Climate change deniers vs. Chicken Littles

Chicken little global warming

FEMA threatens to deny disaster relief to states that are “climate change deniers.”  States respond that they will withhold federal taxes if they attempt to do so.  The Left is heating up their witch hunt war to sustain their fraud!  It’s the war between the Deniers and the Alarmists.

America is divided into three groups; those who understand the government’s global warming agenda is a fraud (the “global warming deniers”), those who believe that because of mankind’s pollution the world is going to end and we’re all gonna die (the global warming alarmists), and those who don’t have a clue what’s going on.  The alarmists are Chicken Littles of the country who do not listen to reason when conservatives try to explain the facts.  Instead they launch into witch hunts of “climate change deniers,” which, like everything in the Democrat agenda, is designed to divide and destroy debate.  No one is compromising in Washington because Democrat’s idea of compromise is for Republicans to agree with the Democrat agenda because anything else is racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, Islamophobic hate.

Liberals of the left do not listen to conservatives of the right.  They do not pay attention to news, reports, history, or current events, but listen only to pundits who tell them what to think about events and people.  Those that do pay attention are devoted to the Left and promoting their agenda which is to advance socialism to crush the republic.  Socialism is not an advance in society, it is a reversion to totalitarian rule, but foolish young people who know nothing of the history of socialism and are only told “it’s fair” fall for the propaganda.

When liberals talk it is immediately apparent they don’t know what we know let alone know what we believe.  When conservatives say no scientist has produced any proof that mankind’s pollution is affecting the climate they immediately call us “science deniers.”  They have no clue that the “science” of global warming is entirely based on computer models and government operatives lobbying for higher taxes.

Then their advocates come out and declare that you have to have a doctorate in climatology to understand the science.  All of their arguments revolve around the self-righteous hypocrisy that they are brilliant and the rest of us are just a bunch of dumb monkeys.  Just as it doesn’t take a master engineer to change a tire, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the Democrat’s global warming agenda is nothing more than a charlatan’s effort to part fools from their money.

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.”

One thing that is certain; when the lies of the leftist instigators of these deceptions are revealed they will always come up with new lies as the pathological liars they are.  If they can’t think of a new enemy (like methane) with which to distract people, then they just change the name (from global warming to climate change) to cover up their bogus claims.  Their actions are predictable as the science of the psychology of sociopaths proves, and it is the responsibility of the observer to realize that they are being misled.  Leftists will become more and more agitated and militant if their agenda of taking people’s money is thwarted as demonstrated by Obama threatening to withhold disaster funding from states.

Ted Cruz explains climate change alarmists are frauds

(The author of this article tries to refute Cruz saying he confuses global warming science with global warming politics.  Yet every argument he makes is already refuted in my articles, “Refuting global warming science is elementary.”  The fact is that it is global warming politics that is the final link that proves global warming science is a fraud.)

Democrat propaganda – ‘destroy climate change deniers before they destroy us’

Obama says ‘call out the climate change deniers’

FEMA threatens to withhold disaster funding to states denying climate change

global warming predictions

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19 Responses to Climate change deniers vs. Chicken Littles

  1. dustyk103 says:

    FB conversation:

    Patrick Shoemaker Says another propagandized drone. Funny how that works with deniers — they know nothing about the science or the evidence, but all someone has to do is whisper ‘liberal plot’ in their ears, and they’re off to the races. Don’t need to understand the issue when you have someone to tell you what to think, I guess.
    Like · Yesterday at 10:03am

    Dusty Koellhoffer That’s just brain dead liberal thinking and typical hate tactics. Don’t dispute the facts – demonize the speaker.
    Like · Yesterday at 10:17am · Edited

    Patrick Shoemaker 1) You assume I’m a ‘liberal,’ without evidence. Wrong. 2) I apologize for calling you a ‘drone’, but you ARE propagandized. No ‘hate tactics’ there. The fact that you conflate politics and science is undeniable proof. 3) I dispute the things Cruz say…See More
    Like · Yesterday at 12:15pm

    Dusty Koellhoffer I’ll be happy when Democrats stop trying to jerk me around to get more money out of my pocket, which is all the global warming agenda is about. And denying you are a liberal does not prove you are. If anything, if you are a conservative with your speech and beliefs then you should be asking yourself what side you are really on?
    Like · Yesterday at 12:27pm

    Patrick Shoemaker You forgot something, Dusty: “I have no clue about AGW theory. I just believe what I’m told.” There.

