Democrat’s Phony Impeachment Ploy

Pelosi’s Impeachment Inquiry is a phony ploy meant to appease and mislead her rabid, oblivious base of ignorant dupes.  This is not an impeachment inquiry.  It is Russian Collusion v2 with all the same elements as the first;

  • False accusations that Trump colludes with foreign governments to interfere in the election.
  • False accusations that Trump obstructs justice by refusing to provide witnesses and documents.
  • False testimony by Democrats claiming to have proof of guilt in their hands.

There is no actual inquiry until the House has a vote.  This is Democrats abusing their power as the majority in Congress to persecute Trump supporters by enacting another coup attempt using the court of public opinion.  Without the vote, Democrats hope to use their position to dig up dirt on Trump while denying Republicans the right to cross examine or gather evidence of their own.  Have a prosecutor do this in an American court and see how fast the judge slaps him down for corruption and racketeering.

Democrats expect to leave their base of liberal fools all agog for the next year until the election.  They expect the nation’s attention to be on them perpetrating this fraud, this witch hunt, this fishing expedition to divert the people from examining Democrat crimes and complete inaction in doing their jobs.  They will constantly accuse Trump of obstruction as they demand to examine the content and consistency of his every bowel movement.  People who can’t recognize that Democrat’s are full of sh*t need to take their heads out into the sunshine.

If President Trump doesn’t put Democrat’s on trial to bring the perpetrators of their coup to justice, then they stand a good chance of succeeding in overthrowing the Constitution.  If he does go forward with charges, Democrats will declare he is retaliating unjustly trying to distract from the investigation of his crimes.  The problem for Democrats is that the majority of the nation are not drooling idiots like their rabid base.  We can recognize legitimate evidence vs. the phony crap Democrats create.

President Trump needs AG Barr to slap Democrats down hard!  He needs to see Comey & Co. go to prison.  He should not cooperate with Democrats for anything.  Let them scream obstruction till they’re blue in the face.  He needs to enact an executive order to stop voter fraud cold in its tracks.  Extreme Voter ID is required to save this nation.  Democrats will scream voter suppression!  Let them!  Suppressing illegal votes is the whole idea!

Without their frauds, Democrats have nothing on which to stand and be elected to power.  They offer the American people nothing except slavery to the state to provide taxes for Democrat commies to give illegal aliens and deadbeats as freebies for their illegal votes.  Trump has taken a great leap in saving America from the depredations of leftist communism.  If he doesn’t seal the deal then America will be lost.

Laura Ingraham lays out Democrat lies about impeachment

Rush Limbaugh crushes it

Democrats – “Fiction is better than truth”

Trump’s Biden Probe a “Distraction” from Impeachment Inquiry

[Author’s Note: Trump should not cooperate one whit with these witless fools.  Their only objective is to smear him in the public’s eye so that they can claim that the nation hates him.  That will give them the pretense they need to perpetrate massive voter fraud through ballot harvesting and gathering ballots after Election Day to overthrow his presidency and install Hillary.  This crop of Democrat candidates has stupidly exposed the communist agenda of the Democrat Party.  If Pelosi can’t have Trump and Pence removed to make herself president so she can hand it off to Hillary, they will use voter fraud to achieve their goal.  Make no mistake, they will most likely use Hillary to re-establish their façade of being Americans and she will reinstate Obamunism tenfold!]

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2 Responses to Democrat’s Phony Impeachment Ploy

  1. Eileen says:

    Its worse than that. Nadler made a rule change that doesn’t require a House vote. Although Sen McConnell implied he wants a House vote, I am not sure he can force one given the rule change.


    • dustyk103 says:

      McConnell should respond by making a rule change ten times more extreme to nullify their rule change then tell Nadler to GFH. This is a game that cannot be permitted. The Constitution overrides congressional rules. Would the NFL allow a team to make a rule change saying that they always begin their kickoff returns on the opposing 20 yard line? This is the kind of crap that proves Democrats can never be trusted.


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