Liberalism and Conservatism Defined – Defeating the Left’s Coup

“Is Donald Trump Acting Like an Innocent Person as Regards Russia?”  Richard Goodstein posed this question to Tucker Carlson in response to the question; Should the Democrats be antagonizing Russia over a fraud?  Do liberals believe they can tell if a person is guilty or innocent based on how they act?  Do they believe they can tell if a person is lying?  They can’t tell when someone is telling the truth!  How on earth do they think they can tell when someone lies or acts guilty?  I have seen an innocent man break down and admit guilt to a crime he didn’t commit because of his anxiety issues.  I have seen a fourteen year old boy defeat a lie detector so completely that the expert operator was utterly fooled.  Liberals can’t tell that Obama lied about healthcare and his beliefs despite his actions and they believe Trump stole the election on the basis of a fictional dossier produced by the Clinton campaign.  What do liberals think they know of truth and lies?

Richard Goodstein gets slammed by Tucker Carlson

The conflict between 21st century American liberalism and conservatism is founded in their conflicting ideological beliefs.  Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  I declare this because it is inherently immoral to assume yourself to be morally righteous and true regardless of facts and belief that facts are what you define them to be rather than just what they are.  Liberals define facts based on their flawed definition of morality.  Barack Obama says Americans operate on two sets of opposing facts and he is speaking the truth.  The truth he does not speak is that Democrats are being taught lies by their leaders who are deliberately deceiving and misleading them.  That is the lie behind his truth and that is how liberals get away with their lies.  Leftists teach their liberal Democrat followers that they are the intelligentsia whose knowledge is founded in science, fact, and truth.  Yet they do not understand the first principles of science, have no grasp of the facts, and wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them in the face.  What is conservatism?  Conservatism is learning how not to be an ignorant liberal dupe by investigating, uncovering all the facts, and recognizing the moral truth.

Liberals know that the Scientific Method exists, but they do not employ it.  Observation develops a theory which is tested until the hypothesis is proven conclusively, but liberals skip the middle steps and leap directly to their conclusions.  For example, they observed the results of the 2016 presidential election but reject it as being possible, so they leap to the conclusion that Trump could only win if he had Russians hack the election to steal it.  This is not a theory for which they are trying to find evidence because you cannot find evidence of something that does not exist.  They simply believe this to be established fact as a matter of faith like global warming.  They believe that the proof only requires to be discovered.  Theirs is a presumption of guilt until proven innocent.  Since you cannot prove that something that didn’t happen, didn’t happen, nothing will ever be resolved.  Yet they remain convinced that it did.  Try asking them to prove that God doesn’t exist and see what kind of nonsense you get from them.

Want more proof of the fallacy of liberal beliefs?  They believe the Theory of Evolution is proof that evolution is an established scientific fact (therefore the X-Men will someday be reality).  They believe global warming is a reality caused by man’s CO2 pollution that will end all life in the next century even though CO2 is a naturally occurring gas that exists in only a small trace in the atmosphere.  What they refuse to believe is equally revealing.  They don’t believe there are Moslem exclusion zones being created by invaders in European countries who are colonizing the West with their extreme, backwards, violent death cult by raping and murdering their way through Europe.

They know politicians lie, but cannot tell who is lying and who is telling the truth because they cannot follow a logical trail of facts to reach a conclusion.  All they can do is make assumptions by relying on innuendo and supposition.  The degree of liberal ignorance transcends civilized education where people who have college diplomas are more backwards than common barbarians.  The barbarians at the modern gates all come from leftist institutions of “higher learning” wherein the leftist intelligentsia are mis-teaching young liberals to corrupt their minds.  The Left wants these dupes to be convinced that they are learned, yet the result is that they have no understanding of science, life, or politics, thus making liberals the people of whom Lincoln spoke when he said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time.”

People who know nothing of Adolf Hitler, other than his name, are trying to teach the rest of us that Trump is like Hitler.  They know about the Holocaust, but half of them say it never happened.  So, if Hitler didn’t commit the Holocaust what made him so bad in their minds?  And how do they imagine Trump to be like Hitler?  Because he wants to repeal ObamaCare’s high taxes that have made healthcare more unaffordable?  Because he wants to protect our borders from foreign invaders trying to steal from Americans and overthrow our laws?  For those of us who have studied history and know Hitler there is no comparison to be made with Trump, but every comparison to equate with Obama who was likewise a petty little man given vast power in his quest to become a socialist dictator.  But liberals don’t even recognize that Obama was a Moslem socialist.  They take him at his word that he was an American Christian –  a claim that he proved a lie every day by making executive orders persecuting Christians while empowering Moslem jihadis.

It wasn’t Trump who put men in women’s bathrooms and tried to force gay marriage and abortion on the church.  Trump didn’t enlist an army of fascists to attack conservative free speech.  Trump didn’t embolden criminals to riot in the streets and march in protest against cops.  Trump didn’t sabotage the bureaucracy to set up road blocks to pulling America back from decline and making America great again.  Trump didn’t fund the Muslim Brotherhood, set the Middle East on fire through jihadi’s rebellion, and pretend to bomb ISIS.  As stated, liberals wouldn’t know the difference between truth and lies if they hit them in the head.  They fail in understanding morality such as declaring all cops to be racists and criminals to be victims.  There are some bad cops who are corrupt racists that break laws, but they are a rarity.  Whereas there are no good criminals and all of them are hateful bigots who don’t care about anyone but themselves, yet liberals think there are good people among them.

