What will it take for President Trump to act?

“If Republicans had done what Democrats have done, they would have been imprisoned for fifty years two years ago for treason.” – President Trump

We have had proof that the Obama/Biden administration used American intelligence resources by corrupt administrators, like Comey of the FBI and Brennan of the CIA, to spy on the Trump campaign. Democrats keep calling this a “conspiracy theory,” but there is no theory when we have the proof that they illegally obtained FISA warrants under false pretenses that members of the Trump campaign were Russian agents. Their Russian collusion fraud, about which they lied for three years, hundreds of times a day, failed to be the Big Lie they had hoped.

They impeached President Trump in the House under another fraud again illegally applying American law via their corruption. Now they seek to subvert the election by mailing out eighty million ballots to be returned anonymously. They sent out their Nazi thugs to terrorize the populace and threaten to burn this country down if Trump didn’t lay down and roll over to allow them to elect demented Joe “Hiden” Biden. What does it take before Donald Trump takes up the sword of liberty and shield the people from this civil war Democrats are waging to overthrow America?

We are the victims of a full-blown civil war. This is an insurrection being led by Democrat terrorists and their leading mayors, governors, and congressmen, to overthrow this nation. They want mail-in voter fraud to rule so they can establish their totalitarian socialist dictatorship. Americans cannot live in a free nation being terrorized by leftwing fascist communism. They are spilling out of the Democrat cities they burned into the suburbs.

You already know these thugs will be at polling stations to block people from voting, intimidating, and coercing them to not vote for Trump, thus taking away their freedom. What is President Trump’s plan for crushing this? He has yet to unleash the DoJ against the campaign spies in four years. How long before he unleashes the full might and power of the federal government on their Nazis? Is he holding back because they call us Nazis saying that to do so would be martial law? Throw that B.S. back in their faces!

Americans don’t have police protecting them anymore. Democrats are hamstringing police to allow terrorists to have free reign. Democrat judges are freeing them rather than prosecuting them for their crimes. If President Trump does not initiate the Insurrection Act before the election, patriotic Americans are going to be forced to get into an open shooting war with these fascist thugs. So long as Democrats are allowed to even hold office, America will be engaged in a civil war of their making. No one will be safe in Democrat’s America.

The cause of this is Democrat’s former and present slaves. Ninety percent of them have been voting Democrat for the last hundred years. They have been taught to be deadbeats relying on government handouts of freebies. They have been taught to embrace criminal culture, to be thugs and thieves, and then wonder why they get shot and imprisoned. Basically, black people is dum. They have been brainwashed to reject the 10% who think righteously and prosper as being “Uncle Toms.” They have been taught to interpret this as selling out to white people rather than being righteous in working with white people. They have been taught that communism is righteous when employing fascist hate to terrorize the innocent. How do you educate these miseducated malcontents who have been taught that anti-white racism is good?

You want the truth about who the suckers are in America? Anyone who served in any military service, including law enforcement, and now votes Democrat is a sucker. What kind of fool votes for those leaders who would defund them? Obama and Biden defunded the military, reduced their numbers, and expended their ammunition of trash. Donald Trump had to rebuild and rearm them almost from scratch. Democrats are hamstringing police by taking away their defensive and offensive means of controlling riots.

Rioters are throwing firebombs at them, shooting them in the face with lasers, and chucking bricks. Since when are any of these not deadly weapons? Meanwhile, Democrats are taking away their shields, clubs, and helmets. A Detroit federal judge banned police from using teargas, batons, and rubber bullets against rioters because they are “peaceful protesters.” Police should be using deadly force against this onslaught, not trading blows in fisticuffs. Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, is bailing rioters out of jail so they can go right back into circulation.

President Trump needs to depose these rebellious Democrat insurrectionists. Don’t let their façade fool you. They have openly stripped the people of their righteous protectors. These Democrat mayors, governors, and congressmen need to suffer the righteous wrath of the American citizens along with their violent Nazi thugs. Restore the funding, the equipment, and the authority police require to put down this rebellion and set their cities aright. Don’t force patriots to take to the streets with arms to defend liberty and be subjected to Democrat’s corrupt judiciary.

How to divide a nation against itself

How do you divide a nation? You create that division through a false accusation combined with oppressive recrimination of the innocent. You then create fear by convicting the innocent and exonerating the guilt. Democrats are the dupes of leftists. Liberals are so dysfunctional in their irrational thinking that, like immature children who believe anything they are told, they follow Democrats like lemmings. These people believe such insane things as transgender men having a menstrual cycle despite lacking the biological equipment of such a thing. These are the people who say we must believe in their science or get a beat down. American cannot allow stupid people under the control of the propaganda media to rule the land.

After President Trump wins re-election in a massive landslide, Democrats plan is to continue to mail in ballots in every place they lost elections until they flip enough to give them absolute power. They will flip districts and states, even Texas, after the election and declare that Donald Trump is an illegitimate president and usurper violating the Constitution unless he surrenders his office. If Democrats are permitted to seize power through their street thug terrorism and ballot fraud, they will establish themselves as firmly as the National Socialist Party did in Germany. They will unite with the communist powers of the world and make America a client state of the Chicoms.

