Liberal Democrat’s Straw Man in a Glass House

You can use the words “straw man argument,” but that doesn’t mean you know what it means.  Liberals argue based on what they know.  Their arguments, however, are built of straw men of false allegations in glass houses whose foundation is the misinformation fed to the ignorant from which they throw stones at Republicans.  Liberal arguments are founded on ignorance and, like a statue built on clay feet, are easily toppled by those with knowledge of the truth.  Even as their statues lay shattered at their feet, liberals will deny the facts and threaten those who expose them.  Charging the innocent as criminals does not make them criminals except in the minds of two-faced, self-deluding criminals who persecute the innocent.

Biden denies, deflects, and projects his corruption on Trump

(It just came to my attention when I examined this link that YouTube is substituting and censoring Republican posts of Biden, both his bragging about racketeering in Ukraine and his denial that he is deflecting questions about his corruption.  The link I had here was originally to Fox & Friends full hour detailing Biden’s corruption, and is now just a meaningless two second blip.  YouTube and Google are scrubbing the Internet of Democrats like Biden admitting their crimes while flooding the zone with worthless videos so the facts cannot be found.  Makes me wonder how many of my links have been scrubbed on YouTube?  I have replaced the F&F video with another that it took me an hour of searching to find.  When I looked for this, dozens of videos purporting to depict Trump going berserk and denying facts popped up in its place.)

CNN refuses to air Trump ad detaining Biden’s racketeering in Ukraine

In response to reporters questioning Joe Biden about his corruption, his response is that there is none, that they don’t have a right to question his integrity, that he won’t answer questions about his son’s business, and that reporters should go ask Trump about his corruption.  Democrats say Trump must not only prove to be corruption free before he can investigate Democrat corruption, but that he must also have no allegations of corruption made against him.  This requirement that a human being must be perfect and have no one tell lies about him before he can charge others with corruption is insanely absurd.  This is the argument that was used to crucify Jesus.

The Fallacy of Liberalism

Liberals are so effortlessly duped, deluded, and confused, it’s a wonder that they can get through life, but no wonder that their lives are often in shambles.  They are then easily manipulated into believing that others are to blame for their plight.  Leftists have told them that the righteous are brainwashed and they believe themselves to be the free thinkers exercising good judgment.  Holding a mirror up to them will not reveal the truth.  People who are consumed by irrational hate, driven by unstable emotionalism, and misguided by false morality cannot understand righteousness.

Hypnotists say only about 25% of people make good subjects because they are open to the power of suggestion.  Liberals are the people who are can simply be gaslighted by people like Obama to believe what he says because they are oblivious of what he does.  Obama tells them his administration was the only one ever to be transparent and without scandal, that he is a Christian rather than a Moslem, an America rather than a communist, and they accept his statement as Gospel truth despite the mountain of evidence proving he lies.

With such warped, dysfunctional thinking is it any wonder they think no president has ever talked nasty until Trump because their media either concealed or made excuses for the nasty talk of Obama and Clinton.  The media smears Trump 24/7/365 while they worshipped Obama, yet the two have the same polling approval rating.  Liberals believe that Trump is like Hitler because they use the same words, but they pay no attention to the fact that they have opposite goals and paths to get there.  They can’t see the corruption in Democrats, have no clue about their history being racist slavers and creators of the KKK, and believe all the lies and smears about Republicans.

When they are told to believe it is conservatives echoing each other that is a product of brainwashing, that we are the lemmings being driven by a Svengali because we use the same words, they don’t understand that to be because we are the intelligent, rational, educated people who all see the same thing.  One can watch Colbert so easily convert liberals from hating Comey to martyring him it is a sight to behold making one realize they are lemmings.  Try that on conservatives who cannot be made to flip flop so readily despite false claims in the media.  Obama saying his administration was transparent and scandal free doesn’t make it so.  A fact isn’t a fact just because someone says so.

They think they are educated – until you debate them.  Then, when they realize their ignorance, they become enraged often resorting to violence.  At that point they are always ready to foist their opinion on you by force.  This has been the way of leftism throughout history and why they have groups of thugs like Antifa and BLM and Jihadis to terrorize the righteous.  The two percent of deceivers rely on the ease of manipulating the 20% of ignorant liberals lacking maturity to recognize their conflicting assertions.  That’s why they become confused, why gaslighting is effective, and why they become emotionally unstable.  Until the light comes on in their brains and their eyes are truly opened, liberals will always be the dupes of the deceivers who are the left.

The Truth of Trump vs. the Hate of Democrats

Trump campaigned on a plan; undo Obama regulations, lower taxes, and crush Obamunism to make the economy boom and the judiciary Constitutional.  Democrats offer only Trump hate and a return to Obamunism.  What do you call someone who is so backwards thinking that they think they are progressive but who are actually regressive, who think they know truth but wallow in lies, who think they strive for good but advance the cause of evil?  In America today they are known as leftwing liberal Democrats.  Making false allegations does not make one guilty until proven innocent except in the eyes of leftist deceivers and their liberal dupes.

Straw Man Argument

Psychological Projection

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