The Naked Soul of the Democrat Party

With the election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, Democrats have come out from behind their façade to promote their true agenda.  Convincing America to elect a Moslem communist at a time when America is at war with Islam and communism, the two ideologies that want to enslave the world, leftists have convinced themselves that their polls reveal Americans are ready to submit to their enemies and join them.  Democrats are all campaigning openly to promote their ideology of hate for America, Christianity, and liberty.  They promised they would destroy us from within and bury our children, and they are succeeding as they corrupt our children’s minds, hearts, and souls.

From the Founding of America, Democrats have been part of the left wing of the political spectrum.  That is the wing that believes in elites ruling over the masses.  Socialism has always been the ideology of tyrants that must be impose their will on the people by force.  If they can first succeed by duping ignorant fools into voting for it, so much the better.  This only makes the imposition of socialist tyranny easier.  This is what happened in all the socialist regimes in the 20th century with obviously expected results.  Now Democrats have thrown off their façade of caring for the American people and the naked soul of their ideology stands before all Americans to be seen.

Third Democrat Debate an orgy of hate, hypocrisy, and brown-nose pandering

Analysis of the Democrat Debate: Dumb and Dumber

In the past, Democrats have always acted by stealth, deception, and subterfuge.  They control most of the media that is run by corrupt activists disseminating their propaganda.  They control most of educational institutions indoctrinating the young into their ideology of leftism.  They control half the population with promises of stealing from those who make money to give to those who take it.

In all previous campaigns Democrats have always campaigned as semi-conservative.  They’ve always campaigned as Americans.  But Barack Obama has changed that with his promise to fundamentally transform America.  What he didn’t clarify was that his intention was to unmake America’s Christian Constitutional capitalist freedom into communist Sharia driven tyranny.  Still, the election of a Moslem communist has given Democrats hope that their true nature and their anti-American agenda can finally be revealed to be embraced by the majority of Americans.

But once again the corrupt left-wing media that controls 90% of the propaganda has deluded them into believing their own lying polls.  Americans are recoiling in horror.  Only their exceptionally delusional, dysfunctional, America hating base of leftist liberals believes in them.  Democrats keep them enthralled by feeding their hateful delusions.

The Democrat Modus Operandi:

  1. Make a false allegation
  2. Convict the innocent
  3. Declare they will be prosecuted
  4. Run eternal investigations
  5. Continuously slander and smear them in media
  6. Blame Republicans for obstructing justice
  7. Claim to be the victim
  8. Declare victory when they fail
  9. Promise to continue the fight
  10. Rinse and repeat

There are two ideologies in the world that seek to control every thought and aspect of people’s lives; Islam and socialism.  They want to control what you read, what you watch, what you hear, and what you say.  They command everyone to smear those they condemn.  That’s why they try to shut down Christian owned businesses and unmake American law.  America stands alone as the greatest Christian Superpower in the history of the world to stop them from enslaving the world.

Why do globalists want to diminish America, scare people into voting for them with predictions of climate Armageddon, cajole people by appealing to their greed with promises of giving them everything for free?  Why do these same atheist globalists insist on inflicting Islam on the people to promote their ideology of violence against the righteous to coerce everyone under the boot of being brainwashed by Islam?  This is all part of the leftist anti-God agenda to create lies in place of truth.  They are the people who curse God as the oppressor and praise Satan as the liberator.

In everything there are two kinds of people – the positive and the negative.  In spirit there are those of the Right who are for God and those of the Left who are anti-God.  This has existed throughout history.  To understand this one must understand the leftist hate for God and their worship of false gods while claiming to be righteous followers.  (We see this in Pete Buttigieg using the Bible to promote leftism.)

This principle applies to Democrats who adhere to this ideology of hating God as well as to those who are duped by them.  They are the democratic socialist atheists that are anti-God.  They are the Islamo-nazis that are anti-Christian, anti-Jew, anti-Jesus (yes, Jesus is a Jew) who pretend piety to God but instead worship their god Allah (aka Satan).  They are the corrupters who have misled Christians to follow the dark path rather than the light in the Spanish Inquisition, in Salem Massachusetts, and in America today.

Leftism in History

In history, they are the shamans that controlled tribal chiefs through lies and threats inflicting punishment on the people for disobedience to their will up to and including human sacrifice.  Muhammad was the most successful of these coercing his followers to brainwash themselves.  They are the people who betrayed Christendom in creating the Great Schism between the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church.  In the Crusades, as they fought to repel the Moslem Turk invaders from a weakened Byzantine Empire, instead turned on the greatest city in Christendom to sack Constantinople and call it a victory.  In Spain, they formed the Spanish Inquisition to emulate their Moslem conquerors and declare that any who were not part of their church were not Christian and must be destroyed.

Never did Jesus say to kill those who rejected Him.  He also never said to allow evil to rule.  That is how the left corrupts the righteous with their two-faced commandments that say Christians must never lift a hand in self-defense, but then say that Christians must obey their leaders to destroy anyone who does not submit to their commands.  That is not Christianity, it is Islam.

Christians are called upon to obey God but not to take His name in vain.  They are called upon to live with those who reject God but not to submit to their rule.  They are only to proselytize and defend themselves and their children from the evils of the world.  Defending children does not mean keeping them ignorant of evil but of teaching them about evil so that they grow up to be able to defend themselves and their children against it.  That does not mean allowing their children to be misguided by the left or to lay down in submission to their rule as Islam commands, but to stand righteously against them and fight back against those who would harm them to enslave their children.

