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Social Justice Warriors – Amerika’s Brown Shirts: Understanding Liberalism

The Year of Fear descends into communism
Thanks to Covid and racial terrorism enabling a Democrat coup to overthrow the government, America has become a communist controlled dictatorship with OBiden obeying his puppet masters to sign orders overriding the Constitution. We are not seeing anything different today than we have seen in the last hundred years of violent socialist overthrows of governments followed by their erosion of liberties. All that is different is that there are oblivious, immoral people in Amerika today who believe they are endorsing righteousness as they support evil despite the lessons of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Red China, and their satellite third world despots. They censor truth and promote their biased, irrational opinions in which they have been indoctrinated to believe as fact and science. Antifa and BLM are Democrat’s new militant arms to replace their outdated KKK and neo-Nazis to terrorize the people. They are just a different façade to conceal their ugly face as Democrats strive to subjugate the people once again. Continue reading

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America’s 2nd Revolutionary War for Independence

If President Trump does not institute Martial Law to #StoptheSteal, what will Americans do if Democrats win their 2nd Civil War via an election rigging coup? So, if Democrats steal the nation, tax and regulate us to death, try to take our guns, what will we do? Liberals can’t be persuaded. They’re stupid! In the face of the outing of Democrats being in bed with Chinese spies, liberals prove their insanity by adhering to their beliefs that Trump is a Russian agent based on a phony dossier and expecting him to be convicted. They are hateful, violent, and fearful of the truth of righteousness. You can bet your soul that the conservative Supreme Court justices are all receiving death threats on their grandchildren to coerce them into not hearing the evidence of Democrat election rigging so that the left can declare it Constitutional. Continue reading

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The Newest Trump Card – Legal Eagle John Durham

Democrats have played out their hand but refuse to fold.  Over two years of the Mueller witch hunt exhausting every avenue to find a means of convicting President Trump of a crime so he could be impeached has finally burned … Continue reading

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The Constitutional Crisis is Democratic National Socialism in Action

America has been in a Constitutional Crisis since 2008 when the Democrats stupidly elected a Moslem communist to be leader of the free world.  As Obama instituted his leftist agenda, now known as Obamaism, to dismantle the USA and fundamentally … Continue reading

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Thank God This is Trump’s Economy Fighting the Washington Cesspool

If Hillary was president, the Democrats and their sycophantic media would be singing her praises for America’s booming economy.  Because it is a Republican that is president, they are trying to credit Obama.  Hillary, who accused Trump of suggesting he … Continue reading

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