America slaps Islamists in the Face

On 9-11-01, 19 Islamic Jihadis Mass Murdered 3000 Innocent Americans.

Speaking of 9/11, Minnesota Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar, Obama’s sister Muslim, an illegal immigrant from Somalia who came to the U.S. by marrying her brother, said,

“CAIR was founded after 9/11, because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

Omar said this in a video shared on social media while lamenting the “second-class” treatment of Muslim Americans.  She said often “when Islam is mentioned” in America, people are “only talking about terrorists.” 

At the 9/11 Memorial Service Wednesday, survivor Nicholas Haros, Jr. spoke the names of those murdered, including his mother who was in the South Tower, and addressed Omar’s Moslem beliefs saying,

“‘Some people did something?’  Today I am here to respond to you exactly who did what to whom.  Madam, objectively speaking, we know who and what was done.  There is no uncertainty about that.  Why your confusion?  On that day, 19 Islamic terrorists, members of Al Qaeda, killed over 3,000 people and caused billions of dollars of economic damage.  Is that clear?”

Nicholas Haros, Jr. slaps Ilhan Omar Moslem Advocate

The 18th Anniversary of “Some People Did Something”

Omar tweeted out a response claiming unity with 9/11 victims.  How admirable.  How laughable.  It is the nature of leftists to lie by blaming their victims and then wrapping themselves in a cloak of righteousness feigning sympathy.  Oh, and then they offer that your suffering can be alleviated if only you submit to their rule.

Democrats have been obscuring the facts and masking the Jihad ever since to give cover to their fellow socialists.  The New York Times made a post saying 9/11 was the day “airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center.”  As if planes, like guns, are the perpetrators and not the people who wield them.  The mass murder committed by Islamist fundamentalists was not the first nor the last.  Thousands of Americans have been murdered by Islamists and the government, i.e. Democrats and RINOs, have been concealing that truth.  This cannot be allowed to continue.

Jihadis have made hundreds of attacks in America since 9/11 such as slaughtering and gays in a nightclub and running down people in the streets.  Many are operating in stealth committing random murders of innocent Americans in retaliation for America making war on Islamic nations that support their terrorists.  Only a few have been caught like Ali Muhammad Brown that the media is hiding from the public.  His cohorts are still at large and who knows how many more murders they’ve committed?  What about all these deaths from drugs laced with fentanyl and vaping?  This can’t all be accidental.  The media concentrates only on mass murders in America that have all been committed by leftist lunatics and terrorists, and Democrats always blame Republicans.

Islam spreading like a cancer

Since 9/11, thousands of mosques have been built in America.  Islamists fought for years to put a mosque in the Freedom Tower, and when that failed tried to purchase a plot of land that had been a building that had wreckage from the airliners wreck it.  This is a common practice of Islamists to build their temples on the graves of those they murdered.  They burned down Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and the French government wants to rebuild it with a minaret?  It is been repeated thousands of times throughout history.  America allowing Islam to infiltrate this free nation is as foolish as allowing the diabolical socialist ideology that Democrats have adopted to be spread in our schools.

Islam is the most far leftist ideology like no other going far beyond the socialist fascism of the Nazis and Communists, Imperialists and despots.  Their fanatical cult of Muhammadism is based on his life.  Their holy books, the Koran and the Hadith, records of the life of their Prophet Muhammad whom they call the “Perfect Man,” instructs them how to live under Sharia law that is taken from how Muhammad lived his life.  They are commanded to put the world under the boot of Islam, to oppress those who are not Muslim, and to kill those who will not submit to their law.

Since that time their armies have terrorized and conquered vast regions.  Islam has never once spread peacefully and has never been a “religion of tolerance.”  Every culture that has come under their rule has done so through violent insurrection, invasion, enslavement, and oppression.  According to the teachings of Muhammad, when they are strong, they invade, when they are weak, they infiltrate and subvert until they become strong enough to rebel.  They instigate violence to terrorize the people then claim to be the victim when their victims fight back.

