To whom do Democrats pray?

Mother Pelosi & Co. are saying they are approaching impeachment with “somber prayer.”  Who are you praying to, Mother Pelosi?  Democrats have denounced God.  They removed Him from the public square, banned Him in schools, and silenced those who speak of Him except in churches that they want to punish, while they embrace Islamism and atheism that are both anti-Christian.  When they are booing God and cheering killing babies in the womb, even up through the moment of birth, to whom are they singing praise and praying for their impeachment of President Trump?  I know to whom Jesus prays.  I also know to whom Satan prays.  To who do people pray is a matter most easily determined by their deeds, not their words.

Democrats have removed God from their purview in all things.  They have embraced atheism and Islamism to endorse anti-Semitism, which every Christian must remember that Jesus is a Jew, and they have chosen to lead the forces of anti-God against Christianity.  That they say they do not endorse this even as their followers commit acts of terror against Jews and Christians is the pits of depravity.  This is no different than their saying they denounce Republicans as Nazis even as they create their own violent terror group of Antifa Nazi thugs to use against them.  There are any number of quotes and sayings about these Democrats who say one thing and do the other.

“It’s not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us.” – Rachel Dawes, Batman Begins

“It is not our abilities that show who we truly are.  It is our choices.” – Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling

“Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.” – Abraham Lincoln

“Beware of False Prophets.  You will know them by their fruits.” – Jesus

Res non verba – Deeds, not words

Democrats have become fond of saying they are on the “right side of history.”  What is the “right side of history?”  It is said that the winners (of wars) write the history.  But good people are not always the ones who win wars.  More often than not, evil people conquer and enslave others.  It is the definition of slavery that is more in question.  Conservatives believe enslaving criminals is righteous, while Democrats believe that criminals are justified in their actions against America because “they have been wronged.”  The problem with this entire meme is that it was Democrats who enslaved people and then oppressed them for a century after Republicans freed them.  But now they curse Republicans as the greedy capitalists enslaving the poor and praise democratic socialists as liberating them.

In WWII, it was easy to tell which side was good and which was evil… or was it?  Ask any liberal which side was evil and which was good, and they can’t tell you all the facts.  Democrats give all the credit for defeating Hitler to Democrat president FDR, but all of America’s greatest commanders were Republicans, and it was Winston Churchill that led the allied cause.  They can tell you we fought to defeat Hitler’s Nazis while allied with the Communist Russians, but they can’t tell you that the Russians started out allied with the Germans at the start of the war.  They are equally ignorant of how the Russians enslaved Eastern Europe after the war and conflict with American foreign policy to this day.

Democrats say their political party was founded by one of the nation’s greatest Founders, Thomas Jefferson, but this is as false as can be.  Just because he named his party the “Democratic”-Republican Party doesn’t mean that he embraced democracy or their democratic socialism.  Jefferson’s party morphed into the Whigs and then into the Republicans.  Andrew Jackson founded the Democratic Party that believed in slavery and the people being ruled rather than governed.  Jefferson was always 100% in the camp of Washington and Madison to form a republic ruled by the people who elected those who would govern by their will.

Democrats impeach President Trump on the basis of frauds.  Their charges are violating the Constitution and obstruction of congressional investigations.  First off, you cannot obstruct a bogus investigation.  What happened to Russian collusion and Ukrainian bribery?  These were false allegations and an innocent person cannot obstruct justice, only injustice.  On the charge of violating the Constitution, taking Trump’s words out of context and altering what he said as well as his meaning does not create a violation of his Constitutional authority nor violate Congress’ rights.

Democrats have no right to impeach the president on their false charges.  Their only reasons for doing so are pure hate and greed for power.  They purpose is to enact a coup to overthrow the man who is giving America back to the people and make it great once again.  For this reason, some of the Democrats elected in districts that Trump won, who promised their voters that they would work with him rather than trying to overthrow him, are jumping ship from the Democrat Party to become Independents not under Pelosi’s thumb.  That does not make them good people.  If they were good people, then they would have become Republicans.  The fact is that bad people infiltrate what is good and righteous in order to corrupt it.

This has happened in the past when evil people gained power within the Christian church.  The Spanish Inquisition was the Catholic Church’s version of Islamism that originated in Spain after hundreds of years of Moslem domination.  That the Spanish learned to use Islamist control techniques is not surprising.  The result of a few hundred years of this was the Protestant Reformation and the Thirty Years Wars of Religion that resulted in many countries abandoning Catholic control that had become severely corrupt.

With Obama’s mass importation of Islamists, religious wars have come to America where Christians, Jews, and others have existed in relative peace side by side.  Islamo-Nazis have encouraged anti-Semites in America to become more and more violent.  As this Nazism spreads in the Democrat Party, college campuses have become focal points of anti-Semitic rancor and synagogues are being vandalized.  The left is portraying this as an attack on free speech.  The people who say right speech is hate speech says their hate speech is right speech.  President Trump has signed an executive order to punish colleges that allow this on their campuses.

The left and right are not two ways to do good.  The right leads people in the righteous teachings of Jesus, while the left leads people against Him declaring that humanism is righteous, that people came from animals not from God.  Curiously, after teaching their children this they are always surprised when they behave like animals rather than like civilized human beings.  Democrats teach and endorse all things that are opposite to liberty and righteousness.  The Founders, in their great Christian wisdom, designed a Constitution to combat everything they could foresee that evil people would do in corrupting the government such as the Electoral College that was designed to protect small states from big state voter fraud.  America is in danger.  Only the concerted effort of righteous businessmen to overcome the corruption of lawyers will save this great nation.

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[Author’s Note: The freedoms Americans enjoy are due to American Exceptionalism.  This is not national pride believing America is great, but the fact that America is the exception to all nations in history in which the government rules the people.  The left is violating these rights attempting to shut down free speech by declaring speech that exposes their lies as hate speech.  I find it insulting that anyone refers to the far right as a hate group as leftists do in claiming that Nazism is a far-right ideology.  There is no hate on both the far right and left of the political spectrum.  Hate is only on one side of good and evil.

Elan Carr said that Jews are beset by, “Radical left Jew haters, far right ethnic supremacists, and militant Islam.”  When you understand that the far right is Jesus/liberty and the far left is Satan/slavery then it all becomes much more clear.  This is why the left considers Christians to be Nazis, not because of what they are but because of their slanders.  The Inquisition was not an undertaking by righteous Christians.  Who did Jesus say to kill?  Compare that with the teachings of Muhammad to destroy those who are not of Islam obeying his every command.  “Militant” Islam, those who engage in Jihad, are those who follow the fundamental teachings of Muhammad.

They promote freedom of religion when it comes to Islamism, but that freedom does not give them the right to commit acts of terror or promote their Islamic laws over American laws.  It is distressing to see Moslem slave women living and working in America promoting their ideology of Sharia under the guise of being refugees.  Moslems are invading and colonizing nations around the world and then persecuting those who do not submit to Allah.  Islam and the Constitution are incompatible.  But that doesn’t stop Democrats from promoting Islam against Christianity.  Their impeachment of President Trump is merely another smear by which they would condemn Christians are criminals while they give criminals rights over citizens.  This cannot be permitted to continue.]

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