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Dealing with Pathological Lying Leftists and Gullible Liberals

Liberal science is more political opinion than actual science.  Leftists lie, period.  Liberals are just ignorant and gullible enough to believe them.  Every time we disprove a leftist lie, they, like the pathological liars they are, just invent a new … Continue reading

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The greatest genius of our time believes Chicken Little was right

You would think that a genius could not be fooled or that he would not take up the cause of the wicked to deceive the masses. Stephen Hawking takes up the leftist cause Stephen Hawking says he believes the global … Continue reading

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Hillary’s plan for America’s immigrant crisis is Titanic!

Democrats created this immigrant crisis and blame Republicans for the economic crisis that Democrat policies have created. In both her economic and foreign policy speeches, Hillary smeared Trump as racist, incompetent, and incapable of dealing with either.  The Democrat’s plan … Continue reading

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