Hollywood Blacklisting Republicans

This isn’t new.  They have been doing this since Reagan at the least.  Christian actors like Kevin Sorbo were blackballed the way Tebow was blackballed from football.  They would slip anti-conservative language into movies (like Star Trek VI when Spock refers to “conservative elements” in the Klingon hierarchy who want war).  The only thing that is new is that now they are doing it openly.  Democrat slavers haven’t changed their ways, only their tactics.  Russia, recession, racism; these are all distractions from the reality of Democrat duplicity.

Leftists have been smearing, slandering, and persecuting the righteous forever and Democrats have done so since the Founding of America.  The only difference between then and now is that now they believe they have the power and the following to openly terrorize and tyrannize the right.  Democrat’s “Climate Forum” tonight is going to be a goldmine of Democrat deceptions, dysfunction, and duplicity in their efforts to fundamentally transform America into a communist dictatorship with themselves as rulers over the masses.

This has been going on for decades with the last ten years becoming intensified under Obama, Democrat’s Moslem communist president, with the persecution of Christians and conservatives in the public forum.  Businesses have been crushed, while Republicans have been censored, shadow banned, and vilified.  Even as Democrat’s Antifa Nazis assault peaceful protesters, they wrap the cloak of self-righteousness around their shoulders and declare they are justified.  Democrats and NeverTrumpers say they don’t like Trump because “he’s nasty.”  Trump didn’t begin the nastiness.  Democrats have been doing it for decades and became especially abusive under Obama.  Trump is merely showing Republicans how to fight fire with fire.

Deborah Messing and her costars tweeted that Republicans should be blacklisted.  This is clearly liberal fascism at work.  Enacting McCarthyism, not against communists, but against patriots, is typical leftist hate for America.  McCarthy tried to stop the spread of communist lies in America, while liberals are embracing those lies that socialism is benevolent.  Whoopi Goldberg, of all people, chastised Messing and her comrades for this attack on freedom.  McCormack tweeted that he didn’t mean it that way.  Riiiiiiiggghhht!

Messing says she’s not supporting the evil of a blacklist, but only wants to know who not to support so she doesn’t support “people who put babies in cages,” which is the lie Democrats tell themselves to demonize Trump.  No, they are the “good” people, they tell themselves.  They support what is morally right.  Don’t mention that they support people who kill babies in the womb, and even after they are born for being “defective” or inconvenient, so their teens are not “punished with a baby.”

The people of the left condemn every Republican for not being as pure as Christ.  These are the same people who would crucify Christ again just as their ancestors did.  Hollywood is two-faced and three-hearted.  The two faces of liberal fascism are preaching tolerance while practicing hate.  The three hearts of leftism are claiming self-righteousness as they create chaos while blaming Republicans.  The left is never right and seeing through their façade is key to realizing that Democrats have never changed their spots, only concealed them with stripes.

Messing walks back blacklisting remarks a little – min 18:16-27:32

Gun control battle between AOC and Rep. Crenshaw – min 14:00-17:30

Democrat’s climate forum – min 17:30-22:36

Isaiah Washington joins the Walkaway Movement to Blexit – min 31:40-end

Whoopi Goldberg defends Republicanism min 11:18-15:10

[Author’s Note: Whoopi’s defense of American freedom falls flat on the ears of Republicans who have been the victims of liberal fascism for the past decade.  It’s too little too late.  Democrats have persecuted Christian businesses, conservative groups, and Trump supporters as hateful racist Nazis.  Trumpsters cannot put MAGA bumper stickers on their cars for fear of having their tires slashed.  People cannot wear MAGA hats into restaurants for fear of having their food spit in or be assaulted outright by liberals who claim they are fighting racism.

The sickness of liberalism is believing they fight for what’s right as they themselves institute Nazi thuggery.  It is this backwards thinking of corrupt morality that is driving half of this nation to persecute the other half in the name of ending persecution.  I could go through the entire seven hours of their climate change forum and rip every sentence to shreds with intelligent science and moral logic.  But I’m not getting paid for this, so you just have to spend that time learning for yourself, while I’m just going to give a synopsis that, hopefully, will make something click in your brain to realize that Democrats are duping the people.]

Professor talks about being Antifa saying he will kill Trump Christians

Democrats say Republicans are Nazis who must be killed

Blexit – the #Walkaway Movement

San Francisco board declares the NRA a terrorist group

Maher compares Trump rally to Klan rally

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