    I’m a political independent. The “side I’m on” is the side of evidence and reason. If you can’t see that deciding this issue based on your politics instead of the evidence sets you up for being duped, you are hopeless.
    Like · 20 hrs

    Dusty Koellhoffer If you’re going to decide on the basis of the “evidence,” don’t you think you should examine the evidence from both sides as to why one side thinks global warming is caused by man and the other says man is not a factor? The other fact is that, if you follow the money, the politics of global warming is more significant that the science. For example; if it is so vital that we stop our pollution, why did Obama just make a deal with the Chinese to allow them to increase their pollution all the want for the next fifteen years before putting a cap on it, especially when they already pollute more than we ever have?
    Like · Just now · Edited

    Patrick Shoemaker I HAVE examined the evidence on ‘both’ sides. Thoroughly. In depth. And unlike you, I understand all of it. Most of what the denial side is peddling is propaganda designed to sow doubt among the ignorant — again, like you. Notice you still haven’t given one coherent answer as to what is wrong with AGW theory. You’ve got nothing except the usual ideological nonsense. But you ARE partly right about the role of politics: the bought-and-paid-for political whores in the Republican party have made climate denial their mission now.

    As far as ‘follow the money’, it cracks me up how deniers NEVER seem to apply that to the fossil fuel industry. Hundreds of millions spent trying to prevent any action on CO2 emissions. Profits greater than the total *revenues* of the renewable energy sector. Bit of a blind spot there, eh?

    As for China, they just surpassed the US in total CO2 emissions — with over 3X our population. So they release 1/3 as much per capita. I guess if the US reduced its CO2 by 2/3, then we’d have the moral high ground to really put the screws to them. But for now, getting them to take this action is a positive step. Their people are starting to get awfully tired of being poisoned, anyway.

    One more time: You.Are.A.Dupe. It’s sad that you cling so stubbornly to being duped.
    Like · 3 hrs

    Dusty Koellhoffer Obviously, you didn’t bother to read anything I wrote. So don’t call me a dupe when you’re just a liar. Crack up all you want. The joke is on you and you’re not fooling anybody. In addition, you didn’t refute anything I said. You expressed your own opinion and attacked my opinion. My articles are not scientific explanations of the fraud of global warming science and I never claimed them to be. The science already existed before the global warming agenda began. All there is now is the argument of which side is telling the truth; those who say climate change is man-made and those who say it is not – and only one of them wants your money. So take a look in the mirror if you want to see the one playing the fool.


  2. dustyk103 says:

    Also on FB:

    Aurora de Lay The only climate scientists who don’t accept global warming are the ones PAID to ignore the evidence. El Jefe
    Like · 42 mins

    Dusty Koellhoffer The typical hysterical leftist charge – “they’re in it for the money.” If they knew the Earth was going to be destroyed by their actions, why would they commit suicide to get a few bucks? That’s insane and attributing insanity to businessmen and scientists is itself insane.
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  3. We should only hope Climate Change is man-made. If it is, we know some things we can do to stop, or at least, slow it. If is sun-cycles, or volcanos, or, or, …. then we don’t know which, and we don’t know what we could do.


    • dustyk103 says:

      We should not be living in fear of climate change which is natural. We should be more concerned about when this current warm period between ice ages will end. In any case, taking action “just in case it is man-made” is a recipe for buying a ten million dollar life insurance policy “just in case you die before you retire rich.”


    • Hal Aluya says:

      Martha, there’s nothing we can do. The planet will be fine. Don’t believe all the propaganda. The planet will be fine. It’s called NATURE. The climate has always and will always change. This might change your perspective on things:
      Of course, we all want clean air and clean water. We in the US are doing very well with post Industrial Age pollution reversal. China not so much. Nevertheless, the Climate Change radicals are promoting the most massive fraud ever perpetrated on humanity. They want to broker carbon credit transfers, which essentially taking obscene amounts of money from first-world countries and giving it to third-world countries, while skimming huge fees for themselves. Classic socialism on a grand scale. It is the biggest of the Big Lies ever.


