Proof of fraud – the Democrat agenda to tax Americans


ObamaCare, amnesty, global warming: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that Democrats figured out how to tax Americans more and make them not only like it, but want it; to help the poor people of the world, to give everyone great healthcare, and to save the planet.  ‘We’ll tax the insurance companies for ObamaCare and they’ll pass the increases on to the people.  Voters are so stupid they won’t be able to figure out that we’re screwing them with a new tax and they’ll blame the insurance companies.  All we have to do then is say they answer to rich Republicans.’ – Jonathan Gruber.

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It isn’t rocket science, it’s just a matter of listening to what they say, watching what they do, and knowing more about the subject than what they tell you.  Here are the facts, the proofs that ObamaCare, amnesty, and global warming are all frauds meant to dupe the American people into voluntarily taxing themselves into poverty.  All of this is wrapped up in deliberate deceit, bogus science, and phony compassion all tied up with a bow in a box of racism.  Bill O’Reilly pointed out that all of the evidence presented by Charles Krauthammer clearly indicted Obama as being an evil huckster.

But only the conservative Christians of the TEA Party have been willing to speak the truth about this corrupt power monger duping the people.  Here is a compilation of Democrat claims that have all been proven to be lies.  The propaganda machine of the Democrat media mocks those who present the truth, but when the facts are carefully examined the truth is undeniable, which is why the Left always resorts to character assassination and smearing reputations.

Obama Care coercionObamaCare:

  • “Forty million uninsured will be insured.”
  • “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”
  • “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”
  • “Insurance rates will go down by $2500 per family.”

Five years later when some of the ObamaCare mandates went into effect, ten million people lost their insurance and doctors and were forced into ObamaCare about which they all complained.  Most of the uninsured now covered by ObamaCare are those who were kicked off their plans.  Rates are UP $2500 per family.  This didn’t help the uninsured, but kicked the insured down with higher premiums, higher deductibles, and less coverage.

Obama came out to tell the people what he “really said” was that people could keep their plans “if” they met ObamaCare standards.  These standards wrecked viable insurance people wanted and shoved coverage they did not want down their throats with accompanying costs.  Obama’s attempt to revise history did not go well as he received four pinnochios from the Washington Post fact check, and this was just added to a dozen other occasions of outright lies.

The employer mandate was illegally delayed until after the 2016 presidential campaign because its effects will be ten times worse than the ObamaCare’s initial opening and Democrats know it.  If it goes into effect before Republicans can repeal the law, the damage to America’s healthcare system will be devastating.  Democrats who say that is false will not answer why they don’t put it into effect now.  They will wait until after the damage is done and then offer to “fix it” with even more tax dollars.

ObamaCare frauds – starring Obama, Kerry, Pelosi; a comedy of lying fools

American worker vs. illegal immigrantAmnesty for illegal aliens:

Allowing poor people free entry into America to do the lowly jobs Americans won’t do. We are a nation of immigrants and they are the hope for America’s future.  No one except the descendants of Native Americans has a right to complain.

These foreigners won’t be eligible for ObamaCare, but they are.  They won’t collect Social Security, but they do.  Now, the president who condemns companies for shipping jobs overseas is offering tax breaks to domestic companies to hire “undocumented labor.”  Why ship the jobs overseas to foreigners to escape heavy taxation when you can get tax breaks by giving jobs to foreigners right here rather than deport them?

President Ronald Reagan made two great mistakes during his presidency.  One was Beirut, and the other was amnesty for some three million illegal aliens.  The next election saw Democrat voters increase dramatically as Hispanics were pandered to being given taxpayer paid entitlements like Social Security despite never paying for it themselves.

The frauds here are as diverse as the others beginning with the lie that there are jobs Americans are too good to do.  Most illegals do simple labor jobs which are generally considered to be basic starter jobs for the young, inexperienced, and uneducated.  That these people will work outside of government regulations is a condemnation of the Democrats who refuse to close the border and stop illegals from entering the country to be exploited, they say, by Republicans.

Democrats want to raise the minimum wage from being a starter salary, not just to be a living wage, but an income on which to prosper.  Beginner salaries are not meant to be a career as people are expected to acquire skills and rise up the job ladder during their life, not settle in at the bottom.  Taking away beginner salaries restricts the job market by forcing employers to seek out people capable of earning the higher wages.

