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New York Gov. Cuomo’s Nursing Home Genocide

With the infection created by the Chicom’s bioweapons and spread with the help of Democrats, Gov. Cuomo launched the diabolical scheme of putting Covid infected patients into nursing homes with sickly old people rather than in quarantine. Continue reading

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Trump Capitalism vs. Democrat Socialism

Why?  Why?  WHY?  Why doesn’t Trump file charges against corrupt Democrats?  They are already accusing him of weaponizing the justice department.  Why doesn’t Trump pardon those wrongfully convicted by the Mueller probe?  Why doesn’t Trump write an executive order to … Continue reading

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Republican Frustration is Well Founded

Republican voters are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of President Trump’s actions against Democrats.  Making America great and keeping her great isn’t just about removing Democrat roadblocks to the economy.  It’s about stopping them from oppressing the people.  It’s … Continue reading

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Russian Collusion is Democrat’s Birther Movement

Democrats claiming that Trump colluded with the Russians to somehow steal the election are going to come up as empty, impotent, and frustrated as Republicans that contested Obama’s American citizenship. Many believed that where Obama was born would disqualify him … Continue reading

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