  4. dustyk103 says:

    From a news report about California’s drought:

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 122 followers
    California is notorious for their stupid policies regarding the environment. From not cutting down under brush to prevent fires reaching neighborhoods, to not building new reservoirs to hold more water for their growing population, to cutting water supplies to Republican farms in the south to drive them out of the state.


  5. dustyk103 says:

    FB post:

    Sharon Lane · Top Commenter
    You either “fix” climate change or you ADAPT to it. Take your choice. Doing nothing is more costly than either of the other two. Just ask those who live in California and have done nothing about their growing water deficit for fifty years.
    Reply · Like · 10 hours ago

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 123 followers
    It is not in the power of humanity to “fix” climate change, that’s a fraud and a farce. All we can do is adapt to it and California hasn’t done squat for decades to adapt their acquisition of resources even for their growing population.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · 2 seconds ago


  6. Kent Perry says:

    Patrick Shoemaker is typical of the gullible marks easily conned by the so called science community. I suspect he is an atheist for some of the things he says are taken right from their websites. If not for the lack of evidence which is something missing from all of Patrick’s posts I would suggest the sheer number of times these so called scientists have been busted for fraud manipulating data, manufacturing evidence etc. Even the BIG lie about 97% of scientists agreeing when the REAL figure is around 3% and I’m not talking about scientists in general (which would bring that percent down considerably ) but when people like Patrick boast they understand the evidence better,, without explanation, well then he is just bloviating.

    Patrick seems to think your advice about following the money is the same advice you ignore while it is EASY to understand why a big oil corporation would pay for research so they can keep more of their profits from big government, it is hard to understand the extreme consequences we are given for not acting right now!. Especially in light of the past thirty years and all those dire consequences that never happened and in many cases just the opposite has happened. After seeing so many times now these scientists getting caught in lie after lie after lie after lie, it starts to feel rather embarrassing to have to listen to this bullcrap anymore especially when the knowitall talking to you is using data once used as evidence, not as proof of climate change but as evidence for fraud in one of the court cases that have discredited this area of science to the point where today a climate scientist has all the prestige of a used car salesman, or one notch above a convict.

    Keep up the EXCELLENT work Dustin.

    – Kent Perry,
    Sun City, Az.

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  7. dustyk103 says:

    From FB:

    Eric Zommer *sigh* another ‘tard ties global warming and politics together…. Liberals have nothing to do with anything here…. ALL Politicians are well known for taking scientific fact out of context and twisting it for political gain… The planet earth is heating up due to hundreds of years of industrialization and pollution. Just because you aren’t smart enough to understand how that works doesn’t make it less true.
    Like · 17 minutes ago

    Dusty Koellhoffer Spoken like a true Obamabot!
    Like · a few seconds ago

    Tom Winegar There is no, empirical proof to connect industrialization and the Earth warming up. I assume you want America to sign onto a treaty that does absolutely no good whatsoever when the two biggest polluters, China and India, refuse to sign on. Typical Leftist behavior, create a problem based on their own personal prejudices within their own tiny little brains. Pseudo-science just decided to make a leap because they hate big business so much and in the mean time they all fly around in Lear jets and limos because they feel entitled. Imagine the planet without any Democrats on it. If they bring a civil war here a lot of us will be working hard to make them the rarest species.
    Like · 26 minutes ago

    Tom Winegar LIBERALISM!
    By John Hawkins
    Liberalism is an ideology of parasites, hypocrites, grievance mongers, victims, and control freaks. Like a tick, liberalism latches onto a victim and sucks him dry. Of course, a single tick can’t gorge itself on so much blood that it does to a dog what liberalism did to Detroit. It doesn’t turn the different parts of the dog against each other. The tick doesn’t tell everyone he’s a victim and that the dog is greedy if he tries to scratch it off.

    You can’t be both a good Christian and a good liberal because they’re incompatible and liberalism makes no exceptions for religious beliefs. It demands to be placed first in a person’s life, even above God; a liberal who stands up for his Christian beliefs or who merely asks that Christians not be demeaned will be ostracized for it by other liberals. Churches that adopt liberal beliefs inevitably become such pale imitations of the truth that missionaries should be sent in to convert them to Christianity.

