Barack OBiden depleting America’s military arsenal AGAIN while crushing our economy into decline AGAIN!

When President Trump first took office, he was informed by the Joint Chiefs when he instructed them to bomb ISIS out of existence that the military’s supplies of ammunition was so depleted that they could not wage a simple bombing campaign, let alone fight a war. It took a few months to manufacture enough bombs to complete a mission that could have been completed in one month, and three more years to completely resupply all military branches with munitions. During that time, President Trump also turned America’s declining economy being managed by Barack Hussein Obama into a booming economy. America became energy independent for the first time in fifty years.

Does anyone remember how Obama said he would manage America’s decline? How he waged a faux bombing campaign on ISIS for three years, had the government buy up billions of dollars in bullets that were shipped to foreign countries, and had Congress reduce spending on military supplies until our munition’s stores were practically non-existent? Democrats certainly don’t know because liberals don’t know squat! They don’t have grey matter between their ears. They have brown matter.

Now that they have seized power from President Trump, puppet Premier Biden under orders from General-Secretary Obama is again bombing empty desert in Syria and sending American munitions to our enemies while again crushing America’s economy. Democrats will be crying alongside Republicans as the communists debilitate our nation again. Don’t bother! YOU VOTED FOR THIS! Pay those higher gas and state taxes and be happy! Democrats are already stealing from red states to bailout their blue state’s extreme debts and wrecked economies.

Corrupting our election system with anonymous mail-in ballots, Democrats have set the stage for a one-party dictatorship under their fascist communism. Opening our borders to all invading illegal immigrant criminals and communistas, closing down businesses and American energy, while stealing prosperity from red states to bail out their failed blue states, Democrats have initiated their great wealth redistribution from the makers to the takers. They are destroying education by miseducating the young to their Chicken Little science religion teaching them that Democrats can control the climate of the planet. They are reinstating all the corrupted damaging policies of Obama and sweeping away the nation saving policies of President Trump, empowering and paying sanctuary cities and states while defunding police and releasing criminals, and enacting their Green New Raw Deal, while imposing boys in girls’ sports. They are giving away American prosperity to foreign enemies while choking citizens.

These usurpers have not just stolen an election. They are stealing America’s future, the American Dream, and all the liberty for which millions of great American patriots have served and sacrificed. Marx would be prouder of today’s Amerikan Democrats than he would ever have been of 20th century socialists like Stalin, Mao, and Hitler. No communist government has ever been overthrown by peaceful resistance or elections. Thomas Jefferson was right. American patriots will pay the price for neglecting to guard American’s rights by standing against the incursions of liberalism. The anti-God, anti-Christian left now controls this country and has extinguished the light of liberty in the world. Only the stupidest of America haters will follow them to their own destruction, but they will do so happily if it means destroying Christians, conservatives, and Republicans.

[Author’s Note: Biden is signing executive orders to kill America as quickly as possible. America haters are cheering as liberals follow along stupidly. The Amerikan Communist Democratic Socialist Party of Fascist Dictators are dismantling this nation and our liberties with all haste. The next elections will not see a rout of Democrats because they will post as many tens of millions of anonymous mail-in ballots to retain power. The only solution must be a military one. Republicans have no power to stop Democrats from making their election rigging the law. Democrats are in total control. Donald Trump surrendered that power when he failed to invoke the Insurrection Act. It remains to be seen how many years the people will allow Democrat communist fascism to steal away their rights before they stand up and declare no more! It took Venezuela just twenty years to utterly destroy their country, disarm their citizens, and deny them any rights until all they could do was vent their frustration impotently in the streets. Americoms may get that done in this country in half that time.]

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