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Toxic Masculinity and White Privilege

These exist only in leftist bigotry.  Your typical liberal is not bright enough to understand the exchange depicted in the captioned picture of how they make white people victims of racism.  How can they be expected to understand that “toxic … Continue reading

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Liberal Democrat’s Incestuous Media Relationships

They are not journalists.  George Stephanopoulos ran the Clinton presidential campaign and war room to fight bimbo eruptions with Hillary.  All of them express opinions as news and are secretly in bed with Democrats if not publicly licking their backsides. … Continue reading

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White Privilege is Leftist Code for Anti-White Male Christian Bigotry

Liberalism represents the gravest threat to American freedom and they are achieving it by guilt tripping the gullible.  They call righteous people racists and demand they prove they are not by giving in to leftist demands.  Their primary target is … Continue reading

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Trump the True and Righteous Man

“White Supremacists” is the slander by which the Left tries to smear Trump Republicans as racist xenophobes because they want secure borders and a safe country.  “Literacy privilege” is a derivative of “white privilege,” which is the insane hatred by … Continue reading

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Power is force.  You can use force either to maintain order or to impose your will on others.  The first is righteous to keep thieves and violent criminals in check.  The second is how the Left imposes its commandments on … Continue reading

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