Build Back Better – Democrats Have a Plan

Obviously, Democrats have a plan for November. In the past year they have openly embraced communism and abandoned all pretense of being for the little guy. They have released felons from prison, shutdown economic growth through flu virus terror, and unleashed terrorists on citizens to riot, loot, and burn, assassinate cops, and assault and murder the innocent. They have chosen to champion illegal aliens, fascists, and racist haters against American patriots. They have joined the chorus of criminals, thugs, and useful idiots demanding that police be defunded and disbanded. You cannot do all of these things and expect to have anything happen other than suffer the most crushing defeat in election history.

But they have a plan, and that plan is the greatest voter fraud campaign in history. We’re talking ballot fraud on a scale that can overturn any election they choose to give them the presidency, the House, the Senate, and absolute power over America. Millions of bogus mail-in ballots, illegal aliens voting, and Democrat operatives sowing fake ballots from dead people, people who don’t vote, and even pets, while eliminating Republican ballots. These are all techniques they have been refining for decades. Now they believe they can use their fake polls to provide cover for their fake ballots and flip whatever state they want. Liberal Democrats are NOT people who believe in science. They are people who believe in politics.

The Virtuous American Patriot will not tolerate leftist democrat liberalism

“I don’t see this election as being about choosing a candidate who will be — who will be able to lead us in the right direction. It will be about choosing a candidate who can be most effectively pressured into allowing more space for the evolving anti-racist movement. Biden is very problematic in many ways, but — I say but — Biden is far more likely to take mass demands seriously.” – Angela Davis, 60s terrorist, black communist, and rabid Obama supporter

The Smithsonian Attacks White Culture and Western Civilization

Democrats have so deeply corrupted America that the Smithsonian has put up a display of how moral Christian values are white supremacist white privilege racism. This leftwing bigotry is designed to smear all white Christians as racists, and America as a racist nation, just as the Obama’s said when they promoted Islam and communism. Liberals have become so invested in hate for America and white people, while self-righteously exempting themselves, that they have turned against all that is good, righteous, and moral to embrace the darkness.

As they say, the Dark Side is easier, more seductive, and this is the proof that they have embraced outright Satanism because they believe that if God existed as Good then evil would not exist. Since evil does exist then they believe God doesn’t. This is why they will accept atheism and Islamism as great, while damning Christianity. They do not understand the “Einstein Theorem” that evil is inherent in man when He rejects God to make Him absent in their lives and elevate themselves above all else.

This is today’s Democrats. They wholeheartedly support communism, hate Americans, and smear Republicans as being the racists. A vote for Democrats is a vote against America. It is a vote for communists and criminals to rule, for government to impose high taxes to confiscate wealth, and for politicians to give rights and power to illegal aliens and the dregs of our society. Those who vote Democrat because they believe they are fighting racism, fascism, and for righteousness are the stupidest dupes on the planet. Democrat ideology is anti-Christian, anti-liberty, and anti-righteous. Everyone who stands against these people is portrayed in the media as rabidly anti-science, anti-intelligence, and anti-social.

Anyone who says that all lives matter is damned as a racist. Anyone who does not submit to Covid terrorism is a science denier along with everyone who does not submit to climate terrorism. The left has nothing to offer the country or the world except fear, hate, and slavery to liars. The Ultimate Evil of selfishness, greed, and envy is what Democrats are doing to America today. They are willing to destroy this nation to gain power. They are perpetrating the ultimate leftist axiom of selfish hate that, if they can’t have it, then no one can!

Biden’s slogan: Buy American Hire American

So, now the guy who worked with Obama to sell off manufacturing to China has a plan to make America work better. Biden’s plan:

  • Shut down fracking
  • Defund Police
  • Free criminals
  • Impose high taxes
  • Give rights to illegals
  • Give taxpayer money to thieves
  • Endorse communist enemies
  • Stack Supreme Court with communists
  • Corrupt electoral system for Democrats
  • Promote Islam

If we just elect Biden to do these things, then all of this leftist terrorism will end – and American slavery will begin again. 3/4ths of Americans back the blue, while only 1 in 4 stupidly follow Democrats saying they want to eliminate police. That is an election catastrophe for anyone normally. But Democrats are unconcerned because they believe they can cheat “better than the Russians.” The percentage of people who still believe Russian collusion is real is indicative of how impossible it is to get through the wall of ignorance around the closed minds of liberals.

