How we know that Democrats are communist fascists

The primary characteristic of communists is their institution of fascism to persecute their political opponents and any dissident that does not submit to their regime. Socialism is just a rehashed version of feudalism in which the nobility rules over the masses of peasants and no dissent is allowed. We know this is a fact because Democrats are persecuting former President Trump until they either put him in prison or exile him from the country. We know this is a fact because Democrats are persecuting every business owner who supported former President Trump by ostracizing them from the marketplace to demonetize them. We know this is a fact because Democrats are sweeping the military in a witch hunt for anyone who does not serve their National-socialist communist party. We know this without a doubt because Democrats are having their big tech spies report everyone on social media that objects to their rule. We know this because Democrats are telling people to spy on their neighbors and instructing children to report anyone, including their parents, who object to their policies. Democrats are Amerika’s Communist Party of Nazi fascists persecuting the people while holding up the Constitution as a façade before they use it to wipe their backsides to clean up what spilled from their brains. They are the Democratic Communist Liberal Fascists of Amerika. We are no longer the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. We are the Americoms of leftist dictators that have stolen power.

President Trump’s failure to invoke the Insurrection Act to stop the Democrats stealing this election leaves American patriots between a rock and a hard place. Unless some general steps up to overthrow the dictators that overthrew President Trump and the Constitution, then America will suffer for a millennium. Democrats are cementing their subversion of the election system, importing millions of illegal alien communists and Islamists to subvert our culture, choking American energy to make us dependent on Arab oil and Chicom coal forcing taxpayers to give money to people that hate us so they can build weapons with which to kill us. Democrats are trying to eliminate patriots from the military and law enforcement so they can install their militant enforcers to persecute the people. They are installing taxes and regulations by which to disarm citizens and leave them at the mercy of their criminals and their government oppressors. They are taking control of America’s healthcare to deny medicine to any who refuse to submit to their rule. Democrats have thought long and hard how to dupe the unwitty into believing they are Americans operating under the Constitution while they impose their tyranny to drive patriots into their new gulag of the poor house and restrict citizen’s rights until they have none.

Ken Matthews – Rush Limbaugh Podcast 020521 hr1
Ken Matthews – Rush Limbaugh Podcast 020521 hr2
Ken Matthews – Rush Limbaugh Podcast 020521 hr3

[Author’s Note: Donald Trump made the greatest mistake of his presidency by not prosecuting Democrat criminals while allowing them to persecute Republicans over their false allegations of Russian collusion. The deep state swamp rats that worked against him from within the Republican Party were key in helping Democrats overthrow our government. The people have no use for Republicans who continue to say their will campaign against Democrats. They will be systematically censored and removed from office by their big tech propagandists and election fraud. America needs a new patriot leader like George Washington to the lead the nation in a 2nd Revolutionary War to oust the Democrats who won their 2nd Civil War through subversion, subterfuge, and sabotage. There is no other way to overthrow a communist regime once they seize power. If America’s military does not step up to defend the nation from this communist takeover, then millions of Americans will die in the war with the Democrat’s communist regime.]

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An outstanding qualification of the saying, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Those who seek to take away the rights of others through thug intimidation, leftist terrorism, or by communist gangster law must be made to understand that freedom isn’t free. Patriots will defend the rights of all, including their own, from the democratic socialist state of communist fascism of the Americoms that make up the Democrat left. We will defend our right to speak the truth.

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  1. gbat2017 says:

    You’re right Dustyk103 – we’re in Deep Kimchi. Your captions above indicate that the Tree Of Liberty needs to be refreshed. With all but a handful, the Republican congress and leaders are carrying on business as usual and not the least bit concerned about this country.


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