Communism, corruption, and criminals – Amerika’s new ruling Democratic National-socialist Communist Party


Democrat’s morals are so twisted that they extoll the virtues of criminals as the “needy poor” and curse citizens who refuse to “share their wealth.” This is what happens when the psychotic sociopath criminal is elected to high office. This is the sickness of the leftist mind that leads to their irrational hate, fear, and dysfunctional attitudes resulting in derangement as they believe that stealing is a virtue and defending what you worked to provide for your family is the crime. It’s demented and insane, and these people are now ruling over us!

Democrats suffer from systemic greed and envy, the kind of greed and envy that twists their hearts and warps their minds corrupting their souls. The danger in turning to the Dark Side is of becoming the evil that you despise. Do you believe communism is a benevolent ideology? Do you believe criminals are justified in their crimes? Do you believe corruption can produce benefits? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then read on and I will explain why you are a dumbass! It’s not Republicans who have become radical racists. It is Democrats who have become radical anti-Americans who now revile the righteous.

Communists, Democrats, socialists, Nazis, fascists, Imperialists; none of these ideologies believe you have a right to self-defense. They believe you must wait for the state to come save you. What the state does in these instances is clean up the mess and then go after the criminal. The idea that you should not be permitted to protect your family and property for which you work to provide is leftist ideology. A criminal stealing from you, forcing you to submit to their will, is making you a slave. The state saying you have no right to protect yourself but only benefit from protection by the state is also making you a slave. Blacks in America, who have been so corrupted that they now constitute ten times more violent criminals than any other demographic group, have been taught by Democrats that they have a right to steal because they have had so much stolen from them. That they aim these criminals at Republicans, the very people who freed them from slavery and fought for their rights, is how Democrat propagandists have utterly corrupted their hearts and minds. This is how socialism works.

“We is the victims of systemic racism,” says BLM leaders.

No, you is the victims of systemic stupidity compounded by systemic lies resulting in systemic hate as anti-white racist bigots who are every bit as evil as anti-black racist bigots. You have become that which you hate. Democrats have used the frog in water brought to a boil tactic to subvert America. This is how Democrats led Americans into communism and conservative Christians stupidly let it happen instead of fighting back. When Jesus said, “Do not resist an evil man,” He did not mean that you should allow evil men to rule over you and corrupt your children. When He said, “If you are struck on one cheek, turn to him the other also,” that referred to an insult, not an actual assault. He didn’t say, “If someone rapes your wife give to him your daughter also,” or, “If someone murders your brother give to him your son also.” He did not sit with thieves, rapists, and murderers. He fully endorsed those people being brought to justice.

Liberals have been led to stupidly believe that the police who protect us are all corrupt, power hungry, racist murderers. Believing that one bad cop means ACAB is being a bigot. That’s how bigotry works when you say the one bad apple spoils the bunch. That’s how a leftist interprets this saying, and it is wrong! The saying refers to leaving a bad apple in the bunch until it corrupts and spoils the others. This is what has happened, not in police, but in politicians, in schools, and in media where communists were allowed to promote their perverted ideology and corrupt the minds and hearts of our young, ignorant, skulls full of mush, and fill them with arrogant delusions of superiority.

A perfect example is the media is using Cuomo’s sex offenses to cover his Covid murders of the elderly in nursing homes. Of course he molested women! He’s a Democrat. If they’re not molesting women then they are raping small boys. The left uses false allegations of molesting against Republicans to smear them as being the same to distract from their own crimes, and so they can dupe righteous fools into doing their dirty work for them. If you deny their lies, they create a Catch-22 by saying you protest too much and therefore you are guilty.

Democrats are criminalizing the truth about their stealing the election the same way. Anyone who speaks that truth is cast as an arsonist yelling fire in a crowded theater. It’s not a crime if there’s actually a fire! Leftists are not only calling for these people to be silenced, but to be prosecuted – persecuted by the law! This is the kind of law that leftists make wherein the citizens are made outlaws and the criminals are elevated as the righteous. They say there’s no crisis at the border as they import communistas, criminals, and Covid infected illegal immigrants. They extoll the virtues of these invaders who break our laws to enter our country and then flout our laws to take jobs and not pay taxes. Democrats then demand that citizens pay them homage and benefits.

