The American Voters – Informed, Misinformed, and Uninformed

Politicians love coming up with bumper slogans. Trump’s “Make America Great Again.” Biden’s “Build Back Better.” Now Democrats have come up with one that tops them all – “Re-imagine Policing.” Democrats are asking Americans to defund police departments, disarm citizens, and release criminals from prison to allow gangsters to run the show by “providing security for their neighborhoods.” Any Democrat who denies this is lying to your face. Those who say they are for law and order are two-faced snakes. Police are the citizen’s protectors. They are the peacekeepers and law enforcers of our society. They volunteer for this dangerous military profession. They are among the most honored and trusted people in the country. We call them for help, and they come regardless of the danger. Unlike athletes, who are paid millions to play games, they earn a pittance for putting their lives on the line every day. From the armed forces to law enforcement to fire rescue services, they are America’s true heroes.

Today, Democrats have utterly corrupted a generation after 9/11 into haters who hold police in contempt, slander them as racists, smear them as murderers, and distort the minds of their liberal dupes to despise and distrust them. They encourage riots and gangsters to throw bricks and firebombs at them, burn down citizen businesses and attack innocent people, and shoot police with lasers and illegal guns. As police are assassinated by these terrorists, Democrats use those occasions to condemn citizens having guns with which to defend themselves.

This is the evil that democratic socialists bring to America. They present their two-faced lies in their efforts to warp the public’s minds and turn their hearts against righteousness, so they will embrace the evils of socialism. Democrats miseducate our youths to believe socialism is benevolent and tell them to not pay attention to all the communist nations that have brought their people to ruin or to the news agencies that report the truth.

Leftwing media put out a phony story that President Trump said those who serve in the military are losers and suckers. They waited a week to confess this was a lie without admitting to the lie just saying, “their sources could be wrong.” This is how leftists dissemble, deceive, and conflate the facts to distract from the truth – that it is they who see those who serve as losers and suckers. Former Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry infamously said, “You either get a good education or you end up in Iraq.” President Trump honors those who serve and has only had harsh words for people like Sen. John McCain who served dishonorably but was honored none the less. McCain showed his true nature when his last act in the Senate before he died was to betray his voters.

Yet, the truth is that there are those who serve who are losers and suckers. They are the ones who stupidly vote for Democrats. Democrats always reduce funding for the military and restrain police from doing their jobs protecting the citizens. Democrats defend criminals from prosecution and disarm police of their protections. For those who serve in military professions, to vote Democrat is like voting for someone to tie your hands behind your back and put a noose around your neck.

Taxpayers, likewise, if they vote for Democrats who will raise their taxes. They won’t just tax the rich. They will tax the middle class into poverty. They will steal away most of their prosperity making them like chickens voting for Col. Sanders. Democrats say this applies to Republicans who work for rich people. Last time I checked, Col. Sanders wasn’t giving the chickens jobs, and no poor person ever gave anyone a job.

I am enraged and incensed at how Democrats have been allowed to rule this nation through crime and corruption. They have empowered criminals against citizens, enabled terrorists to run amok in our streets, and encouraged foreign invaders to steal from our people. They instigated an attempted coup to overthrow President Trump with their Russian collusion lies and a dozen Republicans are in prison or financially ruined because of this. Yet not one Democrat has been prosecuted! They stand together with their criminals in the streets against our police and remain in office to disable our protectors while allowing their terrorists to loot, and burn, and assault police and citizens. Why have none of them been brought to justice?

I am so disgusted with the lack of action by Republicans that I will not contribute to any campaign until I see action! The Durham Report is supposed to come out soon with indictments. If people like Comey and Brennan who spied on and sabotaged the Trump campaign are not indicted, then America will face its last sunset. If insurgent leaders like Obama, Biden, Hillary, Schumer, Pelosi, and Harris are permitted to continue their campaign to unmake America, then this great nation will see the last of the light. These communist leaders are trying to overthrow the Constitution and remake America into their socialist dictatorship. These Democrat betrayals are not events for Republicans to use as campaign fund raising. This is open war requiring a response in blood!