This has been the modus operandi of leftists throughout time that was perfected by Muhammad as was his brainwashing techniques.  By ruse he convinced his first followers to pray all together the same prayer using the same words five times a day.  He told his followers that Allah commanded they pray five thousand times a day at which they all blanched crying they would die of starvation.  The Muslim Call to Prayer is a ten-minute ritual.  It is not possible to do it more than 144 times in a day.  But since when could socialist liberals ever do math?  (Yes, they had them even then.) 😊 So, he told them he convinced Allah to reduce that to five times a day.  Repeating the same thing in unison five times a day is more than enough to brainwash anyone.

Doesn’t sound like brainwashing to you?  Psychologists have told me I’m a sex addict and I don’t jack off five times a day.  What does that say about Moslems having group rituals five times a day doing the same thing, saying the same words, and living the same lives?  Liberals have been brainwashed for years until they believe Russian collusion and climate Armageddon are facts rather than fictions.  Moslems are not permitted to be free thinkers or act individually.  All must live according to Sharia law or be punished, and if you knew all that that entails, you would recoil in horror at the teachings of Muhammad according to how he lived his life.  The ignorance of the West of the life and legacy of Muhammad is as critically defective as their knowledge of the history of America.  This is intentional by leftists who use their ignorance to dupe them.

American Civil Liberties

American civil liberties is to defend the people against government oppression of free speech.  People are free to express whatever ideals they wish so long as they do not advocate for killing or terrorizing people.  Islamists have civil liberties in the USA, but they have no right to them.  Their purpose in coming to America is not to become Americans.  They have no intention of assimilating.  Their purpose is to colonize America the same way they colonized Indonesia.  They infiltrate, commit acts of terror, blame their victims, and conceal themselves in their façade of victimhood.

This is how Democrats have been portraying themselves for the last century.  They claim that Republicans are the racists even after Democrats waged a terror war against blacks for a century after Republicans took their slaves away.  Islamist jihadis and democratic socialists have no place in America or anywhere else in the free world.  They promote insurrection and sedition.  They corrupt and terrorize the people.  Nothing they offer is for the benefit of the masses, only to dupe the masses into serving them as the ruling elites.  The anti-God forces of socialist atheism gladly join forces with the anti-Christian forces of the Islamist Jihad to fool, corrupt, and overthrow the Christian free nations of the world.

Democrats were never united with Americans after 9-11.  They immediately smeared President Bush as an incompetent boob.  They advocated for Islam saying these jihadis who mass murdered Americans were not representative of their “religion of peace.”  Leftists began a misinformation campaign of conspiracy theories that the Bush administration and Israelis had orchestrated the attacks, deliberately demolished the buildings, sent a missile into the Pentagon, and blamed innocent Muslims.  And they condemned Bush’s wars on the home of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, and the invasion of Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein who had sent a hit team to try to assassinate President Bush senior. Obama and his ilk later apologized to the Moslem world for America making an apology tour in the Middle East in which he bowed to their rulers saying America was to blame for inciting Islam to “defend itself.”

The ignorance, naïveté, and gullibility of liberals to believe this was America’s fault is typical of leftists blaming the victim for the atrocity of their attackers.  It is no different than their believing that Republicans are the KKK.  Their backwards thinking and irrational logic are why America is falling into darkness.  They follow Democrats down the road to hell and wonder why their cities are becoming third world toilets plagued by gang violence.  They say pointing this out is racist.  Unless Americans wake up to the lies of Democrats, America will finish committing the suicide that it began with the election of a Moslem communist as president.

The collapse of law enforcement will usher in the end of America

Palestinians dancing in the streets after the 9/11 attack

Islamist mosques and terror training camps in the U.S.

Bill Warner: The Jihad vs. The Crusades

[Author’s Note: Minnesota, the state the elected Moslems Keith Ellison, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar, has become a black hole of Democrat corruption.  They were the only state to vote Democrat even during the presidency of Ronaldus Magnus.  In 2018, Democrats created a voter fraud machine that has overturned longtime Republican districts in states they control like California, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York.  This cannot be allowed to continue lest they seize power and finish their fundamental transformation of America as Obama promised into their socialist toilet replacing Judeo-Christian law with Islamic Sharia law.  The campaign is very simple.  When a Democrat says they are for America and want to be president for all Americans, they are lying through their teeth.  No matter what, they are still filthy lying Democrats.]

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