A Masterclass in Genius – Donald Trump Crushes Democrat Harpies

Trump has exposed the Democrats as the liars, the haters, the bullies, the terrorists in America.  This has been one fantastic week for President Trump and Rush Limbaugh who is the only media spokesman to accurately understand and explain what has happened.  President Trump brought attention to the AOC Goon Squad who were openly extolling every trait of the anti-American democratic communist left.  He noted that their attack on Pelosi was their attempt to usurp power from Democrat leaders.  He observed that Pelosi attempted to marginalize them in order to conceal the nature of Democrats.  He then forced all Democrats to openly and publicly unite behind them in their lies exposing them for their rabid hate for America.

Donald Trump Is Steamrolling the Democrat Party

Contrary to what some Republicans think, we shouldn’t ignore them, nor should we treat them with civility.  The moment this outrage started it was instantly evident that Democrats were once again building a house of cards scrawled with their usual bogus charges of racism, hatred for Trump, and contempt for America.  An examination of Trump’s tweets immediately reveals that there is nothing racist or hateful in his remarks.  All of the racism and hatred came from AOC and her goon squad.  That Trump maneuvered Pelosi into uplifting them rather than condemning them revealed the true nature of the Democratic National-Socialist Communist Party.

Those who dismiss Donald Trump as an oaf, a bully, an upstart, and a clod have just had their hats (and their butts) handed to them.  Those who believe he’s not smart enough to know what he just pulled off by half have been proven to be the bumbling fools.  These are the skills that made him a billionaire, a master negotiator, and President of the United States!  Donald Trump is not the mean-spirited, crude doofus that leftists portray him as being.  He is the plain spoken, open, honest, courageous leader that Republicans have prayed for since Ronald Reagan.  He has done the Gipper proud!

As the Cortez Goon Squad continues to slander Trump with their smears, only the most ignorant and mindless of people listen to and believe what they say.  The erratic leftists continue their violent, nasty, disgusting attacks on all Republicans as being racist Nazis.  This is like watching documentaries of Nazi leaders smearing Jews as violent haters even as they excuse the SS as being peaceful while justifying their crimes exonerating them from guilt.  How liberals are fooled by these women is a frightening example of how easily people are duped and led around by the nose.

What Donald Trump is doing is exposing the truth of who the Democrats truly are and what they truly believe.  There is no more hiding behind their pretenses of being for the working man or even for America.  There is nothing the liberal media ever says that should be believed.  Always examine the facts behind what they say, and you will uncover their lies.  Where Pelosi tried to hang Epstein around Trump’s neck to distract from his deep Democrat ties, Trump has hung AOC’s Goon Squad around Pelosi’s neck to expose their deep Democrat lies.

What Americans thought could never happen here is happening right before our very eyes as the left once again commits crimes, lies about the righteous, and is excused by those in government who are undermining our laws.  The 5th Column of leftwing propaganda and their campaign of hate, slanders, and violence is the most disgusting display seen in media.  God bless Donald Trump for his moral courage, his righteous determination, and his steadfast Christian heart to stand against the deluge of leftwing liberal hate.  And don’t believe anything you hear in liberal media about Trump throwing aside his supporters, his agenda, or his patriotic American spirit.  Any “apology” by this man is merely to lull them back into a false sense of security until he lowers the boom on them again.

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3 Responses to A Masterclass in Genius – Donald Trump Crushes Democrat Harpies

  1. gbat2017 says:

    Eight years of Obama saw the continued give-a-way of American pride and success. President Trump spoke to us like a regular neighbor and stated plain truths about our country being abused by our own politicians. He exposed the swamp and lying media and never flinched in the face of adversity. Thank you Lord for bringing him to us at this time in our history.


  2. guidvce4 says:

    Trump continues to bait the left and they continue to respond with their nonsense. Their actual agenda is no longer hidden behind the curtain of lies and leftist propaganda. No matter how much they try to cover up, somewhat, the true agenda of the commiecrats. Cuba and Venezuela are good example of that agenda.
    Thank you, President Donald J. Trump, for continuing to work for “We the People” in the face of the devil’s own henchmen.


  3. steve says:

    Let us not forget what these new socialist radicals represent and their tolerance for terrorism as “just some people” – in regards to 9/11 – and other situations. Given the chance they will turn our country into a socialist hell hole promoting their radical brand of islam. https://gellerreport.com/2016/07/bataclan-torture-gruesome.html/


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