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This has been expressed by terms like Trump Derangement Syndrome in which liberals do all they can to smear and sabotage President Trump only to have their lies blow up in their faces.  The same has been said of Sarah … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance – the master mentality of liberalism

Hillary says Trump is a sexist pig but Harvey Weinstein is a noble man who loves women.  These are the lies of leftist extremism.  There is no difference between lust and rape to a liberal.  Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood expressions … Continue reading

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Islamophobia and Christodi (Irrational fear of Islam and hatred of Christ)

Show me an Islamophobe and I’ll show you a loony leftist who hates Jesus. What is Islamophobia?  The word itself means an irrational fear of Islam.  How the Left defines and applies this word is backwards from that to which … Continue reading

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Kaepernick is the poster boy of dysfunctional liberal Democrat thinking

Leftwingnut propaganda claims another fool who buys into the Obama meme that America is a racist nation. What better place besides Hollywood for liberals to make displays of the utter contempt they have for country and the people that have … Continue reading

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