Uneducated Indoctrinated Liberals are the Barbarians at the Gate

You’ve heard the term that civilization only exists until the barbarians at the gate burst in and burn it down? The barbarians to which ancient Rome referred were those invaders from the uncivilized Germanic tribes from the north, the desert tribes of the east, and the heathen tribes of the south. Rome was beset by enemies from all around while they tried to cultivate the first republic of peace and prosperity. It only fell due to internal corruption and decay. In the world of today do you realize how backwards and stifled countries are that are controlled by leftist ideology? Communism, fascism, Islamism have all made their countries third world where the elites are ultra-rich, and the masses are all equal in their misery. They are all totalitarian. They are all brutal. And they are all backwards in their education and morality.

Today in America, it is liberals who are the barbarians at the gate. They have been uneducated or miseducated by leftist indoctrination to believe that the great Christian republic of America is the evil in the world rather than the good. They are taught that America is a slave nation, that capitalism is founded on greed, and that greedy, rich, white men oppress so-called minorities through tyranny and systemic racism – racism built into the system. Their new university study of Critical Race Theory is founded on this fallacy. America has enemies without in the form of leftist communism and fascism that have been striving to tear it down for a century now. These hateful ideologues have infected the minds of ignorant liberals to believe in a morality that is backwards. Now they are teaching our children to be the barbarians at the gate fighting to burn down civilization and set up their encampment on the ashes of truth.

Even the NYT declared Biden’s “booming economy” remarks in the first presidential debate to be all lies. This is surprising as most leftwing media had “Trump’s lies,” which are all denials of liberal lies, all catalogued before the debate began. With their credibility in the toilet with their readership, perhaps the NYT is trying to salvage something with this one admission that is supremely obvious to anyone with half a brain.

“The economy was not ‘booming’ in the final year of Mr. Biden’s time as VP, and Mr. Trump did not ‘cause’ the pandemic recession.” – NYT Debate Fact Check

At the first presidential debate, moderator Chris Wallace demanded of President Trump that he again denounce white supremacists. The presumption that Trump has ever endorsed white supremacy is a false assumption based on the lies of the leftwing media that Trump called neo-Nazis in Charlottesville “very fine people.” This is compounded by the lie that teaches Nazism and fascism are rightwing ideologies rather than leftwing. All of this is further intensified by the leftwing media’s incessant, relentless, unceasing, hourly rants against Donald Trump 24/7/365. From the Russian collusion hoax to their climate change scam, the leftwing media miseducates the ignorant. They pound their psyches until they are so thoroughly brainwashed by the endlessly repetitive big lies the left designed to warp their thinking that they can’t think rationally. The beginning of wisdom is realizing that nothing Democrats say is true, right, or moral.

Take Charlottesville. When President Trump was speaking of fine people protesting in that city he was talking about the peaceful protesters of both sides. Democrats were demanding the statues they themselves erected of Confederate heroes be torn down while Southerners were objecting to their history being disparaged. The radical, racist hate groups of BLM communists and neo-Nazis of the KKK, both of which are Democrat groups created to hate white people and free black people, are both products of the DNC. The KKK was created by Democrats to terrorize freed slaves. The neo-Nazis were created by them to subdue free Americans and burn down capitalism. BLM was created to promote anti-white racism and communism.

At no time did President Donald Trump say anything good about these people. After the leftwing media slandered his speech and twisted his words, he unequivocally denounced white supremacy the next day! Since then it has become a “have you stopped beating your wife” meme in the leftwing media. For Chris Wallace to demand he do so again is just more of the same. Despite Trump doing so, leftwing media continues to say he did not! At the same time, Trump said Wallace should ask Joe Biden if he would denounce Antifa, the fascist Nazis who riot in the streets, attack peaceful Trump supporters, and burn businesses. Biden’s response was that they don’t exist. That they are a figment, an idea, or rightwing Republican Nazi racist pretenders.