Trump investigation hoax unraveling

How Obama, Hitler, and the Star Wars Emperor are the same

There’s a simple tally of the crimes of the Obama regime:

  • Barack Obama committed crimes ten times worse than Nixon in spying on the Trump campaign and sabotaging the bureaucracy.
  • Hillary Clinton committed obstruction ten times worse than Trump is accused of doing by physically destroying her email servers.
  • James Comey committed felony crimes ten times worse than Scaramoucci by leaking classified FBI material to the press.
  • Loretta Lynch committed felony crimes as a racketeer ten times worse than Bush in meeting with Bill Clinton to block the investigation of Hillary.
  • Eric Holder committed criminal contempt ten times worse than Oliver North in refusing to answer questions to Congress about his gun running to Mexican drug lords trying to claim Obama’s executive privilege.

The “scandal free” Obama regime was in muck so deep over their heads with corruption and scandal that they need liberal media snorkels to survive.  But that doesn’t stop ignorant liberals from believing Obama’s lies.  The fact is that only one thing separates liberals from conservatives, and that one thing is a moral education.  The difference between a liberal and a conservative is that conservatives learned not to think in as shallow a manner as liberals, to not leap to conclusions on the basis of a headline, but to examine all the facts before making a judgment.

Liberals begin every argument from the basis of false premises such as that Trump is a liar, Trump is bad, Trump is wrong, and Trump is guilty.  They claim every lie they tell is the truth when they obstruct efforts to investigate to reveal the whole truth.  Like their objection to voter ID laws at the ballot box, but demand for voter ID at their meetings, Democrats say they are the ones who will make America great.  But all they have to offer is to destroy all the good Trump has done and bring America back down into the decline of Obamaism.

The Great Obama Depression; 2009 – present

Liberals call Trump a tyrant and say the proof would be in his firing Mueller “because that’s what dictators do.”  No, dictators kill their political opponents.  Righteous men stop their political opponents from committing crimes and corruption.  The Left is so corrupt that they believe Obama spying on Trump to be an act of righteousness rather than an act of treachery ten times worse than what Nixon did.  That’s why they refuse to debate any issue because they are at war with America.  They are enlisting criminals and foreigners to overthrow Americans.  Their fraud can be proven in debate, but debates, not wars, are won through reason.  No one ever won a war by convincing their opponent’s they were right.  You win wars through strategy, guile, and brutality.  Philosophy is ideas, history is violence.

Liberals do not win elections through honesty, but by deceiving people.  They convince their foolish voters into believing that they have the same agenda as conservatives to make America better.  Except they promise them the Sun, the Moon, and the stars without offering a cohesive means by which to provide them.  Were Obama to tell the people that his promise of affordable healthcare would be achieved by taxing the middle class into poverty, Americans would have recoiled in horror.  Instead he lied and said the rich would pay for it.  He then forced ObamaCare through Congress with the largest peacetime tax increase on the middle class in history.  This caused the economy to tank and stagnate as the people’s wealth was redistributed to those who don’t work, but who do vote.  This is socialism and as Maggie Thatcher said, “Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.”  Capitalism built America’s stupendous middle class, while socialism has destroyed the wealth of the people by putting it in the hands of the elites.

Venezuela is a case study in how socialism sucks up the wealth from the people.  If anybody becomes rich on the backs of the poor it is Democrats who acquire their wealth by taking it, by shaking down businesses through graft and thuggery if they want to continue to operate, not expanding wealth by allowing businessmen to create jobs as Republicans have always done.  Morality is only in the Democrat lexicon as a talking point, not as a lifestyle.  The problem is that every sentence of stupidity uttered by liberals takes three paragraphs to explain why they are wrong.  Liberals lie about Trump’s tax cuts saying they will be paid for by the middle class, and then take actions to screw the middle class with taxes.  Liberals always prove by their actions exposing that what they say through subterfuge and sabotage are just lies.

From the horse’s mouth – Obama encourages invading foreigner’s voter fraud says this video of Obama encouraging illegal immigrant invaders to vote and declaring that no one can stop them is labelled as “false.”  Liberal Democrats are claiming that they do not commit voter and are having their phony factcheck websites smear every proof of their voter fraud as false.  They then block all investigations to verify the identity and citizenship of voters saying, “no proof, no crime.”  – #LiberalsLie!

Trolling liberals is fun and easy

The basic flaw of Democrats is the dysfunctional thinking of liberals.  Half of them deliberately lie to deceive other half that foolishly believes their lies.  Democrats established slavery, wanted a king, and commit crimes, oppression, propaganda, and deceptions to achieve their goals and they ally with America’s enemies to overthrow the citizens and our Constitution.  They have always been the elites craving to rule over the masses.  They have always been against a free America and always will be.  Barack Obama does not speak as a President of the United States when he declares that foreign invaders should vote to overthrow Americans, but as a foreign usurper encouraging America’s enemies to cast her down.

Trump fires back at Democrats

Liberal Democrats Grandstanding and Their Morality Play

Morality Wars of Trump and Clinton

The morality of choosing not to support Trump

Morality in humanity

Democrats want to abolish Constitutional law to persecute Trump people

New York attorneys want to change law to persecute those pardoned by Trump

The Question that is on the lips of every American patriot is; When are Obama and Hillary and all their minions like Holder, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Lerner, Brennan, Rice, and all those who have deceived the American people and committed crimes under their regime, and especially in the campaign, just when are they going to be brought up on charges, indicted, tried, and brought to justice?  The United States does not persecute defeated political opponents.  But it does bring criminals to trial for their crimes and those crimes include violating the Constitution and persecuting Donald Trump and his compatriots as well as spying on their campaign.  Most importantly is that all the Democrats taking actions to overthrow the Constitution must be brought to justice for their attempted coup against the rightfully elected President of the United States.

WikiLeaks counter sues Democrats – ‘Discovery is going to be amazing fun!’

Wag the Donkey – How Democrats are Criminalizing Trump Republicans

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