Sharia – not the law of radical Islamists, but the law of Muhammad


Sharia Law is derived from the teachings of Mohammad and his decrees as the Prophet of Islam.  It is every bit as brutal and medieval today as when it was established making women the veritable property of men.

Islam, according to Islamists, is peace.  Moslem countries live under Sharia Law, not because they are radicals, but because it is the law of the Prophet.  Muhammad’s teachings are very well documented in the Koran and Hadith of which westerners remain as ignorant as they are of how their own government works.  Now that the Sultan of Brunei has instituted Sharia Law in his country, Follywood has actually taken a stand against one of their own.

Hollywood snubs Brunei owned hotel over adopting Sharia Law

While in America today people are permitted to engage in homosexual sex without punishment (unless they do so in public which is forbidden for heterosexuals as well), there is no persecution.  Homosexuals have engaged in open conflict with the Christian church to sanctify gay marriage, which they will not do.  But the religion of Islam that they have supported in opposition to the Christian religion they are finding to be not only more intolerant, but downright vicious.

Sharia Law, Moslem Law, declares that any who are not Muslim, do not submit to the Will of Allah and take up Islam, are infidels who should be “put under the boot of Islam” as dhimmis, second class citizens.  Anyone who attempts to leave the religion of or insults the Prophet, any woman who has sex with a man not her husband, even if raped, any man who is homosexual, or any woman who has any doings with infidels are to be stoned to death to preserve the honor of Islam.  Gays in America have been fighting the Christian church for the right to have their unions sanctified.

Islam in Africa – kidnapping girls for sex slaves and forcing them into Islam

Islam has a history of fourteen centuries at war with the world, raiding neighboring countries to loot and burn, and taking captives as slaves and forcing them to convert to Islam.  These are all done according to the teachings of Muhammad in the Koran and Hadith who spent his life waging war and enslaving his tribal leaders and their people before turning outward from Arabia.  Islam is not a religion of peace and all that has kept it at bay the past four centuries has been the technological advances of Europe over the stagnation of Islam.

The religion of Muhammad is no different than the ancient pagan Germanic religion of the Vikings and most tribal peoples.  They did the same under the belief in their many gods that neighboring peoples who were not of their tribe were to be overthrown and enslaved.  Just because Islam is monotheistic does not change the fact that Muhammad’s teachings were peace between Muslims (which has never been the case) and war with all others.

Even between those of their own religion they have warred based on race.  The Arabs warred with the Turks who are a Mongolian tribe that invaded and conquered from Persia and to the east in the 11th century.  In WWII they allied with Hitler to exterminate the Jews, and today in Africa Arab Moslems war with African Moslems committing genocide because they are not of the pure blood of Muhammad’s people.  This is what gave rise to the terms Islamo-fascism and Islamo-nazi.

The American Left has never been on board in stopping the depredations of Islam throughout the world.  Instead of protesting Islamist treatment of women as chattel, they have instead promoted the lie that Christians are waging war on women to deny them birth control.  Hollywood is so corrupted by their own hypocrisy that no one can take them seriously when they protest one of the many hotels now owned by Islamic masters.

Son of Hamas leader condemns them and courageously converts to Christianity

These boys understand

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4 Responses to Sharia – not the law of radical Islamists, but the law of Muhammad

  1. Those who practice the 3rd Abrahamic religion, Islam, are called Muslims; not “Islamists”. Only the ignorant, Islamaphobic non-journalist would call Muslims that. It has no Germanic similarities as you claimed (lied). You should advise firefighters instead of feigning expertise in Islamic matters.

    Shari’a is a Muslim’s personal conduct and is NOT applied to non-Muslims. It is totally UN-ISLAMIC to force anyone to convert to Islam. It’s also un-Islamic to kill anyone for not converting to Islam on their own.

    The meme you used in your article. Can you explain what that has to do with Islam? Can you find pouring acid on or cutting off the noses of women in the Holy Qur’an?

    IF you studied military tactics, AS YOU CLAIMED, you’d bear witness to the fact the AMBUSHES are set-up IN DEFENSE, ONLY!! The defending force has an approximate fix on the attacking force, estimates the most likely avenue(s) of approach and send out a party for the ambush. This CANNOT WORK for an ATTACKING/AGGRESSOR force!! Either you KNOW THAT, you were lying about your study of the military. Which is it??

    Not ONE of the examples given above is an Islamic practice!
    The lies the people catch Faux Noise in are just that: LIES, not “differences of opinion”….

    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but Faux Noise manufactures it’s own set of “facts”! But it looks like you’re following Faux’s tradition of manufacturing….!


    • dustyk103 says:

      Fourteen hundred years of Islamic oppression proves you wrong. Harems of Christian slave girls, the Janissaries, Barbary Pirates, and twelve centuries striving to invade and conquer Europe. Your ideas of how ambush tactics work in military operations is juvenile.


  2. disbelief says:

    Galen Muhammad, don’t waste your time here. The author’s writing voice indicates that he has no interest in journalistic integrity or hearing any challenges to his viewpoint. You’re absolutely right regarding the meme; simplistic (and irrelevant) images like that are tools of the ignorant to fear-monger to promote yet more ignorance. It’s not much different than the hate speech we hear from Islamophobic politicians. Racist politicians of the past used similar tools to demonize ethnic minorities. Muslims are the new boogeymen. The best we can hope for is that in time good sense will prevail, until a new “villain” emerges for the simple minded to fear and hate.

    Dusty, please refresh yourself on what you learned while you worked for your Journalism degree. I can’t imagine that what I’m reading is a result of any formal training. Your writing has passion for sure, but it lacks actual substance. Worse yet, you seem to embrace misinformation.

    Best wishes to both of you.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Such vacuous opinions as yours is why jihadis are being invited into America and Europe. The simple fact that you use the bogus leftist fiction of “Islamophobia” tells me you suffer from profound ignorance of the history of Islam. That, along with your urging others not to waste their time here learning anything tells me your mind is closed and you won’t learn until a jihadi kills someone you care about. Try opening YouTube and listen to the Imams in the Middle East speak rather than to the morons at MSNBC that endorse the Moslem in the White House.


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