Democrat coverups abound in their new communist dictatorship. More than half of nursing home deaths from Covid infected patients that Cuomo forced into their facilities claiming that President Trump told him to do it were deliberately hidden from the public. Telling the truth is being criminalized by the left from Cuomo’s genocide to Obiden’s election rigging through Pelosi, Democrat/RINO governors and their AGs changing election law on the fly, and Democrat election officials destroying upwards of ten million Trump ballots and inserting some twenty million phony Biden ballots into the mix. Extrapolating voting patterns in non-swing states shows that Biden would have had less than 60 million votes while President Trump would have had over 80 million. The Democrat coup has rendered elections meaningless. Cuomo declaring people are judging him without facts is a galactic joke as that is how leftists always judge other. We know he is guilty by his use of the Hillary Benghazi defense that these people are already dead so what does it matter now?

(Extrapolating the vote totals from solid blue and red states proves that Democrats eliminated several million ballots from Trump’s total in their “swing states” and added some twenty million to Biden’s. If they can cheat this much under a Republican government, imagine how much more they can do with the election system under their control. The fact that some of their corrupt city districts reported more than twice as many ballots as registered voters is silenced by their propaganda media.)

America is broken because Democrats broke it – deliberately. This is their vengeance for taking their slaves away. Now they have enslaved the entire nation under the iron boot of communist fascism. They did it by breaking our election system with anonymous mail-in ballots that they have now made the law of the land. They did it by breaking our immigration system giving illegal criminal aliens rights over citizens. They did it by breaking our justice system making police criminals and declaring criminals to be innocent. They did it by infecting our culture with greed and envy and hatred for God. They did it by warping minds and twisting hearts into bigotry.

This all began when President Theodore Roosevelt, incensed by his successor being a RINO Democrat in disguise, split the Republican ticket in 1912 allowing Democrats to win the presidency with a Supermajority in Congress and creating what the Founders warned us to never have – a federal bank. That bank was then used to manufacture financial crises by which to dupe the unwitty. They deepened the Crash of ’29 from a recession into the Great Depression. They crashed the savings and loans in 1987 and did it again with the mortgage banks in 2008. The first failed to convince the people to change leadership even Bush was an establishment hack. But the second succeeded in the election of a Moslem communist who ultimately corrupted our government so deeply that they have openly become full blown communists.

There are no patriots and leaders in socialist countries. There are only elitists vs. the mob, tyrants vs. rebels, dictators and their thugs vs. the masses. There are the takers at the top and the bottom putting the makers between a rock and a hard place. Capitalism is what created the world’s first Middle Class in America living the American Dream of being free from government oppression to prosper by their own hands. Now that dream is dead as Democrats control government, take what they want in taxes, and empower criminals to terrorize the people to keep them in line. Disarm the citizen and make them subjects to the imperial order of elites who become their only defense against the predators, scavengers, and parasites of society. This is not progressivism that liberals think they represent. It’s regression to the old world order to advance their new world order free from American liberty.

Todd Herman dissects Premier Obiden’s “Covid Anniversary” celebration trying to rewrite history, Killer Cuomo’s phony molestation distraction, and Democrat’s agenda all through the lens of the eternal wisdom of Rush Limbaugh
From Cuomo’s denials to Obiden’s dementia, liberals lap up the bovine excrement of Democrats
Liberal Democrat’s attempts to smear and slander Rush as a racist

[Author’s Note: Democrats not only expect us to tolerate their stealing our income so they can give it to deadbeats and parasites. They want us to submit to criminals who break into our homes to take more of what we worked for. They make us slaves to the government and to criminals because that’s what someone is who has what they worked to produce taken from them by force. There’s only one way to stop the takers from enslaving the makers. Thieves are not willing to work for their families when it’s easier to take what you work for, so they can exist as parasites with Democrat blessings. It’s the same negative mentality that drives socialism as the means of saving the planet from climate change, approves of human sex slaves and drug trafficking across the border, and says that something as sure in science as math is “racist.”

