Liberal Democrat’s Closeminded Two-Faced Stupidity Displayed

You won’t hear any Democrat say his name – Cannon Hinnant

What about black children shot by black gangsters in their cities like Secoriea Turner, Davon McNeal, or Natalia Wallace? Do their black lives matter? Not when they are murdered by black gangsters. You won’t hear anyone in BLM say their names either.

Black children murdered by black gangsters whose black lives don’t matter

Liberals are blind to their own two-faced duplicity, their bigotry, and their own hate. They don’t recognize their own ignorance in the face of their arrogance. They stupidly declare themselves to be compassionate at the same time that they are rabidly damning Trump as hateful. They insanely call Republicans racists as they spew racist hate against white people. They say Trump is dividing the nation leading people blindly into hate, while they cheer for their rioters to maim police and destroy the property of others. They say they want voters to choose the next SC Justice. Voters did choose in 2014, 2016, and 2018 to put Republicans in charge.

They say Trump will lead the nation into a second civil war as if they are not already waging it on us. This is how leftists throughout history have always declared themselves righteous as the demonize their enemies. They strike the first blow and then call any retaliation the start of hostilities. Muhammad taught this as a fundamental principle of spreading Islam. How irrational do you have to be to proudly proclaim yourself a liberal when light of truth is shining on their lying faces catching them like deer in headlights? There is nothing intelligent, moral, scientific, or loving about anything in which liberals believe.

We’re in the Midst of a Violent Revolution Started by the Left, Not by Us!

Everybody Colluded with Russia — Except Trump!

Laura Ingraham exposes the left’s lies from Covid to riots to Democrat coup

Tucker Carlson displays Democrat’s every twisted meme

Pelosi is saying Biden should not debate Trump because Trump lies about everything. That’s saying that it’s impossible to win a debate against a liar. That is so outrageously false! Anyone in command of the truth can defeat a liar in a debate. It is easy to destroy their lying arguments. What is next to impossible is for a liar to defeat the truth. Only the most vapid, ignorant, deluded morons will believe in the lies when the truth is on display right next to them. The only chance the pathological liar has is if he is brilliant and his truth speaking opponent is a dullard weak on facts. Liars can twist words and corrupt a debate, but an honest man in charge of the facts will crush him, nevertheless. Biden is a lying moron and Trump is an honest genius. That’s why Pelosi is in terror of them facing off.

That Democrats are conducting an insurrection, a violent rebellion against the United States to control this next election to give them power is for one reason only. Donald Trump is exposing their corruption that runs through them mind, heart, and soul leaving them in terror that their corrupt souls will be exposed to such a degree that the people scream for their removal and imprisonment. Their impeachment of him was due only to his investigation of Obama Democrats spying on his campaign and attempting to undermine and sabotage his administration.

Col. Vindman only called Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president dangerous and unhinged because Trump asked that Biden be investigated. Such an investigation would prove in court what Biden bragged about on TV – that he extorted Ukraine to not investigate his corrupt nepotism while milking them for millions. This also explains why Vindman, Mueller, and others testifying in the court of their sham impeachment trial that they knew nothing, had no evidence, of Trump colluding with Russia. But that still didn’t stop them from going right back on TV to lie saying he did.

Democrats are frothing at the mouth at the prospect of interrogating and smearing the Republican woman that President Trump nominates for their “Ginsburg seat.” First off, RBG didn’t own that seat. That seat belongs to the people and she only held it until she retired or died. Now she’s dead it is no longer her seat to fill. Second, Democrats will slander the nominee mercilessly. The only questions would be – can she take the smears as Kavanaugh did, and will Republicans stand up and defend her? Romney, leftist wimp that he is, may just fold. [I’m glad Romney and McCain didn’t win their limp dick campaigns for president so we would get a real man like Donald Trump!]