  • 100% of people can be fooled some of the time
  • 50% of the people can be fooled most of the time
  • 20% of people can be fooled all the time. (In 21st century America we know them as liberals.)
  • 5% of people deliberately deceive others. (We know them as rabid Democrats leaders in government and media.)
  • 1% of people are violent criminals/terrorists. (We know them by many names: Antifa, BLM, Jihadis, but they are all the same leftwing fascists.)

Democrat Criminals

That 20% of the population endorsed and justifies criminals is what is wrong with America. This percentage can vary greatly depending on how many people are fooled by leftists. The same is true in Islam. While the majority say they abhor violence, they also endorse the Jihad. Some Democrats object to defunding the police but agree with reforming the police. Police don’t need reform. Criminals do. Being half wrong still doesn’t make them right. Leftist liars declare that statistics prove that blacks are killed in higher percentages by police than whites. That’s because Democrats encourage blacks to embrace gangster culture, to glorify criminals and become thugs. So, surprise, they get shot more in gun battles with police.

They don’t die because police are the KKK lynching them. They die because they have been taught that violence as criminals is the answer to their problems rather than education. Antifa and BLM are both communist subversives terrorizing the nation with lies about being against fascism. They use the leftist lie that fascism is the opposite of communism when they are one in the same along with Islamism. Democrats have been encouraging them to terrorize the country, destroy statues and property, and even kill people – especially police. They are stripping police of citizen’s protections so that they will not be able to protect citizens as they volunteered and were hired to do. Democrats are not only making it a criminal offense for citizens to defend themselves but are making it a crime to deface what BLM racists have done to deface public property.

Covid Terror – STOP THE SPREAD!

It is impossible to stop the spread of a common disease. Scott Atlas studied how other western nations have handled this and says the science supports opening schools. The incidence of infection and death are infinitesimal compared to Democrat state nursing homes. Liberals say this is contrary to their “science.” We wear masks to slow the spread. Masks do not stop you from catching the virus nor prevent you from spreading it. They just mitigate it somewhat. We are only doing this because Dr. Fauci convinced President Trump that 2 million people would die of this disease within a few weeks. Now that, too, has been proven a lie perpetrated by Obama agents still in the administration. Liberal Democrats want to keep schools closed along with businesses.

“You can’t insist you believe in the science and then act contrary to the science.” – Scott Atlas

The stupidity of young liberal fools is exemplified in their holding “Covid Parties” where they deliberately get infected. These are the kinds of liberals that went to Florida and Texas to spread the disease. This entire episode has been a campaign by Democrats to instill terror in people’s hearts to not go outside, go shopping, or socialize, but to remain hidden in the basements quaking in fear. There needs to be a deep investigation done quickly to reveal all the lies behind this and publish them in a definitive work that is widely dispersed to the public. We know many individual facts. But liberals, who think they know science, deny all the science that proves this all to be another Democrat hoax the likes of Russian collusion and man-made climate change.

  • How many died of other causes misattributed to Covid-19?
  • How many died because they were deliberately infected by Democrats?
  • How many died because they were denied medicines by Democrats?
  • How many were murdered by radical leftists working in hospitals?

If an in depth investigation were done, I bet that less than half of people whose deaths were attributed to Covid died because they were killed by Democrats in an effort to make it appear far worse than a typical flu virus. We now have proof in Florida that they are falsifying the numbers in tests. It is not possible to get 100% positive results of those tested when other labs say it’s less than 10%. This goes hand-in-hand with criminals setting up phony testing sites to scam insurance. With their infliction of their terrorists on the people in the streets, deliberately inflating the numbers of the infected, and actually killing people by putting infected people into nursing homes and denying them a known safe drug claiming it will kill people, is it such a stretch to think they would have infected operatives striving to deliberately spread this flu in Republican states?