Antifa, BLM, the KKK, and neo-Nazis are all cut from the same cloth. They are all products of Democrat radical agitators creating hate and strife throughout the country. They all attack and murder Republicans. Wallace demanded that Trump renounce some obscure group called Proud Boys. On researching them, this author found they are a group of a few hundred men who go out to protests and engage Antifa is street fights. Antifa, that Biden says doesn’t exist and won’t denounce, goes to protests armed with bats, bricks, helmets, and shields to attack peaceful Trump supporters. Proud Boys is a group that was organized to fight them armed with similar weapons. That they are labelled “far-right radical white supremacist neo-Nazis” by leftwing media is not because they are on the rightwing, white supremacist, or Nazis. It is because that is what the left believes they are fighting so they paint them as such just as they paint all Republicans as racist Nazis. This two-faced smear is obvious to those who know it was Republicans who freed the slaves and enacted civil rights legislation. The founder of Proud Boys is a black man and their group is composed of some 10%-20% minorities.

This is how effective the Big Lie Leftwing Media has been in warping people’s minds. Those who are ignorant of history are taught these lies and believe them because they are deluged with them hourly in the media. Liberals have been indoctrinated by communist professors to believe that socialism, the ideology of communists, fascists, National-socialists, and Islamists, is the righteous philosophy of shared community peace and prosperity. History proves this lie in the lives of the people of these totalitarian dictatorships that socialists always create. From Communist Russia to Nazi Germany to Fascist Italy to Imperial Japan to Red China to the countries of Latinos to the south in America like Cuba, Guatemala, and Venezuela, to African countries dominated by Islamo-nazis committing genocide, all leftist ideologies are responsible for the evils of the world. Only those who are entirely ignorant of history or morality believe otherwise.

Ask any leftist to which party did Lincoln belong and which party created the KKK? Their answers are backwards. Ask them if the Russians and Germans were always enemies in WWII? They were allied at the beginning of the war to start it. They believe Democrats fight for a free and prosperous American, that they fight for the people against “greedy corporations,” when they are the ones who have always fought for the elites to rule over the masses. From the beginning of the USA, they are the ones who demanded slavery be part of American culture while the Founders wanted it abolished. Now those people want the Founders torn down.

Today is the result of making that deal with the Devil for southern Democrats to join in the Revolution to cast off the yoke of the King of England. Republicans created the greatest free nation in the history of the world. Their capitalist ideals produced the first Middle Class in history. Now Democrats would undo all of this by burning it all down and remaking America in their image as a totalitarian dictatorship under one party rule. America is engaged in her second Civil War and, unless the people wake up to this fact, the left will succeed in corrupting the system until it collapses enabling them to seize absolute power.

[Author’s Note: In a letter to Rush Limbaugh I said,

“I am livid with Chris Wallace! His saying he wanted to be “invisible” during the debate was a crock! Reviewing the debate, we find that it was Biden and Wallace who began the interruptions. The left’s faux outrage of those “offended at Trump’s incivility” are the same uncivilized cretins that smear him incessantly. I just saw a replay from Chris Wallace’s 2016 debate in which he asked Trump to disavow white supremacists which he unequivocally did! WHY DID WALLACE ASK HIM AGAIN THIS YEAR?!? It was a false allegation then. It is a false allegation now. But the leftwing big lie smear merchants still cast it as established fact just like Russian collusion and global warming. President Trump needs to tell these commie scum to shove it up their collective asses and continue to denounce them to their faces as he has been again and again! They ARE FAKE NEWS! I don’t care if Wallace works at FOX News. For him to perpetuate this lie proves he is one of them! He is a leftist operating within the right. That makes him a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A false prophet. A backstabbing cutthroat pretending to be friendly. Wallace is not to be trusted and I hope you tell him I said so!!!!”

Democrats claiming Biden won the debate then wanting the next ones cancelled, or to mute Trump so he can’t speak, are as two-faced as everything they assert. If Biden won, why don’t they want the people to hear more of Trump to damn him instead of less? The truth is that Trump smoked him! On “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” she had Lisa Booth debating Richard Goodstein the leftwing propagandist. Goodstein said of the 2016 election:

“Every Trump voter was not a racist, but every racist was a Trump voter.”