I hope the candidate throws decorum to the wind and Democrat’s crap back in faces. The moment they try to smear her she should say, “What pigs you are to make such accusations! I will not reply to your phony bullsh*t. You Democrats are the sh*t under my shoe!” When they cry that they will hold her in contempt, she should respond that she has nothing but contempt for these lowlife scum. They belong in the streets, in the gutter, in the sewer of their leftist hate. I hope the people are waiting outside with bags of pig manure to throw in their faces! I would gladly join them. They will not be deterred until we strike them down!

Liberals are so stupid they believe any lie they are told. There are liberals to this day who believe Sarah Palin is so stupid that she said she can see Russia from her house. They believe “hands up, don’t shoot” actually happened. They believe that Trump said Nazis are good people and soldiers are losers because they were told to think that. They watch edited sound bites wherein the narrator leads them by the nose to an erroneous conclusion. Liberals do not think for themselves because Democrats deliberately deceive them. Republicans should not declare Democrats to be their friends with whom they want to work. Democrats offer the nation nothing that free people want. They offer only lies and deceptions and servitude to their oppressive government rule. Wanting Trump’s nominee to go through the pig stye of committee hearings with Democrats so that people see what scum Democrats are is pie in the sky wishful thinking.

The Breonna Taylor narrative is as false as Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and 99.99% of other Democrat tales about racism in America by police and Republicans. Liberals don’t know the true events of the shootings of black criminals. They merely use their deaths to tell fairy tales to stir up idiots to riot in the streets. Brown and Martin were both shot as they attacked innocent people trying to kill them and are now glorified. Taylor was unfortunate in that she chose to live with a drug dealer when police came after him and he shot at them catching her in the crossfire. The fact that oblivious independents are likewise being duped is what Democrats count on to swing elections in their favor. The people who vote Democrat comprise four groups:

  • Deceivers – who spin the stories about how good Democrats are and how evil Republicans, who lie about events to twist minds and corrupt hearts
  • Ignorant independents – this group is comprised of moderate independents who don’t pay attention to the news, don’t read beyond the headlines, and are largely oblivious of events
  • America Haters – the America hating communists, socialists, fascists, national-socialists, Islamists, and racist minorities who all want to see America and Christianity overthrown
  • Liberal Dupes – close-minded liberals who are easily duped by the first lie they hear and then to refuse to acknowledge the truth

Democrats are encouraging rioters to loot and burn our cities. They are murdering police and innocent citizens. We don’t need liberals to hear more slanders to understand who Democrats are. They KNOW who they are, and they APPROVE! Oblivious moderates won’t see any more mayhem or through any more deceptions than they have done to date. Wishing for a Republican to be subjected to the hateful lying smears of the left is like wishing Republicans would lose so the people could see how badly Democrats would rule. We had that for eight years under Obamunism that have now been followed by four years of a righteous Christian conservative making America great again. Do you think millions of them learned their lesson from that? Pfft! Sixty million idiots and haters will still vote for them! They are not intelligent. They are not informed. And they are not morally upright.

Biden says he’s not a socialist just as he now says he supports the police. “I beat the socialist.” But then he allied with him! Biden has been campaigning with comrades Sanders and Cortez. His endorsements of them combined with his two-faced denial of them tells you everything you need to know about his character. Biden refuses to publicize his list of Supreme Court nominees because, as President Trump says, they would be radical leftwing ideologues rather than American Constitutionalists. He refuses to answer the question of whether or not he would try to pack the court with leftwing radicals to make law from the bench.

This is typical of Democrats trying to keep their true evil nature hidden until they figure out how to lie through obfuscation as Obama always did saying one thing and doing the opposite. This alliance of the Democrat “moderate wing” with the leftwing is no different than the two socialist superpowers of the 20th century allying at the start of WWII. Russian Communists and German National Socialists allied to start WWII before later going at each other’s throats. Another case of thinking the enemy of my enemy is my friend gone awry. This is what will happen to the atheist communists and Islamo-nazis when they share power.

Leftists praise Biden from one side of their face as a “devout Catholic” while condemning Amy Coney Barrett for her faith out of the other side. Devout Catholics believe wholeheartedly in the Church of Christ. They do NOT believe in the Sacrament of Abortion killing babies in the womb in sacrifice to Satan. Liberals hear the word dogma without understanding what it means. They live on the dogma of the Democrat Party. They are the dupes to their leader’s deceptions. They cannot confront those who would debate them. They instead take up clubs with which to beat them into submission.