There are three kinds of voters – the informed, the misinformed, and the uninformed:

  • The informed voter votes Republican. They know what happens in government and pay attention to what both sides say and They are not deterred by leftwing propaganda that floods the zone with Big Lies. All of the left’s constant demonizing of President Trump evaporates in light of the truth. These are the voters who want to make America great, renew industry, empower energy, crush criminals, and stop the government from seizing our prosperity. Republicans chant, “We love America.”
  • The misinformed voter believes communism is good and labels Republicans as Nazis. They even had that in their online dictionary. The Nazis were not German republicans. They learned their national socialism from American Democrats. These people foolishly believe whatever Democrats tell them without investigating beyond the headline. These are the voters that want America destroyed and remade as a totalitarian socialist dictatorship like Venezuela. Democrats chant, “Death to America.”
  • The uninformed voter is the largely ignorant middle who are not paying attention to what politicians do, only listening occasionally to what they say. These are the people the left vaunts as “open-minded” when they are just the oblivious. They are the most susceptible to being derailed by propaganda to fall into the Democrat trap. Their eager election of a Moslem communist to be leader of the free world is proof of this. Independents consist of those who are the most ignorant and out of touch, not the most open-minded and analytical. If they were informed, then they would choose a side, and if they were morally upright, they would choose Republicans every time.

Seeing 2020 with 2020 vision

They say hindsight is 2020, but it doesn’t take a prophet to see the future of Democrat’s plan for America. 2020 in America is a year lost in limbo. Democrats have unleashed their Nazi thugs into the streets while using virus terrorism to lock down our citizens. We know now that the death rate of this virus was grossly exaggerated by Democrat governors deliberately infecting nursing homes and denying people lifesaving medicines. We know that Democrats have fomented an insurrection to burn their cities. We know they will try to overthrow the government and steal power through massive mail-in voter fraud so they can steal from red states to pay for their destroying their own states.

The flu they purported to be the plague, and the plague that is their brainwashed goons of socialist hate, are the weapons they are using to destroy this country on their false premise of white supremacy. The only racism being perpetrated in America is by Democrats against white people. The white masters of the Democrat Plantation have warped the minds of millions of “brown people” to despise and reject America, Christianity, and God, believe their racist bigotry is good, and embrace leftist hate.

Donald Trump’s vision is what has been making America great these past four years. His elimination of Obamunism is what made out economy boom so superbly that even black unemployment fell to record lows. His investigation of the spying by Obama has caused Democrats to rise up in revolt before they are completely exposed as the criminals they are. But what will Durham do? The angry Democrats of the Mueller team obstruct justice, wiped their phones to avoid investigation, and nothing is done to them. Why are there two tiers of justice in America? How does President Trump drain the swamp when Democrats can openly spit on and thwart justice? Are we winning when they can do this and get away with it, while our people are imprisoned over false allegations?

President Trump was actually nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his bringing Arabs and Israelis to the peace table for the first time since Sadat. Democrats say this cheapens the award if they give it to the bad orange man. The Nobel Peace Prize was rendered irrelevant when they gave it to terrorist PLO leader, Yasser Arafat, for rejecting all peace efforts with Israel. And they gave it to Obama for not doing squat. Donald Trump has brought greater peace to the world than any person or president in history. He has Arab nations recognizing Israel. He destroyed ISIS and killed two of the world’s leading terrorists. What did Obama do after he was preemptively awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? He empowered the creation of ISIS by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Biden recently called Trump a “climate arsonist” saying he would burn up the world. He called him a climate denier who doesn’t believe in their “science.” California is not burning because of the climate, but because of Democrat’s climate jihadi arsonists and their irrational policy of not clearing deadwood. They mock Trump for saying science doesn’t know. President Trump is right when he says science doesn’t know the future of weather. If they did then the Farmer’s Almanac predictions would be perfect. If you believe in Democrat’s Chicken Little science, you are one of the world’s worst fools who will soon be parted from your money.

Another recent Democrat debacle was on Netflix following Obama’s recommendation to publish the pedophile movie “Cuties.” This is not surprising coming from a Moslem who’s “perfect man,” Muhammad, had sex with a nine-year-old girl. Even then, having sex with a girl before “her first moon” was considered wrong. But those dissenters were squelched by Muhammad’s declaration that “Allah allowed it for his Prophet.” The leftwing media says this movie exploiting sexualizing young girls was to shine a spotlight on this practice. Not when they put it on full display for the enjoyment of pedophiles.