Democrats keep two-facing Trump’s Covid response. With the conflicting information coming in, with Democrat states having ten times the death rates of Republican states, with phony testing sites and results being reported, Democrats are always quick to condemn Trump questioning them. Either President Trump saved two million lives, or this was all a Democrat hoax. What reason do they have to contest this? The longer they can keep the Trump economy crushed, the more they can blame Trump as the problem when it is they who are burning down America in every way they can.

Democrat’s Injustice League

Democrats smear Trump for commuting Stone’s sentence while he works through appeals to have his conviction overturned, which it certainly will be. Romney’s condemnation was total horsesh*t declaring a conviction over a lie to be righteous. Obama commuted the sentences of a thousand terrorists. But don’t you dare talk about the “ancient history” of what Obama did if you ignore Trump’s history of “being an admitted serial molester.” This is as false as Democrats who curse the Washington Monument as being “built by slaves.” There were only a couple of slaves used in that crew of a thousand men. But they praise the Egyptians for the pyramids that were built entirely by slaves. However, those were Jews, so the left doesn’t give a crap.

This is the essence of how leftist witch hunts have always worked. It is the epitome of liberals backwards think. It does not matter what evidence is presented. Only the accusation matters and anyone the left accuses is damned as guilty and sentenced to death. Only the righteous can stand against this tyranny of leftism run amok. Democrats have proven time and again for centuries that they do not stand for justice. They are the party of slavery and remain the party of oppression, crime, and injustice in every facet of American culture. Glorifying criminals breeds criminals. Defunding police empowers criminals. Democrats, the party of racism against blacks, are encouraging their black welfare voter slaves to reject education and become career criminals with the left’s blessing. The only reason for this is to terrorize citizens. Taking citizen’s guns ensures the safety of their criminals to continue to commit ever more violent crimes.

Democrats invested against the American people count on voter fraud

Democrats are completely unconcerned with the destructive effects of their policies. They don’t care that their impeachment of Trump was bogus. They don’t care that their tax increases and energy crushing policies would destroy the economic growth fostered by Trumpism. They are utterly contemptuous of how their defunding police and empowering criminals would lead to rampant crime against citizens, who they turn gleefully prosecute as criminals for defending themselves. They are willfully and greedily endorsing communism with themselves as the ruling elites. Yet they are unconcerned that 75% of Americans are against them. Why?

The only obvious answer is that they have a plan for to defeat Trump by corrupting the electoral system with enough fraudulent votes to steal the election. If they don’t, then they will repeat their 2016 lie that Russia stole the election because, obviously, Trump could only win if he cheated better than they, not because America wants nothing to do with Democrat’s sh*t sandwich of Obamunism. A truth of history is that 99% of the time revolutions are carried out by leftists seeking to overthrow rulers to seize power. The American Revolution stands alone as the only time that the elites overthrew a tyrant to give power to the people. The leftist lies about America’s Founding is for consumption by their ignorant, useful idiots to twist their minds so that they elect to choose to be slaves to communists.

[Author’s Note below along with vital Rush videos and wisdom]

President Trump Unveils Plans to Stabilize and Secure Crime-Riddled Democrat Cities

Rioters being snatched up by federal troops cry about it

Democrat governors and mayors threaten the president

The Cultural Revolution Starts at Year Zero

The Science supports reopening schools contrary to liberal “science”

The Coronavirus Con – How Democrats and leftwing media spin their web of lies

MEDIA BLACKOUT: Thousands of Doctors and Scientists Have Come Out Against Fauci’s Lockdowns Including a Nobel Prize-Winning Biophysicist

Roger Stone sentence commuted, and the Inquisition goes berserk

President Trump’s List of 42 Disastrous Things Joe Biden Would Do as President

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Florida labs following Democrat guidelines inflate Covid infections by ten times

Turkey returns to a fully Islamic state

Which man do you want leading this nation to greatness? President Trump crushing Democrats or President Biden crushing Republicans?

