More Backwards Liberal Thinking – Congress Paving the Way for Illegal Aliens

Obama Democrats and their RINO allies passed a budget bill that basically paved the road to America in gold for illegal aliens.  They attempted to strip President Trump of any authority for securing the border.  President Trump immediately declared a national emergency to finish the wall and increase border security to levels necessary to stop the illegal immigrant invasion, drug and human sex trafficking, and the crimes that uninvited foreign invaders bring to the United States.  The leftist media immediately slandered him as violating the law and Democrats called for riots and an insurrection to overthrow him.

Democrat’s road to America paved in gold for illegal invaders with promises of free goodies taken from taxpayer money.

Rush Limbaugh destroys the Democrat’s anti-American agenda

Politico gleefully reports how the bipartisan bill is meant to hamstring President Trump

When Obama violated laws and the restrictions Republicans tried to put on him to stop him from shutting down coal mines and doing other harm to America, he declared he had a pen and a phone with which to dictate.  Barack Hussein O put almost a million coal miners out of work by closing down American coal mines, thereby forcing states and cities to import coal from China.  When President Trump undid this treachery, Obama claimed credit for improving the economy.  What did the lamestream media do?  They praised Obama for his dictatorial tyranny, and again for his lies.

In another piece of backwards logic, a reporter actually asked President Trump if “voices on the right” were forcing his policies?  To this he replied with the truth – that it is his policies that draws those voices from the right in support of him.  The media continues to slander American geniuses like Trump and Rush Limbaugh while giving credit to their own charlatans, frauds, and hateful liars working against American citizens.  As Democrats turn more and more to socialism the truth that socialism is the ideology of stealing from those who work for a living is brought more and more into the light.

Some conservatives suggest President Trump should just stand back and let the Democrats self-destruct.  This is true when your enemies are fighting each other such as when Democrats are condemning each other.  But it is not true when your enemy is duping your people turning them against you.  Republicans painting the Democrat Nazi Communist Party with the broad brush of democratic socialism is not an attempt to smear their party with false accusations.  The majority of Democrats have always believed in totalitarian government rule.

That’s why they see the Constitution that restricts government from becoming a tyranny as a document of “negative liberties.”  They want to rewrite the Constitution as a socialist document in which the government is absolute rulers called upon to “care for the masses.”  They do this by stealing from anyone who is successful to keep everyone in poverty.  Liberals have zero comprehension of how business works, how taxes are paid, or the purpose of profits.  They finish school, even college like AOC, having learned nothing of how a business functions or how government works, and thus end up believing that the only way to become rich or to live well is by stealing.

Is it any wonder then that liberals endorse the ideology of socialism that is founded in greed and bred on stealing from those who make money?

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