes that will lead to the fall of America

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