[Author’s Note: What does Donald Trump have in common with Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen, and Tony Stark? They are all billionaires who sacrifice their easy lives to serve the people making everyone’s lives better and safer – except that three of them are fiction. Americans are always crying out for a superhero to save them. We have heroes right in front of our faces, and they are all being smeared for the sins of a few by leftist liberal Democrats who wallow in sin. Chris Wallace says Trump is wrong about Biden claiming he has put forth no plans to defund the police. Biden only wants to shift funds from police to mental healthcare. That’s not defunding police? How stupid do liberals think we are?

Democrats are deliberately exaggerating this flu radically to be ten times worse than it is to terrorize people, who don’t suspect their duplicity, into believing they are either going to die of climate change in fifty years or die of the flu now. It has twisted their minds to live in fear and cower in their basements. Democrat governors shutting down the economy is deliberate to crush businesses and make people dependent on government again. Gov. Cuomo of NY, who is the epitome of Democrat brilliance, says that Trump is so stupid he told governors to put Covid patients into nursing homes where thousands died, and Cuomo did it.

Republican governors didn’t do that or believe Trump even suggested it. Mayor De Blasio is so looney toon that he is claiming letting violent felons out of prison onto the streets has made New York safer. Ignoring the 300% rise in violent crime is easy for liberals who don’t care if blacks kill each other or terrorize Republican citizens, just so long as they don’t terrorize liberals. Seattle’s mayor praised Antifa’s no-go zone in the center of downtown for weeks until they invaded her property. Liberal Democrats will say anything and do anything, and they promise that, unless you vote to give them power over you, then you will suffer and die!

Leftist liberal fascist Democrat thugs are the reason that Trump supporters hide their patriotism. They know they are in danger in public. Democrats will stab them in the back every chance they get because that is their nature. Republicans don’t want to be assailed by screaming maniacs. They don’t want their cars keyed or their food spit in because they show their support. We lie to pollsters, continuing Rush’s “Operation Chaos,” so that idiot liberals believe Biden will win in a whopping landslide. We don’t want to have to kill these scum, but that day may come. Their ideology is the same as Islamist’s. You either submit to them as their slaves or suffer as their enemy.

Your only positive choice for a future of liberty is to fight until you defeat them. As the redoubtable Rush Limbaugh say, these are negative people. Nothing will make them happy except your utter destruction. If you give them anything, appease them in any way, they will only demand more. As Rush pointed out in the NFL giving them a second national anthem for blacks (talk about dividing the people) that they can honor while pissing on the Star-Spangled Banner as white supremacist, the idiots of the Redskins are falling on their faces to appease them by submitting to their demands to erase their name.

“The Redskins have announced the name is gone. Redskins is gone. And nobody’s satisfied. Nobody that’s been demanding this all these years is satisfied. They never are. They’re never happy. We need to learn. Don’t give ’em diddly-squat. Don’t give them anything. It doesn’t make ’em happy. It just makes ’em want more. Who are they anyway? Okay. So you don’t like Redskins. Well, screw them. Just like the offended. What makes the offended right? ‘What’s you’re saying offends.’ So screw you. Don’t be offended. Take it somewhere else. I’m not automatically a rotten, bad person because you’re offended by me. Screw you. ‘I’m so sorry. What can I do?’ Nothing because these people are incapable of happiness.”

What Would Be More Damaging for the NFL?

Seeing 2020 with 2020 Clarity

We keep telling pollsters that we can’t wait to vote for their demented old fool Biden and they believe us. We know that if we show our support for Trump that these Nazi thugs will attack us by keying our cars, spitting in our food, and in our faces. Democrat governors, mayors, and congressmen are damning Trump for sending in the troops to quell their riots that they sponsor. These lunatics are ready to declare war to stop troops from using force to take down their terrorists. These Democrats must be arrested, charged, convicted, and hanged for their treason or this nation will be doomed to fall.