In addition to being a strain on the labor force, illegals also bring with them diseases for which they are neither screened nor quarantined as were legal immigrants who came through Ellis Island.  The Left’s argument that all Americans are all illegal immigrants is as phony as their concern for the well-being of illegals.  Mr. Obama went so far as to stupidly declare that only descendants of Native Americans have the right to complain about immigrants.  The bottom line is that this is nothing more than a Democrat voter drive to replace Americans who have realized they are being duped by Democrats.

Obama gives up the ghost on amnesty

Greenhouse-gas-emissions-007Global warming:

The belief that CO2 rises into the upper atmosphere to form a “greenhouse bubble” that will cause the Earth to warm until it cannot sustain life.  Human beings will make Earth a desert of their trash causing plant life to wither and die with extinction not far behind.  The Left believes mankind’s industry and pollution will be the cause of the apocalyptic end of life on this planet.

The first clue that this is a fraud is the fact that they claim a heavier than air gas rises above the stratosphere.  Second is that they keep changing the name and parameters of their scheme, which is nothing more than the stuff of bad science fiction.  To prove their claims, Democrat scientists must disprove basic physics, chemistry, and noble gases, otherwise their claim that a heavier than air gas rises above the stratosphere is just so much tripe.

Their infantile claim that hot air rises (but never cools) is as empty as the space between their ears.  As a firefighter (and elementary school graduate), this reporter learned that when crawling through a burning building one must do so on his hands and knees because the super-heated air is four feet down from the ceiling, while the CO2 is within one foot of the floor.  CO2 comprises .04% of the atmosphere and is what feeds green plants that convert it to oxygen, which comprises a 21% of our atmosphere.  If it rose into the stratosphere as the Left claims then all green plants would die.

They argue they have a “consensus of scientists” that agrees with their formulations and that this negates any dispute.  Four hundred years ago a similar “consensus of scientists” declared that the Earth was the center of the universe and had the Inquisition to back it up.  This is not unlike today’s Democrat Party that has formed an Inquisition of its own to stomp out any scientist who points out the truth about this scam.

Being Christian in the crosshairs of liberal pseudo-science

The next biggest clue is that when liberals engage in debate about global warming, they begin under a false premise that global warming only exists because of man.  Those who recognize this are immediately labelled as belonging to the backwards, uneducated “flat-earthers,” especially if they are Christian.  But anyone who learned science prior to the initiation of the Democrat’s great global warming scam in the 70s knows that the science of climatology and noble gases was proved long before this new agenda.  When they say “all scientists agree global warming is real,” of course they would because it is – what isn’t real is that it is caused by man.

The very foundation of their dysfunction begins with how they present their argument: “Do you believe in global warming (climate change or whatever they want to call it this week)?”  They are not asking if you believe in science, but if you believe in their religion, and if you answer no then you are a heretic who doesn’t believe in science.  Welcome to the new Inquisition.

The Earth’s climate warmed and cooled without mankind’s CO2 emissions, as do all other planets because the Sun is a stable one source of heat, not a static one.  That all the planets heat and cool at the same rate as the Earth cannot be due to man’s CO2, and that CO2 is a heavier than air gas that could not rise above the stratosphere is now labelled by these people, drunk on cool-aid, as bogus claims by phony scientists paid-off by conservative groups.  How do you combat such willful ignorance?

Just to tweak them, ask a liberal that if he believes so much in science, does he believe in the science that resulted in putting a man on the Moon, the greatest achievement in the history of humanity.  See how many of them reject it as a fraud that was manufactured to bankrupt the Soviets.  Russia’s space program, unlike America’s, is still in full swing.  (What brought down the Soviet Union was their waste on military expenses keeping Eastern Europe in thrall.)

Most telling of all are the proposed solutions by Democrats that are all designed to strip Americans of more tax dollars, even to the point of yielding American sovereignty to the UN to enforce the reduction of American energy and industry.  Democrats increase taxes to pay for “renewable green energy,” despite the fact that no green energy can make a small car travel long distances let alone make a jet plane fly.  Taxes given to these companies have been flushed down the toilet of crony capitalism, better known as socialist redistribution of wealth, ending up as money laundered into Democrat campaign coffers.  They then cast blame on Republicans for companies moving overseas for “evil profit.”

