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Democrats Trying to Shame Republicans are a Disgrace

As President Trump meets in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin, Democrats try to derail his summit claiming he can’t meet with him because they stole the election.  Citing as their “proof” that Deputy AG Rosenstein indicted some Russians for election meddling, combined … Continue reading

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Not the South, but the Confederacy Rises Again!

Liberals foolishly believe that good ol’ redneck racists joined the party of Lincoln.  Just because northern Republicans moved south in the 80s to escape socialist unions making southern states majority Republican doesn’t mean racist rednecks changed allegiance from Democrats.  After … Continue reading

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Democrats are the Party of Hate Poisoning America

“Their party has no message, no leadership, and no solutions.” – Sarah Sanders Democrat’s only message is to hate America and Republicans.  Their only leaders all spew bile and poison encouraging their followers to violence against Republicans.  Their only solution … Continue reading

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Democrat’s Violent Resistance Fringe is Their Mainstream

A leftist Democrat neo-Nazi KKK ran over a leftist Democrat BLM marcher in Charlottesville and it’s Trump’s fault.  Liberals cursed him for saying Democrats and Republicans have good people rightfully protesting each other.  They twisted his words to claim he … Continue reading

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Democrats calling for riots and assassinations say Trump is “uncivil”

Washington Democrats are telling their fanatics to terrorize Republicans.  They say they are not telling their followers to commit acts of violence.  Bullsh*t!  Getting in someone’s face shouting at them IS violence!  Going to someone’s home to terrorize their children … Continue reading

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Democrat’s Immigration Hell

Shouting profanities and epithets at Republicans, leftist liberals call them Nazis and say they are “kidnapping children.”  The Blood Libel of Democrats is reaching a point where their liberal fascists are going to pick up guns and murder someone like … Continue reading

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Liberal Whackos Run Amok

Liberals earned the moniker “whackos” this week as the people who promote abortion slandered Trump claiming he was ripping children away from their mothers.  The people who initiate violent attacks on Christian conservatives say they do it because the righteous … Continue reading

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