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How illegal immigration ended the Roman Empire

Empires are not conquered from without, but from within.  Democrats are allowing Islamist jihadis and Mexican drug cartels free entry into the USA. America is following in the footsteps of ancient Rome.  Those who do not learn from history are … Continue reading

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Lala judges, NOT Trump, are in violation of the Constitution

The U.S. Code of Law is clear.  Trump has complete authority to institute a ban on whomever he, as President, deems dangerous to Americans even if that includes ALL Moslems! Liberal Activist Leftwing Anarchist judges are not ruling in accordance … Continue reading

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Trump to Democrat acting Attorney General – YOU’RE FIRED!

While waiting for Sen. Jeff Sessions to be confirmed to the Trump Cabinet as Attorney General, an Obama appointed interim Democrat is holding the place vacated by AG Loretta Lynch.  Trump just fired her for refuses to abide by the … Continue reading

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Ft. Lauderdale massacre hopefully last terror attack to lay at Obama’s feet

Since becoming president, Obama has allowed many terror attacks to be successfully committed against Americans. This didn’t happen under President Bush and I don’t expect it to happen under President Trump.  In the last few years there have been successful … Continue reading

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NYE legacy of invading Moslems waging Jihad against Christians in Europe

The American media is maintaining a blackout on Islamist attacks by the Jihad around the world. If you’re not reading Pamela Gellar’s “The Gellar Report” and Robert Spencer’s “Jihad Watch” then you are living in ignorance of the truth about … Continue reading

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Migrants Jesus and Muhammad and their legacy

Pope Francis in his Christmas prayer reminded the world that both Jesus and Muhammad were migrant refugees.  Apparently his history education and current event understanding are both lacking and dysfunctional. Pope says refugees like baby Jesus Those of us who … Continue reading

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There are NO Moslem allies in the War on Islamic Terror

Leftarts say Trump is alienating our Moslem allies in the war on terror that they say is not Islamic.  NEWSFLASH!  America has no allies in the War on Islamic Terror from Islamic countries. Islamic nations are not helping the West … Continue reading

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