Giving Islam credit for science is like giving credit to the Inquisition

Refuting Global Warming science is elementary

America is in pain.  Americans are suffering.  America is declining and it’s all due to Democrat policies of the last fifty years, especially now under the malicious leadership of Barack Obama.  Americans did not vote for Democrats in 2014 to help him make his policies work better.  They voted for Republicans to stop the bleeding!

Media propaganda is the only place people will hear anyone say that the election means that people want Republicans to help the Democrats.  There is a sickness in this nation wherein the successes of the past are being smeared.  The economic growth of the 80s and 90s under Reagan and Gingrich are being portrayed as failures, and the failures of Democrats are being lauded as success.  Americans know this because, prior to initiating ObamaCare, Democrats all talked about how it would reduce healthcare costs as the goal for success.  After, when prices skyrocketed, they said it helped the economy and that was their success.

Democrats will never admit that the era of Reagan was an era of prosperity any more than they will admit that the era of Obama is an era of decline.  America won WWII because she was an industrial giant that could manufacture ten aircraft carriers to every one of the Japanese, and five tanks and planes for every German vehicle.  In eliminating the pollution that comes with industry, America’s manufacturing has moved to foreign lands.

Today, America controls the seas with twice the navy of all the world combined.  But her industries are all in China, which is manufacturing a dozen aircraft carriers for itself.  If someone in China decides to go to war with the U.S. and make Americans their slaves, who will build ships and planes to protect us?

The Greatest Generation won the wars; their children are losing the peace

Democrat lies pulled out of their butts that people swallowed whole

Hands up, don’t shoot!  Pants up, don’t loot!

America; the Spirit of 1776 vs. the spirit of 1968

What is your American Dream?

Man on the Moon Mankind’s greatest achievement was not done by taxing the rich, but by putting Americans to work.  Stop the politics of division through greed.  Vote for conservative spending, not liberal waste or moderate cronyism.  Share this with your friends and help them to know what their government is doing rather than voting through ignorance and greed.

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This site is my opinion only and is unpaid. I am a retired Paramedic/Firefighter with 25 years of service in the City of Dallas Fire Dept. I have a B.A. degree in Journalism, and A.A. degrees in Military Science and History. I have spent my life studying military history, world history, American history, science, current events, and politics making me a qualified PhD, Senior Fellow of the Limbaugh Institute, and tenured Professor Emeritus for Advanced Conservative Studies. 😄 It is my hope that readers can gain some knowledge and wisdom from my articles.
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8 Responses to Proof of fraud – the Democrat agenda to tax Americans

  1. Steve Neal says:

    The sooner black, hispanic, and female Americans and new illegal immigrants realize that Dummycrats only wanted their votes, and promise them anything to get their support, the sooner the progressive-liberal party will cease to exist. It has been and always will be about deception and low-information persuasion, toward an ideal utopia that just can’t exist without an endless supply of other people’s money!!! When the money is all gone, the lie will be exposed, but it will be too late…

    Snap out of it America!!!


  2. Sing Young Min says:

    It seems to me that when the first round of penalties (re: taxes) for not having ACA coverage are levied, that will provide millions of Americans with “standing”. Can someone please put together a class action lawsuit to represent American citizens harmed by this trojan horse “tax”? We have 26 states in a lawsuit against this hideous, so-called law and a case before the Supreme Court, yet they are going to go ahead and penalize citizens who aren’t willing to go along with this abomination. We have only the leadership of the Democrat party to thank for this truly Alice & Wonderland situation. We are being governed by clowns – dangerous clowns, who are involved in deceit and treason. Fraud of the highest order is being perpetrated upon our country.


  3. Democrats want to tax us and spend us into bankruptcy. Then Republicans are then forced to clean up the mess.


    • Mick Lowe says:

      Jeffrey, You are confused. It is the republicans that have hurt the poor and middle class in more ways than can be counted. Starting with neglecting healthcare, infrastructure and the environment.


      • dustyk103 says:

        That is the confused opinion of an ignorant liberal who has been spoon fed a pack of lies by Democrats and refuses to learn the truth because it would destroy your foolish opinion of yourself as being enlightened. If there was any truth to what you said then you could prove it with something other than global warming fantasies and class warfare. If you only knew that Democrats are far richer than Republicans and all those jobs they keep saying Republicans “sent overseas for slave labor” were their own businesses they sent to avoid paying their own high taxes.


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