Democrats Give “Going Postal” a Whole New Meaning with Voting

Democrats say, “Every vote must be counted,” as if every vote is legitimate when everyone knows for a fact that is false. Republicans constantly accuse Democrats of massive voter fraud, but no one ever conducts investigations. We know for a fact that Port St. Lucie, FL, has repeatedly reported 50% more ballots cast than they have registered voters in a nation where half of registered voters don’t bother to vote. We know there are Democrat districts that report no Republican votes as if that’s possible. We know that thugs have gone to polling stations in cities to threaten voters to “vote the right way” just as the Nazis did in 1930s Germany, which is always for Democrats. Going postal referred to nut jobs who killed their coworkers over their rage of losing their job. Democrats want to kill the country with their insanity of socialism over their rage of being out of power.

The nation even watched Minnesota Democrats steal the 2008 Senate seat by pulling ballots of out car trunks and school closets after the Republican won until they overturned the result. Yet no investigation was made. The GOP simply allowed a corrupt Democrat judge to declare the ballots legitimate. Democrats keep saying they are innocent of voter fraud yet declare that voter rolls must not be purged of dead people or those that moved away while they give voting rights to illegals. They say it’s not possible to commit voter fraud, and then accuse Trump of having Russia commit voter fraud. Which of Democrat’s two faces do you believe?

Democrats want people to vote by mail for one simple reason – it’s the easiest method by which to commit massive voter fraud. There will be no identity of the people who cast millions of ballots to throw the 2020 election into utter chaos. I have some friends who have already gathered up hundreds of ballots with plans on acquiring thousands with which to cast their votes. A mail-in election will be like Twitter where a handful of people generate half of the posts via robotics. Here are some questions that might make you think twice about allowing Democrats to use the postal system to count ballots:

  • Do you trust the post office to get a ballot to you and back to the pollsters to be counted?
  • Do you trust that no postal worker will be a partisan operator destroying your ballot?
  • Do you trust the pollsters not to be partisan in counting your ballot?
  • Do you trust all other people to not cheat in voting?

If you answered yes to any of these then you should have an intelligence test because you’re an idiot. Voting is a sacred trust of a moral people. Immoral people, who make up half the population, have no compunction to be honest. The only way to ensure that voting is done rightly and fairly is to require every voter to provide the following and have consequences for violating the ballot box:

  • Proof of identity with picture ID
  • Proof of a single permanent, primary address
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Proof of voting

A driver’s license is not sufficient identification because Democrat states like California issue them to illegal aliens and other non-citizens. A national voter registration with Social Security number must be required to prevent multiple voting in multiple states. A citizen must be required to show up in person, prove who they are, where they live, and cast their vote, and sign the registration form. They should then be required to use ink on their finger to put their fingerprint on the registration form. This ink cannot be washed off but will fade over days. This will indicate that this person already voted so they cannot go to another poll to vote again. Mail-in ballots will require all of these proofs to get a ballot along with signature and fingerprint to prove identity of the person filling out the ballot. This will prevent the few who cast ballots for others from defrauding the system. You can’t do anything about the extremely rare fraudster who would put an elderly person’s fingerprint on a phony ballot and cast the vote for them, but they should be negligible.

No election should ever be allowed to go without a result within a day of Election Day in this computer age. All electronic voting should be backed up with paper ballot proofs. Challenges should only be made when the results are within a percentage point. Recounts can be made in a day. Democrats believe they can cast a pall over the next election to discount the results until Inauguration Day when the president must be sworn in or the position goes to the Speaker of the House to determine the election results. Pelosi would make her own re-election results assured while making certain the presidential election has no result so she could then elevate the Democrat of their choice to the presidency over the will of the people. This is not democracy in action. This is socialism overthrowing the people.

Democrats want to keep counting ballots after Election Day until they overturn the election. The Electoral College was designed to prevent states from stuffing the ballot box. This has worked well just as it did in 2016 when California allowed millions of illegal aliens to vote. We then suffered Hillary spending the last four years crowing about winning the popular vote, and how America should be a democracy rather than a republic. That’s because they know that corrupting the popular vote with fraud would yield the results they want. Democrats say, “Every vote must be counted.” Republicans say, “Every legitimate vote is counted.”

Fraudulent votes have no right to be counted. America must eliminate Democrat voter fraud. Then we will find that the vote is as bogus as their polls that always predicate a super landslide victory for them when they lose in landslides. Ten percent voter fraud is enough to overturn many elections to give Democrats power in the House or Senate. This can no more be permitted than their seizing the presidency as this gives them the power to block everything Republicans would do for the benefit of the people and the detriment of leftist elites. America would see Republicans gain a Supermajority if the Democrat’s were no longer permitted to perpetrate their frauds.

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