NFL players were “surprised” when their fans booed their political support for BLM communism as if they don’t know they are spitting in the faces of the very people who pay them. I hope their billionaire master owners all take a bath and lose billions for allowing their “slaves” to declare themselves the righteous. These ultra-rich, ultra-entitled scum believe themselves to be important. That they believe themselves to be sending “a message of unity,” which is another leftist lie and we know it, is another indication of how liberals delude themselves.

Unity was not on display. It was leftist anti-white racism and anti-Americanism. It was pro-communist hate for liberty. They are not fighting racism. They are racists! They deserve to suffer for their contempt for white people, for police, and for America. Black lives don’t matter to them or they would stand with Republicans against gangsters who account for 97% of the murders of blacks in this country, not with the 3% of criminals killed in gunfights with the police, and certainly not over the .01% of innocent blacks that might be murdered by a rare racist cop.

If you’re a black Democrat and you’ve decided that America is systemically racist, that white people should become either slaves or dead, then you need to either go back to Africa or take up your guns and see if that works for you. You cannot convince righteous people that they are the evil in the world when we see that the evil is what is in your heart. Democrats have been a cancer in this country since its founding when they insisted that slavery be legalized. Six hundred thousand Americans died to free the slaves and this is what we get for it? Thug culture?

President Trump, Rush Limbaugh, and FOX News are the trinity of conservative Christian’s righteous truth. The leftwing media spreads nothing but lies, disinformation, misinformation, distraction, and slanders in their efforts to deceive the common ignorant viewer. Democrats are the left and Republicans are the right for a reason. The righteous build while the left destroys. Democrats create destruction from forest fires to rioting in the streets endangering all lives, but especially those of Republicans whom they portray as Nazis. It is Republicans in California who live in the suburbs they allow to burn. Democrats are in their corrupt, crime ridden cities. They are waging war on America. Only when the righteous stand up against the left’s murderers in self-defense do truth and justice rule the nation. Lincoln did it in our first Civil War. Now it is Trump’s turn in America’s 2nd Civil War.

If Trojan Horse Biden Wins, Marxists Will Rule America Unopposed

Tucker Carlson exposes Chinese virus attack, BLM predators, and climate crisis fraud 9/15/20

America’s 21st Century Civil War

The Obama Generation

[Author’s Note: Remember the line from the movie Avatar in which the hero says, “When someone has something you want, you make them your enemy.” This is what Democrats are doing in casting Republicans under Trump as Nazi racists. There is no basis for their slander, only their hate. Democrats, on the other hand, are rightfully called uncivilized savage animals in the riots they commit destroying the property of others and murdering the innocent. I don’t understand why President Trump won’t pull the trigger on prosecuting these myriad Democrat criminals both on the streets and in government. Their coup, insurrection, and terrorism are destroying our freedom. What does it take? Leftists keep asking conservatives how we can defend the bad orange man. The answer is, we don’t have to defend him from their lies. We just have to expose them!

This November’s election will be deluged with anonymous mail-in voter fraud to overturn the results after President Trump wins re-election. Democrats have proven they will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to regain power. They have deluded half of their followers to believe that socialism is freedom instead of slavery, and capitalism is slavery instead of freedom. If they regain power, they will institute their socialist laws to install themselves as dictators for life ala Chavez and make America Venezuela. If President Trump does not bring them to justice, if he allows them to steal back power, if he doesn’t fight them tooth and nail, then I will not consider him to be our greatest president. I will then see him as the greatest Trojan Horse the left ever perpetrated. Obama was bad enough with his Moslem communist ideals he tried to force down our throats. For President Trump to fail us would be the ultimate betrayal. I pray he takes them down rather than vice versa.

I have 3 Vital Questions for President Trump:

  • Why have you not declared Antifa and BLM to be a pair of domestic Nazi communist terror groups?
  • Will you do anything to stop Democrat voter fraud using ballot harvesting and collecting ballots after Election Day to steal the presidency, congressional seats, and local elections?
  • Will you ever bring charges against Democrats for their coup attempt, riots, and murderers of citizens and police to bring them to justice?