    Liberalism is an ideology of tribalism and hatred. It works incessantly to undermine anything that truly brings America together — like Christianity, the culture and love of country — so it can try to rebind people together as liberal drones. Relatively minor differences of opinion between liberals and those who disagree with them are habitually elevated to encourage hated.

    For example, there’s no logical, rational reason that…

    …If you oppose illegal immigration, you must hate Hispanics.

    ….If you oppose Affirmative Action, you must hate blacks.

    ….If you oppose free birth control, you must hate women.

    ….If you’re concerned about radical Islam, you must hate all Muslims.

    ….If you oppose gay marriage, you must hate gays.

    Yet, liberalism promotes those lies incessantly to keep people at each other’s throats. Liberals have to convince their supporters that they’re hated for who they are to keep them from asking uncomfortable questions about why liberalism fails and conservatism works. As long as you’re brainwashed into believing that you’re universally hated by everyone except liberals for something you can’t control, you have nowhere else to turn.

    Turning people against each other, lying about your opponents and adopting an ends justifies the means mentality are all interwoven into liberalism. Most liberals aren’t evil, but liberalism is a darkness of the soul and the more fully a person adopts it, the more of an awful human being he becomes.

    Liberalism encourages a habitual hatred of people who aren’t liberal. It exaggerates grievances, elevates victimhood, excuses laziness and immoral behavior, undermines success and it pours acid on the pillars that hold up our entire society. To paraphrase Thomas Sowell,

    Civilization has been aptly called a ‘thin crust over a volcano’. (Liberalism is) constantly picking at that crust.

    Liberalism seems to begin with the assumption that there’s an infinite amount of money, goodness, cultural resiliency and goodwill — and that nothing people do can have a negative impact on it. We’ll have plenty of money no matter how much liberals spend. People will be good no matter how much evil liberalism condones. Our culture will remain strong no matter how much liberals denigrate it and discourage people from embracing it. There will no long term consequences of pushing division and hatred, no matter how often liberals do it.

    If only they were right about that or if their policies worked. Want to know the consummate liberal policy? It’s Obamacare. It was passed with all Democrat votes and sold to the public almost entirely with lies. Almost every problem with the law was predicted by the law’s opponents beforehand and was vigorously denied by liberals. The law hasn’t worked as intended, it has had disastrous consequences and is extremely unpopular. Yet, liberals STILL support it wholeheartedly and blame the people who begged them not to pass the law for the difficulties it has.

    As Talleyrand would say, “They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.”

    That would be tolerable if liberalism confined its hatred, wickedness, stupidity and incompetence to liberal enclaves, but on top of all its other faults, liberalism is an ideology for control freaks. It’s not enough for liberals to bankrupt California and destroy Detroit; they have to centralize their policies to force the people who know better to suffer for their sins. After all, if people are given a choice, they may not choose liberalism and worse yet, they may prove to be bad examples by prospering BECAUSE they didn’t choose liberalism and that can’t be allowed.

    However, the most unforgivable thing about liberalism is the sickening way it deceives people to destroy human potential. Liberalism comes in the guise of a friend offering “help” to desperate people. It’s the same sort of “help” a fisherman gives his catch; it just comes with a different sort of hook through the mouth. Liberals get people hooked on welfare and food stamps instead of teaching them to take care of themselves. They encourage people to think of themselves as helpless victims who can’t deal with the world without liberal help. Instead of helping the weak to become strong, they encourage them to be ever more sensitive and to look for new reasons to be offended. There are whole communities of people who’ve been voting for liberal policies for decades with nothing to show for it except poverty, crime, and decay. There are people on welfare today who would have had happy, productive lives if they had been pushed to take care of themselves. There are people who’ve been so convinced by liberalism that the deck is stacked against them that they’ve never tried to get their piece of the American dream. It’s wrong to do that to people. It’s sickening. It’s immoral.

    Liberalism empties treasuries, blackens souls, and decimates everything it touches over the long haul. One day, unless the American people wise up to the damage liberalism is causing, it will eventually ruin this nation beyond repair.
    Like · 26 minutes ago

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    • Cack says:

      Great Blog and topic; however, Stop using the term “Liberal” and start calling it what it is… Progressivism (aka: “The Left”; aka: “The Democrats”)


      • dustyk103 says:

        I know political terms like “liberal” have been hijacked by socialist, but any term is subject to abuse and there is no way to clarify language that can be corrupted. They even say the Far Right is the same as the Far Left while I have written extensively that this is a false paradigm. It is what it is and the only way to clarify the meaning of words is by the paragraphs in which they are set.


