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America Held Hostage by Stupid Hateful People

American racism and Covid-19 terror witch-hunt purges are the methods that democratic socialism has used to bring America down to where it is today – held hostage by the left. If you are not for black criminals, then you are … Continue reading

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Democrats hold America in Contempt Convicting the Innocent

If Demonrats will hold AG Barr in Contempt of Congress for upholding the law they wrote, then you can be certain they are going to impeach President Trump for being innocent of collusion and obstruction fighting the injustice of the … Continue reading

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Communist Victory as Democrat Voter Fraud Regains the House

This is why they say to never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups.  That may not be fair as Democrats made their greatest gains in states they control where their governors have given the vote to felons and … Continue reading

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