Good Muslims of the world, turn from the hate of Jihad and seek Jesus!

Jesus not Jihad! 1

Abandon the teachings of Mohammad to commit evil on your neighbors and come to know forgiveness and peace through the Christ!  Turn from the teachings of hate, oppression, and slavery of others and learn the teachings of the Prince of Peace.  You know in your heart if you be of good will toward your children that treating the children of others to terror is evil.


Turn from the hate of Jihad!  Islam has no place in the civilized world!

There is a reason that Mohammad told his followers to kill those who spoke against Islam, to kill those who abandon Islam, and to kill those who tell Muslims of Jesus the Christ.  There is a reason Mohammad told his followers to invade and infiltrate their neighbors, to deceive outsiders about their religion and intentions, and to put all people under the boot of Islamic law.  There is a reason Islamic clerics teach their people not to learn from the West, teach them that people of other nations are all evil, and teach them to hate others and not to learn from them.

Islamist nations living under a theocracy do not permit the building of churches or allow Christians to speak freely.  They censor the Internet and indoctrinate their children from infancy into ignorance and hate.  Good people understand that those who send their children out into the world without knowledge, without morality, are teaching them to do wrong and setting them up to fail.

Moslems of good heart who have learned the teachings of Christ;

  • do unto others as you would have them do unto you
  • forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us
  • love thy neighbor as thyself, and love God above all

have turned from the darkness of Mohammad.

You know the teachings of Mohammad that dying while murdering others leads to Paradise, that being dishonest to infidels is righteous, and being good only to Muslims but hateful to others are the teachings of a false prophet.  When Imams tell you not to listen, then you listen and learn so you can make a righteous choice.  Ignorance is the playground of evil.

Good Muslims of the world, turn from the hate of Jihad and seek Jesus!

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3 Responses to Good Muslims of the world, turn from the hate of Jihad and seek Jesus!

  1. Steve Neal says:

    If they read this persuasive argument and say anything about it, they risk blasphemy and death. In their religion, there can only be their Allah, and Jesus is not God’s son… Their hypocritical prophet Mohammed (the pedophile murderer and Koran author) instructed them to kill those who teach and those who would listen to the truth about Jesus. That’s the only way to ensure they remain ignorant slaves to a dead egotistical cult leader…


  2. Ann Boatwright says:

    Not buying this conversion.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Not sure what you mean by this? Not buying that Moslems would convert, or not buying that Moslems convert when given the opportunity?


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