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Social Justice Warriors – Amerika’s Brown Shirts: Understanding Liberalism

The Year of Fear descends into communism
Thanks to Covid and racial terrorism enabling a Democrat coup to overthrow the government, America has become a communist controlled dictatorship with OBiden obeying his puppet masters to sign orders overriding the Constitution. We are not seeing anything different today than we have seen in the last hundred years of violent socialist overthrows of governments followed by their erosion of liberties. All that is different is that there are oblivious, immoral people in Amerika today who believe they are endorsing righteousness as they support evil despite the lessons of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Red China, and their satellite third world despots. They censor truth and promote their biased, irrational opinions in which they have been indoctrinated to believe as fact and science. Antifa and BLM are Democrat’s new militant arms to replace their outdated KKK and neo-Nazis to terrorize the people. They are just a different façade to conceal their ugly face as Democrats strive to subjugate the people once again. Continue reading

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Communist Democrats Establish One-Party Fascist Rule Via Mail-in Ballot Fraud as Law of the Land

Our Founders warned us. Eisenhower warned us. Reagan warned us. And Rush warned us. President Trump failed us when he stepped down without enacting the Insurrection Act to stop the Democrat coup. No election in the future will matter. They will just be for show as all communist elections are to keep fascists in power and give false hope for those foolish enough to stand against them. Continue reading

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Democrat’s Communist Fascism crushing of America has begun

The purges have already begun. Re-education is not far behind. Democrats are following the Chicom model of ruling. Have you noticed that we have been cut off from antibiotics? China produces all of them and have choked us off, so they are reserved for the elites only and those they favor. That’s why Covid has become so deadly. When you stop treating flu infections with antibiotics, people die. Continue reading

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Predicting the Future – What will happen January 20th, 2021

Criminals have always gravitated to the Democrat Party with their totalitarian ideology of elites ruling over the masses as masters rule over their slaves. Their smoke screen façade of being for the working man has been blown away to expose them for what they are, yet stupid people continue to believe in them. Continue reading

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President Trump vs. Democrat’s Insurrectionist Coup

If President Trump does not invoke the Insurrection Act and declare Martial Law before Pelosi & Co. can complete their military coup, then America will be lost to the communist fascism of leftist tyranny. Continue reading

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Martial Law or the Death of Liberty

Americans must confront Democrat’s use of force with greater force. Make no mistake, cheating on the election by rigging ballots is the use of force. It is no different than their fascist commie thugs terrorizing patriots in the streets. It is no different than a military coup, which will be their last step. Like the deceivers they are Democrats will declare they are fighting for the Constitution even as they use force to destroy it. While the president has a constitutional right to declare Martial Law, Congress does not! Continue reading

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This War for the Presidency does not end when Electors vote

The establishment wants Trump out of their sandbox so they can rule over the country again and take wealth for themselves. They will do it using Covid slave masks like California where their tyranny shuts down Republican restaurant owner’s outdoor dining while a movie studio sets up outdoor catering right next to it because they pay Democrats. This is how leftist gangster tyranny rules. It’s just like “tolerant” Islamists allowing Christians to worship in the countries Moslems control if they pay the Jizya, the double taxes, for the “privilege.” They take our money and use it to kill us and enslave us. Continue reading

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The 2020 Great Covid Election Scam

Donald Trump is the first and ONLY Republican willing to take on the Democrat election tampering machine head on! He is the ONLY Republican with the strength of character, courage, and determination to take a stand against the ultimate corruption of leftism. He has smacked down the Democrat propaganda machine repeatedly. Pray he does the same here or America will be lost. Continue reading

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Democrats Give “Going Postal” a Whole New Meaning with Voting

Democrats say, “Every vote must be counted,” as if every vote is legitimate when everyone knows for a fact that is false. Republicans constantly accuse Democrats of massive voter fraud, but no one ever conducts investigations. We know for a … Continue reading

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$5 Trillion to Save 2 Million Lives

The five trillion-dollar question is: Was this shutdown necessary and successful? Only in America could the president do what Donald Trump has done to save the lives of two million Americans and be smeared for it. Do Democrats credit President … Continue reading

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