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Invasion America – Leftists use Children as the Tip of the Spear

“God is on our side.” This is what leftists always say to justify their hate crimes.  As liberal Democrats gin up mob violence against Republicans they endorse and distract from the truth behind their agenda.  That truth is that invaders … Continue reading

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Democrats calling for riots and assassinations say Trump is “uncivil”

Washington Democrats are telling their fanatics to terrorize Republicans.  They say they are not telling their followers to commit acts of violence.  Bullsh*t!  Getting in someone’s face shouting at them IS violence!  Going to someone’s home to terrorize their children … Continue reading

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Taking Christ Out of Christianity

Jesus said, “Love those who do evil and bring them into the church.  Accept those who live immorally as your family.  Bless Satan and love him.” Holy Cross drops Knight mascot over violence in the Crusades No, He didn’t say … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Fails Bible Study

The Last Pope (according to prophecy) compared invading Moslem immigrants the Left claims to be refugees to Mary and Joseph seeking shelter in Bethlehem – except that Mary and Joseph were neither immigrants nor refugees. Beware of False Prophets – … Continue reading

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Defeating terrorism takes conservative warriors, not liberal wimps

The CIA’s Counter-terrorism expert dispels leftist myths about Islam.  As President Trump declares Americans must be “smart, vigilant, and tough” against terrorism, London’s Moslem Mayor Sadiq Khan says the British must just get used to terror attacks and threatens Trump … Continue reading

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The Five Stages of Liberal Grief

The Five Stages of Grief are different for a liberal. A terror attack kills many innocent people.  Liberals cry and come together in sympathy for the victims.  They sing songs, cry tears, hold candlelight vigils, lay wreaths of flowers, and … Continue reading

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Islamophobia and Christodi (Irrational fear of Islam and hatred of Christ)

Show me an Islamophobe and I’ll show you a loony leftist who hates Jesus. What is Islamophobia?  The word itself means an irrational fear of Islam.  How the Left defines and applies this word is backwards from that to which … Continue reading

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