This may sound better than leftist’s usual condemnations of all Republicans as racists, but it’s equally false. Democrats have far more racists in their ranks than Republicans ever have. Black supremacy is as equally evil and racist as white supremacy. That Democrats have been painting Republicans as racists is motivated by only one thing – their greed for power to acquire wealth through stealing it from those who work for it.

I am reminded of the words from the movie, “Avatar,” that the way you take something you want from other people is by making them the enemy. In doing so you justify your crimes. Democrats have done this by infecting their voters with the sickness of greed and the sin of envy smearing Republicans as ignorant, hateful, Nazi racists. They use propaganda to indoctrinate the ignorant children of America and the uneducated masses of immature adults to believe this through their academics, media, entertainment, and celebrities. Thus, they justify their atrocities against them and call themselves righteous. They see the world backwards and believe not in right and left being leftism as wrong, but that the left is right, and the right is wrong. This is the ideology of Marxism, Muhammadism, and socialist totalitarianism.

Blacks in America have been oppressed from the beginning as Europeans came to dominate the world. This has nothing to do with “systemic racism” because all races and all cultures engaged in slavery. None are exempt! Africans and Native Americans had slaves! When the first man in America, a free black plantation owner in Louisiana, imported black slaves from Africa, (possibly because white people wouldn’t work for him), he created a system in the South that other plantation owners followed. After Republicans freed the slaves, they dominated American politics with the black vote. But southern Democrats would have none of it and didn’t allow blacks to vote. After Republicans forced a Constitutional Amendment to require it, Democrats committed the greatest atrocities against America. Because Teddy Roosevelt split the Republican ticket in 1912 fighting the corruption of his former VP, whom he hadn’t realized was wicked, Democrats took charge. Wilson created the federal bank that the Founders had warned against.

When the Stock Market crashed in ’29, Democrats exacerbated the crash using the Fed, raised taxes to astronomical levels, and kept the economy in depression for a decade. It was so bad that when FDR, who didn’t share his uncle’s Republican ideals, but joined with the Democrats to promote socialism, created the Raw New Deal. This seduced the great grandchildren of their former slaves to return to the Democrat Plantation as welfare voter slaves. Since then, the black family has dissolved while Democrats have smeared Republicans and rigged elections in their own favor. Presidents Eisenhower and Reagan, Speaker Gingrich, and President Trump represent American’s efforts to restore liberty to the nation. The Democrat’s demonization of Trump and corruption of our culture may be so deep that there is no longer a chance for Americanism to swim up from the depths back into the light. The Green New Deal is their means by which to enslave all Americans under the façade of “saving the planet.” Only by leading the overthrow of their Democrat masters can the people be educated and prosper once again.]

P.S. As I was writing this, the first report came out that President Trump and 1st Lady Melania both tested positive for Covid. I know we are all praying they have mild to no symptoms just as I know leftists are praying to their god(s) that they and all around them die horribly. We know, from the actions of Democrats, that there are those of them who are so radical and hateful that they will try to spread any contagion they have to others so that others suffer as they do. Such demonic animosity is often met by Karma. I predicted months ago that Biden may just “contract Covid and die” before the election because Democrats regret having a demented old white man that even his running mate called a racist old fool at the top of their ticket. Time will tell what will happen to America in this civil war.]

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2 Responses to Uneducated Indoctrinated Liberals are the Barbarians at the Gate

  1. Roy says:

    FOX news no longer cares about the majority audience of Conservatives who made that station most popular. They feature the likes Maria Harf, Donna Brazile, John Roberts, Chris Wallace who don’t get pushback when they spew falsehoods. Biden refuses to answer questions and Wallace just lets him ride – but not president Trump. FOX has become MSM with a few exceptions. I can’t even accept their weekly poll numbers anymore. SAD


  2. dustyk103 says:

    I still hear their prime time crew slam Democrats every bit as hard as Rush and even more so than The Donald. They have those liberals on there mainly to contrast right thinking with their wrong thinking. But you are right. Most of the time those debating them fail to point out their wrong-headed thinking and shove their false assumptions down their throats as they should. The only time I hear a conservative slam a liberal is sometimes on The Five when I can stomach it as Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld bury Juan Williams in his liberal BS.


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