Democrats – American’s new fascist dictators promoting racial superiority in their new gulags

Was the Master Race of Germany not enough to teach people not to believe in self-righteous superiority? Are all the movies about fighting evil totalitarian dictators not enough to teach people to recognize them when they rise up? Not for liberal Democrats. Meet Biden’s new head of his Department of Civil Rights in the new Justice Department. This is what communist fascism breeds out of socialist justice. Are they going to build gulags, concentration camps, and re-education camps? They don’t really need the obvious fixtures of leftism. Why use open propaganda when you can embed it entertainment to warp people’s minds on a more subconscious level?

Now they can use Cancel Culture, Social Justice, and corruption of our education system to impose their rule. Dissent much? How about you don’t have a job anymore? How about your career gets flushed down the socialist toilet? Think that President Trump should expose Democrat’s crimes and run for re-election in 2024? You haven’t learned a damn thing! Democrats will control every facet of American life including the ballot box. They will take all power away from Republicans by defunding them through taxation, regulation, and social injustice stealing from the people. The new gulag will be the poor house.

Biden’s head of Department of Civil Rights is a believer in the “Master Race” theory

Leftists laud criminals, terrorists, and conquerors. Stalin, Hitler (despite their smearing Republicans as Nazis), Mao, and every tyrant in history is not only their role models, but their heroes. No Republican has participated in a riot ever. Democrats have been the only ones who riot. The assault on the Capitol was Democrat anarchists who were followed by a few not so bright Republicans. That Democrats scapegoat Republicans is no different than Hitler scapegoating the Jews, Stalin scapegoating the Cossacks, and Mao scapegoating the Mandarins. Scapegoats are how tyrants distract their dupes on the left of the social spectrum from their own crimes.

The left and right of society are the wicked and the righteous. All people are the same, but there are degrees that each embraces wickedness or engages in what is right. Only children think in terms of black and white that those who do good cannot do evil. The fact that those who do evil can do good confuses them. Criminals embrace selfishness that is at the heart of all evil. Money is not the root of evil as ignorant liberals believe. Money is not evil. It is the love of money that is evil. Greed is the love of money. And Democrats have embraced their greed and envy to hate America. Democrats are using cancel culture to financially strangle all that is true and good in America. By this means they defund Republicans, put the righteous in the poor house, and steal their prosperity for themselves. The Nazi Brown Shirts call themselves Social Justice Warriors and Big Tech censorship is the fascist propaganda ministry to silence the Moral Majority once more.

The left is now smearing the righteous as evil, Jesus as a Nazi leader, and the church as the evil in America. They are promoting atheism and Islamism because both want to destroy Christianity. All of them operate under the lie that they are tolerant and loving when their actions are the opposite. How stupid do you have to be to not see the obvious? Only liberals will be fooled all of the time to not believe their lying eyes. Evil never operates in truth or in the light. It is up to Trump and Christians to shine the light of truth on them all. Not only must we expose them, but we must be willing to fight them on every level. Jesus never said to allow evil to rule. He did not say to sacrifice your children to wickedness. Allowing evil to rule is evil in itself. Stand with Trump or fall into darkness!

[Author’s Note: Democrats convicted President Trump in their impeachment by a false accusation that he incited an insurrection. They presented no evidence or proof. The fact that the FBI knew beforehand that Antifa planned the assault and began it before Trump even took the podium means nothing to leftists. In their communist ideology you are guilty by accusation. Just as they are in the process of erasing all mention of how they stole the election, some Republicans are foolishly thinking that we can turn this around by exposing the truth and bringing more people to the next election. We’ve already exposed the truth. We already convinced eighty million people to vote for Trump. The leftwing media is keeping so much hidden from Americans about the Democrat betrayal. Will it be a major surprise to the nation if the 200,000 reported Chinese troops in Mexico invaded Texas on behalf of the Democrats to disarm patriots?

In future elections, Democrats will just add more votes like they did in Georgia. The fact that Establishment Republicans are lying about that predicating the loss on the lies that Democrats didn’t cheat and that people are turning against Trump doesn’t make what they say the new truth. Democrats added twenty million ballots to Biden this time and found they had to reduce Trump’s count by several million to put him over the top. Since next time they will control the electoral system they will be more prepared to steal all elections leaving Republicans with a pittance of pity votes and powerless seats. I won’t support Republicans that allow Democrats to steal this election and make America a communist state. Their Antifa/BLM terrorists will own the streets because they will not prosecute them but persecute citizens who defend themselves. There is no way to overthrow communism peacefully. America is not only no longer a free state, it is a lawless one.]

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

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4 Responses to Democrats – American’s new fascist dictators promoting racial superiority in their new gulags

  1. gbat2017 says:

    Cities burned down and police killed or injured by Democrat Brown Shirts and not a thing done to them. Censorship is in full force by media and Tech companies. False charges and no trial for president Trump or any of his supporters. Hiden Biden doesn’t campaign for a year and rigging the election is all too obvious. Dems, who defund and demean police and military, suddenly love police and 20,000 National Guards to guard a senile buffoon who is having a virtual inauguration and no audience. Yet, more unbelievable is that so many good citizens believe in the illusion that the next election won’t be rigged and congress will be back in Republican hands. They are hopeful but seriously naive. Harris/Biden aren’t even sworn in yet and Dems already have begun enslaved the people, removed free speech and plan a flood of illegal immigrants to become citizens.


  2. John Chism says:

    American Fascism is Economic Fascism and is a joint endeavor by Progressive Republicans and Progressive Democrats. You have to go back to the late 1800s Progressivism in America that all parties wanted to create the Individual Income Taxes on the rich. It was under Theodore Roosevelt’s Progressive Republicans, Bull Moose Party that both Republican and Democratic States ratified the theft of peoples income to fund the Federal Government. Economists today say that Franklin D. Roosevelt brought Economic Fascism to America. But, proof is evident that both parties voted on the things that allowed it to happen.


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  4. Roy says:

    For almost a year the fascist democrats instigated, applauded, provoked and denied while their brown shirt terrorist arm burned, looted, intimidated and murdered. Most of it was covered up by their propaganda arm the so called media. Anyone not brainwashed by these fascist would easily see that all their tactics were identical to Hitler, Mao and all the rest of the dictators in history. Now they use the one instance in Washington to harass, attack and ruin people for the sole purpose of intimidation. History shows you can not stop these people by using reason or law if you try you will loose as they did in Germany, Russia, China, Cuba and all the rest of places these fascist were allowed to go unchecked.


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