“Biden wants to surrender our country to the virus, surrender our families to the leftwing mobs, and surrender our jobs to China.” – President Trump press conference 9-7-20

“Workers live by an American code, while Trump lives by a code of lies, greed, and selfishness.” – Joe Biden 9-7-20

Biden, who was all for China during the Obama years, shipping out American jobs before he now says he wouldn’t, endorsed the rioters in our streets before he said didn’t, and declared that COVID was no threat before he did. As leftists always do, he is talking out of his ass. Now he is running as a Republican to bring jobs back from China, enact law and order, and protect the nation from the virus. Except that everything he would do is ass backwards from what President Trump has been doing that is working. This is the usual Democrat campaign ploy of running in favor of republicanism then ruling as lying Democrats. They think idiots will believe Democrats will make businesses grown as they crush them over their virus terrorism, and that their taxes won’t suck the prosperity out of their pockets.

In the meantime, China is gearing up for war, funded by the USA, in case Trump can hold onto the presidency and continue to make the communist regime suffer for what they have inflicted on the world. Black agitators are rioting over every black criminal that gets shot in gunfights with police. Democrat lawmakers would have Congress bail out their cities and states that have wasted billions of taxpayer dollars stuffing their own pockets. Democrats are desperate to make Republicans pay for their socialist dictatorship and are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get it.

How far up their collective asses must their heads be buried to believe in Democrats? You cannot convince them that their systemic racism isn’t bogus or that Trump’s economic boom is not Obama’s. They know these are their lies and are only piling their BS higher and deeper. They are just too hateful and stupid to let them go. Conservatives don’t have to be reasonable with these people. They are irrational, dysfunctional, and even insane, stupidly voting for Democrats again and again in the face of their lies expecting a different result. To make their cheating the vote with dead people’s ballots even more obvious, they are now testing dead people positive of Covid before it was ever around. Those who understand what they are doing know they are deliberately deceiving people. Those who do not understand they have been deceived are too stupid to reason with as they are invested in their lies and live in denial of the truth that they are dupes.

President Trump MUST NOT ALLOW Democrats to steal a single seat in Congress or anywhere in government with their voter fraud. What good will it do if he wins the presidency and the rest of the nation goes to hell like NYC? Every modicum of control they take they use to undermine this nation. Democrats corrupt everything they touch. They corrupt every mind they reach. These fascist commie BLM thugs actually wear t-shirts declaring all Trump supporters, the same Republicans who freed them from slavery, to be Nazis. Black lives don’t matter to them or they would be protesting Democrats rather than burning down black businesses and endorsing black gangs killing innocent black children on their streets. You can only do two things with such people; destroy them or submit to them as slaves.

President Trump rakes Democrats over the coals

Too many times phony BLMers go to those whom their comrades beat and ask them if they’re ok. Here is a group of righteous black men defending a cop from a beating. This is why I have hope that blacks can be educated to not be Democrats.

[Author’s Note: Biden Democrats slander Trump supporters as being violent like their thugs. No Republican supporter burns down and loots stores. No Republican starts any fights, but there are plenty willing to finish them. Antifa/BLM thugs come to their “peaceful protests” armed and armored to engage in street battles with police and patriots. Police being stripped of their protection by Democrat mayors, but patriots are arming to confront the Democrat fascists. Biden calls patriots Nazi thugs starting the street fights, yet not one ever throws the first blow. It has been a Nazi tactic to start fights and blame those who defend themselves. They have been known to infiltrate peaceful groups to have one of their own instigate a fight so their thugs can attack claiming they were unrightfully attacked.

Democrats believe they can dupe the nation with their fascist thugs of Antifa Nazis and BLM communists, but they can’t. Systemic racism only exists in the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party. They believe they can have Biden/Harris and their lying media gaslight the nation that everything they say is the truth rather than everything we have seen and heard for the past ten years. They even think they can create a narrative about Trump not caring about the American people, not bringing back jobs, not protecting the nation in this pandemic that ended months ago but Democrats continue to make their slaves suffer. What was supposed to be a two-week shutdown to slow the spread has become a six month plus shutdown until a cure is found as if that’s possible. We pay taxes for government to provide us with security, and Democrats are not doing that. We don’t need government to run businesses. Only the most oblivious liberals believe in Democrats.

We were all fooled back in February by the death rate until we learned that Democrats were killing people in nursing homes and denying patients lifesaving medicines. They think that they can spin gold from the crap that comes out of their mouths with Woodward’s revealing behind the scenes words from Trump. But we quickly find he said the exact same things in public six months ago, while Biden is reversing everything he has ever said. Now he wants to have law and order and bring back jobs from China? ROTFLMAO! Every time they speak our righteous media plays back their own words in their faces from just a few months ago. They cannot create the Big Lies that they used because Donald Trump does not lay down for them like our treacherous RINOs have in the past. The Internet makes too much information available to those who think beyond what they are told to think. President Trump critically needs to crush Democrat voter fraud this November or America will go down in the flames of socialism.]

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses, text that says 'ARIEL ATKINS "BLM LEADER & ORGANIZER" She has stated, "I don't care if someone decides to loot, because that makes sure that person eats or has clothes. Anything they want to take, they can, because these businesses have insurance."'

Leftist media gaslighting to slander Trump with their revisionist history narratives

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President Trump rips Gov. Cuomo, de Blasio for ‘destroying’ New York City

Democrats hate America because leftists have corrupted their hearts and minds to reject God and blame others for the problems they create for themselves

F*ck the Police!” – Families OUTRAGED After Assistant High School Principal Films Himself Marching with BLM and Cussing Police at Rochester Riots

This is your typical brainwashed liberal goon holding a BLM sign calling a black cop the n-word. He’s a wolf among the fold of snowflakes they use as their fascist muscle who thinks his forehead is bulletproof. WTF is wrong with his brain?

America’s 21st Century Civil War

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The Red Mirage of Trump’s Election Night Victory

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