I have no more interest in President Trump. He failed us as miserably as he colossally succeeded in stomping the MSM. He cannot win re-election in the future any more than he could in 2020. Trump allowed Democrats to succeed in stealing power to steal prosperity thus killing the Golden Goose and the American Dream. Democrats have ultimately corrupted our election system to establish themselves as one-party rulers. Socialism can never be defeated at the ballot box or by protests. We don’t need another President Trump. We need another George Washington! The way of the fascist in communism is slavery of the masses. They can talk about tolerance, freedom, truth, love, and justice, but then deliver the opposite by censorship, oppression, and murder. Not the “oppression” criminals suffer under the righteous, but the true oppression of the innocent by tyrants. Only by revolution do such governments fall.]

The plans of Democrats to reinitiate lockdowns as they siphon off American wealth to themselves and their foreign allies, plus allowing foreigners to freely invade the country to benefit off of taxpayers while not paying taxes is just a part of their plan to reduce American citizens to debt slaves Florida Governor DeSantis Calls Biden’s Plan ‘insane’

As always happens just like Nazi Germany and communist Russia in WWII, after they dispatch their hated Christian foes, leftists turn on each other: ANTIFA Sets Fire to Portland Public School Headquarters and Torches Vehicles in A Series Of Malicious Terrorist Attacks

Mask mandates are deliberate fear-mongering to coerce slaves to obey: Numbers In The New CDC Report DESTROY The Case For Mask Mandates

Democrats profit from kickbacks by drug cartels and human traffickers, plus they profit from bogus morality laws by persecuting drug users and those who visit brothels Biden Adviser Admits New Immigration Policy ‘Definitely Drove Smugglers’ to Create Border Chaos

Leftists who lauded Hitler as “Man of the Year” in Time Magazine and awarded Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for being elected President while black, funding ISIS, and depleting America’s munitions, scorn President Trump for bringing true peace overtures to Israel from the Moslem world UAE Announces $10 Billion Fund for Investments in Israel

SICK: Disney+ removes Peter Pan, Dumbo, and other movies deemed “offensive” by the Democrat-fascists

New Poll REVEALS Exactly What People REALLY Think Of Disney’s Woke Nonsense!

Columbia University Hosts 6 Different Commencements SEGREGATED BY RACE, Sexuality, Income Level

CEASE AND DESIST! Trump tells supporters ‘No more money for RINOS’ as he battles GOP over fundraising with his likeness

House Passes Democrat Bill Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

Twitter Sues Texas

Even with $12.5 billion in federal aid, Killer CUOMO wants New York to tax the ‘wealthy’

Tucker Carlson triggers CNN when he exposes their false stories fact-checked by their phony truthers

Juan Williams Humiliated by Jesse Waters Over Biden Live on National Television

Ebay BANS Six Dr. Suess Books While Selling Nazi Memorabilia, Hitler’s Mein Kampf, Hardcore Porn

Senator Sounds Alarm On Radical-Left Biden DOJ Nominee Who Supports Defunding Police: ‘She Must Be Stopped’

YouTube Bans Donald Trump’s CPAC Speech, Suspends Right Side Broadcasting Channel

Majority of House Democrats vote in favor of lowering voting age to 16

Liberal Democrat’s Systemic Stupidity warns Earth is running out of oxygen

‘Math is racist’ group bankrolled by Bill Gates Foundation

Black Sen. Scott bitch slaps Don Lemon for “Woke Supremacy”

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a photoshopped picture to dupe liberal dumbasses is worth millions of dollars to Democrat propagandists. Only moron liberals believe that Lincoln was a Democrat and it was Republicans that founded the KKK, oppressed blacks, and fostered systemic racism. Show them a phony picture or tell them any lie and they will swallow a load of bovine excrement.

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