Democrat’s Wish List

  • Steal the election with anonymous mail-in ballot fraud
  • Raise taxes on Republicans to make them pay for burned out Democrat cities
  • Reinstate the ObamaCare tax
  • Stack the Supreme Court with six additional leftists to subvert the law
  • Make two or more territories into states to give them a permanent Supermajority in the Senate
  • Eliminate the filibuster so there is no opposition
  • Eliminate the Electoral College so their voter fraud rules all
  • Disarm the people
  • Remove their police protection
  • Free criminals to terrorize the masses
  • Be the ruling elites

President Trump cannot send in federal troops to quell Democrat riots unless one of two things happens; Democrat mayors request federal aid, or the president enacts the Insurrection Act. The Insurrection Act allows the president to declare those violently uprising to overthrow the government to be enemies of the nation and fair game to be destroyed. It has been invoked 22 times. Today we have BLM openly declaring themselves to be communists wanting to overthrow the government. Antifa still covertly claims to be anti-fascist when they are clearly Nazis.

Democrats declare Trump to be a criminal, impeached him without evidence of any crime, and threaten him at every turn to not investigate or prosecute anyone involved in the Obama/Biden administration spying on this campaign. They are hamstringing police and allowing their cities to be burned. Their hope is to steal the election and then make Republicans pay to rebuild their cities, and then subvert the nation to make themselves single party dictators. This cannot be allowed! My question for President Trump is wtf is he waiting for to invoke the Insurrection Act against all Democrats?

Vote Trump and Never See Your Grandkids Again

The American Voters – Informed, Misinformed, and Uninformed

[Author’s Note: The most visible proof that the left is a dysfunctional, irrational, immoral, hateful cult is how Democrats have responded to the election of Donald Trump. They have refused to acknowledge his election. Democrat parents have disowned children that voted for Trump. Democrat children have renounced parents who support Trump. Siblings have damned their family members who are Republicans. All of this results in their isolation so that the Democrat Cult can continue to warp their hearts and minds unhindered. Democrats accuse Republicans of being the “Cult of Trump” and themselves as patriots. That’s the obvious two-faced lie, the smear to demonize Trump and his supporters that only the most oblivious and hateful can’t see.

It is not Republicans who are hateful. Trump is the great leader lifting America back to greatness by overthrowing democratism. It is Democrats living their lies, blindly following their masters, hating everyone who does not submit to their dogma and join their Inquisition to destroy the righteous. They cast Republicans as KKK Nazis with no proof besides their ambiguous slurs about illegal immigrants. They import MS-13 murdering thugs and call them godly. They war on the innocent and call themselves righteous. They live their lies and call themselves truth. There is nothing moral, righteous, intelligent, rational, or psychologically stable about following Democrats.

The degree of corruption in our government is evidenced by Biden standing for election as president rather than being behind bars for extorting Ukraine. Obama should be in prison for spying on Trump. And Pelosi should be in prison for false prosecution. Instead, Democrats are competing for re-election using the most massive voter fraud campaign in history. Democrats may control cities that are the centers of commerce, crime, and corruption, but Republicans control the suburbs and rural regions that are the working heart and soul of this nation. The people in “flyover country” are the backbone of America. The patriots, and the righteous Christian conservatives. No amount of Democrat smears and lies will change the truth. Only those uneducated, indoctrinated, ignorant liberal dupes will ever be part of their cult of hateful lies.]

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Anti-Police Actress Alyssa Milano Calls Police On Kid With Air Rifle

Seattle Pays Convicted Sex Trafficker To Find ‘Alternatives To Policing’

Bar Owner Commits Suicide After Being Indicted For Shooting Rioter Who Attacked Him

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Police should be using their guns on these armed and armored rioters

Man Disguised in Islamic Veil Opens Fire on Paris Street

Donald Trump: ‘I’m So Angry at Republicans’ for Slow Investigations

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

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