The identifying characteristics of the left are; self-righteous hypocrisy, two-faced dysfunctional thinking, and violent oppression of the righteous.  While claiming to be the victims they oppress their victims even as they blame them for wickedness leftists perpetrate against the righteous.  Their ideology of socialism is just an offshoot of the age-old ideology of tribal rule that became imperialism wherein the elites rule over the masses who are slaves to their overlords.  This has been the way of the world to which America has been the lone exception.

American Exceptionalism is mischaracterized by the left as being extreme national pride when it is actually acknowledgement of the fact that America, alone in all of history, is the only nation to put the power of governance in the hands of the people rather than the elites.  But even America began with half the elites demanding that they be slave masters that would rule.  The Democrat Party has never changed its spots since that time, only concealed them with stripes.  Today, they lie and blame Republicans for racism and bigotry while they claim, just as their ancestors did, that God is on their side even as they curse His name.  And the woefully ignorant and miseducated follow them.

Democrats vow to make citizens slaves to criminals

Beto O’Rourke and his cohorts have vowed to make all citizens who own guns slaves to the state.  If you own a gun, he will send police and soldiers to your homes to disarm you.  If you resist you will be imprisoned or killed.  Saying he will make it a mandatory buyback is just laughable.  What do you think mandatory means?  At the same time, they vow to those who enter the country illegally, along with those who are criminals, into citizens thereby making them legal.  Drug smugglers and human traffickers and disease infected deadbeats entering the country illegally will be given citizenship status and paid from taxpayer’s wages.  They will get free healthcare and education at taxpayer expense.

The ideology of leftism would free criminals from the consequences of their crimes under the fiction that they are persecuted and give them power to inflict more destruction on the righteous.  The liberal cry that criminals are persecuted is a lie.  Their saying that it is better to let a hundred guilty people go free than to convict one innocent person results in a hundred other innocent people being made victims.  It is up to the appeals system to determine if those found guilty were wrongly convicted and make restitution.  Only rarely were good, righteous, oppressed people assisted in overthrowing a tyrant.  Most of the time it is leftists who seize power.  The left is never right and being accidentally right 10% of the time is not worth giving them the benefit of the doubt.

In the Dark Ages, when Muhammad began recruiting people to Islam, he sought out slaves, those who were usually convicted criminals, promising to make them first class citizens and make their masters their servants.  In the 20th century, socialists released criminals from prison to enlist them in their revolutionary guerrilla forces to overthrow the rightful governments.  The left says they were acting righteously, but examination of these events proves that 90% of the people whose roles they reversed were criminals given power over good citizens.  The American Revolution stands alone for that reason, while Lenin, Hitler, Mao, and all those who followed them were all of the same leftist criminals overthrowing leftist tyrannies or righteous rulers.

Liberals make false assumptions, false premises, and false accusations over everything.  Using their own argument against them that, “if taking guns from people would save one life make it worth it,” then isn’t denying all illegal aliens from entry into the country to save one life that one of them will murder make it worthwhile?  Another insane argument is Democrats demanding we must spend a hundred trillion dollars to revert America to 17th century life to save the planet “just in case” their liberal Chicken Little science might be right.  The same stupid logic is used by foolish old people to vote Democrat “just in case” Democrats might be telling the truth that Republicans will abolish Social Security.  As Einstein said, human beings have an infinite capacity for stupidity, and Democrats have an infinite capacity for corruption to twist people’s minds.

Liberals are shallow thinkers.  They get emotional over what they see on the surface of issues without going into depth of the issue.  They do not examine facts to reach a conclusion but reach a conclusion and then pick only those facts that support them.  AOC is a perfect example of a passionate moron.  Her latest crazy talk is that Miami won’t exist in a few years unless Americans put Democrats in power with their socialism, Green New Deal, Medicare for all, and open borders.  What Chiquita Khrushchev needs an emotional support penguin.

American Crossroads

President Trump has done a fantastic job of reversing Obama’s communist edicts and saving America from the left.  He restored coal to free up American energy and brought back manufacturing to make America energy independent and productive once again.  Still, much needs to be done such as stopping Democrat’s massive voter fraud through ballot harvesting, and prosecuting those who attempted a coup.  If the DoJ does not prosecute Comey & Co. for their FISA scam in attempting a coup for the Democrats, then it is open season for Democrat corruption of the FBI and all law enforcement.

With Democrat’s souls laid bare and Americans shunning them, you can expect that some snake oil salesman will come along with his tongue dripping honey to disavow their words and claim that he is a conservative who will do what is right.  This is how Democrats have always lied to dupe people into giving them power by concealing their true nature behind lies and empty promises.  This is how Obama did it.  The proof is in all of those Democrat controlled cities that have gone from just having some poor people to becoming cesspools and toilets of diseased third world socialism.  No Democrat is righteous, conservative, or benevolent.  Democrats who are good people fooled by the left that learn the hard way become Republicans when they grow up as Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump did.

Those Americans who remain duped by the Democrat Party may be hoping and praying that someone will step forward who will once again conceal the Democrat’s true nature, and lure voters back to the Democrat Party to once again vote for their own destruction.  Americans are actually funding their enemies through the Democrat Party.  Americans are funding the people who want to destroy America.  Anti-American Nazi-communists, socialist atheists, and anti-Christ Islamists, are all being funded by American Christian taxpayers.

Most people don’t even realize that Democrats are corrupting their culture, feminizing them, to weakening America in the world.  If Americans do not wholly embrace Republicans, along with rooting out all the RINOs who would rather work with Democrats, then America will continue to teeter on the brink of falling into the darkness of leftism.  When you learn how Democrats are betraying America, aside from their support for abortion, being anti-Christian, and assisting in America’s invasion, how can anyone declare themselves to be a patriot in support of them?

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