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The Right to War!  Beating the war drums in America against Jihadis

Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize despite having accomplished nothing in his besides getting elected to the presidency of the United States.  As the world is erupting in wars by fascist leftwing aggressors, he says he will do nothing … Continue reading

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POTUS – incompetent, bored, or betrayer, Obama is a 4F president

“GM is alive and bin Laden is dead.” These are perhaps the most infamous words ever spoken by the President of the United States.  America’s first black president has proven to be a disaster, not only for America, but the … Continue reading

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Five hundred billionaires against sixteen million poor kids in America

Liberals run for government office on the basis of breeding greed and envy in the hearts of the poor.  Ignorant people have no understanding of how Democrats are stripping away America’s wealth and then blaming Republicans. Class envy is the … Continue reading

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Justice for Michael Brown – the facts in black and white

Blacks demand “justice” for Michael Brown. Michael Brown, the unarmed black teen shot dead by a white policeman in Ferguson, Mo. has led to a renewal of the black battle cry, “No justice!  No peace!”  There are always two sides … Continue reading

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This is Canada’s Top Ten List of American Stupidity

The righteous are the same the world over.  They expect you to be a responsible adult, work for a living, don’t envy everyone else or demand to benefit from their hard work, and do unto others as you would have them … Continue reading

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Obama’s Legacy – the deterioration and death of Americanism

Barack Obama talks of defending liberty and championing righteousness, but his policies are to allow evil to flourish while making America weak. Obama’s hatred and contempt for all things American is no secret.  He leads a party whose core is … Continue reading

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Barack extremely irate over ISIL and Ferguson

ISIL Jihadi from Britain murders journalist James Foley by beheading him in retaliation for Obama bombing them.  The only way to defeat this evil that threatens every decent human being in the region and beyond with their terrorism is for … Continue reading

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Militarizing the police as part of the Democrat agenda

American police are becoming more heavily armed and armed to fight the rampant crime created by Democrat policies, which also state that guns are too dangerous to be in the hands of citizens.  Criminalizing more and more behavior, making crime … Continue reading

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Democrats in Texas criminalize politics

Gov. Perry faces persecution from the most corrupt court in the country.  Perry is the third Republican being charged by the Nazi court of Travis County whose DA was arrested last year for DWI and refuses to resign her position. … Continue reading

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Leftist solution to Ferguson riots is to prosecute the cop for defending himself

While Ferguson residents protest the shooting of “gentle giant” Michael Brown, criminals descend on the city to loot and pillage.  Autopsy proves honest witness testimony that the policeman was justified in the shooting and did not execute a surrendering teenager. … Continue reading

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