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Killing the ObamaCare Tax – taking another head of the Hydra

Republicans have a major problem undoing ObamaCare, one of which is because they don’t want to lose the revenue. President Trump has his hands full.  The Democrat media is acting only to smear him, his people, and everything they do.  … Continue reading

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Russian Collusion is Democrat’s Birther Movement

Democrats claiming that Trump colluded with the Russians to somehow steal the election are going to come up as empty, impotent, and frustrated as Republicans that contested Obama’s American citizenship. Many believed that where Obama was born would disqualify him … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Reinstates Trump’s Travel Ban on Moslems

In a ruling made even before the case is heard the Supreme Court overturned the leftist courts that imposed a stay on Trump’s travel ban from certain Islamic countries. Supreme Court overturns lower court stays on Trump’s Moslem travel ban … Continue reading

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No Common Ground between Republicans and Democrats

The “Art of the Deal” relies on reaching a compromise with people over common ground.  Where is there any common ground with Democrats? Where is the common ground between Democrats and Republicans by which President Trump can use his superb … Continue reading

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Does Trump understand the Democrats are the America Haters?

President Trump expressed his dismay that the country has not come together to support his making America great again. When Barack Hussein Obama was elected, conservatives did not join with liberals to bow in praise of their messiah.  That was … Continue reading

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Depp proves Democrats are getting dumber by the day

Can you believe all the stupid things Democrats say?  People are being dumbed down.  The most ignorant people are believing what they’re being told without thinking they should think about how stupid are those things they’re being told to believe. … Continue reading

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How Democrats can be better to win elections

That’s not a good question to ask and worse to answer.  But there are 9 ways by which the Left can become right. Democrats are demoralized and incensed at losing elections.  They have been stripped of power throughout most of … Continue reading

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America tells Democrats to stick to it up their A$$!

Add to all the hundreds of millions Hillary flushed down the toilet trying to buy the presidency another few tens of millions from liberal America haters trying to buy a congressional seat in a Republican district in Georgia.  Seeing leftists … Continue reading

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A Win for the Ages as the Trump Train rolls over another Democrat!

The Leftwing Democrat media is desperate for some tiny victory on which they can hang their anti-Trump shingle saying Trump is finished.  NEWSFLASH, LOSERS!  The Trump Train is rolling on! Bigger than the 6th! Democrats poured tens of millions of … Continue reading

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Leftist Witch Hunt

President Trump tweeted, “I’m being investigated for firing Comey by the man who told me to fire Comey!”  What more perfect representation of backstabbing, two-faced leftist ideology is there than that? What do the Spanish Inquisition, Salem Witch Trials, Hitler’s … Continue reading

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