Ask Republicans and Democrats these questions:

  • Should Trump Republicans be allowed to steal the election through voter fraud?
  • Should Biden Democrats be allowed to steal the election through voter fraud?

I can tell you without taking that poll that Republicans would say no to both questions. I can tell you without a pittance of doubt that Democrats answers would no and yes. Leftists believe they are entitled to what they want and are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get it. Snowflakes stupidly follow deceivers because they believe it gives them power. What they are doing is being slaves to the ruling elites. Liberals believe in following because they want an adult to provide everything for them. They don’t understand that they will only be provided misery by the communist Nazis of the left.

But they are miseducated and deluded as to who are the Nazis and who are communists. Ask them:

  • Are Democratic socialists communists?
  • Is Antifa a group of fascist thugs?
  • Is BLM a group of communist thugs?
  • Is fascism far right, communism far left, and are Democrats in the center?
  • Are Republicans the KKK?
  • Are Republicans Nazis?

The answers are yes, yes, yes, no, no, and no. I guarantee that liberals will answer the exact opposite and not believe that history proves them 1000% wrong! But their immature egos will never allow them to examine the facts or admit their mistakes. They would rather believe in what they have been told by the very people who use them as their eternal dupes. Biden Democrats are so stupid they believe him when he says he wouldn’t trust a vaccine because he doesn’t trust Trump, he only trusts science. What does he think is happening? That Trump is making vaccines the basement of the White House? This is just more liberal whacko stupidity. (Leftists don’t trust Jesus either.) Liberals are so backwards thinking believing that they are entitled, that athletes who get paid millions think they are slaves! Their minds are backwards, inside out, reversed, mirrored to everything that is reality.

Should Democrats succeed in overthrowing the Constitution, America’s only hope will be a second Revolution. Trump will be forced to use troops to stop the riots after Election Day. Democrats will say he is imposing martial law as a tyrant. When Democrats declare Biden president a month after the election because they flipped states with their mail-in voter fraud, there will be war. If Trump doesn’t lay down for them, they will send their elements of the military to overthrow him. There are generals and officers who are devout Democrats that would do so.

What percentage of the military will be on the side of Republicans? Will soldiers obey Democrat officers who will shoot them if they refuse or will they mutiny and frag their officers? Will citizens be forced to take up arms to prevent the overthrow of our government by fascist commies? Democrats cannot allow their slaves to own guns. When they try to seize power, they will send the police and military to round them up. Those who resist will be imprisoned or killed. Twenty-five percent of people are fully invested in establishing communist totalitarianism as their government. America’s 2nd Civil War is about to go hot.]

Democrat says America as bad as Nazi Germany

“Mostly Peaceful” Democrat Riots Have Done Over $1 Billion in Insurance Damage

This is how leftist Democrats dissemble, fabricate, and equivocate the facts

Leftist ‘News’ Sites Claim That 19 Years After 9/11 America’s Biggest Terror Threat is – Trump Supporters

The Stakes by Michael Anton – American liberty could be lost in 2020

Biden devoted his political career to sending American jobs to China

Democrats push communism as boosting the economy

America’s two systems of justice – Democrats are free to commit crimes while Republicans are railroaded over false allegations

Democrats chant “Death to America”

Riots erupt after police shoot “unarmed” man chasing them with butcher knife

Court Released Suspect, Ignored Ankle Monitor Violations Before He Murdered Woman

BLM rioter tossed from moving police car

Democrats Release Portland Man Who Set Fire With Molotov Cocktail. Then He Sets SIX More

Build Back Better – Democrats Have a Plan

Cancel Culture – A Study in the Two-Faced, Self-Righteous Hypocrisy of Leftism

Democrats, Leftists, Liberals and Their Dysfunctional Thinking

When Will This Farce End?

Democrat’s Urban Suicide

Democrats Give “Going Postal” a Whole New Meaning with Voting

Democrat Convention vs. Republican Convention

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Cheers for Kyle Rittenhouse Fighting Fascist Racism in America

The Red Mirage of Trump’s Election Night Victory

2020 Election (un)Civil War Nazis vs. “Nazis”

What will it take for President Trump to act?

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