Democrats are saying President Trump is the cause of all the violence they are sowing on our cities. They say his sending in troops to quell the rioters that they permit to run amok is escalating violence. They say this is a threat to our democracy. This is how criminals condone crime by blaming law enforcement for not giving them freedom to loot and burn, rape and pillage, maim and kill. It is our fault for wanting law and order. This is how the left blames their victims for their crimes.

Americans cannot wait for elections or rely only on elections to save the nation. Even Republicans are praising Dem. John Lewis as a “great civil rights icon” when he was never anything besides a rabid Democrat turncoat. He had his head bashed in at Selma by Democrats and then joined them. Democrat governors and mayors should not be allowed to continue ruling their cities, supporting rioters, and blaming Trump for the violence. They must be removed and charged for crimes against their cities, states, and the nation.

Democrat haters say they believe in liberty when it comes to promoting their ideology, but you have no rights to refuse their demands. Leftist ideology is imposed by force. They say they don’t believe people should be harassed for their beliefs, but if you disagree with them then you are fair game for contempt, ridicule, harassment, oppression, and utter destruction. Bari Weiss found this out as a “moderate” at the NYT. The many militant arms of the Democrat Party are not attempting to fight fascism as they say. They are employing fascism to intimidate and terrorize the righteous. Two facts you can always count on as absolute truth; Leftist Democrats always lie about everything to glorify themselves while demonizing others, and they will force their ideology on others then claim they were wronged when the righteous fight back. That liberals are their dupes is their own fault for believing without educating themselves.

Leftism is the negative pole of the human soul. They only seek to destroy that which is positive. They believe God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator. Like liberalism, we are all born to it and must learn to overcome it. We must learn the truth behind the lies to come to wisdom. To remain liberal requires the cooperation of the ignorant and morally corrupt. You can choose to be good or you can choose to join the bad. Choose to help people or choose to hurt people. Choose to live the truth or choose to live a lie. Democrats have been chiseling away at American liberties wanting to impose their new “rights” as government benefits that are actually government controls. A “mask mandate” as law is the first step to adopting Islamic slave head wear. President Trump is America’s last hope to bring these radical America haters to justice.

Every Democrat who has participated in attempting their coup, fomenting this insurrection, and encouraging their lawlessness to overthrow America, from AOC and Omar up to Pelosi, Obama, and Biden, should be brought down hard! Hang the insurrectionist leaders, eject their communist teachers and media from our schools and the public forum, and deport their brainwashed followers to the communist states they love. America needs a new revival of McCarthyism that was only smeared and damned by these leftists that seek to overthrow our great nation. Jesus warned us to beware of false prophets, that we would know them by their fruits. The fruits of Democrats are Covid terrorism and the body count by criminals. Do you have the eyes to see and ears to hear?

The Irony of Democrat’s Ultimate Two-Faced Ideology

Trump’s Campaign Slogan Should Be – SAVE AMERICA!

Democrat Cities are the Third World Sh*tholes of America

Rush Limbaugh a full week of outstanding knowledge, wisdom, and good moral sense exposing leftist lies, liberal stupidity, and Democrat treachery

Democrat’s War on America on Rush 7/13/20

Rush Limbaugh’s excellent moral sense on everything 7/14/20

More great moral good sense from Rush on 7/15/20

How Democrats try to demoralize Republican voters from Rush 7/16/20

Rush – A full week of moral wisdom and good sense 7/17/20

What follows is Rush’s great wisdom on how America may be lost unless leftist, Marxist Democrats are brought down and taken out permanently. How great is the danger that America could become a totalitarian socialist state? There are members of the military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies who side with Democrats against Republicans like they did in the first Civil War. If Democrats can take power then they will assure that Americans can never again vote for their own freedom.

Biden Supporter Asks Why He Should Vote for Trump

The Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes — Really, This Time

Anti-Cop Riots Still Ongoing, But Not Televised

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The Naked Soul of the Democrat Party

These following videos tell us of the dangers posed by the left’s Deep State, that the USA is reaching the Point of No Return, and how desperately we need a revival. Democrat’s Shadow Banning and Cancel Culture are just the electronic age’s versions of Nazi book burning and Communist re-education to destroy any belief that takes away power from worship of the state. The video ends too soon to account for the new virus terrorism and criminal rights riots. Thomas Sowell warns us that there is a point of no return that America is reaching the tipping point about to go over the cliff with the liberal lemmings.