  8. dustyk103 says:

    Frederick Szczepanski
    Using biased blogs doesn’t help you build a legitimate case against anything. And the idea that you think climate change is made up is so sad scientists wouldn’t profit nearly as much as energy companies if they were lying to earn more. It isn’t a debate in Europe. Oh well…. Glad we have biased blogs filling the heads of clueless folks who are just slightly more empty headed than the folks that wroteit!:D
    Like · Reply · 1 hr

    Frederick Szczepanski
    Quickly skimmed the climate change article without any facts or figures. No evidence of any kind. Wanting to charge us more taxes? Lol what? Our taxes haven’t gone up in regards to that. But I guess taxes supposedly matter more than having water and air that isn’t totally polluted in 30 years …
    Like · Reply · 1 hr

    Mark Currier
    Frederick Szczepanski — Whoa, slow down. Ease up on the kool-aid there libby.
    Like · Reply · 6 mins

    Dusty Koellhoffer · University of Georgia
    The veracity of your statements fall on their faces. You need facts and figures? They are out there, I don’t need to spoon feed them to you. As you reject them it is worthless to give them to you.

    But the lie you speak that the government is not raising taxes over their fraud of protecting us from climate change is exposed in Obama’s own words. Even the claims of Democrats from thirty years ago proves that the entire effort is a scam. Your belief that air and water will be more polluted in thirty years when it is cleaner than it was thirty years ago says you have not been paying attention to anything besides the boob tube and whatever lies liberals shovel in your mouth.
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  9. ronpert says:

    Dear Fred S. I just read a archeological story about a seaport over 30 miles inland, that was left high and dry. It was very busy 1500 years ago when the ocean levels were much higher.
    Now we are panicking because the sea level might rise an inch or two this century. Ancient man (for you evolutionary people) knew enough not to live on the beach.


  10. dustyk103 says:

    Jerome Goodwin · Works at USAF Retired
    Here is the truth about climate change look at the chart. We are in one of the longest COOL periods ever.
    Like · Reply · 2 hrs

    Paul Modibe · Works at Retired
    Dusty, start building your ark, the instructions are in your bible, hope they are accurate
    Like · Reply · 2 hrs

    Dusty Koellhoffer · University of Georgia
    Poor Paul doesn’t know much about the Bible.
    Like · Reply · 1 min


  11. dustyk103 says:

    Arie J. Geurts · Instituto Estadual de Educação Princesa Isabel
    The “religious” people also accused Galileo for being wrong, and ordered house arrest, and shut him up, for saying the earth was not flat.
    Reply · Like · 17 hours ago

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 144 followers
    You should try learning about Galileo because you say dumb things like that. He was arrested for denying that the Earth was the center of the universe. People had already known the Earth was not flat, except for liberals who say anyone who denies that CO2 causes global warming believes it, which just compounds their own stupidity.
    Reply · Like · Edited · 16 hours ago

    Sebastian Copeland Adventures
    Dusty Koellhoffer “People had already ‘knew’ “? Tsk, tsk. You should take grammar lessons, along with what looks like badly needed science class. As for this article, it is too idiotic to even comment on.
    Reply · Like · 15 hours ago

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 144 followers
    Sebastian Copeland Adventures Nice try, but a typo does not negate the science fiction of man-made global warming. The article is just too far over your head.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · 2 seconds ago


  12. dustyk103 says:

    Stanley Kerns · Top Commenter · Bought an existing studio changed its name to Contemporary Studios–and have since taken about two million pictures at Contemporary Studios
    As water evaporates, based on temperature, it follows that a warmer world is also a wetter world
    Reply · Like · 8 hours ago

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 155 followers
    This is what makes the climate change alarmists beliefs so ridiculous as to be recognized as patently obvious frauds.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · 2 seconds ago


  13. Dennis says:

    In “Matrix” terms: Liberals take the Blue Pill — live in the illusion, while Conservatives take the Red Pill — live in reality.


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