That’s why the third second video is important to understand that America needs a Revival. We don’t just need to return to God and faith in Christ, but to put an end to the evil that is assailing us. Jesus never said to let evil rule but to always oppose them. And He didn’t say to be non-violent in defending ourselves. He said to turn the other cheek to a slap in the face, which is an insult. He never said to submit to evil. He didn’t say, if someone rapes your wife, give them your daughter, or if someone kills your brother, giver them your son. Fighting fire with fire is necessary to stop evil. Only the goals are different. The USA has always stood for freedom when Republicans are in charge. Always open your eyes and ears to all of what is said. Learn the whole story. Don’t be a dupe.

The Grave Danger of the Deep State

Thomas Sowell – America reaching the Point of No Return



The worst of Democrats consist of three parts. The 27% of the population that thinks defunding police is a good idea makes this math easy. Useful Idiots, liberals who think they are supporting something good because they didn’t learn morals or history, pay no attention to any facts beyond the first lie they are told, account for 20% of the population. Deceivers, who dupe these fools with false promises and false premises to slander the righteous, account for 5% of the population in government, the media, education, and on the streets. Criminals, who are their militant arm of terrorists from rednecks and the KKK to BLM and Antifa in the USA, make up 2% of the violent rioters and thugs. These leftists manifest as Brown Shirts, the Red Army, and Jihadis around the world and throughout history. They are the fascist communists that want to destroy capitalism and Christianity to help the elite’s rule over the masses.

Everything Democrats propose is a lie wrapped in a deception concealed in good intentions. Their tax increases would not only be on the rich where they would kill jobs. They will tax the poor by restoring the ObamaCare Mandate to make them pay for nothing or pay more for little. Their energy fraud would denude America of self-sustaining power and make us dependent on foreign governments like China and the Moslem Middle East that hates us, wants to steal from us, and eventually destroy us. The use of Covid terrorism is another tactic. Is this virus test detecting only Covid-19? Unlikely that quickie science can be that perfect. It is detecting all Coronaviruses, of which there are several, and may well be detecting all Cold viruses of which there are hundreds. That’s how they account for the huge rise in mild cases of what the left is continuing to portray as deadly as Ebola. The mortality rates are plummeting because red states are now infected, and their governments are not trying to kill people to escalate the situation.

Democrats encouraging rioting criminals, aiding them against federal troops trying to protect citizens and property, calling lawkeeper “Stormtroopers terrorizing residents,” is all part of leftist corruption of the minds of the immorally stupid. Persecuting citizens for defending themselves against criminals rather than prosecuting criminals is pure Democrat thuggery in government. Only criminals see law enforcement as oppressors. This is America under Republicans that Democrats call Nazism when they are the Nazis who use laws and enforcers to oppress the good citizens. They advance the causes of America haters and expect the rest of the nation to submit to them. Keeping America beaten down is the only way that Democrats can convince fools to follow them. The only solution is to beat them down. Only determined patriotism will overcome the rabid fanaticism of leftist zealots.

NBA Store Allows ‘Defund Police,’ ‘Beware of Jews’ on Custom Jerseys, But Not ‘Free Hong Kong’

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3 Responses to Build Back Better – Democrats Have a Plan

  1. Eileen says:

    The silver lining is that Democrats are exposing themselves as the party of the oligarchs. This makes it easier to convince people that the Democrats are lying about the Republicans. I noticed that just in my little circle – that Republican antagonism is down among Democrats. Even rapper Kanye West admitted in the Forbes interview that had Trump not be at the head of the ticket, he would run as a Republican after years of donating to Democrats.

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  2. Roy says:

    Voter fraud is my biggest worry and I pray the Republican’s have an army of lawyers to contest the Democrat crookedness in elections. The Left has no conscience and no limits on their intent to destroy America and neither does the complicit news media.

    Liked by 1 person

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